Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Manic Trash Talkin...Productive Scrapfest......

Usually I'm struggling for something to write or scrap. However, the mojo has been flowing. Why??? I don't know if I wanna analyze it or not. But for ONE, we are just plain having fun doing it, and yes you can cyber crop and have a good time with others. 
Another chaotic thread at Scrapping the Moments bears this out. 
Below is the lo I completed Saturday nite, and it was my turn and I picked out scrap with something brown. And brown set my lighthouses OFF. woo hoo.
I adore lighthouses. 
I've had these photos since JUNE. 
 I think I just gave myselft persmission to scrap, have fun and KNOW that all will not be the Mona Lisa. It's ok to print out lots of pix and if I run out of printer ink, I'll get more payday.
 It's ok to scrap more than just immediate family.
Why I limited myself. I have no idea. But its fun being free.
Ticket to ride was from last night. The challenge?
Scrap 6x12 size, my favorite so no sweat there.
 We also had a free for all and I had this composition book sitting around looking normal.
Well its normal no more.
My Mind's Eye. YUM!! YUM!!!
The photo doesn't actually do it justice. I'm going to try USE it as an artistic journal.
My chaotic and talented pal April  (check out her blog) and really don't plan these things, except hooking up and getting on a thread.
 I love the freewheeling and chaos.
More the merrier and manic!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Manic cyberscrap with my pal April

We hijacked a thread at Scrapping the Moments thus beginning our outta control scrapping. The challenge was green. Which I picked out way before my pal came up with it. We finish each other's sentences. 
We are that scary. 
So I rocked the green more than April did. 
Oh triple D. Not a bra size. 
But Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and a tivo'd show at our house. And when Tom travels he drops into as many as he can.
 And Hodads in Ocean Beach CA is one of them.
They make the best burgers and onion rings EVER. And you have to eat your burger wrapped.
It's that HUGE and STUFFED.
The decor is like 60's run amok. Its fun and the staff is a blast. 
We blow are diet whenever we're in town.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Does anyone remember Chatterbox??? brother was one when he was a child so this pattern paper just works perfectly and the colors are manly.

 I love this photo of him dressed up like a little man.

We did that a lot back in the day.

Sometimes it was just a regular thing, like going to church and Sunday school was and event.

So you dressed up.

Maybe it was just to keep warm. I'm glad he was adorable enough to drag into the backyard and snap a photo.

I love the casualness of today, but sometimes its nice to be forced into an event.  Every now and then.

Do you notice that ephemera behind the paper? Got that from Bad Girls. A hardware shop in the Lehigh Valley area, where we're from.

How cool is that.

I have one more left.

 And Tim Holtz grungeboard. Yum. MM evergreen paint. QK cookie cutter hearts and an EK heart punch and those bookworks words and MM's alphas..unknown ribbon.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Life is Good....

This is a photo of MOI. How cute was I.

 I mean really.
Anyway dad is behind me. With golf clubs.

 My dad would would practice his golf swing. Not at a driving range. Oh no.

It was a family event and we'd go to an open field. With our (my brother and I) baseball gloves and field the golf balls.

In essence, gophers.

My brother and I got a lot of exercise and occassionally we were allowed to hit the golf balls too - however, we had to chase our own. We thought it was fun. bwahahaha!

Cagey parents.

Shabby princess, doodlebug, pebbles chipboard, and unknown labels and ribbon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Love this photo of Connor. Its quite mysterious and cool with the hood partially over his face. I just wish it wasn't taken with an iphone because this is as large as it gets. Sigh. Actually I'm glad to have the photo. The composition rocks!!!

Nikki Silvis strikes again!!!! Love it. Stole putting the picture on a journal tag from my pal April. Scroll down. Love her design on 6 months old. QK dragonfly. 

Why did I use QK instead of my new sissix font?? While I purchased the long cutting board, it didn't come with the clear sandwich thingies. Grrr!!! Now I have a mission.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 G*pop

Love this photo of the Owen and Tom and what better way to showcase it; using Nikki Silvis. Its just too adorable. QK Katie and wa-la. Seriously I didn't start out with 12x6. It evolved. Why? Because sometimes Lynn whacks her paper up without thinking ahead. I know your surprised. Snort.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


In doing a layout for my beloved muttlings, I wanted to create my own flower. So I took a scalloped ruffle die, AND some material I had forever.........Just trying to cut the material didn't work.So I added paper as a shim and wa-la - A material scalloped edge doily looking thing. OR a flower. Machine is still in operating order. So below is the material flower I made for my beloved muttlings. I also punched some paper flowers and used the material in the middle for continuity. I have no idea what the paper is there were no markings, names - nada on it but its perfect! Heidi Swapp stamp. I should've titled it The Spotlings and Redheaded Step Dog. Our family dynamics were a bit unusual. bwahahaha!I miss my muttlings. We had them for over 13 years. They were a little leary of Shane at first, who was like a galloping tornado, and they were used to calm. Rox just fit in wherever she went. And none of them paid attention that I was the alpha female. Snort.

Every other month during the spring and summer of last year, I said goodbye to each one. Occasionally I see Shirley sunning by the front door. Her favorite spot. And when all 3 were bothered by Shane, they crammed themselves under my desk (the space was barely big enough for my feet). Then they let me be the alpha female. bwahaha!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another CHALLENGE for my GDT gig at MOMENTS!

FOAM STAMPS!! Remember them??? Oh man, I loved them and of course they went the way of most everything popular.

So let's bring them back. Or not.

Hop on over to Scrapbooking the Moments and play!!!

It'll be fun.

This is sweet sweet Connor. Who is the spitting image of my boy. I love the perspective of this photo and WISH I'd have taken, But alas. Someone else did.

the girl's paperie, sassafrass lass, ci jersey, qk ginger, hot off the press brad buddies creative cafe ribbon.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Night Lights

It was a total adventure when I stayed in McClain, VA with hubby. While he was working I got to explore DC by taking the train.

To and Fro. By myself.

Of course it was daylight then.

I hung in Federal Triangle.

However, DH is a patient and fun man. And totally indulges me. (I smell a LO on that)

So he took me into DC at night, either dumped me on the sidewalk and came back for me or stopped in front of said photo op and waited until I got the picture I wanted.

And I played.

It was fun. I love DC. The monuments, the history, the archetecture. It never fails to take my breath away - no matter how many times I go.

Creative cafe (can we say flash from the past). Paperbilities, QK Spicy Chicken and Ginger.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


When we visited Ocean Beach last year, we had a gift certificate to Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill restaurant.

We were totally excited.

We wanted it to be a family thing.

As Chris and Melissa live there it was easy for them and they became the tour guides.

Tom and I road the double decker train into NYC and what a cool ride that was. We sat at the top and Tom was like a kid in a candy store. Liz and Owen (2) rode in from Westfield on the train. I was sooooooooooo impressed that they came alone (Kevin had a previous appt).

We met at the restaurant and the food was awesome. We all shared. Oh yum!

We had a great time, and Owen was sooooo good.

I got to do the wine thing. I was sooooo clueless.

And the dessert. Was delicious. And Owen got to blow out the candle in a banana (cute idea).

And then we walked back through the city. We parted ways in the train terminal each going in different directions. It was a long ride back.

What an adventure.

Pink Paisley, thickers, Amer Craft flowers, note cards from office depot.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girly Girls...........

my SIL and favorite Goddaughter are just so beautiful. What is soooooo totally annoying is that they NEVER EVER take a bad photo.


Great for me because when I take their photo they make me look REALLY good. Like a real photograher.

However, since when my picture is taken I have to project manage it to the NTH degree just to be decent.

It ain't right.

I wanna be that gorgeous. Without effort.

Hmmm...I'm thinking DIVA might've worked too = only my SIL Kathy would've been horrified. Because as gorgeous as she is she's not a DIVA. Amy on the otherhand, like TOTALLY. lmao......

So what better to showcase their gorgeousness but lots of primas and 7 gypsies. AND my new sissix swirl AND QK journal font. yum-o.


Sometimes you get those pictures that just aren't good. Since its all you got, really you can't pass them by - you just have to work with them.

So....there is a passing chance they look better in a smaller size. Or not.

So....I love using ALL sizes. This is a 12x6. Its the perfect size for those pesky NOT GOOD photos that need to be just a tad bit smaller but still the STAR of the page.

(digressing to a whine in the next paragraph* *) lmao...
So......This could be one of my favorite sizes. I stole the size thing from AllieE of course. I love having different sizes in one 12x12 3ring album. It looks cool. *I'm actually running out of the 12x6 page protectors. I gathered them ALL up wherever I found them. Maple Lane/Bazzill actually made albums a few years ago and the size never caught on *gasp* THEN. If any of you have this size, I'd LOVE to take them off your hands.*

Anyway, I wanted to find that perfect gift that would be beneficial for my eldest son, who spent Christmas in Iraq. I was so excited for him to get his kindle. I LOVE MINE. He also decorated the little tree I sent and thoughtfully sent pix of him and the tree. MY boys GET IT, only because they LOVE their pictures taken. Snort.

Not a lot of journaling going on, because its Christmas - why state the obvious. And he has his kindle which is obvious and the TITLE. wa-la!!!!

Stash of Cosmo Cricket *swoon* and QK cosmopolitan.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Okay, so I know this isn't new BUT, I thought I'd share the process for this layout.

First My Mind's Eye. Double sided. Rocks.

I decided to do a 8.5x11 because I didn't have a lot that matched, so whacking it down helped have the "other" side.

Which had BIG FLOWERS on it.

I cutout the flowers and leaves.

*gasp* I know.

So I added the stickles, waited for it to dry which takes awhile in a humid atmosphere. And wa-la embellies. Of course I floundered around for a title.

NOW, as for the pose, I adore my SIL Ginny. She's sweet, brave and funny. And she smokes. Now I'm a former smoker and have a bandwagon and suffice it to say while its not good for you, its a personal choice and peeps need to mind their own lives and DEAL WITH IT. SHEESH.

THIS MOVIE STAR POSE IS SEXY. and the ATTITUDE is the cigarette. Lucky snap really.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Curiosity often leads to trouble......

Ain't that the truth with little boys. (Stole the title from a cosmo cricket strip) lol!!!! My Connor was running around the pool with a towel. When he got to me, for reasons unknown he flung the towel open

and looked down.

Like a flasher.
I was really laughing so much I'm lucky I got the shot.
It was just too funny.
No one knows what goes on the mind of 2 year olds.

Little Yellow Bicycle, thickers, colobok, kaiser rubon, cosmo cricket.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Smug Mugs.....

Took me awhile to come up w/a title. I love the photo. Me and my favorite youngest hanging at one of our favorite places after a bit of shopping. I love that he's a goof! And we can chat about any and all things. And my friend Barbara is quick with the camera!I love that he has fun whenever and wherever and his sense of humor just blows me away. I love that he doesn't care how much he shows he loves me. Out loud. In public.

Bo bunny mammarazzi, prima, qk spicy chicken.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

She's the big sister.

and OMG! Camryn uses it to her advantage. Always. My neice and nephew are always fun and up for a laugh. And funny faces.

If you can't do it yourself.

Camryn will help.

cosmo cricket, sassafrass lass, ek success.

photo taken by my fav SIL kevinduffyphotography.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fired UP!

Lil O turned two and we got to hang with him over Labor Day at Ocean Beach 2010. It's an annual pilgramage. Love it. Its the big family reunion and its cool that everyone shows up.

He loves Elmo.

He loves how Elmo put out fires.

What better present for grandparents to get is a working fire engine.

Which required assembly. Thank goodness dad was on it. Patience was totally required which meant distractions were happening. And then it was together.

And the fire chief was all about the working hose. And pushing the engine. Because it was sort of hot, and cooling off was needed.

LilyBee designs, Sassafrass lass, cosmo cricket, bazzill, qk blossom.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby book.......

I love doing mini albums. I do. They flow together so well with a minimum of fuss and muss. I find they go faster than a page. I do have a template now that I've made a bunch, but I still like to personalize. I usually don't put the baby's name on it because parents have been known to change their mind. Several times.

Which is why there is whiteout and/or paint. lol!

Needed a quick present and love to give something that hopefully won't overwhelm the new parents.

Remenisce is soooooo soft and muted. Love the colors. Whacked some chipboard to 6x6. Perfect size, and lifted a paper folding trick from a pal for the perfect pocket page.

I had a baby blanket all done. I KNOW. I'm just impressing myself all over the place. Get a little dress and/or diapers and good to go. Love it when a plan comes through and looks good doing it.

Need to work on some Valentine cards today. And a birthday card.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Found another lighthouse in my travels......and I'll be

darn if I can ID the thing. I know its on the California coast. I know its NOT Piedras Blancas light station. Its on Cabrello Highway.....and that's it. Which is totally frustrating, because its totally cool. I really need to learn to take better notes. Of course this was on the twisting, turning road with 3m feet drop offs so I was off my feed so to speak. lol!!!I cruised up and down google looking. How hard can it be to actually POST a picture of said lighthouse when bragging about it being a museum and national park. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Continuing in Guest Designer mode because well

because no one said *I* couldn't *twirling mustache evilly*. bwahahahaha! In the same vein as use your own handwriting, this challenge is to use your relative's handwriting. I find the coolest thing and most precious thing, that when in the course of my detecting I come across handwriting of anyone such as greats to see their handwriting. Its soooo personal. Its soooooo telling. Its soooooooo wonderful..anyhoo I'm sorta digressing.

Also, added to use YOUR RELATIVE's HANDWRITING IS.....LAYERING. That is my great grandmother's writing at the top, and my Aunt Sue's underneath. Yeah baby!

I love layering. I adore it as much as oh say distressing.

My aunt gave this photo and at the time I wondered what I was gonna do with it. I'm so glad I kept it. In my meanderings around ancestry I found a census that connected to my great grandparents where they lived with "the Sidney's", their daugther's family.

The above photo is a picture of their granddaughter.

Which is, if you look at one of the pages from my awesome Roots Journal, there is a photo of Molly as a little girl. The cute one on the left. How cool is that. (My Roots Journal is a working journal all in my handwriting, diary style, flat because of size, but mostly to put as much info on as possibile).

Rusty Pickle, Lil davis file folders, k& company prima, bling.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am proud to be the guest designer at

Scrapping the Moments. Hop on over and check out the site. Lots of lovely fun ladies. Anyway the challenge, because I get to do the challenges for the month of February, is journaling strips and using your own handwriting. Journaling strips are sometimes less intimidating with handwriting than trying to tackle a HUGE chunk of space. Now I just need to feel better to get more challenges DONE.

I'm feeling a bit better. This under the weather stuff just sucks. Just enough to be feeling awful, but not a full blown illness. Sigh.

So I've been getting my travel photos done. How cool is that. They've only been sitting around for months. My mind's eye, 7 gypsies,, cute michael's flowers, thickers, sbetc template 116
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