Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another page with scraps

 Since I had more scraps and I really like the process
I through some on white this time.
I hand cut those little faux tags out and stuck the
little faux tags in the faux pocked.
 Got another cluster going on here and
used the doily to bring it all together.
 A simple cluster at the bottom highlights 
a gold 4.
The papers are a mix of studio calico, bella blvd
and maybe some basic grey tossed in.
The embellies are a mix of my mind's eye.
These are last year's photos of Annie going from 0-4
and they are perfect for this mix of papers.
I'm thinking I did another page like this for the parents.
So I get to keep this one.
or Vice Versa. LOL.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Road trip album - completed

I did complete it at home and I continued
using the supplies I had on the road.
Two things came up- #1 see those rings???
Well I obviously have measuring issues on the rings.
I thought I had 3", I had 1" and on the road I ordered 4 1/2".
Do you see those bad boys - they took over
the little album and I discovered
I actually had 2" rings that worked perfectly.
The second thing is that we boondocked the last few nights
which means no hookups. So our electric, water, etc. had to be 
used very carefully.
 More journaling in these last few pages.

 Remember the adornaments?? Waybackstash LOL.
I wanted something rustic and earthy.
 Naked rings makes me crazy.
Just one of those things.
Love how it turned out.
Looking at using a smashbook I have laying
around for the next trip.

Even though I did cut down on stash this time around
it was really still too much.
I set it up as much as I can - and I wanted to add do-dads.
But again, I took too much.
So I'll be revamping.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Oversized photo

This photo needed to be 8x10 more or less.
I wasn't going to back it but the photo paper I printed
it on was so flimsy and it needed some stiffness.
I was also out of my mind with printers this day.
My HP-8250 that I've had for a lot of years bit
the dust by spewing ink that couldn't be cleaned up.
Then for some reason my remaining
printer took FOREVER to print - because the lid
was up (which it wasn't), then I needed to change the ink
(which I did) and then it couldn't "see" it.
(which it finally found it).

Because of the "white space" at the bottom
I kept most all the embellies there.
 I did get a bit over the top with words but
they worked.
Added this at the top because there were "legs" there.
Soooo. Now there aren't.

We take this photo annually and it's mostly family
and some friends.
The dynamics seem to be changing each year, people come and go.
And it was windy.
Really really windy - if you noticed.
I actually tossed mist on the photo.  *gasp*
I love doing pages like this - and need to do more.
If I could find 12x12 photo paper I'd be doing that too.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Using the same design sort of

I'm okay with that.
Just got this fun paper on sale from Studio Calico
shopping on the road LOL.
 It's perfect for two little boys checking crab tracks
at the shore.
 I was in a giddy mood at the time
and gave the ole crab googly eyes.
Tossed some mists about.
Love these layers of old scraps.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Transparency AND a saying

This paper as you can see is a remnant
of the mist spilling disaster from here - it happened
to be tucked under the other papers and
I didn't catch it til now.
However the way it spilled out it came out kinda cool.
 So I found some embellies that work really well with 
page that is watery looking.
I have no clue what mfg. they are.
 Also loved that transparency from Studio Calico
and thought it went well with the paper and photo.
I shared the other half with my pal Holli.
And I made the photo crooked to match the saying.
Do you know how hard that is for me to do???
I'm soooo about lining things up.
Love I stepped out of the box.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sewing around the edges

This page of brothers just needed that
something extra to bring it all together.
If you'll notice that tag - you saw that same tag top
on yesterday's page.
Funny story that.
I tucked it into the envelope to see if it would fit.
and when I glued everything down
it appears that the glue bled through and
it stuck to the envelop.
I therefore, cut the top off because I wanted to
journal on that card and made 
another tag to tuck in there.

 Kept everything to a minimum
because the photo is fun.
Tucked some vellum in there because it looked cool.
And the title is from that packet I got from M's.
Those titles have really come in handy.
Studio Calico, Bella Blvd. Unknown envelope and button.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Using scrap strips

Still trying to use up some scraps.
And stickers - Basic Grey.
And it's perfect for the photo.
 Love all the fun layers.
I did change the strips from horizontal to vertical.
 I'm in the front getting this photo and Kevin
was on the side so he got Annie
trying to go for the rabbit ears and if you look
close so is Owen.
Poor grandpop had no clue. LOL.
All Basic Grey except the mist and enamel stars.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Scrappin' my scraps

Since I've been home I've been binging on scrapbooking videos
and got this great idea from Tori Bissell and
her thing is scrap your scraps.
So she did one that looked like an old ledger paper
and invoices collage she saw.

Mine turned out more calico. 
I decided to use black cardstock as a backing
 mostly because everyone
else is using white.
Quite the renegade I am.
It also made everything pop!
I have a ton of papers in my scrap box and I'll do
this again. I randomly (sortof) picked out papers and
slapped them down.
 I didn't think of photographing it as I did
it until it was over. 
I also used bits of cutout papers too.
Once I adhered it all I gessoed it all -to make
it a bit cohesive and tone down the bright.
 Did a bit of random stamping -
 Also did the packaging technique 
to bring all the wild colors together.
Added a doily to ground the photos.
The photos are a hoot - me and Amelia doing snapchat.
I really love how it turned out-very fun and funky.
Check out Tori - she's a very lovely lady with some great ideas.

Oh and the edges were very um....edgy which made
me crazy so I cut out the middle
of 8.5x11 black cardstock and used the edge and made those
edges quite lovely.

Monday, September 19, 2016

In the pink-totally

It is soooo good to be home.
After doing a ton of laundry and washing the car
I was able to get to my scrap table.
I haven't completed my travel album yet, waiting
on the new 4.5" rings I ordered because I blew up the 3" LOL.
However, I had this one completed before I left
and in the meantime yesterday, I completed FIVE pages.

Therefore, rolling with the 6x12 size 
because I love the paper and whacked it up
somewhere along the way, I
layered in some other papers, rick rack (which I love)
and some puffy stickers and transparency roll out the top of the page.
 This paper is actually from a baby girl pack
from Echo Park.
Looks like it can be used for big girls too.
 Got in that Heidi Swapp heart - almost done with that pack.
Love using stash.
Turned out very fun.
That was not the original photo I was going with
but after I layered all the papers
this pix just seemed to fit better.
Annie girl sporting her biker helmet.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Great Smokey Mountains

(photo heavy)
If you've never been you need to put it on your list.
Its beautiful.
 Yeah the roads are like this.

 ELK! Finally I got pictures and not of their backsides.
They were feeding in a field by the side 
of the road and naturally stopped traffic.

 This is the start of Clingman's Dome.

 Which is a half mile in and out.
Up a paved road that's deceitfully innocent in the beginning
luring you in as an easy walk
that escalates into a 9% grade where you are
practically perpendicular to the road.
Of course there are tidbits of beauty to make you not notice 
that you're sounding like an obscene phone call
with every step you take.
 This is your reward at the top.
You get to walk up another ramp to get to the tower.
Word was a 90 year old man made the trek.
I'm thinking it may have been a rumor so that no one
could now quit in.

 I started up the ramp and got to right here
before I wigged my bad-self out
because we all know I HATE HEIGHTS.
However, I am impressed I got that far.

It was a lot easier going down that up.
However, it was worth the trip.
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