Tuesday, March 31, 2009

for me......

This is one of my favorite pictures, because my grandpop, was my main and constant man in my life. I was deeply honored when he walked me down the aisle, because he really didn't like to be out there hangin in a crowd. It wigged him out. But he looks so handsome in his tux, and kind of looks stern, but he was the most relaxed, easy going person EVER and funny. I don't feel like I did this justice, but its done, and I can always do it again. lol. I'm going out on a limb here, this was my first marriage, which sadly didn't work out. But this will always be on of my most favorite memories.

Pink paisley pp and Cloud 9 transparency, with thickers (once again I'm on a roll) qk hearts, We Are Memory Makers ribbon and brad.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Another flashback friday layout....

this time a favorite activity. Mine was sewing, made w/graphic 45 paper, thickers (again i knooow), mm paperie flowers, buttons and thread. and of course stitching.

journaling: When I was in the 7th grade home ec was a requirement. I fell in love with the sewing and everything about it. I wasn't unfamiliar with patterns, material because my grandmother had ladies, 2 of them actually, that sewed for her and sometimes me, and let me tell you, she always knew what was cutting edge, and "all the go" as she would say, in fashion. So for Christmas, my grandparents bought a sewing machine, brand name White. It was in a cabinet with a a knee pedal because I had issues with the foot pedal. LOL! To further my sewing education, she also paid for lessons from a lady who taught me how to factory sew. I could do sleeves, zippers, darts, without the use of pins and taught me the importance of ironing the seams and darts. From there on I hit the ground running. Back then patterns were not expensive, nor depending on the sale neither was the material. Gram allowed me then to sew simple house dresses for her. I thought I was just the coolest thing. I made a lot of my own clothes and hers.

It wasn't until later, in the 1980's that I started sewing again after a long hiatus. Mom and I fell into a routine. After the choosing of patterns and materials, mom would cut out the pieces, and I would sew them, still using my White until the motor finally died, and I bought another (which stupidly I gave away thinking I'd never use it again. Silly me). I can remember my mom being so gung ho that pieces would be piled up to ceiling (lol) that needed sewing. It was a mixed batch of mine and hers. Sadly what I learned about factory sewing flew out the window with the don't use it /lose it philosophy. I had to read the directions, use the pins, baste some things and remember to iron the seams down. But we had some really cool outfits to wear, and a lot of them I was able to wear to the office.

My wonderful husband bought me a new sewing machine and would've gotten top of the line had I not stopped him. I pondered again about making my own clothes again, but honestly its not practical anymore; time nor expense wise. So now my layouts get the benefit and every now and then a repair or hemming will be done. I feel like I should do more and maybe one day I will.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thanks to participating in Flashback Fridays at 2 peas I've created 2 lo's that are about me. Who knew? LOL! I get caught up in the present w/kids, grandkids and I really don't like to do lo's about me, but these were easy. I happened upon the tickets while going through my box of pictures, because I couldn't access the shared drive to get the photos rolling around in my head for a different project. Low and behold, TREASURE woo hooo! in the form of 30+ old tickets. Rescued from a magnetic album - woo hoo!!! Major save there. Anyway the tickets brought forth really good memories and now my kidlets can SEE who, when and how their favorite mom was when she was about their age. bwahahahaha! Yeah. Mom's were young once. What a concept.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I caught the culprit......

We have a really cool tree in our back yard atop what I call the "grassy knoll". And its seriously high up there. I always found it strange that my kids didn't want any kind of tree house up there, because seriously - that would've been the FIRST thing I did when we moved it. But I digress. A couple weeks ago some neighborhood kidlets "discovered" the tree and decided to trespass, I just kept my beady little eyes on them, and as the muttlings didn't bark (some watchdogs they are-a totally different story there) I let it pass. WELLLLLL!!! A FEW days ago I heard banging and thought the little trespassers decided they would make a tree house, and when I investigated found NO HUMANS around. What I did find was HIM-Mr. Woodpecker just banging away. He was on the ground, and as you can't see there were a TON of crunchy leaves between him and me. As most of you may know, I'm not the quietest or coordinated person around, so I'm attempting to creep up on him a bit at a time. I did rather good, until he got "wind" of me bwahahaha and flew off . Caught him another tree (obviously not the cool one). He was a very intent bird so I'm thinking he'll be back. I'll be practicing my sneaking on crunchy leaves til then bwahahahaha!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

During my research into my ancestors I have found that I was WAY more Irish than I ever thought. So I'd like to share my favorite Irish Blessing:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

(pronounced 'slawn-cha', meaning Health! A common toast in Ireland, the equivalent to ‘Cheers’)


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can you tell I just love these photos.

My boys in scrapbook form. Wooo HOOO!!! They are growing up fast and so glad technology is alive and well.

Used my Dec 08 bad girl kit again. Graphic 45 rocks and I just love the vintage look w/the black and white pix.

Not much else happening this fine day. Thinking about a bike ride. (thinking-key word here) BECAUSE somehow the left earpiece of my earphones has blown out and all I hear is CRRRSHHHHH! (gee Shane wonder how that happened. snort) The ole ipod is key in the whole pedaling thing so thinking is probably the only action that's gonna happen this day. bwahaha! OR maybe another layout. Gots lots of baby pix!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My baby boys are growing up

WAY TOO FAST!!!I keep telling the parents they need to put bricks in their britches.
In iphoto who knew, you can mat and double up so I've been making some great desk top screen savers.
bwahahaha! As if that stops growths. AND the other thing, they REALLY NEED to move closer. lol!!!

Another as if. Anyway, technology is great, and they are great in keeping me posted w/pix (photos by Jill Tetreault and Kevin Duffy) and and webcam and that means I have scrapbooking to do. A

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remembering Mason

We lost baby Mason and since then we have participated in one way or another w/the March of Dimes for Babies. Here are links to my son and daughter in law if you'd like to participate w/your donations. Everything is appreciated and will go to making sure that babies don't die prematurely. Thank you in advance for your generosity.
and this one is mine
1:35 AM

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a wonderful day!!!!

Brooke, her mom and I had a wonderful day at the K2 shopping. They had a TON of new product and oh man....decisions decisions. I am pleased to announce we didn't buy out the entire store. LMOA. But close. We had lunch at Applebees, and cheated. Yeah it was great and sooooo worth it. Bwahahahaha!

Anyway after we returned from the great s/b spree. I got scrappy. Did I use any of the new stuff I purchased. OOOOHHHH NOOOOO! Snort. I love this picture of Nick and Connor and it just seemed to me that Cosmo Cricket was IT. I wanted to keep it simple. And well.....prominent. Which I think worked out well. The photo again by Jill Tetreault http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=406099641. Sigh. She rocked it once again. YUM!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shaney Raney

that's my boy. This was such a fun photo- taken at Walmart's oh so long ago and he was giggle so loud, people came over to see what was going on and started laughing too. You just couldn't help it. Anyway finishing up the "nickname" challenge, Shane had quite a few. That couldn't be helped either. Got to use my stash here. A bit of My Mind's Eye, Autumn Leaves stamp, my NEW QK font dragonfly, EK bookworm, and jotters. Here's the journaling: Awwww you first became Shaney Raney - why? because it was cute??? Of course there was a jingle as well - Sweet Shane momma's pain. Bwahahaha - because well you were. Then you became Precious Pup which was more sarcastic because your dad let you do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, with whatever you wanted. It wasn't a pretty time. The next adorable name was "Monk" man. Actually it was Monkey man but you changed it to Monk Man. We called you Monk Man because you curled your toes like a monkey. Then one day (at about 2 years you proudly announced w/your thumbs wrapped in tank top at the shoulders "I Shane 'miah." You couldn't exactly get the Jeremiah out which was your middle name. And this time it stuck. Even today when you make me nuts, you are proudly Shane 'miah.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Playing and getting some challenges done!

Woo hoo! It's been fun on 2 peas playing w/some of the challenges. One challenge - Flashback Friday - Vacations. So I went way back, to when as a family we'd go to Atlantic City. I did realize I had so much to say about it 'til I started rolling. I left a big spot and wondered how I was going to fill it, but alas, never fear, chatterbox that I am had absolutely no problemo using the space. I used MM 5th Ave (yea I know for boardwalk pix) and a bit of BG. AND I used my NEW QUICKUTZ 12 in plaltform - dragonfly alpha - also new LOVE THEM BOTH AND put three dies of blossom on the platform and wa-la cut out the word air. LOVE IT! SOOOOOO here's the journaling for "In the air..... All it takes is the smell of salty air and the call of a sea gull to take me back to our vacations in Atlantic City. Since we couldn't afford many, these few we did take as a family are precious.
I remember all 4 of us staying in the same room a few blocks off the boardwalk.
i remember eating cereal and warm milk in the morning. (I hate warm milk).
I remember that even though we didn't have a lot of money - we had fun and no idea we didn't have a lot of money.
I remember wearing matching shirts. Dad included.
I remember my dad's love of taking pictures.
I remember the cold water and sand in my bathing suit. EWWW!
I remember chasing the ice cream man down on the beach and madly eating it before it melted.
I remember getting along w/my brother.
The smell of the salty air and cry of the sea gull, in an instant, makes me recall happy times.
Lynn, Billy, mom and dad behind the camera.

The next challenge was "A rose by any other name...... NICKNAMES! And my kidlets had some! So I got the first one done using a not so great picture (Ali says its okay) about Nick's nickname - which the first one was NICKNICK - said really fast. And it was adorable. I love how it turned out and got to use some of my stash. Gasp! Gotta love that and My Mind's Eye rocks, jotters-by Luxe, unk plastic flowers I believe my pal April gave me and the paint and rubon title that I love to use and haven't done in a long time.woo hoo!
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