Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Adding ephemera on your page

I just had to include the ticket and flyer.
Both from different venues.
 Both important.
After all we planned our vacation around the
concert at Red Rocks when Tom stumbled another
Joe concert at the Vila Performing Arts center,
a smaller venue, - a win-win totally.
And in both venues.........

Cameras with interchangeable lenses were not allowed.
iPhone and instamatic photos all the way.
I got lucky.
Shimelle's new line totally rocked my photos and ephemera.
Along with Basic Grey alphas and recollections washi.

I love love love Joe's music.
And below is his new title track - Different Shades of Blue.


Monday, September 29, 2014

I have a new rolling stamp

and I used it upside down.
Which surprises you I know.
 However, if you don't look close enough you'll never know.
So sshhhh!!!!
It's our little secret.
I now have a few of them because I love them.
And you'll be seeing more. 

And wa-la.
I scrapped myself, which doesn't happen very often.
Because I'm vain, and I hate looking fat.
Or disheveled.
Or without makeup.
Wellllll this photo happens to nip all them in the bud.
And I love it.
And I love it more because I'm holding my granddaughter.
And that is soooooo golden.
I have no words.
Which is why there is no journaling on it.
Because I can't figure out what to write.
And that's ok.
It'll come.
Love the Studio Calico, and Shimelle, and Paper Issues.
And bits and pieces that I die cut.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Heritage stories and a homemade tag

I found that as time goes on the stories of my ancestors evolve.
The people "in the know" aren't with us anymore to ask 
which is now where ancestry.com comes in and not all those green
leaves wave at the same time.
As more documents come on-line, hopefully, that's when the waving begins,
but you have to be careful, because the similarities of names, birthdates, circumstances abound.
I can't tell you how many times I got it wrong.

I do have hidden journaling on this page. Not because its really personal
but because I didn't want to clutter up the page with it.
I just didn't work it into the design.

Meet my great great grandparents.
Nils and Matilda (Pearson) Anderson.
Both immigrated from Sweden and both arrived in the U.S. in 1880.
Their marriage year is conflicting 1876 or 1879 and had six children living children.
One lost as a baby.
There was also a 20 year age gap between them.
Nils worked as a day laborer in the 1900 and passed in 1915 at the age of 81.
Matilda lived with her sons until 1933 and both are buried in 
Greenmount Cemetery in Philadelphia.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

In the pink!

I sort of got carried away.
Starting with the hombre paper.
Who knew there was that many shades of pink.
And isn't that a fun thing to find out.
This photo was taken while on the broken foot tour.
The kids came up to hang with us at the campsite and while in
the camper Amelia found grandpop's hat.
And she looked totally adorable.
And it was fun.
She just owned it.

Love the Echo Park, again. Studio Calico, Paper Studio and Dear Lizzy stamp.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mist, splatters and runs, oh my!

Would you believe I added the splat and runs and splatters after the page was completed?
I'm very brave that way and it helps to cover up anything you don't want
misted, splattered or running.
It needed that extra something. 
The page would've been fine without it (and I wish I'd have taken that picture)
but it does add another dimension and/or texture to the page.
AND I got to use the extremely large letters from Reminesce that I've
had for about 100 years. 
No really.
And I have more of that where it came from.
Added some stamping in because well it does add something, and they need
to be used and not laying around being idle.
Got to toss some packaging.
Woo hoo stash down.

Amelia finally getting to play soccer after hanging around on the field
for years, watching the big brothers play.
She is totally ready.
She's got the moves going on.
Can't wait for more action shots.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bokeh scrapbook paper

Love the look of it.
Very celebratory and fun.
And it could be initimidating.
Therefore I figured I'd practice my layering.
Which in a way focuses your attention on the photo.
And I had some negative punched embellishments going on
and they too work perfectly on the page.
Sassafrass Lass alphas make it complete.
I did stamp around and tried layering them too.
Didn't do too bad using eggplant dew drops.
Those were totally dug out from long ago stash.
Yeah the title is well, not very creative, but my brain couldn't
do any better and I wanted to finish the page.
Sometimes you just have to go with it.
Splatters even work.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Stamping around

I received one of those brayer stamping rollers in my
Studio Calico kit and decided I really like it.
So, of course, I needed more.
I have a few now with assorted shapes on them,
and the one below is a chevron.
And I ran it all over the page using vintage photo distress ink.
And then I dug around in my stash for more stamps.
The adventure stamp, another Studio Calico Kit goodie and
popped that around. It also had the compass going on in the kit
and didn't that lend itself nicely for a travel page.
 I did 3 stamping sites.
The 3rd is covered up under the journaling that has all the layering love
going on.
And the Paper Issues swag bag - well if you aren't getting them,
you need to check it out = $9.99 + shipping
and you get a ton of lovely goodies to use on your pages.
The journaling cards, the anchor and lovely gold accents and star maps.
Then there's Jillybean soup. 
So this is the second page in the "broken foot tour."
I know you didn't forget my broken foot that I whined about forever.
Well DH decided that to rest it - we should take a trip
to see the grandkids. Actually there are quite a few pages
from the broken foot tour - and they're all going together
in the album.
And Niagra Falls.
And the Great Smokey Mtns.
It was a fun trip and a piece of the trip where we took the ferry across the
Delaware Bay to Cape May.
Upon exiting the RV, I had a heart stopping moment when
my camera/baby/expensive toy flew out of my hand
and landed on the cement deck.
I was beside myself.
Fortunately in checking out the damage only the filter on the lens
broke - the rest was fine - so I changed lenses,
wrapped that puppy around my neck a few times, 
just in case it decided to fling itself about again,
and enjoyed the ride.

Doesn't that lighthouse make you swoon?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Working some layers

I find it easier to pile on the layers when
you have them right at hand.
And it was alot of fun to add them on.
Actually I find it hard to stop.
Scary, huh.
 Not only did I use my diecuts but I also have subscribed
twice now to Paper Issues goody bags.
And they are chockful of goodies.
I used a mix of course, and I'm trying to get stamps in there as well.
They do add a little something something but
I have a hard time with them.
Therefore I decided to do obvious at first while
I get comfy with it and then let'r rip.

loves to swing
loves to go high
loves to fly.
is two.

Used a mess of stuff from Studio Calico, Quikutz, and Paper Issues.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Handmade tag

And what to do with your handmade tag
once you make one.
Check out my tutorial at off the rails scrapbooking.
Which is on deck (time zones arrghhh).....
for tomorrow. 
Layers and Layers and Layers oh my...
Anyhoo have a great weekend......

And in a totally unrelated way ......

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Perfect papers, perfect photo

As I kept poking through my Echo Park
Capture life pack - it hit that there was a New York
theme going on.
And Brooklyn.
And when this photo of Lou came over the wire, well 
it was a match made in heaven.
Very fun papers.
This is Lou under the scaffolding - running through "his tunnel"
on the streets of Brooklyn.
Seriously does it get any better than that.
So......I added three strips of paper on the "tread" paper.
A beatle song and music.
Since dad is a muscian - that's a win in addition to Brookly/NY stuff.
The red edging was added after it was all said and done
because it just didn't pop off the page.
And now it does.

A little bit of Studio Calico - actually worked in the skyline stamp.
Go me.
And Basic Grey alphas.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Again, reusing elements on different layouts

I seem to be diggin' circles lately.
And borders - they do create a lovely feel.
And again employing their use on another page even
the same color.
It does make an album cohesive, however, there's really nothing
cohesive about my everyday albums.
And a lot of my pages go in the grandkids 8x8 albums
so that doesn't help with the cohesiveness,
and doesn't that give me the license to use whatever I want,
whenever I want. LOL!
This was basically a driveby page as I couldn't make up my mind
about a lot of things.
I know you're surprised.
It was the new Echo Park I've been working with and
I love the heart page - and all its busy-ness.
So I threw on some gesso and watercolors and then
couldn't decide if I liked it.
Therefore, its mostly covered up.
I also had a couple of leaf branches where the feathers
are now, and decided that looked too girly
and went with just feathers.
Did some stamping, the music is Studio G and the100% boy
is from Recollections and both work perfectly.

And then there's the wood veneer alphas and stars.
Well finding the letters was fun.
For some dumb reason that, I in my infinite wisdom, dumped
every single wooden embellishment I had from Studio Calico
into one big ole bowl.
And doesn't that make for good hunting when you need to make words.

I proceeded to dump everything out of the bowl and now I have
them all segregated according to alphas, hearts, people, and arrows that
I have an amazing abundance of.
As you can see.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Reusing the same embellishment on other layouts

Its not like a rule or anything.
And its a different color.
And it works.
So why not?
Since breaking into my diecuts again, I've been having a good time with them.
And if you'll notice the circles (cookie cutters and I just LOVE).
Anyway I liked the way they were on this page 
kind of like a bullseye. 

As I shuffled with these 8 pix around on several different pages
for days (drama much) because honestly a lot of photos baffle me
and so do 2 page layouts which this one is not, I had an extra circle element
and tossed in the corner and it looked great - the color wasn't right
but it was perfect for the space.
Also not alot of call for tree trunks and you'll be very impressed on
how I worked in those 2.
Of course there was no room for journaling so I called on
my linguistic skills of just getting to the point and not rambling.
It worked. For the most part.

The majority is Echo Park - I picked up the Capture Life pack
and the tree trunks, labels, enamel dots and wooden arrows are Studio Calico and an
Evalicious button to finish it up.

We had the best time at the campground with the kids.
There was a playground to hang out on and we were able to build
a lovely campfire for hot dogs and marshmellows.
Doesn't get any better than that.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Border diecuts are cutting edge

There are a few languishing in my drawer that I forgot I owned.
Sad that I have so much I can't remember it all.
But its all coming back now.
And because I didn't have enough paper already
I picked up the Echo Park Capture Life pack.
The colors work perfectly.
And all the cutouts and stickers, oh my.
I used my "shine" stamp from Studio Calico on that
blank bannery card, works perfect.
However, now looking at the 3rd card - which is blue -
I should've put it in the middle.
Too late.

Anyhoo, I dug out my sissix border diecuts.
Love the delicateness of it - it doesn't take over.
So the confetti came from the border-all those itty bitty holes.
How fun is that.
There's a studio calico stamp, stars and badge.

First day of Kindergarten, always a milestone.
I shortened the title because I love that fun font but didn't
have all the letters.
I think its cool.
Hopefully someone/anyone will get it.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cork and Arrow Spellbinder dies

You get FUN.
So I went overboard on the arrows.
It couldn't be helped.
Love their pose.
Love their fierce faces - well one has a sneer.
I don't know if Quintin is capable of sneering, he always wears a smile.

Whilst cruising HL looking Graphic 45 of which I know I have - just can't find.
And don't that say I have too much stuff.
Anyway I found spellbinder arrows  and some cork.
I also picked up an Echo Park paper pack.
Swoon again.
MORE To come because I also cruised through M's.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Could've done a 6x12 page

And why didn't I you ask?
I love all the words and they would've been cast aside.
Never to be really seen.
And that would've been a shame because these words rock.
So does the paper.
And its perfect for the picture.
Along with the stamp.
More words.

It just sort of happened to be vertical because I normal don't do that.
Used a bunch of die cuts I had previously cut out.
There's alot.
Some were made into tags, but they don't work with this.
Oh gee, I need to do another page.

New Studio Calico paper, old stamp, older stars.
Tim Holtz dies, some punch negative space
and a border/edge I forgot I had.

and didn't it all work out.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Going kitchy

It couldn't be helped.
Especially with the delish wooden embellishment
that kinda looked like a soccer ball.
I was going to leave as a wooden embellie....but then.....
I thought what the heck why guess - make it a soccer ball.
And thus began the fun and I use the term loosely.
I was going to individually cut the triangles when I had an aha moment.
Yeah it took an aha lol!
So I traced it around and then with an exacto knife cut the center out.
Honestly I should've just stuck with the triangles.
I know my skill levels and wielding an exacto knife isn't one of them.
They should call them exasperation knives. LOL.
Anyway with only a bit of catastrophe it worked out.

Anyways, the entire page - except for the twine is from a 
Studio Calico Kit.

Monday, September 8, 2014

File folder tag

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I didn't have enough
embellishments laying around so I made more.
One or two were file folders.
I fell in love with the office supply embellishments.
And I used them. ALOT.
Then not so much.
Well they're baaaaaccckk at least for a bit.
 Above is a photo of some of the items I'll be putting on the file folder
and below - magic as it all comes together because
I'm focused that way.
And you'll be seeing the rest sooner or later.
Get ready.
 What better than a file folder for back to school.
If you'll notice I removed the lame butterfly because these
boys needed manly stars on their page.
That were also diecut in copious amounts.
Love the paper from Studio Calico - its about getting up and 
doing something amazing today.
I hope they do it every day.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Loving my diecuts again

Linked up with Paper Issues tell me dies....LOL! love it.
Somewhere along the line my diecuts fell out of favor.
I have no idea why except maybe I'm lazy 
or it could be that the premade diecuts took an amazing turn
and really look great on a page.
And you didn't have to do anything to them, maybe ink the edges
but mostly they are ready to go.
And they looked awesome.
However, I have found that there are times such as scrapping late,
laziness or can't find the exact accent, that suddenly
my diecuts became favored again.

So maybe in another post I'll show how I took a bunch of leftover
papers and diecut a bunch just to have.
Now, I have an entire basket full of diecuts to go along with 
109837481374938482347832740 other baskets I have of embellishments.
No pressure there.
And I did make some tags.
No pressure there either.

Of course I used Studio Calico, along with my Quickutz 
and Sissix diecut into hearts circles, xo, and a flower.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rocking out with the Blues at Red Rock

The concert was amazing.
Best one ever.
Joe Bonnamassa was awesome as always.
We have seen several of his shows in Florida and we traveled specifically to Red Rocks
to see him perform.

As the sun went down, the lights went up the beauty and music shone through.
The accoustics were amazing it was like listening to a CD only better. 
Shots were taken with my iphone from row 57.
The seats were terrific - no bobbleheaded giraffe in front of me, I had
a clear view of the stage and the jumbotron.
 And the jumbotron was great for some "closeups".
It was a great experience and a checkmark on my DH's bucketlist.
And I have a tee shirt to prove it!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Goodbye Mountains

I couldn't get enough of the mountains.
Around every curve there was drama going on
that just took my breath away.
The altitude did just that by the way too.

It is good to be home.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A few driveby photos along Route 28

from Arches National Park back to the hotel.

It was a beautiful ride and we followed the Colorado River - all the way through.
We found camping sites along the river that looked amazing-we will be marking that spot.
Mountains are everywhere and take my breath away each time.
And you know I love old structures.
This was a late "click" but I love it all the same. 
I might even say I planned it.

This is our last day.
The altitude is kicking our collective butts.
No matter, a good time was had by all.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Another breathtaking national park


The moment you drive up to the entry - there's beauty all around.
It's stunning in magnitude and color.
It looks like architecture gone wild because it all seems so precise
and it really does take your breath away.
It also looks like alien script embedded in the walls.
There are also rocks balanced very precariously and have done so
for a lot of years.
We also looked at the rocks like the cloud game- guess what you can see
in the rock formations and this photo looks like a pharoahs head to me
or from the back side a hunched up bird.
Also there is wonder around every corner, and we really need to 
return and take our time. Because you just had to stop and take it all in.
And photograph it of course.
Its times like this I wish I was better at it.
It was a 4 hour ride from our hotel - each way - so that bit into the time
hanging around therefore we blew through the park so we could see as much as possible 
and make the return trip without incident.
It would've been lovely to hike to the arches and look around but alas,
we felt the need for speed.
Naturally as I learn in the mountains, the weather is fickle.
Sunny skies/dramatic cloudy skies.
I'm getting used to it. Sortof.
This is called Park Avenue.
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