Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tazmanian Tuesday

as opposed to Manic Monday
resulted in 5 LO's.
Doing a project.
Using up my Basic Grey.
Wooo HOOO!
 It took a couple to find my groove.
 Journaling to be done by someone else.
 And then there it was. 
The charmer.
 The cool shots I wish I had taken.
And the fun.
Can't ever not have fun.
Scrapping the Moments is looking for design team members. You need to participate in the boards and do a challenge once a month. We have a great time over there, lots of lovely fun and talented ladies. Let Pat know if you'd like to be considered.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day to



Friday, May 27, 2011

Using a hot glue gun is like

eating French onion soup on a first date.
What a hot mess.
However, I persevered and wa=la!
An altered Maple Lane frame. Talk about a 
flash from the past. 
Shabby chic'd it with some white paint.
Reminesce flowers, leaves, label, QK spicy chicken and bling!
That is my Great Great Great Grandmother Mathilda Anderson.
Grooming the dogs on her porch.
I love the rustic-ness, the starkness.
And the fact that I got a glimpse of her day. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Your day will come.....

I just love this photo of Owen.
Relaxed and looking more like a little boy
than a toddler.
The jouraling reads "take it slow and ease us into it."
It goes by sooooooooooo fast.
And soon he's gonna be the big brother!
I embraced my inner April for this one.
I glimmermisted and alchohol ink misted.
I painted and masked.
I got messy.
I had fun! 
You should try it. 

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rub a dub dub

The kidlet's in the tub!!
And too stinkin' cute that is!
I love the angle of this photo and wish I'd have 
thought of it.
It's also an iphone picture.
It'd didn't blow up crisp, but ya gotta work with
what ya get. And I'm so glad I get!
Don't he have the cutest cheeks? LMAO!
Cosmo Cricket wins the day! 
QK splatters are a grass punch!
I love it when a line comes through! 

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Twas a less than Manic in the Monday today....

Even though the manic was missing,
I did get a page or two done.(Need to photo the other one).
Love Nikki Silvis and it rocked this photo.
Christopher and Connor.
They are getting so big and adorable.
Nothing special technique-wise unless you count chalking.
A total flash from the past. 
The clouds were Chalked the clouds so you
wouldn't know my fussy cutting is less than stellar.
And then I got carried away and chalked the title - Here fishy fishy. LOL!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Got some scrappin' in ..............

This one was a sketch for Sketchy Thursday!
It was fun to do. 
Came across this photo while plowing through
boxes looking for a photo I never found.
This is my boy Shane way too many years ago,
just having fun.
Which is what he does best. 
Kaiser, Elsie star, QK ck newsclip & starts, Jenni Bowlin journaling circle.
 This one took 3 forevers to complete.
Couldn't think of a title.
Forgot what was going on in the photo.
Finally it all worked out.
Pink Paislee, Cosmo Cricket tiny type.
It was a beautiful day,
although my hawk taunted me.
By landing just close enough but NOT QUITE using my
canon 18-55 lens.
That hawk KNEW my other lens was in the shop.
He swooped, he preened, he posed.
And all I got was a little dot in a tree or on the ground.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Challenges and my ADHD ways....................

Have you ever been on a search mission for that certain photo
and end up stacking up every other photo you find
for future scrapping except the one you
really wanted?
 As I was plowing through the wayback boxes in search of just ONE photo
for my heritage challenge, which I didn't find, I stumbled upon these postcards from
my cousin Steve, who sent them to me from Germany.
The CHALLENGE at MOMENTS was to do a layout with a postcard.
Being an overacheiver, he sent several, I couldn't pick one
So I made a pocket page.
Bazzill, creative imaginations, prima, michael's ribbon.
Stumbled over this one too.  Uncle Harold was the KING of
train platforms and all things railroad. Aunt
Florence designed the mountains and all the floral and fauna.
You didn't have to wait for Christmas at their house.
It was set up ALL the time.
I always envied their kids. Not only did they get ALL
that talent in the family, but they could admire
and sometimes engineer the trains.
It was an ENTIRE village, with working parts, like a rocket,
a circus, farms and loading and unloading the trains.
Bazzill, office depot tag, mm brads, label, unk clock, mme, dyanamo label and cosmo cricket.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Manical Monday 5.16 and it was kind of a

Wasn't manical at all.
Got one layout done. Which is a plus.
But met NO challenges *insert eyeroll*.
Aw well tomorrow is another day.
Hung out with my favorite youngest son.
We had a great time.
Did lunch.
Roamed the mall.
Just hung out together.
Love that.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

At Scraping the Moments the first AND the 15th Challenges

are rendered.
UP to you to take them on.
The gauntlet has been thrown.
Don't make me double-dog dare ya!! LMAO!!
My challenge is all about the Heritage.
So this is my baby brother. All dressed up (remember you dressed up for every event)
 for a bizarre at our elementry school.
He was too stinkin' cute. Really.
THE CHALLENGE: Find a photo of you/or someone in elementary school
(or if you have NONE, find a school photo-work with me here)
And scrap about what is was like back in the day 
when YOU or (if you have someone else's story) went to school.
JOURNALING TIP: I started my journaling with the phrase
"I remember". Covers a lot of CRS. bwahaha !!!
(Can't remember errr STUFF).
A SIDE COMMENT: I look at school/teaching NOWADAYS and think
maybe back in the day was not only WAY better
but probably should be revisited.

If you take the challenge link me up in comments and I'd love to see your work!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A potpourri of stuff around the house..

Because there is a lack of mojo.
Mojoless. Ack!!
So while I was in panic mode because my lens
was not working properly.
This yappy little cardinal snuck up on me.
He really was loud and the fact it took awhile to sink in,
shows how distracted I was.
Alas, the lens is working again.
We have another pineapple growing.
We've been rocking this produce for a couple of years.
Good thing its a survivor.
Watch out Dole because there's not ONE but TWO.
 And then there is this baby blanket I crocheted.
It nearly kicked my butt.
BuTT I persevered.
Glad I did it turned out really pretty.
It was a challenge for sure.
Have an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh baby baby....................

I've had this chipboard baby album
for so long I can't tell you who the mfg. is.
I used it as a template, but gave it up because my
fussy cutting is slightly less than really really bad.
 Because my fussy cutting is less than stellar.
I opted for paint, front and back.
And because I was in a giddy mood, I thought
polka dots would be clever.
 And then I found this great transparency with a cool saying about 
new beginnings.
GASP* I know!
It's function though is to protect the page following it
because its rather lumpy.
The flower is so pretty I didn't want it mashed.
 Got a little heavy with the swirls.
 And butterflies. I had to buy a NEW punch.
Imagine that.
 Flowers and pearls and bling.
OH my.
 And if you haven't noticed that the paper is a flash from the past.
 You can't ever go wrong with BG.
You rock my world. Get it? 
Baby rocking.
Then effectively.
Sigh. Guess you had to be there.

Monday, May 9, 2011

IT was another Manic Monday over at Moments....5.9.11

There are challenges galore and I completed three of them.
This was April's journaling challenge.
Journal a conversation.
Its hard to read so here it is:
Shane: mom stop!
Me. I haven't started yet.
Shane: mom stop taking my picture!
Me: um Nope. Stop acting like a goof.
Me: I'll put it on the internet anyway.
You won't do that?
Me: Wanna bet?
This one is a blatant lift of Elsie (remember her?).
I pore through her book and this pix
was perfect as my son was ever
the PIA clown when it
came to some photos.
 This next layout was just my frustration about traveling this last 2 weeks.
About how I got bounced out of first class
coming and going.
It was also "use your stickers" challenged.
Cosmo Cricket alpha stickers. Yeah!!!
 The last one is Easter. 
a vacuum cleaner,
and Easter Bunny mask.
Love love love it. 
Photo taken by my favorite SIL Kevin.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stills from the hills of NH....

Ducks flying and a cute place to sit and
take in nature.
 Love the ducks. And the colors. 
Browns, Greens. 
 And this was just a work of art.
Sitting by the river.
 And mama duck.
Looking swimmingly.
 The bridge to the other side.
Love all the water reflections.
 My pine cones don't look this cool.
Notice the depth of field. 
 And a happy lil daffodil. Love them.
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Driving Miss Lynn...............

Is an adventure. We ended up in Vermont.
By mistake.
 One wrong turn.
 On a bridge and there you have it
Another state to notch.
And I've always wanted to see the New England states.
 So we took the bridge over.
And back.
And on a completely different note.
Doesn't this sky rock.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mountains in spring.....

Are not good for the sandaled feet.
Why would I be wearing sandals in the snow you ask?
Well NH'rs are a hardy lot and the minute spring is in the air,
the summer duds come out,
not being one to stand out I jumped on in
with both feet. LMAO.....
 To zip down in the snow to get this shot of the basin.
It was cold.
And wet.
 But worth it.
 We were supposed to go UP the moutain, however the summer doesn't
start until May 27th. So the little gondolas weren't operational.
 And I wish I could share the sound of this
raging river.
It was awesome!
Oh I played with total MANUAL settings. 
It was fun. 
And since the mountains weren't going anywhere if I wasn't sure,
 AUTO was there!!!
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