Friday, December 23, 2016

Organization might be key

I'm usually throw it all in a box or bin type of gal
and let it go at that.
It was making me crazy - as bad as when my scrap bin gets out of control
 so imagine that with tons of die cuts and punched out items in it.
(I didn't think to take a die cut bit photo so to help your imagination
I have a photo of my scrap bin.
It was driving me crazy digging around for stuff I KNOW
is in there somewhere for my page which
took longer than actually grabbing the punch or die cut
and just making the embelli I want which
sort of defeated the idea of the die cut bin. LOL.
When I lack mojo and have lots o'scraps I'll get out
punches and diecuts and just go to town.
Also my pal Holli helps out with punches and dies that I
don't have in setting me up with stuff.
Sooooooo double the fun!

Anyway I had these deviled egg trays laying around doing nothing
and that black tray was full of stuff that would never
be used so I chucked out the stuff that was in the black tray,  cleaned up
the egg trays and very meticulously 
separated all the embellishments so I can find them.

What a concept eh.
We shall see how this works and how long it lasts.
My area is located by the sliding glass door to the lanai and
it gets mighty windy some days.
I'm hoping to use them all before the wind blows. 

It also doesn't take into account the itty bitty stuff.

That has its own dedicated bowls.
I seriously need a bigger area.
Or less stuff.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

All about the numbers

Love Basic Grey - especially this old paper that
has numbers and problems that are
important to denote birthdays.
 Since Owen is a numbers guy (and also an origami folding guy)
I knew this would be perfect for the celebration.
 I have a lot of moose where that came from and you'll be seeing them. LOL.
Added some die cuts and really OLD Tim Holtz grunge
with the hash tags and number.
Also used some really OLD paint as well.
I'm actually shocked I had semi-matching colors.
Very fun!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fun Fussy Cut Critters

I had a really good time with the Echo Park Autumn line
for this photo. Actually all the pages I did with the line were fun.
So because the photo is adorable, more adorable
was required and this fun critters fit the bill.
 Not only adorable critters, but mushrooms and hearts.

The  annual cousin photo this year and oh my
they are growing so fast.
Love how it turned out.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Different/Not Different

in a layout/design perspective but once it was completed
it looks like all my other pages.
 Shocking right?

I actually follow a bunch of designers that make beautiful
pages that are really really different from my pages.
I admire those that a. rock the mixed media, b. rock the minimalist look
with few well placed embellishments c. rock the layering.
 However, I do love the outcome.
Studio Calico mostly.
Family photo that is so adorable. 
Love August and I'm betting she was the best behaved too.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Scrappin' the Scraps

My scrap box was getting out of control at the same
time my mojo was at a low so I
broke out all my diecuts and punches and scraps
(oh my)
and went crazy.
Also, this mini album arose out of the scraps as well.
And it is meant to be lighthearted fun.
 Using a lot of scraps and diecuts I decided
the book would be sorta about me.
Mostly favorite friends and events.
One of my favorite pix with my honey slurping
down a most delish ice cream cone.
And my favorite bird stamp. 
 Got some PL cards in there as well and that
pile is slooowlly dwindling.
 Also got rid of some leftover embellies and
added them for no reason.
 Couldn't NOT have some selfies going on and of course,
snap chat that I can finally get through
without the help of 10 year olds and younger LOL.
 There is even A LIST in there.
 Love the edge that the "notebook" papers give.
They are leftovers from the smash book
I used on my "leaf peeping tour" that didn't quite
make the cut. (It was a wedding planner album after all).
 And I totally had to scrap about me and Holli's at
home crops. Mostly meeting at her house 
because she HAS A TON OF ROOM and TONS
And of course the punch!! had to be documented.
I know you've heard me whine about losing this punch.
It was not only a favorite but the first punch I ever bought.
So my pal would punch different colors for me to use at home
and then for Christmas my pal not only gave me
one, but there's a smaller one!
And of course those adorable critters.
 Wouldn't be a complete album without my
Crossfit adventures and family.
I have been trying to get that heart on something
for like EVER.
Shane doodled on everything and I have made a page
about those way in the past.
Couldn't find said page, so it must be way in the past.

 Finishing up with some PL cards.
Love how it turned out. Very fun, goofy and eclectic.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Documenting artwork

Love documenting kidlets artwork because
it does, at times, have a short shelf life or the over abundance
of it gets out of control so its good to keep a record.
I actually knew Angry Bird. 
Shocking I know. 
But what a great likeness that is and it does
look so cool and makes me wish I had some talent like that.
It's a simple, yet colorful 8x8 page with
a faux tag, a neat embossed feather courtesy of Miss Holli
who very patiently cut a bunch for me
and a brad. I haven't used brads for ages-remember
when they where hot.
And of course that Tim Holtz bird and words.
That green dot looked more blue.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The moose punch

Got together with my pal Holli over at her 
awesome scrap room.
I could totally shop there.
Anyway, she purchased this moose punch and made
me a herd of mooses to use at home.
Love that.
Love the quaintness of the photo and it totally called for a moose.
Like seriously.
Of course it needed a festive bow.
And how about those marshmallows in the hot cocoa.
Love how it turned out.
I was trying to pull colors for the mists from the photo
and I may have missed (get it). LOL.

Tucked in the glassine bag that is part of the mat,
is a PL card that says "It's the little moments that make life big."
AND journaling can be added to the back.

Studio Calico, Heidi Swapp mists, HL stamp, QK tag and frame.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Papers from the Smash book

These papers were leftover from the album I made 
for the 2016 Leaf Peeping Tour and were
taking up a lot of room in my scrap basket which
has totally runneth over. (more about that later).
 Love the edges when I pulled them out of the notebook
so I kept them as they add lovely texture.
I have been wanting to do this photo for a long time
and just couldn't decide what I wanted to do.
It totally worked out with these papers
and I got to use some girly stickers I had laying around for ages
The packaging technique helped pull colors around.

Mostly Studio Calico, K&Co, Shimelle diecut, thickers, and no clue on the stickers.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Mist swirls that didn't quite work out

I have done them before - stealing the idea from Nancy/Kitty Scrapper
and loved them and I have to admit it did look good
on the paper when I first did it 
I put stuff on top and no matter how I changed things it

still looked dumb.
So therefore, after screwing with it some more behind
the scenes, adding more mist splatters and sworls (like I thought that would help)
which made it look even worse, therefore,
 I decided to chuck that background
paper and slap the rest of it on another paper that I
totally love so much better.
So there.

For some reason I don't have a berry and leaf punch
so I faked it with a Martha Stewart
leaf punch and a hole punch.

Fussy cut the "kids" out of the tag sheet and love
the title - a wood veneer from Michael's $1.50 bin I painted
with SC color theory primrose.

SO when something's not working out - undo and scissors
to the rescue. It's not like it's never been done before by yours truly. LOL.

Pebbles, Nuvo.

Friday, December 9, 2016

8x8 size for an everyday moment

Love how this turned out and the size.
I was going to use this paper for another photo and it 
didn't quite work out.
This photo really worked well for it.
Love the transparencies where I layered on two.

Anyone else have issues with the tiny attacher bending
the staples when they go in???
Raise your hand if that makes you crazy.
I can't figure out why it happens.

Anyhoo, love that an everyday moment was caught -
Ms Amelia playing with play doh.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Going round in circles

Broke out the ole circle scissors.
I have a love/hate relationship with that tool mostly
because I'm highly uncoordinated.
Using the packaging technique with mists I pulled the colors
from the washi tape that came in the Studio Calico November kit.
I miss my firework, splash, grass punch.
It just disappeared one day and I KNOW I would NEVER
have given it away.
These splats are courtesy of my pal Holli who punched
a bunch in advance for me.

I think this turned out to be very fun with the circles and the mists.
Once again are those MAMBI alphas.
Studio Calico.

Owen riding the waves....

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fixing up an unwanted smudge

Nothing worse than having an accident on an almost completed page.
In the upper left corner where that flower sits innocently
I was adding some Nuvo dots.
I was quite successful adding them on the right side of the flower
and down by the butterfly but on the left side
the dots ran together and looked like a bug so I took
a wipe and made a huge black smudge
that no amount of cleaning up was gonna make it right.

Of course I was annoyed, really annoyed. 
Since I cut the paper down to 8x8 I had extra so I cut
a 1/2 inch piece and decided to run it all the way down the side.
Which looked well stupid.
I added stitching and now it looks like I meant to do that.
Love it when a plan comes together.
Cough cough.
Studio Calico, WRMK, and MAMBI alphas (again).

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Presplatted paper and Arrows

The brown and gold splats came with the paper
and it was perfect for this
series of photos.
Of course I had to add more colorful splats with some hearts and stars.
 I thought arrows would be fun to roll through with the photos.
 Stamping some fun thoughts and that title is perfect.

TA-DA Annie caught the football

Fun page that helped in jump starting the ole mojo.
Studio Calico everything except the Quickutz arrows.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Tags that can be Tree Ornaments

Hoping the grandkidlets will love them as they
did the ribbons and maybe think about hanging them
on their trees!

Had a fun time making these - mostly all hand 
and fussy cut and really so easy to do.

The trees were made from various project life cards that
sort of had "Christmas" colors and
it was easy to just slice on the diagonal.
The "Merry Christmas" was a stamp I found when cleaning
out my stamps. (Who knew).
My thought was to layer up different size tags, 
thus the gold color but it looked
well goofy and cluttered
so I just fussy cut the sentiment out and ditched the 
multiple tags idea.

Stamped the date with a library stamp from Studio Calico-
love that stamp by Shimelle and use it ALOT.
 Those MAMBI alphas that I didn't think I'd love
seems to be appearing on ALOT
of projects lately.

The stars are punched from some gold glitter paper I picked up
and love having on hand so I'm not running
out of enamels AND I use them with my heart punch
or with any punch which is not only very cost effective and unlimited uses.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Kardashians at the zoo!

 And I was totally clueless.
Like for real.

I happened to be in the elephant zone
when there was a big hubbub going on and there
were tons of cameras everywhere as opposed to cameras
in the zoo.
So of course, I joined the hubbub and just took pictures
all the while asking people what was a happening.

Turns out I had to resort to asking people younger than umm.....
30?? LOL!! to identify who was causing all hubbub
(and there was a lot).

I have to admit I was really kind of disappointed because
I didn't and don't follow the Kardashians
but decided in the end it would be fun to have gotten
them on my SD card.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Polar bear and the yellow ball

I have made some progress. Yay!!!

Almost finished the tags for the grandkidlets!! Yay!

Got my teeth cleaned. Not fun.
Had peeps over for dinner. Lots of fun.

Finally got off the Candy Crush level I had been on for MONTHS. Yay!

Got some new pix in!!! Yay!

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