Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Winging our way to Ocean Beach, NJ

Should be arriving for an afternoon nap!!
Timing is everything.
In the meantime Scrapping the Moments is having a
Back to School Blog Hop - OH Yeah!
Start here for a fun and challenged-filled HOP!
Go to the HOP HOP HOP!!!
And you're welcome for having that song in your head.


Picked up this watercolor book at Mikey's because my
pal April encouraged me and
had to make it my own.
(Little does she know that I'm a copycat and would've
done it because SHE had one) LOL!
 I can't draw and don't pretend too, but I can splash
water, swirl color and smush it around.
 Watercolors are very forgiving. 
And yeah I draw the same thing because I'm 
 striving for perfection anal retentive that way. 
 And it's fun to play. 
 Makes me feel like a kindergartener.
 I've written a couple of things in there.
I have a journal I totally yap in -only writing
so its hard to put a pen to these pages.
Not because it couldn't look any more stupider,
I just don't know what to write.
Write  Right now. (snort)
 I think some of it  looks stupid but I'll get over it.
I may need therapy.
 And someone sent me stamps to color.
I love to color.
And then I had leftover STUFF. So I threw
that in the mix which is fun.
I have a LOT more pages to go. So be ready
to be amazed and appalled.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Channeled my inner April

which took 3 forevers to complete.
Probably because the channel kept changing!
AND it was the die cut challenge at Moments.
Use a die cut in a completely different way.
Well. It took awhile to figure out a "different" way.
So while I was cruising through Jennifer McGuire's Mag
101 Ways to use your scrapbook supplies....
Although eyelets, I did give a bunch away
because well they're a pain to set.
For me anyway....snort.
Tag-flower - why re-invent the wheel when 
someone else did all the thinking!!!
Works for me - totally!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tossed around some

dust bunnies yesterday - just to show them who's boss and kicked soap scum ass!! Very productive day!  I am soooooooooooo NOT a Susie Homemaker, but even I can tell when enough is enough. And because the house looked good; it was safe for people to come on over for dinner and a dip; and the water was mighty fine! Carrot cake and coffee for dessert with some wonderful ambience of candles and pool lights completed the evening. Nothing better than friends and fun!

Continuing to monitor Irene and those duking it out with her. 

Completed another hub MTSing Over to the San Diego Zoo and I'd appreciate if you'd pop on over and read, enjoy and share and vote UP (very important). I find I'm enjoying this writing gig.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Laid Low...............

by a sinus infection and drug allergy.
All of you in the way of Hurricane Irene - 
lay low and stay safe. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I had a request from a niece ....

to find some photos of her and send them to her. She said 
if anyone had photos, it would be Aunt Lynn. Snort.
Well it narrowed things down between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.
Because those are the times we totally hang with family.
So in my search, I did come across some adorable photos I don't ever remember scrapping.
And wondering why???
And then there was this collage of our Thanksgiving in 2005 that I found.
As you know I adore collages and set about finding it in one of my many albums.
And couldn't find it.
I know it has to be there, but just in case, I did it again.
So there will or may be two for peeps to fight over.
Makes my day. *Grinning hugely*
Everyone looks sooooooooooooooo young!
And the same peeps that were photogenic then, still are.
Which annoys me to no end and why I'm on the OTHER side of the camera.
And in looking back, as this is the ONE holiday that attendance is
mandatory. I should do a collage for every year.
As soon as this stupid sinus infection goes away - its going on my list!
Labor day too, which'll be here in no time. 
Can't wait!

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's a girl thing.....................

And you can't start too young by having too many shoes!
And adorable legs that only the young get away with.
This is a pagemap sketch we used at Moments for 
Fast Track Friday. Of course I'm late.
The hints about photo sizes and quantity come out on Thursday.
The sketch is revealed at 7 p.m. each Friday.
AND you have 2 hrs to complete it.
I completed mine in about 1/2 hr. on Sunday.
woo hooo!!!!
All bo bunny, rusty pickle lace, ci-circle, noteworthy, qk-dragonfly, hero arts stamps

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Revisiting some places I've been.....

San Diego and its sights are one of my favorite places to visit. It's in my top 10 cities and any time DH lets me tag along, I go. To read about some of my set out and entertain myself while dh works adventures;

please click on the links below:


If you enjoyed them, please vote UP and you can leave a comment if you'd like. Clicking on like on FB icon, it'll share on your wall.  Thanks for your support!

And if you go here there are more links or your reading pleasure! Same as above goes for sharing!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Just playing around................

with mists and inks and oh yeah gesso.
Watched a Utube using gesso with inks and mists.
Alas, mine didn't quite turn out the way it was supposed to.
My gesso was more liquid that what as used on the video.
I always thought gesso was more of a whitewash/blend.
So I was actually kind of surprised when that gesso was more of solid.
I made this paper for Ca Hwy1 lo and I just wasn't feeling the love.
So after that Ca Hwy 1 (see below)  was completed,
 I just began tossing stuff on this page.
 THEN more and more stuff was flung and stuck.
Then I needed a photo.
Then my printer wasn't cooperating.
Then it was aperture that wasn't cooperating.
Time for DH to the rescue. Who patiently reloaded both.
And this was not the first pick photo either.
But we needed "practice" pix to see if all elements were working properly.
And wa-la!
Everything about this lo was a toss and a fling.
I learned this toss and fling technique from my friend April.
I'm thinking we need to take it on the road.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ca Hwy 1..............

is very picturesque, winding, and if you're not in 
heights, not for the faint of heart.
There are lighthouses up and down the coast.
I played with Aperature, using a preset download
from Thomas on the Aperature blog.
Called brownify. I played with
a few more buttons (it was late so I can't ID the buttons-LOL) 
which made the ocean to look "stormy".

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It was Traumatic Tuesday at

And another challenge down!
This was the recipe challenge.
Use pink patterned paper, a pic with a tree in it.
2 pieces of trim And a pop of yellow.
So I took a few liberties of course.
I have pink patterned paper and IT has a tree in it.
My trims were used on the mat.
AND bonus *ding ding* used my bird cage die.
Oh, and this is Annie my beautiful granddaughter.

Casperson beach

has a great "boardwalk" that you can 
casually stroll down and admire the 
vegetation and the gulf.

They have some cool shady places to rest and relax....

And showers so you can leave the sand on the beach.
Where it belongs. lol!!!
The Gulf was rocking a bit this day.
A storm was a brewing!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The challenges are up for the fifteenth of the month

Mine is the Heritage challenge which I love 
and this month is Weddings!!!
This is a photo of my DH's grandparents looking
so young and gorgeous on their day!
I couldn't resist!
I know some of you may be a bit trepidatious (ooooo big word
and I may have made it up. No sure! LOL!)
in doing your wedding pictures, so I suggest you PRACTICE
on someone else's!!! And if its your ANCESTORS, who's 
there to critique. Right? Right!!!!!
Be Bold Be Brave!!!
Bo bunny, prima, QK, lace, and some pearls!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hungry bird

lies in wait, with a keen eye.
Finds his prey and swoops in.
Tucks it in its beak
and swoops in
flying to land and chow down.
Who rocks the food chain now.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cactus Fruit

Seems to be an aphrodisiac to Woodpeckers.
Yes this is a red necked woodpecker which you can't see
because of the angle.
 He sat on the "fruit" and pecked.
 It was evidently worth it and delicious!
 Must've had a sweet tooth going on.
 Totally relentless in his pursuit of the "fruit."
What I missed was - he was so excited to get this piece of fruit.
He pecked at it til it fell to the ground.
You have to use your imagination because alas I missed the shot.
My bad.
It was really really funny. 
Puzzled and shocked doesn't cover it!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Got to play with mists and inks, my new sissix die and some stamps. Woo hooo!!!

CHILLAX= Chillin' + Relaxin'

Took these pix at sunset. Can't help but love a beautiful sunset. Can't help but make it more special with friends.

I have to say grrrrrr to some people. At our end of the beach we were the ONLY 4 people there. I'm standing behind our friends relaxing in the chair and I want to take that with the sunset. Along comes TWO people that couldn't HELP but see me with a BIG camera. And they walk in front of me. Really? I was close enough that they couldn't walked BEHIND me those few steps but NOOOOOOOOO!!! they walked right in front of my shot. It took all I could do to SNARK at them. And I lost what little sun was left. Annoyed doesn't begin to cover it. And DH is like people can walk on the beach and I was yeah. We're the ONLY ONES here and they had to walk in FRONT. Really. Sigh. People are so rude.

Rant over. LMAO......

So that is Recollection Kraft paper, blasted with mist and ink. Unknown patterned paper & rick rack. Autumn Leaves journaling stamp, Stampendous, and I picked up some shells from the beach and added them to the page.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

USA!!!! America the Land of Freee!

Yes! Again. It just seemed fitting really. For some reason, my mojo wasn't up to snuff on how to scrap the USS Midway.  I wanted it to be a little special, after all dad was a sailor back in the day when they were rowing to the beat of drums (just kidding dad).

I had the best time roaming the decks and spent hours interacting with the volunteers, most who served aboard. They were not only proud of their service but of their ship.

As they should be.

I wanted to get a lot of pix on the page, because I took a lot of pix! LOL! And by now, you KNOW how much I LOVE (insert eyeroll) two pagers. So what's a scrapper to do. WELL!!!! Since I don't have windows explorer anymore with its vast array of collage templates, I downloaded Picassa. Gasp! It's free and swings both ways - MAC or Windows and its pretty good for free photoshop software. You can do all the basic things PLUS - collages!!! And its easy....choose your pictures, template and hit da button and wa-la.

I actually did this collage TWICE. The first in color which I found too distracting. The colors made it chaotic and your eye would've burst (dramatic I know). So I changed them to B&W (and it was a push of button) - except for one pix that slipped in. Sigh. However, NOW, no REAL big distractions or wiggy eye movement!!

The paper is YEARS old! Around the Block - Liberty. Covered up most of it but enough was left to get the drift and it really made the pix pop (say that 3x's fast-LOL).  QK- yes, I used that die again - only the negative part so you can SEE in the background. A tag with journaling tucked in and some photo turns, along with brackets and Cosmo Cricket tiny types.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday in the Park............

You can thank me for that song running through your head.

You're welcome!!!
Turns out its gonna be a hot one.
In Florida - which shocks a lot of you I know.
Got up a little late, stayed out and played a little late.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Continuing with the challenges.................

Sometimes its just fun to do a "lift".
Not a lot of brain cells involved to get awesome results.
This was a lift of Diana's on Sneak Attack Thursday over at Moments.
I love the photo and design.
Basic Grey of course, with some QK, 7G's, and EK.
Water boy is my version of a sketch for Fast Track Friday. 
It's a lot of fun, and if you not doing anything on Friday's from 7-9 
just jump on in with us. Again, some of the work is done
for you and helps jumpstart the mojo just in case said mojo has
packed up its suitcases and headed for parts unknown.
Can't ever go wrong with Cosmo Cricket.
Working in 8x8 sizes here. 

It has come to be a favorite again!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Taking on the challenges at Moments...

I decided to combine TWO; the color and one-little-word challenges.
The colors are navy, red, tan a combo which I love 
AND OLW is Be!!!
This is also a loose lift on one of April's pages.
Bazzill, Jillybean soup, EK bookworks, Sixxix
Brush alpha, QK Journal #, 7 G's &
Studio G stamp.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pool Rehab = June LO Tag Reveal!!

here at Moments!
It took a lot of  twists and turns 
with all the different perspectives and styles!
Fun to watch!

It only took a couple days.
If felt like forever til we got our pool back.
It looks and feels amazing!
Bazzill, My Mind's Eye, Ephemera (a tag from Dh's fishing shirts) and some QK splats. Journaling: It was 17 years in the making to get an ugly pock-marked, leaking pool. The help of one kidle who will be nameless, surfing int he pool with his brother's surfboard and roughing up the tile made it necessary to go for..... Pool Rehab!

Also, the challenges for the 1st of the Month
are up at Moments today!!
For lots of inspiration and awesome challenges
go check them out! Here.....
and join us!!!
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