Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 Peas in a Pool

As soon as I saw the picture of Amelia - in a puddle (I took artistic license on the title.My bad) it reminded me of the photo of me relaxing in a kiddie pool without a care in the world. And then OMG! how much we look alike at more or less the same age just blew me away. Because she looks more like my son, who favors his dad. 
But maybe not that much. Anyway, Poor kidlet.
So of course there had to be a page. And I just happen to have some new Authentique.
I know that also shocks you. However, I paired with with some Basic Grey.
Primas, Creative Cafe, Melissa Francis - is that cute lock and key at the top. And QK spicy
chicken and lemonade which you can't see on the clock-Heidi Swapp.

And there's the Q-man, quite a poser, with his skateboard and cute lil grin. He's a flippin' hoot and I love all the pix of him. Just makes me smile. This is older Basic Grey and I'm not sure how the green got on there, but it works.
More or less. 
Fun page and I got to use more metal mesh.

I have published a new hub of our continuing travel adventures out west. This one is Days 10 & 11-Yellowstone Park. Please click, enjoy and vote UP and any other adjective that strikes your fancy. You can also comment. Thanks for your support.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Maddawg's Madcap................

over at ScrapNChat.
My pal Holli and I were hanging one day and she showed my this photo. It was adorable and "spoke" to me. So I asked her if she scrapped it yet. 
And she said no.  She hadn't had it printed. I offered to print after
I was over my shock that she hadn't scrapped it yet and said well I'll do it send it to me. 
And she was all like no I'll do it. 
And I said - let's both do it. 
She pondered for a few minutes and said ok - 
I told her to pick what size she wanted me to do. 
She picked 6x12 - sent me the pix.
I printed the photo for me in b&w just to shake things up
and color for her.

And here are the 2 versions. I think its cool that we didn't discuss, peek or show what we had in mind and we both went all girly on this. 

So my challenge for you is find a friend, pick a friend, any friend or even acquaintance will do and USING THE SAME PHOTO scrap it. And share. I gave my page to Holli because after all it was her beautiful daughter and niece. The niece who has the same name as my granddaughter.
Amelia. Small world.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cactus and the bees.

 In the circle of life.
As the blossoms are only opened a short time.
 The cactus is taller than the house.
And the blossoms are beautiful.
And the bees come and hang out.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hey baby....

you come here often? That is quite the pose and I bet she does - because its Annie's room. Love the pose, the face and the bedhead. So much fun.
Jillybean Soup rocks, with Basic Grey fibers - they make my heart go pitty-pat. 
I think Miss Amelia is becoming a crossfitter. If you notice daddy's hands are really close but she's hanging on her own. Tough Cookie. Back to more grunge. Had some fun with my new background stamp that looks like brick. She is hanging in a garage after all. Threw some textures in on Basic Grey. Fun stuff.

Got some new Authentique. Yeah I know your surprised. *insert happy face here*. (Last time I did happy faces I almost got a virus). A few stamps. I have some glitter and stickles I need to use. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pumped and grunged............

Seriously. I found that skulls head in Michael's for 99 cents. Bwahahaha. Built the rest around it. Amelia's got game. LOL! That is Basic Grey pp and chipboard alpha's with some silver pearl on it. The metal mesh I had found a long time ago and has now lain dormant for awhile. Time to break it out for this "girly" page. Snort!!!

And here's Lou surrounded by travel brochures. Waiting on a destination. I just couldn't resist with the age ole question by kids on a road trip everywhere. Are we there yet. 
I'm just too amusing. 
Back to Authentique with some sissix and quickutz. 

Lucy and Annie - too funny - high fiving as they hang out and play. And I got to do girly pink. OOOOO I'm dizzy with delight.
 More Authentique, thickers, prima, TH die cut, MS glitter. oooooooooooo

So I've been stalking Scraphousemama ALOT. I love her style and the fact that she uses everything in her arsenol. I have had so many stamps, threads, punches, mists, paints sitting around literally for years gathering dust. I had become so regimented and I don't know how that happened. Whatever. What I'm glad happened is now I feel freed to not be so constricted. I'm having a blast and that's what a hobby should be. So thanks Ashli. I'll get it all sorted out eventually. In the meantime....I'll be bandying your name around. ALOT.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Playing .....

and that's exactly what I did. Starting with some spray inks/Glimmermist. I love ledger paper - it makes me swoon. And this picture of my mom.
What a retro hoot. She's sneaking into the shot in order to change the record on the hi-fi. This was my mom and dad's first apartment after they had the 2 of us. Love the lamp and my dad's battleship is hanging on the wall. And yes, I used the original photo. It's safer that way.
 Used my Swirly doo kit basically for this one - except for the primas. And I used all 3 of my fun punches. There is an itty bitty title between the flowers - it says playing.
This photo just spoke to me the minute I saw it. Love that its black and white and they're holding hands like they're on a date. 

 Authentique strikes again with some unknown stamps - they came in a kit of the month. And some homemade washi tape. I even whipped out my circle scissor. ooooooo I know.
And another bike rider strikes again. No training wheels. woo hoo!!!! He's so adorable in his helmet and crocks.
I broke out my potato bag for the "skid marks", recollections stamps and qk newsclip, handprints & arrow. Crate paper and Kraft. OOOOOO kraft. Sigh.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oh the places I'll go.....

by Dr. Suess. Sortof. Screwed the title up and when I found the "journaling" which is part of the rhyme/story - I fixed that up to go with the title.
Mixing  I and You would've totally been lame.

 I love it.

Anyway continuing on in accident vein - the arrows. It kinda looked stupid but I'm good with now the "journaling" is on them.

The bike - it is quite the rite of passage. You learn to balance, pedal, and steer. And when you get a little older -hopefully it'll take you places. Nowadays, (geez you know you're getting old when you start a sentence with that word). it has to be tougher. When I was a kid, I was able to freely roam "the hood." Whether walking, running or riding. It was a time when everyone knew everyone and all were watched over. Not in a bad way, cloying way. But in a way that you knew to behave or not get caught because you never wanted to hear the words - I know your mother and we'll be talking. LOL!!! Going back to a time like that would be a good thing. Nothing gives a kidlet confidence like "freedom."

Crate paper, thickers, QK vixen, Sissix slobbery kiss, Amer Craft brads, punched stuff, mm paint, unk arrow.

Friday, July 20, 2012

TGIF everyone!

Is it just me or is time flying by? Coming to the end of July.

I actually have an additional page but I need some journaling on it so you get to see this one. Only. So far.

Annie and Lucy cooling off in the backyard pool. She's just too adorable in her little white sunbonnet and bathing suit. I wish I looked that adorable in a bathing suit.

Authentique strikes again. I tried to do this page without flowers, because seriously flowers and pool fun?? But I had these adorable red, white and blue flowers from Recollections just calling my name. I even broke out the sewing machine AND instead of putting that puppy away, I rearranged my scrappy area and now it sits out where I can get to it without a lot of aggravation and work. I had always hesitated to set it out in my work area because it is located in the living room. BUT I have all the other cool tools out there and it is a creative area after all so I decided I'd just make it fit. And it does. So now I'll be using my sewing machine with obnoxious frequency.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heritage and Swirlydoo kits.....

is a good mix.I started this page by playing. That lovely punched strip across the top had to be shown who's boss. If you've been following you know that I have had issues with punches. Well that one choose not to work properly after I already returned one that didn't work right. So this time the paper didn't come out. So I left it that way and when I went to return it, I righteously whipped it out and said "this one won't even let you get the paper out" and I yanked (because I yanked the night before and it stayed). WELL right there in the middle of the shop, the paper just comes right out.
Well didn't I feel stupid. 
So now it knows who's boss. lol!
Anyway used some papers and embellies from my swirlydoo kit. What you don't see is I used a clock stamp and added some embossing powder. You still couldn't see it well so I slopped on some paint. I should've left it without the paint. Big flowers and paper strips good for covering it up. 

Started playing with this one and it became a train wreck. I saw on some blog I was hopping around on about using the remains of the pop dots to get that honeycomb look. Well. The paint was too runny so it ended up being a puddle which I wiped off and smeared it al over the paper, covering the design. So I discovered some long lost foam stamps and added that. Sort of reverse dots. Hmmm...there's some bling on there you can barely see, and burlap for texture against the transparency thingy. 
My Aunt Sue is in both pictures and Uncle George in this one when they were kidlets. If the dog had a name its long forgotten.

Double dog dare on scrap n chat - use a transparency thingy.

Oh as I was blasting around some blogs there was a smash book one that was explained well. Really well. I actually "got it". Can I find said blog again??? NOOOOOO!!! If you know what blog that is can you link me up??? I'd appreciate it.
Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh my....

such an adorable photo of Connor. I do a lot of living through photos. I love photos. I'm so thankful everyone is so generous in sharing their pix.
So G45 how can you go wrong? You really can't and it collided with Scraphousemama's style. Love that too, however, I'm working on how to work it into my style. Can't say not working it in being obvious, because obviously the not isn't gonna not work. Obviously.
So glad I could clear that up.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Monday

Starting off the day with a dentist appointment. 6 month check up - should be good to go. And I'll have clean choppers. Love that.
So fish - love this underwater photo. Twas done with an iphone in a waterproof life case. I'll be checking into that baby - AND there are earphones. Yesss.......
Anyway this page took the weekend and a couple days prior to. I had the base down - however, it needed a little extra something. Was toooooo plain jane. 
I added some netting, homemade washi tape, initials, the little EK blingy numerals from my pal April and thickers. Those splats are a grass punch. 
And Cosmo Cricket. I know - I know.

Friday, July 13, 2012

TGIF even if its the 13th

Sweet sweet Lou growing up way to too fast. Already doing sit ups. They have all kinds of new things for babies now. Veered off the Authentique bandwagon and used My Mine's Eye Alphabet soup. Totally adorable. 
And its nice using some stash.
Keep those photos coming!

I have posted another hub - day 9 of our vacation. Grand Tetons to Yellowstone
Enjoy and vote up!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - NOT!

I'm too yappy to be wordless. LOL!!! So I went to my LSS yesterday because I had a faulty punch I purchased last week. So I bought some Ranger inks and spritzer bottles. I really need to learn to look which direction the sprayer is going before I cut loose. Since it was raining I couldn't take it outside.
 Careful was not my middle name.

Don't be afraid to scrap your histomatic photos. I love taking them and getting them and my Jill rocks them. She sends me the best stuff. She really needs to have a blog. So Authentique strikes again. Seriously. I now have 2 more colors in my arsenol. So I picked up another punch. It's not my day or time for punches I guess, because I'm heading back to the LSS to return this one. This time the paper ain't coming out of it.

Die Cuts with a View (it's not Authentique). I know you're shocked. Love the baby stuff. So anyway instead of using my the new punch which is now broken, I used my new Tim Holtz sissix die for the lattice work here. I also take iphone photos. The iphone takes great shots and in printing them, I keep them to 3x5 mostly and on 8x8 works perfectly. That little splash of glitter and hole punch leftovers is a jack from Scraphousemama. I love how she uses everything in her aresonal - and why not. You have it. So now I'm attempting to do the same thing and make it look as good as she does.

Another line. I'll give you a minute to get up off the floor. LOL. Creative Imaginations.  So I wanted to break up the pattern on the base paper and I used white paint and a screen like element I pulled off a bag of potatoes. It made the best texture. Red onion bags have something similary.

A close up of the paint texture. Of course I didn't think of taking a photo until AFTER it was all put together. I know you're shocked.
And this is a 4x6 iphone photo and is looking goood. What an adorable face. Babies and after baths smell sooooooo amazing and feel so good. 
So I'm headed back to the scrapbook shop again. I hear they have a new shipment.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Still celebrating......

Annie's first birthday. Getting more photos and looks like a good time was being had by all. She had her on huge vanilla cupcake. Twas a polka dot party and in keeping  wiht the theme Authentique had some polka dotted paper. 
I know you're shocked. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Annie turned One!

Looks like she had an amazing time. A polka dot party. Love it. I'm so glad for modern technology. More pix to come. I love die cut shapes they make me giddy with delight. I'm so easy. This page started in one direction and totally made a u-turn. Love to go where the mojo flows. If you look on the back, I tried to use the KI like a stencial and it totally bombed - in my humble opinion. So I flipped it over and used the other side.
Waste not-want not.
Bazzill, Authentique, KI, Thickers and ribbon from her cousin Lou's shower. 

Yesterday I posted a hub on our travel days 6,7 &8. Please click here
Thanks for your support and vote up.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Got the hub done for days 6, 7 & 8. Wild, fun and scenic ride. You can read about it here. I hope you enjoy our ride and vote up!
You'll also visit Brice Canyon... 

and here's a Wyoming scene. Sigh....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Playing around after the fireworks are over...

So it appears I have a thing going on with Authentique. As I've been cranking out pages I realize that ALL my new papers and stuff are from that line. Breaks my heart. 
So how can you go wrong with 3 adorable kidlets in an adirondak chair. There's a color version - will be done in my book. However, there's one of Amelia and Cavin that has to be done too.

I'm not quite sure what happened with this one. I tried something different. I kept piling on and rearranging and gluing down - something that I don't normally do.

Don't you get tired of the same thing? Laying it all on just right - then taking it off to adhere it and its not just right anymore - so why not fling it on and smack it down there in the first place.

Well that's my result. I've decided I'm not going to dwell on it. Tis done. I kinda like it. maybesortof.

I'm so glad I had nothing liquid in my mouth when this photo was flung across the wireless. It's just too funny and priceless - she has a  plastic fork in her hand. LOL! My money is on the kidlet - she'll get that sweet meat if she wants it. I'm still trying to decide if the lobster is that BIG or Amelia's that TINY. 

Working on the hubs for the remainder of our travels. Tis going sloooowly.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's Independence Day......

Since it hasn't happened yet, here are some pages I did yesterday. Love the one of Amelia - it makes me swoon. I used some more homemade washi tape to help the Authentique which honestly doesn't need a lot of help. However, good excuse.

Fun pose - those boys always make me smile. And if you'll notice I tilted the photo - gasp*faint*thud. I know you're shocked. More Authentique and I popped out some of the strips. In my head it worked better. lol. Always does.

We are having a lanai soiree with our friends. Tis going to be a blast. 
Thanks to all for their service especially my boy who served with honor.
God bless America.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Got some new Nikki Sylvis paper. Love it. Nick and Connor - they look so much alike. Had a lovely day yesterday - hanging and bobbing. 'Twas a nice sunny day, with a bit of breeze. 4th of July is at our house. 

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