Friday, April 28, 2017

Continuing with April birthdays

April is a happening month for birthdays
in this family and continuing
on with Studio Calico on this 6x6 page 
celebrates Lou's birthday and his dad's that
happen to be on the same day.
 This paper has a fun "confetti" type celebration look but
I whacked a hunk out of it, therefore it needed whacking down to 6x12.
I love that size.
Used up some transparency stash that I had forever
and totally works with this paper.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

It started with a watercolor background

It totally did.
Different shades of blue/green in
stripes in the background that I promptly
covered up.
I know you're surprised.
 Also went into a stamping frenzy with some
Studio Calico birthday stamps and
broke out the magic mesh. I like that stuff and
only have a little left.
Is it still around?
 Also used a lot of different color blues.

I would've love to have a donut here but alas, this cupcake
has been hanging in the stash too long 
so there you have it.
Quintin and Amelia have birthdays within a week of each other
so I thought I'd toss their photos together for
their mom's album and because they looked like fun

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Celebrating a birthday

Love this confetti paper from my Studio Calico kit its perfect
for a celebration.
Added a doily to ground everything and I'm lovin'
using them more.
 The embellishments from My Mind's Eye 
work well too and that dog is adorable.
 And I finally got to use that card.
I find those hard to work in a page a times
and used some die cuts from my box.
It's nice having some premade.
Love how it turned out and I included
one of Jill's hashtags.
She totally rocks the hashtags.
A stamped title - I have a ton of stamps I
really need to use more.

Amelia turning 6.
Where did the time go.

I am battling sinus issues that I'm finding really
really annoying.
Totally messes with the mojo.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fussy cut hearts

Love the different colors of the hearts and
tried to match them with some water colors on the page
using the packaging technique.
Kept it simple with a doodlie border.

Amelia with her muttlings all bundled on the sofa.
She looks soooo older there.
Time marches on.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Another Doodlebug Easter page

Since I've used most of the line for the shakers
that didn't work out and I'm eking out what's left 
for the rest of the grands pix coming in.
Therefore I employed the use of strips that of course,
I laid out previously and it looks nothing like that once
I had to glue them down.
 Love the fun patterns - so bright and pretty and
I used nuvo dots on those punched flowers.
 Sam and Lou collecting eggs.
Looks like fun!
Used another old K&Co title for the page
and a little quickutz swirl for an accent.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Fun Doodlebug Easter page

This is a totally adorable line with lots of
colorful, fun papers.
I had to fussy cut that sweet bunny out as
and embellishment.
 Using the packaging technique with watercolors 
to highlight the papers and another fussy cut emblellishment
that I added bows for a fun look.
 Funny story about the hearts. 
I made a TON of them.
I originally got the papers to make Easter cards
for the grands. I wanted to make shaker cards, hence the
different cut styles.
they turned out to be an absolute disaster.
I didn't have the correct see-through stuff, using some
"transparency" instead of acetate, there was glue everywhere
and all the sequins and stuff kept falling out.
Therefore, they were scrapped and now I have a lot
of hearts that you may or may not see as photos of the
grands roll in.
Love how it turned out- the "title" is really
older K&Co. 
Doodled around the page with a yellow sharpie.
Annie and Owen lookin' good in their Easter outfits.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our Easter on a PL Page

We had a wonderful day hanging and dining with family and friends.
The weather was delightful resulting in dining 
on the lanai and a fun egg hunt
resulting in lots of prizes for hunters.

However, they did miss an egg. LOL.
Gladys and I found it the next day.
And I already had the page made and didn't 
want to change the photos.

Tim Holtz words, Pink Fresh, Cosmo Cricket tiny words
Studio Calico PL cards.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rolling with more stars

Because stars were perfect for yesterday's page 
and today's.
On a side note, I love that little clipboard stamp.
Layers with both the PL card that is so perfect too and
also some layers behind the photo.
 And the stars came with this months Studio Calico kit
 aptly named "written in the stars".
And I used every one of them.
Not crazy about the way the glue wrinkled it
but it may have also been humidity because the stars
curled too. It's been extremely humid lately.
So there's Annie singing her heart out  with what looks
like a real microphone and
I love the photo.
I wanted to make the page fun and kind of girly.

(Her singing reminds me that when I was a kid I'd put
records on in the bedroom and sing in front of a full length
mirror with a hairbrush as a mic. I had the moves but not the voice. LOL).

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Black on White & Black

I hope everyone had a wonderful
Easter celebration!
We did and I have put together a PL page,
and hopefully I'll get it photographed tomorrow for your
viewing pleasure.

Love how these photos came together and it became
a drive-by page as Easter edged closer
I had some chores that need doing so the page
stayed on my desk and as I passed by
it sort of came alive.
 I loved the photos on black but I became bored with layering
if you know what I mean but the photos popped.
But I felt the black needed something, so I know Soaphouse Mama
and many others layer big mats on a 12x12
and this turned out perfect- and I used washi tape to 
bump it off the background page.
Favorite youngest son loves his job and his truck
and I couldn't be more proud.
After I put this together, I realized that I added
stars and some milky stars
that he does most of the driving at night.
Wish I could say that was deliberate on my part but alas,
the photos just looked good on black. LOL.
And yellow with black is always a good call.

So this is Studio Calico, with Paper studio, Quickutz and
Spellbinder die cuts.  

Friday, April 14, 2017

Fussy cut flowers and stitching

And thread that of course
goes along with stitching only different.
Love these flowers - they were on beautiful paper 
but I really wanted to use them as an accent
as they were really overwhelming on the paper.
And those wooden hearts make me swoon with the pearls.
 The flowers matched this lovely lined paper that I backed to
some polka dotted paper that I used somewhere else and cut the back out of.
So..... it needed to be a big mat.
Love this photo of my gram and I have no idea why she
has a drum stick in her hand (at least that's what it looks like to me). LOL. 
Her and grandpop came down 2 years in a row for
me and my brother's graduations.
She was my favorite.
I was her favorite.
I miss her.
She was a lot of fun and quirky and
gave good advice.

Studio Calico, doily, pearls.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Layers and Ledger paper

I started THIS page with 2 photos.
It's been awhile since I used multiple photos and didn't
I have fits with this.
I went through at least 9419471347193471098 different
papers, including transparencies AND mats.
 The photos are heritage - and originals and not 
really good photos.
I probably in hindsight could've made them B&W
but where would the fun be in that.
 So I ended up using kraft and beige because 
seriously nothing went.
(I have no clue on the ledger paper - its THAT old)
Including black - black works on everything
except these 2 pictures.
 I made 2 big tags after tossing envelopes around
that looked stupid.
And more Tim Holtz that I just kept tossing on.
well because I couldn't stop really.
And I actually used Heidi Swapp Tea mist because seriously
what more can go wrong.
And the TITLE. 
Good grief - that was serious overthinking going on.
I had a pack of kraft alphas with white letters
and it would've been perfect had it all the letters- but nooooo
not enough E's.
I know you're surprised.
So I got a small square punch - punched out and then
used my hero arts alpha and started
doing the letters in white which looked dumb
because the white wasn't white enough.
So I changed it up to black - and well its funky enough
to go with the page.

A flipping Heritage page - that I'm ON.
That's just wrong on many levels, but here we are.
So mom and I had similar outfits
and while I was cruising through the way-back
box there they were side-by-side.
I'm 20 years old there (I think) and mom would be 40.
We totally rocked the outfits.

The way-back box is magical.
Everyone should have one.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I got a tad carried away...

That surprises you I know.
This paper is so much fun - I did another page with it
and then ordered another sheet.
Click here to check it out  as they are both completely 
different - same family though LOL!
I did totally create this page (embellishments and all) without a photo
and wait till you see how well it worked out.
This process seems to be working out way better for me
right now so I'm gonna keep rolling with it.
 The adorable embellishments are Jillybean Soup
and I love the whimsey.
I even stitched down the flappy side. Of course,
the sewing machine got contrary but it worked.
That's Miss Amelia (she's gonna be 6 in April) perusing through my photos
for something to go with this page after it was done 
her outfit worked perfect.
I purchased the title just yesterday from Michael's
$1.50 bin. 
That was perfect too.
Who knew.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Another sweet 4x4 album done!

I picked this baby up for about $2.00 from Hobby Lobby.
Its Paper Studio brand - and I really love doing 4x4's. 
They make terrific gifts - however, I needed more 4x4
page protectors that I found at Michael's.
So I'm spreading the wealth LOL.
 So most of the stuff I used was Studio Calico and Pink Fresh.
 And bits and pieces I had rolling around
There are about 20 inserts in there - however the last 4 
have just filler stuff in them.
Figured they could toss some photos in if they'd like.
 This one is going to Tom's daughter's family and I'll
be prowling around for another 4x4 buy.
 I didn't show all the photos because there were alot.
You're welcome 😗

I picked out my favorite photos of which
the majority of them are on 12x12  pages or other sizes stashed in my albums.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Studio Calico and Tim Holtz = Heritage

 I made this page without a photo and
then picked one out and decided it needed to be 
another photo because it just didn't look right.
There seems to be going around a lot.
However, as you shall see this one is perfect.
 I seriously got carried away with the embellishments and layers.
And that's a good thing=stash busting.
 Are those buttons not cool?
They are Buttons Galore and I picked up 2 bottles
when I was in Tuesday Morning.
Great place to pick up scrapbooking items at
a real discount.
 I did change the photo from color to B&W and
since it was a photo of a photo its
really not the greatest - and B&W covers all that up.
Studio Calico paper came from a kit long ago and
Tim Holtz ephemera that I've had for a really LONG time.
I'm still annoyed with mists so I haven't used any.
OH and I added masking tape because it seemed like the thing to do.

Friday, April 7, 2017

About the 2 photos I wanted to use yesterday

I went through my photos in Aperture
and decided to cut some of the clutter and exported them 
out to regular folders and as I was 
looking through those folders I happened upon two
photos that landed together and something sweet
caught my eye - because those photos were never together before.
 So of course I had to make a page and I have
done pages of these photos separately but what caught
my eye made me want to do a page with both.
 These 2 photos are of my gram and grandpop;
the top one when they first started dating or married 
circa 1930 - they were 29 when they married and that was
considered quite old back then.
The second photo is of them about the 1970's some
40 years later and in both photos grandpop has his arm around gram.
I thought it was sweet and it also kind of set a tone
of their casual closeness because they really weren't
overly affectionate in public.
It just wasn't done in their generation so just
that little move means a lot.

I had some leftover flowers that of course had to used.
I mixed up the Studio Calico with the pink fresh tag and a doily.
At first I thought I had too many word strips and
then I got over it.
Seriously can you have too many???

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gingham paper and fussy cut flowers

I really liked both sides of this paper, and had to 
make a decision, therefore I whacked it down to a 6x12,
a size I really love, and fussy cut the flowers out.
After I jumped in and started cutting I realized that maybe
I cut into the wrong half. LOL.
But they worked out.
 Love that mason jar and worked that baby in there
with pieces of a border punch that's perfect.
 I actually had different photos picked out - I came across 2
that are one of those "why didn't I see this before" but
I couldn't make two pix work out and I didn't want to 
get smaller than 2x3 so I had to go on the hunt again for another pix.
Then I found this one of my gram with my 
favorite eldest son. So glad they
got to know each other.
Not a great photo but cherished all the same.

Studio Calico, Hero Arts Stamp, Fiskars punch.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

2x2 Black & White photo on a page

Love this paper - not sure what its called
I know its not hombre but the design has a name.
Anyway, I kept the embellishments relatively simple 
because of the stripes and colors.
 Love this packet of embellies from Jillybean Soup.
I think - they all came apart in the baggie I keep them in.
 Is that flamingo not adorable - or it could be My Mind's Eye.
Sigh. Hate when that happens.
So I love all the layers behind the photo and its an adorable photo.
Annie with hair gone wild.
So cute.
Splashed some mist about and called it a day.
Studio Calico paper.
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