Monday, November 30, 2015

Similar pages after a binge.

Had issues again with scheduling on blogger. Hoping to get it right in the future.

Of course it was going to happen as
this was done at about midnight on Saturday
and well... it just fell together like it was meant to be
so I'm seriously not gonna stress 
that it looks similary to Wednesday's page.
I adore those little bows and I have a bunch
already made up and try to match them up to pages when I can.
I also adore this die cut word and off and on
contemplate getting a silhouette or brother. 
 All I need is more room.
 Another one of those foam tabs. 
I think I have 2 left.
I fussy cut that bird out of a "tag" I had made
previously and couldn't figure out 
what to do with the tag - so my bird found a home.
The word is from Shimelle and the houndstooth
Is Paper Issues wrapping.
I need more.
And yea the word lovely applies even
for dashing men in tuxes.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

More layers and stamping!

I have had trouble with blogger scheduled posting. My apologies if this seems to be a rerun. LOL.

Can it be soooo???
Oh yes - this was another page I competed
on Saturday - and the mojo just kept on rolling
even with interruptions.
Love that.
 Some different stash - that "photo" - creative cafe
how old is that - I did get wild and punch out some cork 
embellies and they are fun.
Another rolling stamp in the background.
Lots of mat layers.
Bonus - because we don't have dogs anymore - I did get to use
the word strips from a kit gone by about dogs.
Love it.
 Those fun little foam tabs are going down.
So fun.
Love the title and that too came from a previous kit
and love how it works as they are
standing on a mountain.
Oh and that bird stamp - I love it and use it
quite a bit - since I'm binging you'll see it again.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stamping and layering frenzy

I made this page 8.5x11 because I wanted
some of the B side - which is that grey and yellow
mat peeking through.
I used the stamps that came with the kit which was
fun and also a rolling heart stamp in the background to give
it some umph...
 More black and white photo love - 

 Embellies and alphas from previous kits.
Using that stash baby!
I decided it needed a frame and it turned into
messy lines after the lines came out messy and then I just went with the flow.
I wanted a big title but not to be overwhelming which by
the looks of it I succeeded.
Transparency letters from another kit worked here
and I also used some of those square tabs leftover from
Sticky Mosciac kits the kids were doing.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Black and white photo love

The paper in this SC kit is so fun and
I loved putting them all together- this is the
2nd page in my binge.
 I tried to match the watercolor paint to the paper
and didn't do too bad.
The stickers were fun and I also added some
elements from previous kits.
 Did some fun messy sewing and layers.
Mostly because I needed to cover up some messy stamping.
Ain't nothing you can't save.
Beautiful photo and love how it turned out.
And that creative cafe stamp I've had for YEARS and
finally used it. 
This is 8x8 size that'll go into Jill's album.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A page with no specific title and multiple photos...gasp

I know!!!
What's up with that.
Well let me explain.....
The grandkidlets came to visit and made a list 
of things they wanted to do - they are 7 and 4 years old.
Therefore I wanted the focus to be on the list
written out by Owen and confirmed by Annie as good to go.
If you look closely, the boxes were checked
as we went along.
 I also wanted the photos to show the checked off item.
That resulted in a multi photo page that made me
fuss around for awhile because I really
wanted it less graphic and
more wild - however, its obvious I have issues with wild.
 When I punched the strip all those itty bitty
circles came out and I modge podged the white side
and tossed the circles around
and then promptly covered most of them up.
Love how it turned out as this documents
their total stay and nothing says that I can't do
individual pages too.

In full disclosure the rest of the week has all the pages completed.
I watched a binge video of SoaphouseMama
in maniac mode basically killing a kit
(here's the link if you want to check it out and become a fan-
scroll down for video)
(I watched this video several times)
and I decided to do the same - so basically I killed
or mostly wounded my November Studio Calico kit - Canyonland.
And it feels so good - not to have leftovers.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Where was this paper on our West of the Mississppi Tour

this is perfect.
As you know when we take long vacays
I tend to name them.
It makes them easier to find.
To date - we have the Wild West Tour, The Broken Foot Tour
and now this one.
Would you believe I still haven't scrapped the Wild West Tour
and that was OMG...2012 😐
Still dithering about with the how of it.
Anyway, this photo is from the recent tour.
 Love the paper as soon as I saw and it was totally perfect
for what I had in 
I did a page earlier this year and when I saw this paper
I knew I wanted to do a similar page ( see below)
with our new rig..... 
 Kept everything simple and tried not to overwhelm
anything - and love how this came together.
Both are Studio Calico papers...
The sentiments are different as I didn't want to be a total
copy cat.
Both pages really express what our trips
are all about and how we "explore" and "wander."

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It started out as a circle

and turned into a 12x12 square.
It just wasn't working in the round - 
therefore I changed gears.
And colors.
 I had the photo matted when I was trying for
the green circle so I left it that way.
 And then I discovered this wild paper that just
included everything I had in the mat.
(and then some).
I used the Kelly Purkey embellies for this
because it fit the photo.
 And HA!
I want points for working this camera in too!!
 Very fun photo from Jill as always.
Didn't add many embellies but I tried
 to remember stamps because
well they add a little extra and I always
forget that.
Basic Grey, Studio Calico.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Stencil and a bit of mist

And double bonus - ding ding.
See those squares - don't the remind you of the pop dot ones??
Yeah me too, 
Well they go to these art things for kids.
And well, the grandkids not only gave me some ledge art
BUT I now have them glorious sticky squares
for my scrapbooking.
Love those grands ❤️
 I started this page prior to them coming for a visit - 
so it just evolved over the days as I walked by and picked stuff up, 
plopped it down and rearranged it.
 I picked up these stickers from Hobby Lobby - no name.
Love them 
and don't those snappy little squares rock
or what.
 Oh and the stencil that I lured you in with is
Tim Holtz - a prize from my pal Holli
and I adore them.
Prizes too.
After I put the modeling paste on I thought
of actually changing the color.
Maybe next time.
I was going for a softer look and missed.
Which is okay.
I also added a pen border too - it just sort of needed it.
And the little scribbles are from a
bump in the stars.
And the houndstooth is tissue paper that comes
filled with goodies from Paper Issues.
It'll make you swoon.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Using ledger paper with stuff on it

This is from Basic Grey and I love ledger paper
but this had stuff on on it.
And you know me with stuff- I have a really hard
time covering stuff up. I want it all to show.
So.....some shows
some don't.
I also want points for working in that big camera too.
Used up some of the ransom letters because
it seemed appropriate.
Because my non-cat lover hubby was being
a cat magnet. I have proof.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Working in some wooden embellishments

I don't know about you but I have
a hard time with the large ones - and this
one is Shimelle's I believe and
its been waiting awhile for a home to be
adhered too.
I added some hearts.
That's also her date stamp I'm still working on
getting right LOL.
 The smaller ones are so bad - but finally
this one was going the right way.
 Doesn't that rick rack make you swoon.
I love rick rack - you'd think I'd have more of it.
Love that flower clip too.
Love the mushroom paper and really wasn't sure
what to do or where to go with it
so I reverted to my tried and true - which is
graphic style.
Amelia and I had fun trying to get a selfie
in with her unicorn headband
AND teddy bear.
All the important things that make a photo.
Studio Calico, Paper issues, shimelle and thickers,
and some Echo park peeking out of the mats.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Venice Chalk Festival Highlights

We started out in downtown on Miami Ave and
amazingly acquired a parking stop
right behind this mural.
It was amazing to see the beginnings of one
and the grids and outlines.
This artist got a bit farther along - when we came back
from the airport.
They have until Sunday to complete their projects
for the judging.
 The entire block is blocked off.
 It's amazing to watch the shading and coloring
and the depth they get.
They almost look like they're jumping off the pavement.
 There is also a free shuttle - which is a very comfy bus
that will take you to the Venice
Airport that has more chalk murals going on.
This is a 3D mural - that allow posing - of course the
grandkidlet had the sun in her eyes
and wouldn't reach for the beak.
Which would've been fun.
 If you look closely you can see
the photo that they're working off (lower left corner)
and it kind of gives you an idea of what's going on.
 This was just a really cool elephant.

 The beginnings of everyone's favorite captain.
Not Morgan. LOL.
This mural was amazing - and it will be
450 feet when completed.
Don't those borders look like actual tiles?
There was a scaffoling that we walked all the way down
to climb but it was $5 and I wasn't carrying moola.
So I stood in front and held my camera UP
and after a few 9387413947193740 tries - GOT one.
If that bucket wasn't there.....
and I wasn't sure what I'd be cloning either.....
so work in progress.
It is called "The celebration of the gods" and there is
a stream of wine down the middle of the runway to the fountains
that flow right into a mouth.
They are going to be so amazing when completed.
Hopefully we'll get back - however,
there's the Sandcastle competition going on too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An 8 photo grid page

You may remember these photos from my "girl talk" post
over coffee with Miss Amelia.
 Love all the photos and was trying to figure out how to get them all in.
Film strip style or....
grid style.
 I printed out 3x3 size photos and matted them
leaving the middle one - which worked out perfectly as 
the 8 in a mix of black and white and color 
were great and hard to pick from so here they are all on one page....
grid style.
Love this style and wonder why I haven't done this more often.
 Found some word strips that were perfect and my homemade
enamel dots with some neat stars.
Heidi Swapp embellies were perfect with the Studio Calico papers
and I totally love this. 
The papers were totally perfect too.
I've had them for awhile and wasn't sure what
to do with them.
Glad I waited.
Love the photos, this girl and the fun we had at the coffee shops.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Still speaking of crops

 Whilest attending the current crop, a lady popped in 
and gave Holli and I a photo of the previous
crop. And how cool is that.
 I really am not happy with alot of photos that get taken of me
but I was really pleased with this one so I decided
to scrap it.
 Because other than blogging about it and showing
the completed pages - I never scrapped about it.
Shocking I know.
 I found this wild paper from Studio Calico - loved it
and found it was perfect for the photo and topic.
Early on I went to crops and really didn't like them.
I sort of fly by the seat of my pants when I scrap and neeeeeeed
all my stuff around. Even with homemade kits
its the little details that make a page and if I don't have them
I stop dead in my tracks - or used to.
Therefore, after the first several fiascos I learned that I 
needed to suck it up and just pack a majority 
of "the stuff".
And doesn't that make for a more enjoyable experience.
Now I need to get over the annoyance I feel that I have to hunt
and dig for stuff that I can find sort of quick at home.
Always something. 
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