Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dog earring magazine pages for more inspiration

I love Somerset Memories and I'm irritated that it only comes out twice a year because I forget about it in between and it doesn't last long on the shelves. This magazine mixies it up a bit as it borders on mixed media and regular scrapbooking and they have some terrific designers.
 For example, I love the white space on this page and the minimalistic look It totally highlights the photo. And also the writing around the edges, I haven't done that journaling technique in years and it really adds a cool punch to a page.
And this page is just too cool. Love vintage looking photos like this and the rustic-ness of the page just highlights it.

Another minimalistic sweet page that packs a punch. Its vintage and minimalistic that again highlights the phots. Not a lot of journaling needed.

And this was a lot of fun getting 3 photos on the page and being highlighted by the circle that adds a lot of dimension The stamping and misting are wonderful touches as well.

hmmm I need to update my iphone camera skills.
And this one with the splats of paints dusted about with fun  embellishments. And I totally love the buttons. I tend to forget they can be randomly placed around the page. 

I'm thinking I'll be lifting the pages or something from them. 
I'm thinking I'll be looking at the magazine again.
And again.

I still have the CK magazine that has lots of stuff that needs to be done in there as well.
Well there's no lacking inspiration - just need to get rolling.
Hope some of these inspire you.


  1. Thank you for sharing all of this beautiful inspiration, Lynn!

  2. I love these post when you do them. I like white space but always want to put more than one photo on the page~great blog post!

    1. Thanks connie. I enjoy these and think of doing these more often.


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