Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dog earring magazine pages for more inspiration

I love Somerset Memories and I'm irritated that it only comes out twice a year because I forget about it in between and it doesn't last long on the shelves. This magazine mixies it up a bit as it borders on mixed media and regular scrapbooking and they have some terrific designers.
 For example, I love the white space on this page and the minimalistic look It totally highlights the photo. And also the writing around the edges, I haven't done that journaling technique in years and it really adds a cool punch to a page.
And this page is just too cool. Love vintage looking photos like this and the rustic-ness of the page just highlights it.

Another minimalistic sweet page that packs a punch. Its vintage and minimalistic that again highlights the phots. Not a lot of journaling needed.

And this was a lot of fun getting 3 photos on the page and being highlighted by the circle that adds a lot of dimension The stamping and misting are wonderful touches as well.

hmmm I need to update my iphone camera skills.
And this one with the splats of paints dusted about with fun  embellishments. And I totally love the buttons. I tend to forget they can be randomly placed around the page. 

I'm thinking I'll be lifting the pages or something from them. 
I'm thinking I'll be looking at the magazine again.
And again.

I still have the CK magazine that has lots of stuff that needs to be done in there as well.
Well there's no lacking inspiration - just need to get rolling.
Hope some of these inspire you.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The color white has many different shades

I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and do an all white 
scrapbook page. I do have the perfect photo.
How hard can it be.
Well. I knew I wanted some flowers on there, but I wasn't loving the flower dies that came with the branches. It took a long time to find "white" ones. There is soft white, grey white, off white and only 2 white white. I tried to paint an off white flower and it looked "off white. 

After I put it mostly together on a design I had going on in my head I decided it looked plain and I wasn't sure how to fix that. I found that white enamel paint isn't "white white" nor gesso and I was afraid to slap it on there because I had a limited amount of this white bazzill cardstock.

WHITE RUBONS! Now I had to find them. So digging around in the old stash I found some Making Memories and did a sample that really looked good.

Embossing might have done it as well only I wasn't sure how to apply it to the majority of the page. 
I then discovered I had some "white white" puffy stickers from MAMBI as something more was needed. Also the corners I felt were a little bare.

I filled in the corners trying to not get real carried away.
Found some "white white" rick rack and from the scraps I punched
out some butterflies.

I also agonized over the alphas because I pulled out the ole white white thickers and didn't both sets  lack some important vowels with no way to frankenstein any of them soooo..... *head slap* 
I do have alpha dies. 
QK Emily came to mind and its perfectly girly for what I wanted on this page and eked out the letters, again from scraps.
The only color other than the shadows are Amelia's pretty blue eyes.
And yes..I went with angel eyes.
I couldn't be helped.
I used bazzill cardstock from my Studio Calico stash, Tim Holtz birdcage die, Sissix dies, Martha Steward butterfly punch, Paper Studio rick rack, Mambi puffies, MM rubons, Michaels wedding ribbons, Bazzill flowers and QK Emily alphas.

Another challenge: DO an all white page. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Documenting the little moments over and over

Below are pages that could be construed as "documenting" moments.
And I'm sure it was deliberate.
If you'll note its the same cast of characters, except older, on the same couch in what appears to be the same kidlet order. Maybe. It's okay if they're not exactly placed because the same players are involved.
Only they are almost five months apart.
And when toddlers are involved that's alot of growing and changing. I love photos and pages like this. I even try to put them on the same page. However, I didn't remember I had this until I was trying to come up with a "schtick" for this post. As a matter of fact, I came up with the title "couch cousins" after I had posted the Christmas one that says "that magic moment." And it is magic because photographing kidlets is like herding cats.  I'm glad I got to use the second title. I'm sure I could've worked in somewhere. 

Studio Calico rocks again in patterned papers, alphas, tags, and puffy stars, with some Recollections Washi and Simple Stories and October afternoon journaling cards. your challenge can be a comparison page, i.e.:
 documenting growth, 
comparing your children and grandchildren's 
looks at about the same age
 comparison pictures of you and your grandkids about the same age
comparison pix of you and your hubby as young'uns

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Using my new stamp in combo with my new punch

I did get quite carried away punching out doilies.
Which means I have lots to use.
Therefore, be warned, you shall be seeing them for awhile because that's how I roll. Sadly. It was 50% off at Hobby Lobby who could resist? Not me.

 Yanking out my stuff from new and old Studio Calico, I 
just started to play. Stamping and misting.
Lots of fun. Then laid out the paper strips and doilies and went to hunt down a photo. B&W pix on aqua just rocks. You can't beat that combo. I totally adore ledger pages too. What is the attraction. I had some Tim Holtz sprockets laying around and decided that would be neat - balancing out the clock in the corner. Love that the photo had space where I could start the title.

Little Miss Annie on a mission to find those Easter eggs and it appears she wasn't messing around.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


I’m not happy. Well I am mostly, however, I wanted to do a before photo and here I come but I'm not done yet photo comparison because I've made some serious progress; however, thanks to my aversion of being in front of the camera and totally hating how I look, it took me awhile to finally find an old photo that basically shows about where I started out in my adventures in crossfitting. 

And here's a selfie of where I am. (Ignore the dirty mirror).

Can we say *happy dance* WOD.

Sadly and stupidly, I didn’t take measurements right out of the gate either. Total *head slap*. I however, have lost 3-4 inches from January (when I had the presence of mind to start) until now. My weight has gone up and down. Muscle and fat - have a duel going on - muscle is winning.

My first goal when I began this adventure was to get my knees functioning; I couldn't walk well (running was not even on the horizon nor could I bend down at the knees and arise - so I figured anything else such as weight loss and a great looking body would be a bonus. It wasn't until my knees started working, and working well, did I become aware of the other benefits; my arms weren't flabby anymore, my midriff was shrinking and I could actually toss around a 15 lb bag of potatoes without breaking a sweat.

And like anything worthwhile - its not easy. And I'm okay with that, I'm willing to do the work because I'm reaping benefits as you can see. If you've been following my crossfit adventure, (just click on the tab above) you'll know that I've had struggles; such as not being able to do a situp, not being able to run 50 feet without sounding like an obscene phone call, and squating - the absolute basic requirement in this program. It also takes me at least 2-3 hours after to recover.

Well, I can do those three things now and more. Oh I still sound like an obscene phone call when I run, but it doesn't start until further down the road. And a situp - I have photographic proof that someone doesn't need to hold my feet down to get them down. And squating. It ain't pretty but I get below parallel most of the time now.

It's also not about doing it alone. As I said before, the box's (gym) best weapon is their members. And there will be those WODs (workout of the day) that'll try and take you down. Sometimes they succeed, and there's no shame in that, especially if you've given all. 

My second goal is to be able to play with the big kids and do everything they do.

This week has been a WOD crescendo. The intensity increased exponentially and looking ahead sometimes provides an excuse not to go, try and do.  

Don't fall for that. 

I have a bad habit of peeking the night before and to see what's in store and it drives me crazy when I do and also when I don't. So later in the week for example, the girl’s WODS Fran and Annie were on the agenda. Girl named WOD's are scary, however, I worked through them and then came the sneak up and take you by surprise oh so innocent WOD the next day-Friday (and never has TGIF sounded so good). 

First off, there is nothing innocent about a WOD that has running and burpees in it, with a kettle bell swing or two just to keep it interesting. EVER.

5 ROUNDS FOR TIME: Scaled 4 Rounds
     200M run with a medicine ball
     20 kettlebell one arm swings
     20 burpees

The only thing I did different is I used a 10# dumbell - mostly because of coordination issues and the fear of knocking myself out with a kettlebell which would not be pretty and running with the 10# medicine ball. What could be more awkward that running around with a ball the size of emu tucked into your arm. Um....burpees.

And didn't the scaled WOD look tempting. Four rounds, Oh so very tempting. Especially after the first round - an omen of what the remaining 4 would be like. What it boiled down to for me to complete all five rounds, was to do one thing in the round at a time; one step/one run and not to let my head play games - omg everything really hurts and oh, you're going to be last, again

The last round, and its just me (I know you're surprised) - and here's when our box's (or any box) best weapon launched -  I picked up that stupid ball when I really REALLY didn't want to and started running. Five steps in, I hear "we're right behind you" (or something like that because my brain and body are now dead) and my WOD buddies (after their workout) ran with me. Oh what a gift, and not thinking about anything but matching their steps - I completed one thing. Someone, Helena, I think, picked up a dumbell and worked it through with me, setting a rythym - I completed one more thing. After came the dreaded burpees - Helena and Renee - did them with me-setting a pace that allowed me to work it through. The third and final thing completed. All 20 burpees. 

The rest shouted encouragement. Always, always a plus. And as further incentive, Renee promised that after the last burpee I could flop right down there on the floor and recover. I couldn't wait and I think I blasted through the last one.

Just.keep.going. and when you catch your breath - Bless those who kept you going. I can't thank each and every one of them enough, ever.

AND another thing - in case you're wondering if you're too old, too girly or just too whatever head games you got going on saying you can't do it, know this,  I started crossfit almost 8 months ago, when I was 59 years old. 

I am now 60 years young. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Inspiration from a new punch

A Martha Stewart doily punch to be exact.
I love doilies and figured I'd use this a lot - beats buying
doilies all the time and running out when you 
really really need some.
 I took a 12x12 sheet of bazzill white and punched away.
FYI....intricate punches like these require
a bit of muscle. 
I decided that some misting would be required and the Studio Calico pizza box that delivers my awesome kits each month is great for spraying. Especially in and around my desk. I have aiming issues and that box keeps them contained.

So I used Heidi Swapp.

Love her mists - they don't clog (or they haven't yet) and the colors are really pretty.
I decided to do a mix of misting (say that 3 times fast) hues/shades. 
And I included the negative as well because it looks like big flowers. Took me 2 times to get the negative "flowers" right - as I decided that the inside needed to be outlined. And I don't have a steady hand. 
Fun layers and some bling.
A very cool shot that I wish I could claim finishes the page.

Studio Calico papers, MAMBI alphas, Paper Studio buttons & rick rack
and Authentique.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Finding some inspiration

So a couple of weeks ago I purchased the 2013 101+ ways to use your 
scrapbook supplies by Creating Keepsakes.
I miss the magazines as I loved poring over them while watching TV
with a lovely glass of wine while dog earring pages.
Raise your hand if you love doing that.

So while I was doing that I had my phone in hand and began to photograph the ones I really liked
and then sent them to my pal April - who liked them as well. I believe she lifted the one with journaling strips already. So now I'm behind. Of course we're keeping score. LOL!

And the reasons for my choices were all different.
 And I just go with what intrigues me. It could be the journal strips above.  Or maybe it could be the fun title and the old school design on the married one. Or  just the film strip below.

I love the rounded corners on this.... and the large mat.
And the orange ribbon. This is April's style. I like to be an equal opportunity dog earrer.

Love the use of the maps, the arrows - this page was just plain fun.

And the banners - loved the banners and the way the journaling was done. I tend to be real conservative on my banners. Putting 5 on a string is over the to for me. Just sayin......

This page is just plain awesome and totally speaks to me. Love all the embellishments and touches - especially the mists and splats.

And I loved the photo on this which was perfectly showcased. Again this is more April's style than mine.

I informed April she had  no need to purchase a copy LOL! Actually I believe she'd enjoy a copy. However, I don't just pore over this mags once or twice. I do it quite a bit because maybe something else will speak to me that didn't the first 19319348318 times I looked.
 I also didn't realize it was 2013 until I really got into it and honestly, it doesn't matter. I still look at magazines I bought 5, 10 years ago. I really miss them.

And with all this inspiration, I have nada. 
And that's okay- 
I have the 2014 Spring Somerset Memories.
And I'll be sharing that too.
I know you're excited.

QUESTION: Does it not boggle your mind that there are 1039410394139481384 bazillion scrapbookers out - and honestly, unless you are doing a lift - ISN'T IT AMAZING how all of our pages are totally unique and different.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring - for Off the Rails challenge

This is my page for the challenge at OTR for April.
It was a color palette and sketch challenge.
I have troubles with color palette challenges because I
never have the exact colors. Or all of the colors.
Which is why its a challenge.

Love these older papers by Jillybean soup. 
And if they don't have the exact colors - they have a facsimile thereof.
And you can't have spring without butterflies.
Nor is there not sprint without an adorable kidlet celebrating
that winter, long, cold, hard winter is history.
More or less - because this has been quite the fickle year.

Check out the rest of the design teams creations!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Stickers on a page

Stickers have come a long way baby and I have always
shied away from the obvious.
However, I wanted some shamrocks for
a St. Patrick's day page because well...I'm Irish so.....
I waited until well after St. Patty's day
to look for anything Irish. 
So there were no stamps, no punches nothing but stickers.

I bought 3 packs just in case.
Shamrocks and words and shamrocks oh my.

So I did lift a concept of Ashli's over at Purplemailbox. 
I love her butterfly page, the layering, the paints.
ooooooo well I sort of did that here - only somewhat backwards.

I know you're surprised.

I layered on the stickers and I wasn't shy about it. 
They were transparent so using any dimension on them wasn't 
going to work unless there was a backing applied.
Which looked stupid.
And that is why there is that huge patch of washi there
covering up what didn't work out.
Gotta love washi.

So I used some gesso and watercolor paint. 
Studio Calico came through with the paper, alphas and
the Paper Studio stickers.
But not necessarily in that order.
I like it.

Have a Happy & Blessed Easter!

He has risen indeed!

An Easter version of Hallejulah!
Beautiful - crank. it. up.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Obvious or not so Obvious on your pages

You decide.
I have nothing against obvious because I do it all the time.
Because I really have trouble with the not-so-obvious.
 I try to avoid that because it makes me feel stupid.
There's the other issue that I never have the proper holiday/celebration papers
on hand when I need them. 
Therefore, its obvious from the photo that this is a birthday.
And do I have birthday paper???
But this star paper makes me swoon and Amelia is the star of the day.
Since Happy Birthday is obvious and her age is not.
It is now.....
Although there are 3 of them-obviously in-line for the donuts.
Hmm....didn't think of that.
And the candles aren't helping with the age either.
However, she's turning 3 and that's why there are 3-3's.
The big @ is actually for her initial - but since the 3 is on it,
it could be @3 :D 
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Used Studio Calico, Quickutz dies, some new Project Life cards.
I need to do some journaling because this page is mine.
All mine..Rubbing hands gleefully.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A straw and a lift

My pal April and I were cyberscraping and she chose the page we should lift. She got it from pintrest and I traced it back to this blog; Teacher Jessy's blog

I took liberties of course to make it my own. I broke out the gelatos and went to town. I love the background which is a Studio Calico geometric pattern. I pulled out some old Basic Grey tags from all their collections -not worrying too much about colors since all BG's collections work together and the gelato colors I picked were sort of neutral. I love the whimsey of the straw and the pop of color. It brings your eye right to the title and photo and also the emblishment to the left of it. I believe I jacked the straw idea from Ashli over at Purplemailbox - she used one awhile ago.

I had to plant a flower over to the side because somehow I managed to put an inky fingerprint over there and there was no covering or cleaning it up.

Miss Amelia came to Florida to visit me and of course lil miss was photographed much to her annoyance I'm sure. She shouldn't be too traumatized since she's still being photographed. This is totally a flash from the past and she needs to visit again.

Parents optional :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sort of a monochromatic page

I love sort of monochromatic pages. 
Especially with little pops of color.
Red happens to be my favorite but you would
never know it from my wardrobe.
The monochromatic can also rock the 
black and white photos.
And these naturally are precious.
Love the smiles on their faces and in their eyes.
Looks like everyone is looking forward to a road trip.

All Studio Calico, except for the circle-Authentique.
I need to practice my stamping a bit more.
And for added texture - I added some burlap and mesh.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Family pets are people too

The latest addition to my kidlets family.
August the Vizsla.
He's very pretty and photogenic. 
So of course he gets his own page in the family album.
I want to pet him and keep him and love him.

Do any of you remember Auggie Doggy and Doggy Daddy cartoon?
Yeah me too, only I remember it from TV Land. 
They debuted on the Quick Draw McGraw show and although
they were dauschands it still applies because
its all about the name.

I have a mix of papers going on - Studio Calico, stamps, punches, and thickers.
I stamped and used watercolors over the area as well as Heidi Swapp mists.
Layered papers - I love layered papers and some Scotch waship tape.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Doing even more stuff BETTER!

I haven't done a crossfit update lately and I am extremely pleased at the progress I'm making.
Oh Yeah there are days and there always will be.
Because one thing I can say for sure - easy isn't a word used in crossfit.
EVER. Neither is can't. 
Remember those situps I talked about here-3rd paragraph. Well check it out - those are my pink nanos (blonde hair - Marvi is the other pink nanos) glued to the floor and I'm sitting up without anyone holding those babies down to the floor. 

And now I'm doing V-Ups to strengthenmy core in order to do pull ups, knees to elbows, toes to bar on the monkey bars (rig).

AND GUESS what - I'm bouncing instead of jumping rope - But I CAN jump rope now. Single unders - As soon as I can get that extra bounce out - double unders are on the radar.

Ball Slams - are without a doubt not fun. You start in the postion I'm in now and throw that ball down with your entire body, and while your bending down, scoop the ball up in one motion to slam it down again. I couldn't move for 2 days.

And I made it to the monkey bars.Woo hooo- jumping pull ups - to the chin. And I can do that-its sort of like bouncing with an attitude. 
Step ups on the boxes. And the boxes are getting taller. hands shouldn't be on my knees. Busted.

Deadlifts - 75 lbs. (I think) WHO KNEW! And in a WOD - Not just during a SWOD (strength workout of the day). I kinda like deadlifts.

This workout was a tough one. Deadlifts and stepups (or box jumps) Legs and arms. Arms and legs. And I can see my body changing. 

And this workout involved running. LOTS of running (you can read my thoughts on running here ) 
and modified rope climbs (one day I'll get to the top) are all I can remember about this WOD - 
I'm pretty sure many other things were involved which is why I'm on the floor at the end. 
Good thing I had my tunes - because I was there for awhile. 
And I wasn't the only one.

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