Friday, May 29, 2009

Flashback Friday - HOME.

The challenge was "our house was a very very fine house". I LOVED our country house, and of course I came up w/such a clever title. HOME. Sigh. Got a little carried away s/stamping of the swirls - lol!! AND my first top 10 list. Scary. Love Cosmo Cricket and Prima - can't ever go wrong w/those. This is a recent photo though taken at the total embarassment of Shane because we actually had to talk to the owner who was in the driveway. bwahahaha! Got his permission to take a couple of shots. Of course its all changed - each owner putting their own stamp on it. I have fond memories because this was one of the FEW times I actually was excited to MOVE and this was a BIG move - from the city to the country. I think all of us were so wanting a change.

journaling: 1. Mom and dad built it from the foundation and well. 2. On an acre of land purchased from my Aunt Toot and Uncle Norm who lived across the field. 3. Their phone number was long distance. 4. Their kids were a couple years older and had a tree house, go-cart & track and a cement POND - not a pool. 5. While building the house, Billy and I helped dad install the electric and painted the metal punch outs on rainy days. 6. Played "combat" on the pile of dirt out back during the build-because getting "shot" was all about rolling down the hill in the dirt. 7. Exploring the woods without getting lost. 8. Riding our bikes everywhere for miles. 9. Walking up hill and down in the snow to catch the school bus. 10. I had a lavender color bedroom and a princess phone. On a party line. Built @ 1965.

Friday, May 22, 2009

art journal

In January, because of course that's when everyone starts something new. So much for being original. bwahahaha! Anyhoo, I have been adding pages as the mojo and/or mood takes me. I also really wanted to break out of the box creativity wise because well. I just did. Of course a couple of the pages do reflect my s/b style, and I found that breaking out is hard to do. SNORT. So....the other day I was having issues w/working on a dinosaur book of the grandbaby so I switched gears. And out of the funk came these 2 pages. - Its a 6 by something a tad bigger book, but I had this hambly print and pink paisley paper in my bad girl kit and just put them together. Of course it needed something else, so all I could think of was birds in a cage - and Springsteen's song title Empty Skies popped in my head. Nothing more except lil Davis funky foam stamps were needed. The other page (which actually came first) came about watching peoples interactions and that games they play just really piss me off. Again w/lil Davis because they just complete the mood. And I used the Tim Holtz mask that I won in a RAK from CraftySuz blog. It was so much fun to play w/along w/the new glimmer mist I've had laying around. So I can thank Suz for the inspo. Everything about the book is really loose. I haven't really gone all out on the decorations (front/back and rings) because I'm waiting......and waiting.....for it all to come. bwahahaha ....because that's how I roll.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Back in the saddle....

once again!! Had a blast - my IPOD and ME. The singing bike babe is back!!! 26 lbs LIGHTER. Gotta love that. It's been a LONG time and it showed. Had to stay in the easy gears and there was NO SINGING, which of course was a total blessing to the neighborhood - because I can make the dogs howl. Bwahahaha!!! But I did it. Made it to the store and back. TWO DAYS. But not in a row. But that's okay - because it was 2 days more than before. Honestly, I miss riding my bike all over town. It made me feel righteous. Exercise, saving gas, getting errands done and irritating drivers. Snort. That's an all time fav! Well its all about entertaining Lynn and having FUN!!! And breathing and pedaling and SINGING. Won't take long and me and my IPOD w/be SINGING!!! LMAO... poor unsuspecting public.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Once again - Flashback Friday at the Pub....

on 2 peas. This weeks challenge was uniquely you when you were younger. I was a blue jean and tee shirt type of girl. Still love them. Now its all about the comfort rather than the butt huggin' form fitting jeans. Made this girlie because I don't get a chance to do that much. I have boys. Its pink paisley, prima, westrim bling, amer crafts chipboard accents and qk dragon fly.

journaling: Somewhere in the '70's (and I'm not sure when) there was subtle shift in the fashion that changed dungarees to JEANS. Seriously. And they became a butt huggin', stylin' piece of clothing. I remember seeing the blue jean commercial (and I forget which brand) where HIGH HEELS were being worn with jeans. Who KNEW??? For me, it then became all about the jeans. I loved them and they were comfortable, especially when broken in. I don't remember the brand, there really wasn't much to choose from; Levi's and Wranglers and maybe Calvin was breaking out. But for the most part I wore them to relax in with BIG oversized shirts. TEE shirts started their surge and a new world was born. BUT you couldn't wear them to school, church, work. YET. If you notice in the photo - this had to be summer - because well we're still in Florida and everyone had on shorts but me. I wore jeans until I couldn't take the heat or find any that fit me anymore. Then came CUTOFFS!! gasp. Recycling them comfy babies 'til they were flat worn out.
I still wear jeans today - just not the REAL butt huggin' kind and not really the standard jeans (although I'm losing weight and maybe getting closer to actually "fitting" in a pair). And I still wear oversized shirts because right here right now - it's all about comfort.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cabbage Key....

This is the view of the island coming in and the restaurant which also has rooms. They have little cottages as well that are too stinkin cute. The dockmaster has a little office that's hardly used I'm sure, that has a gift shop and showers attached. Its totally beautiful, peaceful and delicious.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Sunday wildlife....

bwahahahaha! Meet my new pals. On our boat ride to Cabbage Key and then ON Cabbage Key. Cabbage Key and a restaurant on an Island in Charlotte Harbor. Yup. The harbor Charlie blew through a few years ago. Had some damage, but they have excellent food and docks. Which are important. And their signature dessert is Key Lime Pie. With a twist. And its totally YUMMY! Shared some. Had to have a couple of bites. The turtle or tortoise as my DH decreed was chomping away on grass and moving pretty darn FAST for a turtle. The ducks were tooo darn cute waddling around and sticking their heads in the water. The pelican was quite the poser and in our former marina where we went to check out this beautiful 65' Viking that had an Osprey nest in the tower. What a shame and that boat is a total mess. It's hard to believe that an asset like that is sooooo ignored..ANYWAY, the dolphins totally came out to play - going to Cabbage Key and on the way back. They were beautiful and fun. I have alot more - but these were a couple of what I thought were the coolest. It was beautiful day to be out on the water, and the spots where I actually had sunscreen on worked, which means my back is red. Sigh.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fashion Diva.....snort.

Oh yea. The 70's lol!!! Although I wish I was as fat NOW that I thought I was back then. GEEZ. Hindsight. But i digress. Again. Another Flashback Friday over at the Pea. Dug this flash from the past out and had the perfect papers to go with. We R Memory Keepers and Pink Paisley. Very funky and fun. Journaling: Halter tops, hip hugging, bell-bottomed blue jeans and wide white belt. Same long hair - no bangs and blue eye shadows. Anyway you should check out the thread because seeing everyone else's take on the fashion theme just brought back a TON of memories I didn't even think of and well I know have a few more lo's rolling in my head. Which comes to the Sunday Best lo. Sigh. Everything was an event or occassion back then that called for dressing up. The journaling here was more about a whine about the "pixie" hair. Snort. Journaling: Occassions back then always called for "Sunday Best." I didn't mind the dresses- it was the hair. I always had short hair. Oh they tried to be clever and say it was a "pixie" cut. But I wasn't buying it. I wanted long pretty hair like all the other little girls. But alwas it wasn't until 7th grade that I was "allowed" - you heard me right - to have long hair. Since then I've had it styled alot of ways but never quite "pixie" short.
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