Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Finding some inspiration

So a couple of weeks ago I purchased the 2013 101+ ways to use your 
scrapbook supplies by Creating Keepsakes.
I miss the magazines as I loved poring over them while watching TV
with a lovely glass of wine while dog earring pages.
Raise your hand if you love doing that.

So while I was doing that I had my phone in hand and began to photograph the ones I really liked
and then sent them to my pal April - who liked them as well. I believe she lifted the one with journaling strips already. So now I'm behind. Of course we're keeping score. LOL!

And the reasons for my choices were all different.
 And I just go with what intrigues me. It could be the journal strips above.  Or maybe it could be the fun title and the old school design on the married one. Or  just the film strip below.

I love the rounded corners on this.... and the large mat.
And the orange ribbon. This is April's style. I like to be an equal opportunity dog earrer.

Love the use of the maps, the arrows - this page was just plain fun.

And the banners - loved the banners and the way the journaling was done. I tend to be real conservative on my banners. Putting 5 on a string is over the to for me. Just sayin......

This page is just plain awesome and totally speaks to me. Love all the embellishments and touches - especially the mists and splats.

And I loved the photo on this which was perfectly showcased. Again this is more April's style than mine.

I informed April she had  no need to purchase a copy LOL! Actually I believe she'd enjoy a copy. However, I don't just pore over this mags once or twice. I do it quite a bit because maybe something else will speak to me that didn't the first 19319348318 times I looked.
 I also didn't realize it was 2013 until I really got into it and honestly, it doesn't matter. I still look at magazines I bought 5, 10 years ago. I really miss them.

And with all this inspiration, I have nada. 
And that's okay- 
I have the 2014 Spring Somerset Memories.
And I'll be sharing that too.
I know you're excited.

QUESTION: Does it not boggle your mind that there are 1039410394139481384 bazillion scrapbookers out - and honestly, unless you are doing a lift - ISN'T IT AMAZING how all of our pages are totally unique and different.

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  1. I'm excited:):) your as good as those magazine pictures~so true:):)


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