Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekend artists

As you know, or not, 2 page layouts have baffled me.
It appears my bafflement may have come to an end.
These are 4x6 pix (except for 1) 
on 8x8 double pager. 
I know you're as shocked as I am.
But all of the photos needed to be used in order to tell the story and
I didn't think about it until after I ordered 4x6 photos across the board.
Well  doh!!!
However, it totally worked out. And I couldn't help but do it
in a cartoony style because as I looked at the pictures the pretend
conversation took place in my head.
It just couldn't be helped.
The first photo on the left shows were "Ms I need that crayon now" is seated.
Far far away from her brothers and the action.
Until that yellow crayon became a really urgent need
and it was obvious the brothers were just not fast enough.
I know how she feels because I color the same way.
When I need a color....
I need it NOW.

Off the road....

Continuing with the scrapping of New Orleans photos and staying with Authentique even though its a different color will in my mind bring continuity to the other New Orleans pages already completed. I'm pleased to say we'll be heading back to New Orleans in a few days with the RV and I'll get some do-overs in my continual photographic endeavors to hone the craft. 

The above photo is a cemetery located on a back road down Rte 11 toward Venice LA just off the side of the road. It is not the only cemetery on the road, its just the one where we could pull over without getting run down by cars careening down the highway at 70mph. I shot this one from the car window with the 18-55 canon lens. 

I love cemeteries as you can glean a lot of information from them in your ancestry hunting (although I haven't encountered any located in LA). I did write a hub about it cleverly titled "Raking through the dead leaves." Anyway the cemeteries in LA are extremely compelling not only because they are above ground but also from the melding of religions. Because of their delicate condition unsuspecting riff-raff, like me, can't just meander through the old ones so I believe I'll be booking a tour this next time around. 

You can't just go to New Orleans without including one of these historic and "haunted" cemeteries  in   in your photopraphy pictorial or your scrapbook albums. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Notes from today...

Usually when I get my nails done I drop into the LSS that is conveniently located nearby and they had the new Bella Blvd patterned pack of really cool, fun colors with different background designs with different colored alpha stickers and journaling cards. swoon. I kept this simple because Ms Amelia in her amazing hat and adorable face in this great shot should take center stage. I fussy cut those hearts from American Craft. 
Ever since I got my new pair of TH tonic scissors fussy cutting is fun.
Actually I kept dithering around about this page and that astounds you I know. I couldn't decided if it needed more; another title, more paper, emebellishments  yadayadyadayada arrgghhh - I finally just called it a day after swirling some twine around-you can never have too much twine. Of course mom will fill in deets in what little space I gave her as I actually cut the journaling card up to make it fit. 
Pink, green, red, teal. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

It was a manical Monday over at SNC

 With a fun time being had by all.
My pal April was the star - 4 pages. Wow!
Others joined in - Diana creating 2 and Janet working on 1 that
had some creative cutting going on.
I managed 3.
 And the one at top was designed for the picture below.
However, the design was not quite the right orientation.
SO into the wayback box I went and this photo of ME and Buttons that fit the bill.
Cosmos Cricket rocks the heritage.
OMG. MY pix are considered heritage.
Gasp - faint - thud.
 I am up off the floor with this adorable photo once again using Cosmo
and has Amelia who'll no doubt be following in her parents' adreneline junky ways
 - is getting outfitted in snowboarding boots.
A girl can never have too many boots. Truly. I do remember those days.
Those boots will especially rock with those adorable snow suits that make me and no one else 
look like the michelin tire man.
Tis a cross I bear rather crossly.
Another heritage photo looking more heritagy I think.
And yes, I made up the word because I can and its fun.
I found these photos separately and for once CRS did NOT kick in,
and in remembering I saw one or the other at some point in 
138294193418341 boxes of photos I have stashed, I
lucked out and found said photo in a few hours time.
Which left plenty of time to finish the layout. 
Which makes me happy.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Because I wanted to use the burplap thickers

for the title. 
I had to work with what I had leftover.
And it became the date.
Did you know these thickers don't stick in the packaging?
And that the minute air hits them they fly and stick everywhere?
I doubledawgdare ya to open one of those
babies up. 
Very annoying they totally bunch up and
stick to each other.
Did I mention I have a love/hate relationship with thickers
of all kinds - I'm not just a burlap hater.
Anyway located this photo of my brother looking like he's munching
down on something that will break his teeth.
And the peeps without heads are my grandparents.
Guess who took the pix.
But I get it because she was focused on the lil dude.
Put a mix of papers together.
Love the pops of teal/blue and yellow/gold.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Not real clever but plopped in the grass seemed to obvious.
The structure in the background I have seen in other photos however,
I'm not sure of the location. I'm thinking the Anderson homestead but I don't
know enough to know enough.
Anyway the kidlets are adorable and my second cousins.
I adhered the butterfly upside down on purpose.
Because I'm creative that way.
And it avoided a bunch of trapped space in that position.
I put this page together by rifling through my scraps ala Mz. Ashli who does 
that on occasion as a challenge. Only she's clever enough to
string 3-4 pages together.
It was kind of fun.
And eventually I'll be able to do that as well.
I admit I have let my folder of scraps get out of control.
Because it doesn't fit in my drawer well and its annoying to open
and close as the papers because of their size get stuck, ALOT so I'm hoping
to flip though and use these bad boys more often.
I seem to have a paper problem - because I buy more.
Raise your hand if this happens to you.
I know I'm not alone out there.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Go long!!!

 I love this photo of Nick getting ready to toss a football.
His legs are just too cute.
This page however stopped me dead in my tracks.
The journaling at the top was on the back of the photo and took
me by surprise when I flipped the photo over to apply the adhesive.
It's my mom's writing and she actually wrote something other than name and date
and stating the obvious. "How 'bout the form he has!"
Seeing her writing made me miss her. 
It was a great find.
Another adorable photo of my favorite eldest.
He loved trees.
You could find him in trees.
And look at those cute legs.
It was fun doing a 6x12.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A long and windy blog........

As you know, or not, I stalk blogs and one of them is Shimelle's who is 2 Peas garden girl and has all kinds of classes and opinions on scrapbooking. One of the, ok, two of the things she does is scrap chronologically and in doing albums, keeps them unified. 
Well, I do none of that unless its a mini-album with a theme, etc. 
So as a challenge and to take action against the angst I was having in this post, I decided to put my travel photos in my albums that already have a hodge podge style and make this series unified which would have happened if I had done a 2 pager. 
And wouldn't that have been too easy.

This page was the first one I was having the angst about. I couldn't figure it out 1page, 2page, no page - wa-la. So as I was stalking Shimelle she was talking about white space and I more or less lifted the page she was doing. Ahem it was more. LOL! 
I don't normally do multiple 4x6 photos and I couldn't arrange it in my head. 2 portrait (and one is b&w) and 1 landscaped. And didn't Shimelle just have the answer. Mat them all. (I tried to find the exact aha moment I had on her site but its multiple things - so I recommend you just stalk her too). 
In putting this together and keep it untified I used the same line of paper and embellishments. I also remembered this cute lil ole paper bags from April and became necessary because room was lacking for the journaling. So once those decisions were made, the angst sort of disappeared.

I'm pleased with them even though I think these first 2 actually look alike. I wanted to point out the title on this one. American Crafts alphas sort of like thickers and I couldn't understand why the top part kept sliding off and annoying me. Really annoying. And then I glanced at the packaging. It was do-it-yourself - so when the top came off - it was sticky. Since they were already nailed down so to speak, glitter came to mind. Which was cool - because New Orleans is a gawdy, bawdy type of town so it all worked.

And that brings me to the last one completed which might-should've been the first. It is in the album -- On this one I shabby chic'd up the chipboard alphas and glossy accented them. Took awhile to dry. Hate waiting on paint. I was going to do 2 pictures on this and it would've showed Andew Jackson on his mighty steed but I liked the composition of this one alot better and felt the other would've been redundant.

Actually all 3 of them look alike. I can't decide if that's good or bad - however, after pondering all things scrappy I decided I really like them so its all good AND, they're done and all unified in my hodge podge album.

I'm not sure if I'll ponder doing that again because it does feel alien to my laissez faire nature (thought I'd toss some French in being New Orleans and all). I do have another set of pix that pertain to the trip but not New Orleans per se and I ran out of the paper line, so I guess I'm back to my hodge podge ways. LOL!

Out of all this creative angst, I decided a Maddawg Madcap was in order and that is to use sequins on your page and that was an original idea from my pal Mz. Ashli. So put her on your stalking list as well.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday scrappin!!!

 Totally rocked. And I got this 2 pager out of it. It was loosely based on this sketch with a suggestion from someone that it could be a 2-pager. The background was a blast, using onion bag netting
and some gray paint with a makeup dauber and a toilet paper roll for the circles in vanilla.
Of course this was the question I agonized over as to where to put our travel pix.
I decided to just scrap them babies. lol!
I also completed another challenge over at Scrap N Chat with this one - make your own background.
 Sweet Lou - I decided on the subtle approach for this one.
It is also a double dawg dare. Use vellum on a page AND combine another challenge at SNC - use alot of sticker alphas. I believe that happened with flying colors. Anyway, textured it up some with some diecut circles and paint. Misted a tad as well. 
The vellum is a flamingo - a bird that dwells in the same place as grammy and grandpop lives and Lou needs to visit. Parents optional.
I love the look of wonder on his face as Quintin plays with his new helicopter. I've been in funky, chatty and longwinded title mood today. And I just couldn't help it when this one rolled into my head. Misted a tad on this one as well. 
I'm sure this could meet a challenge on SNC somewhere - I just need to look.
I wanted to do more but side-tracked by other things. Such as dinner, aerial America - Nevada on Smithsonian channel - absolutely amazing.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Call me Bond - Lou Bond

Couldn't help it. LOL!!
What a cute lil tux going on.
Having breakfast downtown in Brooklyn with
mom and dad.
Used quite a few different papers and broke
out the watercolors.
There are bits and pieces of SC kit as well.
He's too sweet and growing up way too fast.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wagon Ho!

I just couldn't resist the title.
Anyway, does Nikki Silvis ever get old?
Found some bits and pieces while flippin through some scraps.
And it works perfectly with some papers from Studio Calico.
Love the bees.
Love the flower.
Love the clouds.
Sort of works for fall.

I started another page that is dead in the water.
It started with 3 4x6 pix = 1 portrait, 2 landscaped.
Even whacked up some papers and stamped but there was 
SO tried with 2 pix. 
Still off.
Now I'm pondering a mini album.
I have ALOT of travel photos and.....some I did and threw in the regular album,
some are in their own album.
The series I did when we went out west I did hubs on and was tossing about making an photo album in the form of a table top or story book and using the hubs for the journaling. 
We're RV'g when we can so I have some pix from there and will have more.
There own album???
Is it formal? IS it chipboard? Is it arrrgggghhhh....

I need more coffee.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Leave no stone unturned....

 Perfect title for this pix and I was able to think of it
all by myself. LOL!
All of the pages were made mostly with my Studio Calico
kits. I love them. 
I also like how the thickers texturally match Amelia's sweater.
(Those thickers are annoying though. They don't stick anywhere and
when you pull them out of the packaging they go flying.
 This b&w and the light falling is awesome. 
And Quintin is being a boy.
Playing with game without anyone bothering him.
Had some stamping issues and I know that surprises you.
I tried to put the enjoy directly on the photo. 
My versamark dried up and putting regular ink on a glossy photo
doesn't work - fortunately a baby wipe makes it all go away.
So I stamped on white paper and cut it out.
Mr. Cool had his eyes dialated and had to wear shades.
Every kids dream. 
(the shades I mean).
All are 8x8 size. 
Circles seem to be the accent of the day.
And the feathers make me swoon.
And I used the same thickers.
hmmmm.....does that ever happen to you?
You get rolling and end up using the same stuff on pages?
And I actually thought up all these titles

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let it snow...

No not really.
I don't mind admiring snow from afar - like 1200+ miles.
I did a 2-pager and didn't that surprise me.
These are all the Christmas cards we received in one form 
or another. The picture ones I saved as is in the pocket and the rest
I cut with a large square punch and made them collagy as opposed to the graphic look 
I've done in the past.
The ornaments and angels were fussy cut,
and also the let it snow. 
I love this Ali Edwards guilt-free Christmas card toss after I have
culled out what I wanted from them.
I also discovered in the course of this project - I need more Kraft paper. ACK!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Way down upon the Suwannee River.....

Far far away. From the hustle and bustle of all things electronic. Well mostly. I like downloading pictures in a timely manner - ever since I lost a bunch.

I have no idea who this little fellow is. But I annoyed him when I was stalking through the brush and he managed to dive-bomb me. LOL!

We had a bon fire every night. And it was necessary because it was cold, but also because it was very relaxing staring at the flames and thinking about nothing.

There's a cracker shack on the property that needs renovating. 

It's behind this fence that has a no tresspassing sign on the gate. I didn't go far. Really. 

So I carried 2 lenses around and one was my stationary 50 that my favorite son-in-law gave me. It was decidedly odd having a stationary lens because I kept wanting to crank it. And it was closer than I thought. So I did end up backing up a lot for landscape shots.

This cardinal was singing away and even puffed his chest out for me. Such a male.

This was the walk to the boat dock that was rickity at best. However, I persevered because I had it on good authority that an eagle swoops in around sunset and I wanted to see if he was coming out.

In the meantime, DH had some mesquite grilled  steaks going and they were delicious.

And as the sun went down canoers were enjoying the sunset on river.  It was very peaceful and even for a Saturday was very quiet. Friday night was another story. lol!

And there is the eagle swooping in for dinner. I had my canon 300 and this is cropped. Actually it is the best I could do - any closer and its blurry - trust me I tried because I really wanted to see this eagle in wild up close and personal.

Made friends with this little dude - sort of. Squirrels are everywhere and they really aren't shy. I had fun stalking them - they are fast and wiley.

And then the sun went down and brought out all the beautiful colors of the trees.

I had a great time switching out lenses again. I did have my tamron - but I wanted to continue using different lenses. Which is fun as long as the subject stays in one spot. LOL!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


This photo is just so much fun. I'm on that slide with her barrelling down. Defying gravity. Hair raising. I know this will shock you but I had issues. With a mister.
Hitting my paper like a heat seeking rocket.
So once again I had to change out the base page and when I did it sort of messed up the design.
Okay, it totally messed up the design.
I moved the banner from left to right. And didn't that look stupid for some reason.
So I strung another banner which helped.
I have radiance rain which is a sparkly spray that's totally cool - however, mine doesn't squirt.
I also have goosebumps which doesn't spray either but I managed to get them on those flowers that are
supposed to look like cogs. 
And the yahoooooo - the oooo part is cut from letters because seriously they never give you enough vowels. Ever.

I did this photo before - and this is for Nick and Jill's album. Her blue eyes, her trembling lip (and you can almost see it tremble) is just too precious. I think this page actually came together without a bunch of incidents er opportunities.
I know this really shocks you. 
The title is "she knows how to use it." 
Hard to see the itty bitty blue words from Authentique collection.

Leaf eater....

Leaf peeper. 
Just couldn't be helped.
Anyhoo, this is not the original papers.
I know you're surprised.
I did this page when I was rollin' on the busy paper 
from the other 2 pages that actually worked.
I also did this page at 4 a.m. 
It explained a lot.
After I saw this page in the light of day.
 I had one of those 
"what was I thinking moments."
And decided that I was delirious from lack of sleep and changed out
the base paper. I really like this better.
And yup. 
Amelia is munching down on a leaf.
Taste of fall on her lips.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just call me diva for short.

LOL!! Anniegirl looks like a little lady. When did that happen. Love her pose and love the adorable outfit. And her hair. She's got a headful. And wasn't I good, added her name right smack dab in the middle of the journaling block. Sign. Liz is creative I think she can work around it. 

Ah Lou looks like a lil man all dressed up to go downtown. (Remember when you did get dressed up to go downtown or uptown? or maybe not - my age is showing LOL) If you notice I had a bit of an accident with some misting which all in all could've been worse.
 OH wait. It was. 
I had to redo some of the papers. 

Having fun with my Studio Calico kits.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Grab the bull by the horn

Not sure if its a cow or not. Doesn't matter, the identifiers are hidden. LOL!! This photo looks like its been around the block a few times which makes me glad that I have it nice and secure on some Tim Holtz paper - among others.

Not sure of the back story except cows show up a lot on the Anderson Homestead so I assume that's on of the basics in their life. Haven't seen nor heard if they had chickens, however, the men were avid sportsmen - hunting and fishing. 

Took awhile to post because Mini(mac)me is at the Apple store. It appears the card reader is broken and suckin up energy that resulted in some weird goings-on. I am truly lost without it - especially because ALL my photos are on it and that will be remedied as soon as I have it back in my hot lil paws I shall be sharing them with my desktop mac. 

I had to think what layouts were posted or not and then go back and photograph them again. I remembered this one; sifting through others if any. 

It's Manic Monday - so I'm hoping the mojo floweth!

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