Saturday, April 12, 2014

Doing even more stuff BETTER!

I haven't done a crossfit update lately and I am extremely pleased at the progress I'm making.
Oh Yeah there are days and there always will be.
Because one thing I can say for sure - easy isn't a word used in crossfit.
EVER. Neither is can't. 
Remember those situps I talked about here-3rd paragraph. Well check it out - those are my pink nanos (blonde hair - Marvi is the other pink nanos) glued to the floor and I'm sitting up without anyone holding those babies down to the floor. 

And now I'm doing V-Ups to strengthenmy core in order to do pull ups, knees to elbows, toes to bar on the monkey bars (rig).

AND GUESS what - I'm bouncing instead of jumping rope - But I CAN jump rope now. Single unders - As soon as I can get that extra bounce out - double unders are on the radar.

Ball Slams - are without a doubt not fun. You start in the postion I'm in now and throw that ball down with your entire body, and while your bending down, scoop the ball up in one motion to slam it down again. I couldn't move for 2 days.

And I made it to the monkey bars.Woo hooo- jumping pull ups - to the chin. And I can do that-its sort of like bouncing with an attitude. 
Step ups on the boxes. And the boxes are getting taller. hands shouldn't be on my knees. Busted.

Deadlifts - 75 lbs. (I think) WHO KNEW! And in a WOD - Not just during a SWOD (strength workout of the day). I kinda like deadlifts.

This workout was a tough one. Deadlifts and stepups (or box jumps) Legs and arms. Arms and legs. And I can see my body changing. 

And this workout involved running. LOTS of running (you can read my thoughts on running here ) 
and modified rope climbs (one day I'll get to the top) are all I can remember about this WOD - 
I'm pretty sure many other things were involved which is why I'm on the floor at the end. 
Good thing I had my tunes - because I was there for awhile. 
And I wasn't the only one.

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  1. OMG, Lynn, you are a rock star!!! I am lucky to get through my yoga and walking! ;-)


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