Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More driveby photos

Snow. Its pretty, its cold. It's something I can admire from afar. Like Florida. Caught this out of the corner of my eye flying down the interestate. Wasn't quite fast enough.

This was soooooo pretty. Maryland or PA I believe. I lost track as we zipped over the statelines.

This one didn't come out quite right but I like the colors. 
ooooo AND the cherry on top- got to meet up with my pal April
Live and In person for an all too brief moment in time.
But brief is better than nothing.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Trying to take photos of tots

is like herding cats. And for some reason, my focus was a tad skewed in some of the pix. Darnit. Grandpop and Owen having fun when he stopped moving for a few moments.
Ginny and her grands hanging in the tree. Lucas started it by hanging in the tree. He's always good for a great picture.
Tough guy look.

And Miss Amelia running off steam on a walk, enjoying the moment. 
The steps into the family room fascinated all the littles. They went up and down a bazillion times and looking like quite the fashionista. I happened to catch Miss Amelia taking them on.
Miss Annie was looking pretty in her gold headband and pretty dress hanging with dad.

Grandpop also caught up with baby Lou and were getting to know each other. Lou was looking quite dapper in his lil red leisure suit.
Another fun and almost could be called a tradition now-year 2,  is Grandpop and Owen making fresh pasta after eating all that turkey. 
Grandpop's job is to make the pasta and Owen's job is to crank it through the pasta machine. Its a tough job and he does it really really well. All that kid power put to good use. They make a great team!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Driveby Photography

Yeah back online again - Thanks Gale! Check out her blog Stamps & Stitches. She makes beautiful quilts and projects.
So I learned from our trip out west to just grab the camera and take pictures out of the car window because if we stopped for every beautiful or interesting vista we'd never get where we wanted to go because around every corner was something beautiful!
I''m not sure why I took the photo above except I love the clouds and light.
So we passed by 19384910341381488 cotton fields before I felt the need to break out the camera. By then the fields had been picked and I was wrestling with blurring issues. However, these are bales of recently picked cotton and they are as big as semi-truck trailers.
So zipping down the road you need to play with camera angles. Shooting dead on out of the side window will result in "Speed Swoosh". I learned speed swoosh from driver's ed class um...*coughcough* years ago. 
Sunrise as we just leapt over the Virgina border was too pretty to resist. The sky was crazy, off and on sunny and stormy. I got the stormy look. Love the mood.
So structures. Don't you love structures like these??
They make me swoon.
So direct links from photobucket. 
Who knew??? 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It appears that I've used up my storage

for my photos on blogger. Has anyone else run into this problem? What have you done and are you happy with the results?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

She is a stealth ninja....

Click on photo to enlarge.
"She held her head high, and looked 
the world straight in the eye"
I love everything about this pose and her
attitude. I was focused on those little
legs and boots.
And the face. And the look.
However, look at that tiny left hand.
Clenched in a fist.
As your eyes return back to her face.
Now I see......
She looks like she wants to pound someone or
something. How did I miss that?
Its like she did a total head fake.
And I got lost in the cuteness.
Never would have seen that left hook coming.
Because had I seen it. 
The title would be totally different.
Like totally.
That's my girl!

So much for sunny beaches in Florida

 When we left it was sunny and sort of warm.
And when we arrived.
 The sky was darkening,
the wind blowing
and sea rockin' and rollin'
It was an interesting night. 
Blowing with the wind.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday! Friday!

Getting excited about our upcoming road trip and getting 
all the goodies packed. I have a blast doing pages
of the grands for the family's album and this
will be the last one as I gather them all to take along.
Love the photo - its just too adorable and I had a great time
misting and stamping on........wait for it.....
And using washi tape as a mat. The "cards" are cut out from the flip side. 
ooooooo shades of Mz. Ashli.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

All dressed up....

In a snappy onsie and Lou tossed on the grass 
for a photo op. Love that.
I used my other new punch - banners.
oooooooo Love that too.
We will soon be headed north and I'll get to see
Lou and the others up close and personal.
Can't wait.
Its going to be an interesting ride.
Could I be any chattier here.
Its tough getting photos and you have
no idea of the story behind them. 
However, that is not going to stop me from
doing any of the pages.
I'm glad I get the photos so I can at least live vicariously
through them and watch the kidlets grow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cheesy Smiles- bring'm on!

If you're behind the camera whether you are an amature or pro,
you're gonna get cheesy at some point.
I snap anyway and go with them because in the back 
of my mind 
- the word blackmail is tossed about.
Those embarrassing pix your kids just don't 
want to be made public
 - especially when the girls come sniffing around.
However, there are times, more than not,
ADORABLE trumps cheesy.
I'm ok with that too.
Either way as a scrapper or photographer
 you can't loose.
Love this pix. 
The boys were goofin' at the tram because for being good 
- the prize was ice cream.
And they were anxious to get their ice cream.
Me too.
Maine moose tracks. 
PS - I used my new flag punch. Swoon.
With stamps.
on Kraft.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Myakka State Park

is really a goregeous and sort of peaceful place.
Lots of peeps and kidlets 
were out on this beautiful sunny day. 
There are campgrounds, and of course, canoeing, 
kyaking, hiking and even the biggest airboats ever.
We did none of that.
 Instead we cruised through in the car and I agily leaped 
out and chased down whatever critter we happened on.
 The water is pretty and of course the Myakka River flows
on through and is chockfull of birds.
I caught a couple.
 This bird was fun - caught it as it was landing.
 More scenic waters.
 Bottom feeders perched in the trees waiting on some roadkill.
 I rocked this one, especially, the reflection.
 We did amble on out on the bird walk and there were some
serious birdwatchers decked out. They were just too cute.
I couldn't resist.
The sky and clouds were amazing.
 And just perfect.
 There are 2 gaters in this photo.
Can you spot them?
I decided that since I have a ton of pix
like this I may make the grandkids a book.
Can you find Grammy's critters in the photo?
And how many of them are there.
And what kind.
This may result in some kidlets requiring glasses.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Girl in the 'hood.....

I know it comes as a shock to you that my pal April helped with the title. I was leaning toward lil red riding hood but da hood ain't red. So my brain just petered on out. I've also been stalking Shimelle's blog and this page is a lift of her's-somewhere along the line. I enjoy her glitter girl and Studio Calico videos - so it maybe in there somewhere. If you haven't checked her out, she actually takes you through her process of putting a page together. 
I love the photo and did struggle with the paper I chose. The tree paper threw me off but I kept at it.
So, FYI....
 I also found that using alcohol inks straight out of the bottle does not leave itty bitty dots of ink behind. Oh makes inkblots that'll thrill and delight any psychiatrist on the planet. 
Since I didn't think I had more of this paper, I managed to cover up most of the damage because, 
well, it looked stupid.

Because I took Mz Ashlee's suggestion, well maybe not an actual suggestion, but she took us on a tour of her studio and she had her papers in a box that could easily be flipped through allowing for ease of chosing the perfect papers. 
I'm also hoping that this method will result in a reduction in stash so I can buy more. 
It's been fun mixing and matching my own papers.
Who knew.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Interesting times....

I've rearranged my scrappy area and have to hunt for my supplies. In some cases, things are easier to get to and others I twirl around like a ballerina on crack trying to remember where I put stuff. I have to admit the whole paper thing is alot easier now and I'm hoping to plow through this stash and use it up.
This paper is the new Bella Blvd. - 
thanksgiving actually but I loved the colors and they match sweet Lou's shirt. He looks like his pondering the ways of the world.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Rearranging and Redoing..........

So I went on a mission yesterday. My s/b papers had been in 3 separate drawers (I know - sheesh) by manufacturer. It was not optimal because the drawers were actually designed to store architecture plans- which is placed behind my desk and where the printer sits. So everytime I needed paper, I had to dig this huge pile out, figure out where to plop it and shop through it. It was annoying and led me to ignore the stash and buy new because I'd keep the new near. (new near new near new near - say that 3 times fast). 

So I purchased the above mentioned bin on sale at M's for $5.99 - regular $19.99 and in my dreams all my paper would fit. My collection of BG is still in the drawer. But this is progress. So I had this idea of putting in under my desk and truly it would build muscle - but it would be annoying hauling it out everytime I wanted a piece of paper and wouldn't be any better really than if I left it all in the drawers.

So I rearranged more. At the crop I had my paper trimmer right next to me because of space - and my attitude was just dealing because of space. However, I found I liked it near. Before it was located where the big shot is and I'd have to get up to trim. Not a big deal either because there are times I like to scrap standing up, however, I found if I moved the trimmer closer - put all the die cut machines together, I could get the papers up off the floor where they would be handier. Which I love, now (its only been a day but I'm optimistic). So now I had drawers to rearrange - all my punches are more or less in one drawer now, moved some stamps around, and reordered the embellishments. I stored the empty satchels and the ones with my foam stamps in the spare room closet instead of under my desk - so that looks cleaner. 

So this page evolved after the rearranging and redoing. I did have to think about where things had been relocated. Which is all good. Keeps me on my toes and I found stuff I had forgotten I had. I also went through and culled some stuff out - now stored somewhere else to see if I miss it. I also cleaned off the top of my desk *gasp*faint*thud - which gives me a bit more room than the 12x12 space its always narrowed down to. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's all relative...

 I scrapped these 2 pages last night while at my desk and one eye on the door waiting for trick or treaters. I bought way more candy than kids. I was surprised that there weren't more coming on by. I do live vicariously through pictures in order to  mark the progress of the grands. They do grow fast. Really, really fast, so fast that there can't be too many pictures taken and sent to me. I look forward to getting those photos like a junkie on crack. 
This page was one I kitted for the crop and actually tried to scrap it there. It didn't work out, so I set it aside and tried it again at home, going with the wild. busy patterned paper instead of the tame ones I was trying at the crop. And it was trying. LOL! However, I'm pleased with the results. We had fun at the pumpkin festival in Keene, NH - especially the kidlets in their super hero costumes. 
And the amazing 29,000 pumpkins - very artistic and imaginative.

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