Friday, May 30, 2014

Beautiful brisk (to us) sunny day in NH

We were totally rooting for a sunny day, after that anything else was a bonus.
I was comfy in jeans, tee and a hoody.
The grands came ready for a sunny, hot day.
I seriously missed the hot part.
So here's Q-man clinging to the monkey bars.
Boy after my own athletic abilities. 
For now.

And brothers hanging out on rooftops.

And each swinging in their own way.

And grammy got to push her - really really high. I ducked in front to grab a pix (or maybe mom did it). 

The slide was a total hit and they were lining up for turns.

It was really high with a long slide going down. Anyone remember bringing waxpaper along to rub on it to make it go faster.

And she needed to beat her brothers down and ran ahead for the next slide. 

Love this look. Caught her. She's a wily and cagey when it comes to photographing her. For once I was quick on the draw.

And the boys couldn't resist hanging on the roof tops of all the cool stuff. (see below)

Lil miss getting driving lessons from mom in the big wheeled 4-wheel drive (I'm sure) truck. Very cool.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tearing up the highway like a big ole dinosaur

And making U-turns at picturesque farms. Headed down the wrong path for a brief moment.  It was a pretty ride as we went through Green Mountain National Forest. The trees and mountains are beautiful

And horse farms. Love that I got this quick shot even if there's a bit of speed blur going on. 

And of course, as in any trip we take - there's dramatic skies.  I love how the clouds just kissed the mountain tops and before we knew we were in it. Pea soup and no views from atop the moutain.

Passing through an old town - this clock just happened to jump in my viewfinder. Love the nostalgia of it. And the old, wonderful towns we passed through were just an amazing jump back in time and the houses and shop fronts made me swoon. It was hard to take storefront shots because I kept getting the sideview mirror in there.

And a covered bridge that I didn't get on the first pass. It was like OMG! covered bridge as your brain is processing and then TOO LATE. However, we had to go back to town in order to get to the only real grocery store which was tiny and I was sooooo ready to catch this on the way back.
It makes a lovely screensaver.

Throwback Thursday CK Sept 2011 Style

 I love that they used to post sketches of their pages.
I love how the big photo was used as a background.

I love this as much now as I did then. I think I may have lifted this however, it was a while ago I doubt I could find it. And it almost looks heritagy.

And this is such a cool heritage page. Love the lace and pink and blue colors.

Love the edge punching going on and the graphic look of this and the layers.

Very fun page. love the different textures.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Traveling from town-to-town on our way from NJ to NY

This just takes your breath away as you turn the corner going through this town. A courthouse couldn't be more majestic.

We drove up to High Point Monument and its very stately and big. Dramatic sky and it seems to follow us in our travels. No cloudy, grey for me - DRAMATIC. LOL. It has become an inside joke now.

Really really tall. Its 1800 feet tall and is a war memorial to honor the dead in the states of  NJ, NY and PA.

And then the winding road in Hawk's nest that Tom tells me was used in the Chevy commercials back in the day (see the USA in a Chevrolet). I can attest to its windy-ness. At least I wasn't hanging over the age as we zoomed over it. 

And then this Hotel popped up on my radar - and wouldn't you know we took another loop around time and that hotel.....

is next to the railroad.

How cool is that.

And stones are everywhere. Houses, bridges, fences. Love this bridge over the river.

And more storefronts and houses on Main Stree USA.

And a church tower. 

And we made a couple of new friends getting to our campground that was way way way out in the boondocks.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cape May lighthouse & victorian mansions & a confession

I adore lighthouses, and I think they were so romantic back in the day. However, it was hard work, long hours and in a lot of cases isolation and no indoor plumbing which would totally be a sticking point for me. I'm not that hardy. 
BUT I still adore them. 
The lighthouse was a dot on a piece of land when we crossed in the ferry and of course I tried my hand at trying to zoom in and get a picture. It wasn't working out so my awesome DH hunted it down on land. Since I became the booted wonder I didn't do a lot of moving around so there aren't many different angles.
Of course I took 139398473973874 of just this one angle and I decided to spare you.
You're welcome.

We then drove down the shore line. On my left are these stately manors and on the right - the ocean, of which there are no photos. But these glorious mansions, hotels and B&B's were never ending and totally breathtaking.

Most of these B&Bs and hotel/motels have been around a long time, restored and updated, and absolutely beautiful in all their Victorian glory. An expensive stay no doubt. 

On the corner are these two conjoining as twins and named Angel of the Sea hotel. 
Are they not gorgeous?

In full disclosure I experienced bad boat juju. As I stepped off the RV onto the deck of the ferry, my precious baby and expensive camera and lens flew out of my hand and hit the concrete deck.
I had a slight mini meltdown full blown freakout and thankfully only the filter on the lens broke which was determined after quite a few photos taken randomly to make sure all was well.
In fact, this post, was done after my debacle. The first photo was not the result of the catastrophe, but my bad manual settings. 
I can't tell you how relieved I am.
Once we landed at my SIL & BIL's the proper tools were found, and the dented filter was removed from my 18-135 canon lens and all is well. I didn't look. I couldn't.
On a positive note, 
my heart has returned to its irregular heartbeat.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Birthday cupcakes and top spinning

It was grandpop's birthday again.
So birthday cupcakes were in order after having grilled out.

Uncle Allen and Owen enjoying the cupcakes.
It appears Annie loved them too.

Mom & Annie enjoying the smores cupcakes - what's not to love - except chocolate all over mom's dress.

Owen was not quite as messy as Annie.

And Annie shared.

Owen started the top spinning game.

Everyone had a turn and had to spin the top into the hole where the umbrella would normally go.

Rules were made as the game progessed.

And points were determined by Owen. His mom won hands down as she figured out how to spin it just right. It was all in the wrist.

In remembrance.
Have a beautiful day.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Couple lighthouse teases on the ferry

 Casting off on the Cape Lewes Ferry and wa-la lighthouses. Lighthouses make me swoon.
And the weather was weird. Naturally. This was on the right side.
And below on the left.
Or in nautical terms starboard and port.

And just look at the character and even got a few breaking waves.

And then the right side sky changed. It was a smooth ride and there were some dolphins off the right side but didn't come to play.
However, some seagulls were flying about looking for some lunch.

And there's our RV riding, floating, boating, surfing, wave running, resting and waiting.

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