Friday, June 28, 2013

Walk like an Egyptian....

That title blew through my mind the moment I saw this photo and Owen playing in the sprinklers with Annie.

It couldn't be helped. Seriously.

I had some old but not ancient Authentique beachie papers and decided that they could work here. The colors happened to work with the photo. There is also some Studio Calico do-dads thrown in the mix.

I also sprinkled mist about for some cool effects but I had a moment where I may have wanted to rethink the red - think blood splatter LOL. Actually, it really doesn't look so bad. I love the movement with the twine. Nothing tricky - except some layering going on and a bit of sequins.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On the porch

Back in the day there was a lot of porch sitting
and/or hanging out.
Mostly because it was hot hot hot most of the days
and A/C was a twinkle in someone's eyes.

I began this page with no photos in mind. I bought a new
My Mind's Eys 6x6 paper pad and decided
that I should be breaking into it.
The dictionary page is Authentique.
I decided to take the opportunity to test out my new
chandelier stamp and lift one of Connie's techniques
and stamp on the paper practicing my stamping before actually
using a real dictionary. 
As you can see I need a bit more practice but I'm happy
with the overall effect.

After I had the base built I began to look for photos. I dug
into the wayback box and found the bottom photo 
and had a hmmm..... moment.
I believe I saw this photo before and had pulled it out.
So it should've been in the pile on my desk.
The mystery of the moving photo....
I looked at the pile on my desk.
and GASP....
There was the other one I pulled out.
What a prize! Mostly with the same players but with a
few more posing. 
Great grandmom and grandpop.
Great Uncle Augie just to continue name dropping.
Then ME and MOM. I'm the really cute one :)
My cousin Karen her mom Lillian
and Cousin Ruth.
I do not remember a cousin Ruth so I need to research her.
There is writing on the back but its very messy on one,
and in pencil on the other, so I didn't use it. Sadly.
That would've been a total coup.
I also have no idea of the location.
I'm leaning toward Hellertown, but the only cousin left
that may be able to help will probably say Philadelphia.
So I'm torn and undecided.
I know you're surprised.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Love this series of black and white photos that Jill took after the tragedy in CT. It was a blessing to her to have her children at home, safe and in bed.

 Sleeping blissfully, innocently.

I started making this page for another picture - but it just wasn't working out so change of plans worked perfectly. She actually combined this series and made one 4x6 (or 3x5) photo. Love collagy looks like this.

And bonus is that the B side of the Authentique base paper is ledger paper so she can totally journal on the back. I also used the last of paper up with "little moments" sentiment.

We had a lovely time in NJ, however, my photos are less than stellar and I tried to be sooooo careful - even using auto to make sure I didn't screw things up. Sigh. Photoshopping can ONLY do so much. My challenge for the day....

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bananas @ U

How adorable is she. 
I love bananas.
They are very good for you.
Looks like she loves them too.
Lots of Studio Calico going on here.
A mix from past kits.
Butterfly punch (not SC).
The cork camera and woodchip feathers.
And a stamped tag.
Negatives and positives.

We will be winging our way to NJ for a long weekend.
You guys have a great one.
I hope to have lots of pix and stories to scrap.
I haven't packed yet.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tumbling tumble weeds...

Having fun on the sofa while in the care of dad. Its always fun with dad-handling things.

Of course dad with a camera is like him being a cheese eater because its all on film.


But at this age do you really care. Nope. It's about having fun and getting all that energy down to a mild roar.

Of course I didn't really know they were "tumbling". I just thought they were goofing around on the sofa looking for trouble.

So the title came to me after reading the blog.

Tumbling Tumble Weeds is a country and western song recorded by the Sons of the Pioneers who also sang with Roy Rogers. Its a very cool song. And I'm totally shutting up now because this is sooooooooo dating me.

So some of what is on the page is Studio calico but the paper eludes me. I really need to start writing this stuff down.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tea Ritual

From generation to generation little girls everywhere had at some point in time host a tea party.

Whether that tea party was with her favorite doll, stuffed animals or any live body that came into sight, it was an inherent part of a little girl's childhood.

Annie, dressed in her Sunday best, was caught on film enjoying some Earl Grey while relaxing on the living room floor. Enjoying her tea, enjoying her solitude and morning.

Most of the papers are from my Studio Calico kits with some Noteworthy, Reminesce, punches and thickers. ooooooo and a transparency. I should start writing this stuff down again. sigh.

Promised Soul

This is the baptism photo of my cousin Susan and her mom Aunt Sue.
My mom was chosen as her Godmother and was 
a proud and involved participant throughout Susan's life.
I remember Susan as a diamond in the rough.
She was sweet and fierce with those she loved and children absolutely adored her
and she absolutely adored them right back.
Sadly she never married nor had children of her own.
Sadly she passed at the young age of 50
and her story in battling her illness was one of bravery and faith.
I remember when we'd visit my grandmother, she'd always make
a special effort to come visit us during our time there.

Assorted papers and basic grey rubons that I layered. 
I went out to my ancestry line to look stuff up and all the information
I had mysteriously disappeared. Grrrr....

Monday, June 17, 2013

Shane @22

I had a lovely day hanging out with my favorite youngest son. We just chilled-starting out with breakfast.

I didn't know what to get him for his birthday until he was reminiscing about dogs he had and how he missed having one.

So we headed to the ASPCA and he found/rescued a new friend. Liberty, a terrier/pit mix that was found as a stray and not in very good shape. The ASPCA fixed her right up (they thought she had been used as a bait dog).

What are people thinking and how could they do that to a living thing. Anyway, its a match made in heaven now. Liberty is sweet and laid back - perfect for Shane. Perfect for healing. Shane is taking care of his dad who is battling cancer and doing a wonderful job. Because I know it ain't easy (any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated). Liberty makes it a lot easier on everyone now.
I received my new Studio Calico kit and used the polka dot mask to make the umm..dots. :) with gray paint on gray chevron paper. I used the yellow strip and gray washi tape from a previous kit. Punches of leftover SC papers and twine and little hearts dotted about. I had to break out the QK spicy chicken for the letters or numbers because I didn't quite have thickers that worked.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I have been stalking videos of 
IN the mood to scrap.... by Janna Werner over at 2 Peas.
I happen to be in possession of some gelatoes
and guidance is always a plus with a new product,
especially one in my possession.
Its the video done on June 4th Art to Layout.
She uses a mood board.
I used her.
I love finding new techniques and styles.
I seem to be fickle or searching.
I'm leaning toward fickle.
It's an enhanced blonde thing.
So the pinky/red and yellow are my gelato colors.
It didn't quite come out the way her's did.
I think I need to play more.
Actually we both covered a lot of it up.
Shocking I know.
She also did a lot of layering.
And so did I.
Great way to use those pesky scraps up.
Her's is a bit more softer. 
Mine alas, is not.
Love this photo - mama and Quintin.
I left mama lots of journaling space.
And there's my clever title.
I know you're impressed.
Hey I liked the stamp and it actually works.
I love white c/s - it makes me swoon.
I need to use it more.

He needed to be higher..

As you know I stalk and she has a treasure trove
of helpful hints and tips.
I picked up these 2 photos and put them down 
several times. 
Has that ever happened to you?
I couldn't find the right paper or accents to tell the story
and I was driving myself crazy.
(short drive)
Well Shimelle has a tab called starting points that I found 
quite by accident. In checking out her starting points I found
that I may be over thinking things.
Just a tad.
So I picked out papers and laid them out and even 
adhered it. Yeah yeah she even talks about repositionable tape.
It just so happened that my new Studio Calico kit had come 
and while I was fondling all the new goodies, I found
that I just couldn't use the papers or goodies.
Well what good is getting a kit if you "save it for good?"
 And Oh does that phrase date a person.
Well once I found a starting point - everything just flowed. 
There was some give and take but overall there wasn't
a lot of stress involved.
And what fun is a hobby if there's a bunch of stress.
I believe I'll be using my own starting points for the future
and stop over thinking things.
 Baby steps.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

These little moments are truly remarkable

The quote (as the title) was either the A or B side on paper from
my Studio Calico kit and I did use it 
somewhere else but alas, memory isn't kicking in.
However, I needed a title (I know you're surprised).
And that was perfect because eating
your first ice cream cone of the summer on the front stoop of
your house just starts everything off right.
It is an everyday, real life Americana moment
 passed down from generation to generation caught on film.
The title also covers the journaling because otherwise
it would be stating the obvious and we wouldn't want that. 
And its perfect, because if a mess is made
(and I have no doubt that it was) you 
can just hose them and the stoop down. :D !
So a total win-win.

Tis 6x12 size (haven't done that in a long time and my favorite size)
because parents - this one's mine. bwahahahaha!
I also used some sort of stamp around the edge with some pink ink.
And the mustache- symbolic for the inevitable ice cream mustache. :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Traveling gnome & Center field

 And then there is Lou dressed up as the traveling gnome.

I was hoping he'd get on down to Florida.

But alas, not yet.

However, he does look adorable in his snappy duds and beard. IN the woods. A true gnome. Although I'm not sure gnomes are all happy and cute.

Lou is sitting in the grass in a ball cap and since dad is quite the Yankees fan I decided that a baseball reference would be perfect.

Practicing all my layering and paper matching. Traveling gnome is 8x8 for the parents and centerfield is MINE all MINE. bwahahahaha!!!

I love the cloud paper and thought it would be overwhelming but it worked out perfect especially with the woodsy scene in the photo.

It's nice to work in different sizes. Although I'm keeping the parents to 8x8 for ease of mailing. And I really need to commence to mailing because they are piling up for all involved families.

I also neeeeeed more photos.

Charmed & dangerous and Seriously Silly

 Love these two. They are so funny to be around - always up to something and just being boys.

Quintin with the sweet smile and coutenance could charm a snake right out of his skin.

You have to be on your toes at all times.

Love that I get a peek into their personalities.

Get the two of them together and well trouble and hijinks abound. That's how it goes down with brothers.

I'm thinking mama has her hands full.

Two handsome boys - she needs to break out the big stick to beat off the girls.

You can never start that too early.

Studio Calico and Authentique rules the day with a mix of older papers and tags. Nothing tricky on the pages - as I find that in scrapping for others straightforward pages are good so that no one is afraid to journal and put the story on the page. Of course if I do get tricky - sticky notes with lots of instructions guide the way.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Perfect form....

Never mind that daddy is showing Mz. Amelia, warrior princess nerf weapon safety, proper stance and aim.

Look at her form.

Her little body suit, adorable legs and those shoes and Amelia standing tall.  And then those Silver maryjanes. The perfect posture. Like Seriously.


Tis enough to make you swoon.

Love the entire package. She's a hoot and her tiny little girly features and mannerisms just slay me. Amelia is growing up so fast. Somebody needs to put bricks in her body suit and slow her down.

Like now.

Most of the page, actually dare I saw all, is from a Studio Calico kit. I really need to pay attention. Or not. Well I did add some punched pieces. "love you to the moon and back" paper.

SO true.

Happy Birthday to Shane with
his new friend Liberty.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Completed 2 challenges over at SNC....

 I love 2-fers. Honestly I didn't plan it that way.
It all started out with the pattern paper challenge.
1 floral, 1 striped, 1 polka dot, 1 checked - I substituted
ledger paper for checked. And why not.
And as I laid it out with 6x6 papers - stitched
added some rubons over the washi tape and added the circle
with transparency and mats..
It did scream heritage.
Which led me to the afore photo. 
And then the journaling challenge.
 And how smooth did that work out.
You see I know who's in the photo - my grandparents.
I know nothing else.
Well except its spring or their clothes look springy.
This is in Pennsylvania- 
 And they are all decked out.
And not well off.
And they did get married in June.
(did you notice the pearls? pearls are the modern
stone for June). Clever eh?
Butterflies for spring....
And in putting all what I know together,
I'm assuming this could've been
their wedding day.
Since there is no one that can tell me. 
I can only assume. 
Get those stories while you can and document them.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fashionable rain gear

Annie looks totally adorable in her Minnie Mouse raingear. Love all the color and snazzy designs.

In order to live up to all the goodness, I broke out my new background stamp that my pal Holli gave me and attempted to use my gelatos. For some reason they didn't work with the ink (it smeared and the paper was "treated"), so I broke out the watercolors to add some zing.

Love how it turned out. IT'S PPPPIIIINNNKKK!!!!!

Punched out some flowers, and the swirly things in the middle are punched from leftover paper (it was originally 8.5x11) and is now 8x8. Added a bit o'bling, twine, washi, pinwheel (ooooo) and a cool notebook paper journaling card. The transparency softens everything up a bit.

It also happened to work out for the Ad/Art challenge over at SNC. It is a poster of the "when it rains it pours" girl for iodized salt.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Maddawg's Madcap at SNC...

I know glitter can be scary because it has a mind
of its own and goes everywhere.
And because I'm challenged in ways like that I
can assure you it need not be that way.
 I have the Martha Stewart glitter and its packaged like
a little salt shaker with cute little bottles of glue
that goes where you put it.
So you shake it out over the glue and tap it off.
and wa-la a bit o' the glitter on your page.
You don't need a lot. 
Sometimes just a little to make your point.
This banner is made out of gelato when I was playing
with the product with my pal Holli. 
I also played with some embossing dies and added
the glitter with some mist splats.

So the maddawg madcap is GLITTER IT UP!
SNC is a friendly bunch just hanging out
scrappin' and chattin'
and challengin'.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Layering on - A double dawg dare.

First off, babybeast is momma's nickname because Grammy would never think
that sweet, adorable, loveable, Amelia could possibly be 
a babybeast. LOL!
I started this page with the red mat and built the rest around.
I liked the way it popped the photo.
I also loved this paper from Studio Calico kit and
this Authentique is perfect with it.
 Love washi tape and used it at the top and side to anchor the paper layers.
I then decided that something more was required.
I dug way back in stash and its either old Basic Grey or 7 Gypsies
rubons that I found. It was a long piece that I cut up at
various intervals to fit and layered it over the washi tape.
 Well. I had some bling laying about and hadn't used it like forever.
There were diamond and black. Swoon.
So I cut that up to fit. 
And then butterflies instead of flowers.
 It's been awhile since I did really girlie. In this corner I didn't use
the washi tape, but it looked blank so I added the rubons, bling and butterflies
and it balanced out the page. I also splattered some red mist about.
Back to the red, I love the saying on that strip from Authentique
sticker sheet  and it covers
up some goofy gluing I did and the hearts have the 
same function - a goofy corner that bothered me.
Then -I layered the title on top of everything
And in red because it just balanced the rest of the red out.
I had to resort to QK katie font because I didn't have enough red letters
and none that could genetically modified, nor were the white ones
I had the correct size. It was kinda fun to break out the dies.

So after a long and windy ride -
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