Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flashback Friday 2.26 "Sue"

This week's challenge was to journal about someone. So I had kinda decided what I wanted to do, but not how. Sigh. Took a trip to the local LSS after getting my nails done, found an album/card class she put together THAT I HAVE TO DO! and my work schedule just dances all around it. Shazbot! HOWEVER, I did pick up some Reminesce, Nikki Silvis and some Bo Bunny (new to ME). Sadly I haven't kept up w/the latest stuff. BUT I pick up what speaks to me. So I came home and this is what came together. Love it. I could've used more journaling room and that was lousy planning, but on the whole I got the essence in there. And since she was the family keeper of secrets and stories, she does show up in other journaling.

journaling: Born October 20, 1925 Susan Magel Helena Schneider. She as 9 years older that my mom. She worked as a file clerk for the FBI in the armory. She met Uncle Bob at the skating rink @1946. They were engaged a year before they married. She had 4 children - 2 died before her. (um she's still alive at this writing) She helped my Gram after Grandpop died. She was the keeper of family secrets & stories ( and was b/c I don't think people tell her things anymore). sigh.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday 2.19 Grandpop's Girl

and I totally was! So ok this isn't the greatest picture, but when its all you have to work with. Go for it!!! Besides it looks kinda good now. Anyway. You can't go wrong with Basic Grey no matter how old. Really. And noteworthy. YUM! and Tim Holtz grungeboard - double YUM w/crackle paint. Love it. Prima and Imaginese flowers. Sigh.....Stole the title work from BG peeps.

Always! Wherever grandpop was in my field of vision, I was in his lap or arms. We just fell in love w/each other from the start. I was attracted by his easy going, laid back attitude. I saw him angry - twice, heard him swear only once. He's been gone 30 years plus and I still cry and miss him so.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love this photo.........

it reminds me of Shane and my Roxie.

Lucy is so sweet and you can just tell they adore each other. Thanks to my favorite sil I have the greatest pix to work with. I love the quote, don't know who did it. I think anonymous did and he/she is very famous. LOL!!! Jillybean Soup love the stuff and NEEEEED more of it. Creative cafe is here, and the Junkitz label - do you know HOW MANY YEARS I'VE WANTED TO USE THAT???? Do they even make them anymore???lmao................FINALLY did it. Oh and QK dragonfly font. Gotta love that. AND GLIMMER MIST - finally got that in there. WHO KNEW. A bunch of firsts for me!!! YEAH ME!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I couldn't help it really. Snort. I mean really look at that photo although it doesn't appear that Lucy is getting it. lol!!! SO....once again Lime Rickey pp, buttons, arrow & cloud makes an appearance because its so happy and fun. The oversized title comes from Cosmo Cricket buck naked. I had used them as a stencil and decided the heck w/it I'll just use the real thing. I've only had them for oh say YEARS, so I don't think a boom on them w/be happening, althought ....Lime Rickey is rocking. lol!!!The flowers are Bo Bunny and they're prefect w/Lime Rickey - who knew???? Photography of course by my favorite son-in-law, who keeps the photos coming. Super fun photo and O has a super hero costume on there, but I can't decide what. Sigh.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flashback Friday - last week's and this week's da mojo

was flowing baby! Last week's was all about the wheels. Since I couldn't find a photo that had my bike it in, I decided to use a photo of my bike now. Love the jennibowlin die cut - it was a lot of fun, and added some qk blossom and spicy chicken. Decided it looked blah and added some autumn leaves swirl stamp to it. AND lots of journaling because well, I was windy. lol!

journaling: On the Christmas of 1964 my brother and I each received a new Schwin bike for Christmas. We were so thrilled even if we couldn't ride until spring. when spring finally rolled around we rode our bikes to the baseball field - meeting all the riders in the area - because the powers to be decided that all bike riders needed to be instructed in bicycle safety. We had to learn all the driving hand signals and USE them. We had to obey all the road signs and at the end we all got a license to put on our bike. Oh yes, we needed a horn or a bell! We were free! and rode all over town. Our bikes weren't fancy - not like today but it didn't matter. We embraced the concept. Today I ride all over my small town feeling righteous in fighting the gas prices and losing weight. Again, I had a blast and it was freeing and fun. Bopping all over town, me my bike and my IPOD. yeah baby!

This week's challenge was Regrets. Wellllll I started out almost writing war and peace really. Well not quite but I was chatty in a non coherent way. So I had a really brilliant flash that kept the journaling short and sweet in a better direction. Used my Kenner Road Kit (I believe the latest one) except for qk katie, doodlebug brads, and craftsmart stamps I got at M's for $1 each. wooo hooo!!! Broke out the ole dynamo labler too. Love that. I don't do enough of me and my DH seemed like an opportunity.

journaling: : Regrets - yeah baby I've had a few, but my biggest and only 2 regrets are the times I didn't listen to my gut and my second is not finding you sooner.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Every day All day!!!!

This lo is a lift from one of my favorite scrappers Debi T!

Said goodbye to my Shirley yesterday. As I watched the life slowly slide from her eyes, I was teasing her about guarding the bowl again and won't Roxie be surprised. (I lost Rox a few months ago). Remembering that allowed me to chuckle because although they got along, Shirley felt the need to guard the bowl from Roxie. It was fun to watch and just became a joke I think between the 2 of them. So of course it had to be scrapped and I'm glad I did.

Miss you girls every day all day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The bear chair......

It's not the greatest photo in the world, but I've wanted to scrap it for awhile. Not only does it include a sleeping baby (always a plus in any household), but one of my favorite pieces of furniture. Lime Rickey just rocks this. I love that line and should've bought WAY more. Its just too fun. QK lemonade & dragonfly. Imaginesce brads and some walnut stain. Love that.

Journaling: It was big, it was brown, it was snuggly, thus dubbed the bear chair. It was my first big furniture buy. It fit a lot of needs - seating and snuggling for 2, TV watching and snuggling for 2. It was furry and warm, perfect when ill, to make you feel better faster. But more importantly it was the BEST chair for my Shane, because he was SO NOT a sleeper, however, the bear chair would lure him in.
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