Thursday, May 30, 2013

Such a girlie girl...

I couldn't help the tongue-in-cheek title on this one.
I've always had an offbeat sense of humor (and my kids too so I know they'll
"get it") and I've decided 
it has a place in my scrapbook pages. (I worried that 
people wouldn't get it-but alas I didn't give peeps enough credit). :|
 For example,
Early on I had to make myself use icky-mushy titles and it was tough
because I'm really not an icky-mushy type. And what I
think is icky-mushy is only in my head. LOL! :))
Seriously I can do snark, sassy, sarcastic
all leading to tongue-in-cheek. I've decided to not hold back because 
just putting a page together like the one above
made me laugh and I had my own fun in my head just doing it.
Hopefully everyone will "get it". If not....its not about you
its about my having a great time putting together scrapbook pages.
And honestly with a photo like that - it just BEGS to be tongue-in-cheek.

Following on the heels of Warrior Princess it appears that Miss Amelia
is gearing up for a new adventure and packing a lunch.
After all, One must keep up their strength.
Then of course, safety first.
Helmet and goggles are a must when traversing the unknown
in her adorable dress and stockings.
Adventures abound.
I'm sure I may have lifted this from - more or less.
Tis up to you to figure out which one.
And won't that be fun. :)
(more adventures).

Sweet Boy...

Love this photo of Cavin. He has a great smile and twinkly eyes. And he is a total sweetheart.

I got to use my new punch that makes the edge look like notebook paper. Love it. And I got to use a newly purchased bottle cap I happened on in a "junque" MALL.  I also made the banner out of washi tape. Its a 4x6 photo too that just stands out. Love the bokeh.

I managed to cut the page to 8x8 without screwing up the pre-printed quote. One-in-a-row. Gotta love that.

The papers and bottom red strip and the button were in my Studio Calico kit. The rest....stash. Even better.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Big 1...

Sorry parents - this one's for my album. I forget to do that as I work on their 8x8's. I feel as if I scrapped that photo - time to move. There is no law that says you can't scrap a photo more than once.

In fact I have done that. Once or twice.

I need to do it more often with the grands (forget about the kids now LOL). Or just collect more pictures; one for them and two for me. Bwahahaha!!!

Lou had his first birthday. And I collected a few of the pix. The parents already have their page done. It's almost on its way - I seriously need to throw the completed pages in the mail but every time I do I want to wait because I have more pages made. A really vicious cycle.

I love this photo because I have them as a family in one great photo as the one year was celebrated. I did some messy sewing. I love messy sewing - although it does tend to rattle the home ec training I had when I was younger, it does however, nail down the scrappy papers on my page and bring it all together.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

From afternoon to Evening...

 The weather changed. 
And quite dramatically.
The guys went fishing and brought back some tasty
Whilst us ladies bobbed and relaxed in the pool.  I managed
to only get slightly burned.

Tom was busy with spicing up the fish.
 I was noticing the weather.
And a storm was blowing in.
As in all weather in Florida. It blew in.
And then blew out.
with Nary a drop of water.
That's how Florida rolls.
Which is a good thing.
Because its never cause for alarm.
Nor do you stop what you're doing.
 Sunsets are pretty.
Even with a storm blowing in.
Love the golden hue.
And the tide was going out. 
Or maybe starting to come in.
Either way.
The cook taking a break from slaving over a hot grill.
And the fish was a tasty delight.
We have a great site this time around.
Privacy. More or Less.
Except from the Lots of critter action in the trees.
The manage to hide when I break out the camera.
I'm trying to figure out how to fake them out. 
So far - critters are winning.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Camping at Knights Key

 View from the RV. It was beautiful last night with the full moon
over the water. I was too lazy to get up and get the camera.
 Making sure we were setting up camp correctly.
Another shot without moving from my chair.
Gotta love that.
Very condusive for relaxing.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hey I heard double dog dare....

She's a pistol. A total hoot. And a precocious 2 year old who is only doing what big brothers are doing. And big brothers climb the ladder to their bunk.

What's a baby sister to do.

Climb it too. I'm sure someone dared her. I mean sweet little girly girls like Amelia wouldn't dream of climbing a bunk bed ladder just because.

Especially in a dress, stockings and hot pink shoes. Or maybe red shoes. Hard to tell.

Most is Studio Calico except for the tag and the journaling card and the embellies. hmm...Well sort of most of its Studio Calico. LOL!! I really need to keep the kits in one spot. My bad. I love those wooden  alphas.

I'm already out of R's.


Cue the eerie music

Ever pick photos up, lay them back down - and do that several times?

Well I did that same scenario several times with these photos.

First off they resided in the wayback box - separately. After plowing through the box and noticing the similarities, I got them together.

And the did go together. Shocking I know.

Way in the right bottom corner of the photo on the right is me. Took me awhile to find me too. My mom thankfully wrote on the back of the photo that it was Dr. Mercer's castle, 1960. I had to look it up on the internet because that was a long time ago, and the photos didn't ring a bell. It's a museum in a castle in Doylestown, PA. The good doctor collected artifacts and tools of trades and crafts that were used in early America as times were a-changing and industries were moderizing.

I don't remember any of that. What I do remember is that when my brother and I were little (and even later), as a family, we would go on these little jaunts - visiting places,  sight seeing. And while we whined about it back then (not being able to play with our friends), I look back on those fondly. It actually blows me away that my parents took the time and had to save the money to do it. I made my kids do it too. LOL!!!

I did copy my mom's writing from the back and use it on the page as well as using the original photos. Other than that - nothing tricky (except shades of Shimelle).

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mini me.....

This photo is so adorable on many levels.
I'm sure dad is cool with being adorable. LOL!
Actually its mostly Lou.
Totally cute and adorable.
The similarity in outfits did it for me.
It just made me smile
And wonder.......
Because its the male species I'm sure they
coordinated their outfits.
Because that's how males roll.

Mostly Authentique and cardstock background which I haven't done in a long time.
Stitching too and paint splatters. Can't ever go wrong with those 2 items.
& Bella Blvd sticker letters (I keep forgetting I have them). *gasp*

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The wayback box works in mysterious ways.....

I can't tell you how many times I flip through that box
looking for inspiration or for a photo to fill a page.
And in my quest to find a photo to fill the
orientation of the page I had built 
without a photo in mind, I flipped through the box.
And in my flipping through photos,
suddenly these two pictures where together.
What were the odds.
The three is the photo are a little family.
My mom is the baby and the tween.
And my grandparents.
The pose, the snappy clothes, the expressions.
They are clearly delighted with each other in both.
Even as the years passed.
I love finds like this. Funny thing. I have scrapped copies 
of these photos separately.
Never did it occur to me to put them together.
Until now.
How cool is that.
It was time.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New kitchen floor

as you know or not I had mold problems. (it (the mold) has been conquered)
I found the mold in the bathroom, however, the kitchen
took the brunt of it. Had to replace ALL the bottom cabinets.
So while we cleared all that out to the sheet rock
we decided that we were not fond of the pink tile. (yes, yes,
we picked it out long time ago and what were we thinking). 
So......we (as if I helped) busted up the tile right on down to the cement.
And our friend laid new flooring.
Laminate - that looks like barnboard.
Of course I had to document it. And 
shades of Shimelle.
I've been stalking her and I really love her style.
She has great videos and is pals with glitter girl who also does great videos.
So click on the link and I'll leave it up to you to figure it out.
Because the lift is on there somewhere and its up to you to 
figure it out and find it.
I love that she concentrates on the journaling.
I love that she instructs on design.
I love that she brings it on down to basics and then 
adds a few twists.
I love that I'm not depending on a lot of flowers.
I love that I'm using every tidbit in my kits (like Shimelle does).
I also love that I'm getting pages done.
Like 2-3 a day.
I love being creative every day.

Mother's Day prizes.........

My favorite eldest son was so generous this Mother's day.
I received flowers which thrilled and delighted.
Followed up by Shari's berries.
Totally yummy and Totally worth it.
I was thrilled. Two deliveries within hours. 
Enough to make a grown mom swoon.
I remember when I was first able to honor my mom 
with a bit more than a homemade card.
NOT that either her nor I negated the awesomeness of a homemade card.
Au contraire...
But there is a point in your life when you feel "you made it."
And that you can gift a bit more.
And it makes you feel good and your mom feel even better.
Hard to explain but I know you moms get it.
I know I was delighted when I could gift my mom a bit more.
And I'm so blessed my son was so generous to me and I can
relate to how good it feels.
Because there are times now I second guess my parenthood
and of course wish for that do-over
but somehow through all the screw ups I made my kids make it through.
Both my boys are precious.
I'm blessed to have them both.
So keep them homemade cards a-coming.
I have scrappin' to do.

I have no idea on the pattern paper but I did use my new gelatos.
And the bow came with the berries.
Yum. Again.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Swing batter & Let 'r ride........

Owen practicing his t-ball skills. Indoors. It just boggles the mind because nothing really happens indoors in Florida unless it rains and then its only temporary.

I'm not surprised about the t-ball since dad is a huge baseball fan and the season is starting. Gotta gear up for it and get that bat and ball in sync.

Cosmo Cricket is involved, Creative Cafe, and Authentique. WHO knew. LOL.
And Annie girl is riding high. I've been told she's fearless.

And she looks it.

Ready to ride. Ready to roll. Ready to race.

She's just having a blast and it shows.

All Studio Calico except for the green thickers. And the banners.

I need to start writing these things down again. CRS has a way of lighting and landing. And then hanging around.

Rather totally annoying. Seriously. And don't the designs look similar. I'm suddenly rolling like that. I'm thinking its all good - pages are done and looking good. Psst... I won't tell if you won't. LOL!

Sunday, May 12, 2013 need more???

A slightly different take on the ole "let's unroll the toilet paper.
Paper towels.
Evidently not Bounty "the quicker picker upper"
or Brawny "the strength to get things done".
Obviously this is a case where you totally need more.
Big job.
Really big job.
And Miss Amelia's on it.
Ever the helpful Harry.
I'm sure mom was amused.
Like totally.
I think I should've left mom a bit more journaling room.

Happy Mother's day

Photos of me and my boys throughout the years.
They have brought me joy and tears.
Each are so special and unique.
Loving and caring.
Very special gifts.
 3 of us as always.
 Nick and I (taken by my friend Emily who
rocked the cam)
 Nick home on leave.
 A couple of photos with 4 generations.
This was a film photo and I have no idea how Gram
got ghosted in when she was there live and in person.

Friday, May 10, 2013


I woke up early this morning and then laid back down.
I should've stayed up.
Because now I'm groggier than had I just arisen
at 0'dark thirty.
And had coffee.
Busy day- Dr. and PT. 
Oh boy.
Below is a page of my boy who is rocking
the Mother's day prizes.
Here is my favorite eldest son practicing his adreneline junkie ways
at a young age (4 & 6). Actually these photos are 2 years apart.
Thanks to Memaw, who took them and noted 
the years on the back in ink.
And I'm not even going to raise an eyebrow.
After I laid down Jump a subtitle
jumped into my head.
(could not be helped-LOL).
Shirt and shorts optional.
Most of the time that's howNick rolled.
Shoes are also optional because he had socks and no
sense in wearing the shoes out.
We had a great tree in the back that attracted kids from all over the hood.
Climbing, swinging. Somewhere along the line a picnic
table was also involved in helping them 
roll out whatever scenario they had in mind whilst flinging their bodies about.
In all the adventures  - everyone made it out unscathed.
Gotta love that.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Where is Annie & Team Angry Birds..

Well I was going to go with Where's Waldo but I didn't think anyone would get it.

It sort of dates me. Or is Waldo still around???

Look closely! It took me a minute or three to find her brunette little moptop.

And there she is right in with the toys. Isn't Lucy a love. She's a great dog and she loves me too. :)

Team Angry Birds. Well Owen is in Angry Bird pajamas and he does have a baseball mitt. It was all I could think of at the time. I'm sure there will be more baseball photos I can practice my titles on.

O has started playing T-ball. And loves to play angry birds. (Hence the title)...I'm working on clever....

His dad is a major baseball fan. I think O will be following in his footsteps.

He already has his mitt. A very good start.

Some of the papers Studio Calico kit and Authentique (its baaacckk). LOL!! I'm practicing my layering and paper combos. I also have a new tab punch. Nothing real clever going on but getting pages done.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Giggle - Awake and smell the roses

Love this photo. Love instagrams. Love the interaction between mother and son. The intimacy, the fun, the sweetness. Q is such a sweetie and Jill gets the best shots.

I got to use my leftover houses from the cards and an assortment of papers and a flower. I haven't used a flower in a long time.

No really. 

It used to be the anomoly not to have a flower on a page. Love the change.
Now this one is hilarious.

My boy, the military man, alert at all times, can not only sleep through a freight train but a diaper in his nose and/or face.

I wondered if it was loaded.


It's just too precious. But more funny. Old papers and new mixed together. I need to pay more attention to the mfg's. But I find it freeing that I don't.

There was a time when I knew them right off the top of my head.  Without looking. And then I didn't need to know. I like the fact that I'm learning to toss them altogether willy nilly and make it work. It is a great adventure.

We've moved.........

Entire card. Below is the "inside".

Well not US personally, but a friend moved from the state of NJ to paradise. She's already in love the weather, beaches and casualness. She also loves her new house and wanted a card to let everyone know she moved.

She asked me put 50 cards together and she wanted them to be unique.

I don't do many cards.
I hardly do cards.
I had know idea about unique.

So I blasted to Treasured Memories - my LSS with my friend Holli after we fortified ourselves with a delicious lunch. All Great ideas. We walked through the door of the LSS and lo and behold one of the lovely ladies Pat was working on an acrylic card/album and the light bulb went off more or less....

Of course they didn't have that exact die and it was back ordered into the last century of course, so with Pat's help I found an alternative die after looking at all their card samples - because they are the card Queens. I went home and began to design the prototype.
She said she ok with them not being matchy matchy.

After making the first one, and even though I was thrilled that matchy matchy wasn't required, I decided that some sort of semblemce was required or it would take me forever to get them together especially with all the parts.

50 circles - 2 different sizes.

I feel in love with the TH cityscape die - so 50 of them and the paper had to be cut down first because the die is a pop up.

50 mats and 50 pictures. Of course since it was acrylic - the papers needed to be double-sided. Enter a TH paper pad. And I had just enough papers for all the pieces and one 12x12 and some scraps for a fudge factor. I at first thought I'd have to print the photos at a custom size - what a pain BUT wallet size on my HP turned out to be perfect.

Then I had to find the acrylic because the LSS that had the acryllic used up 2 sheets and I bought one. Found some on - woo hoo and of course had to wait for it to be shipped. The acrylic is called craft plastic - made by Bazzill and of course 25 come in the pack - 2 to a page which had to be whacked down - so I purchased 2 more from the LSS for a fudge factor.

Good thing I prepared for fudge factor. Right out of the gate in cutting down the acrylic to 4.5 x 12 (just fit in the die) I cut one 4x12 :| oh yes I did.

Anyway, I when the acrylic finally arrived - I had all the other pieces cut, inked and glued - added flowers and bling. I want you to know that in using 50 flowers and bling from the ole stash  it didn't make a dent in my supplies AT ALL.

I know right.

Yesterday, I cut down the acrylic - ran it through the Sissix 50 times. And assembled them. Last thing on my list is to find some really cool envelopes they'll fit in and hand them over to my pal for mailing. She is totally thrilled with the card. Whew :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Warrior Princess and Road Trip Boys....

 You may wonder what those titles have in common.

Well they have an adorable blonde babygirl that rules her equally funny and adorable brothers.

Oh the fun.

So in Warrior Princess there is a little pippystockinged girl in a ruffled dress and pigtails gearing up with nerf weaponry that puts Zena-the other warrior princess to shame and takin' it to 'em.

It's great to have older brothers that have your back.
They are also great for grunt power when the princess legs are don't quite reach the pedals and she has places to go and things to do.

Waving her tiny little sunglasses holding mitt in encouragement, and said older brothers working in tandem, I have no doubt she made it to whatever destination she had in mind.

Their mom told me that they made her laugh and grind her teeth - probably simultaneously.

I can only imagine. LOL!!! Glad I'm the gram.
Most product is from the Studio Calico kits, except for the stamp, round journaling csard and stamp. Oh and maybe the thickers on the second one. Love the cork camera....

Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm down here - Hey!

I looked at this photo many times - picking out
papers, finding a theme, the story.
(The majority of the photos of the grands I did not take)
Therefore, there is some guessing going on.
Okay alot of guessing.
As I was putting this page together and in 
seeking a clever title,
there in the mid-page, right next to Owen's left hand.
(His other left).
There is Annie on the floor.
And it made me laugh
and then second guess my powers of observation...
because apparently they are lacking.
Ergo with conversation bubbles - "cartoony" 
just couldn't be helped.

Rocking some old Sassafrass Lass.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Water Boy and Old 7

 Continuing in the OGEE mode - they look alike. 
They sort of do.
And if you follow Shimelle you'll notice
I jacked the design from her.
Because it was a cool design for 3 photos.
So water boy is my boy Lou and that means its an 8x8.
Journaling homework for the parents.
He's so cute in tub with the water raining down on him
 and I would've never 
thought of using a basket in the tub.
Gotta love that.
If you've been following the blog - you'll remember that we were 
recently in the keys- Marathon which right next to the 7 mile
bridge that'll take you into Key West.
You may also remember me whining about our
ride over the old 7 bridge.
In the heat of the day.
With no water.
Melted sunscreen.
And the end result was that I got sunburned.
Really really red.
However hot it was, it was a great ride.
And both of us were thrilled because it had been awhile
since we rode. 
Other than the sunburn,
other aches and pains were nonexistent.
Gotta love that.
And I wanted to document our ride.
With 3 photos.
So since the pages are going in different albums in completely
different states, only you and I will know 
they are the same.
Gotta love that

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Daddy's girl and Wild Hair

Such a precious and natural photo.
I love getting pictures like these because the page just comes naturally.
I love her face gettings smooshed and smooched.
I love her grasp on the drink.
and those boots and
outfit makes me swoon.
Authentique, thickers and some Studio Calico embellies and washie tape.
Its so much fun to do pink and girlie colors.
And I finally got to use those crocheted thingies that
have been taking up room forever.
I love the pix. 
She's just adorable and reminds of Shane,
they both could grin behind a sassy and make you join them.
Bella Blvd (love this packet of them, fancy pants, studio calico remnants, brads and
thickers, Reminesce doilies and washi tape.

I find myself at times, not only using similar supplies when I get
rolling but similar designs.
And I'm ok with that, because (hopefully-the fam will remember
the journaling is on them) the story of the
photo or even if the story doesn't match the photo
is (to me) the most important thing on the page.
And seriously, 100 years from now is anyone gonna know the latest
products weren't used or care that the design was similar,
or are they going to be delighted that they have this documention
from days gone by.
The story matters.
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