Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Titling your scrapbook page

Titles are important if you want to draw a reader in. You want them to gaze upon the photos and read the journaling and as every scrapper knows everyone loves a snappy title. 
You also know I have a love/hate relationship with that aspect of scrapbooking. 
There are too many times when the ole brain goes on vacation and a title is sooooo elusive, thereby prompting me to call on my "go to April",  or hubby (who is quite good) and as a last resort
 looking it up in a book.

Also, when one is dealing with CRS on daily basis (can't remember stuff) as one thinks of a great title one will promptly forget said title while hunting for the perfect alphabet/type to complement the wonderful title you now can't remember. So writing it down or telling someone else is a good backup to have in place when dealing with the elusive title.

Since I stamped happy birthday all over the page it seemed kind of redundant to say it again. Since by now you've scrapped a gazillion pages in an album and most of the players are pretty well known so alot of "spelling things out" can also be redundant. 

Therefore I cleverly used the first name initial of the birthday boy - and all who gaze raptly upon the page will a. identify the birthday boy or b. figure it out as again, this will be the millionth page in several albums of said kidlet.
I also added his age next to the initial - which answers the question of which birthday and takes away  the pressure of doing any subtracting on the fly. Especially when candles aren't helping.

Recollections is the patterned paper and totally old stash. I love the stars because well Q is the star of this show. Simple Stories for the title and if Jill is in the mood she can pick her spot to journal. 
Technique Tuesday stamps. And twine - it was quite easy. OHHH and some subtle washi tape.

So I challenge you to do a "cryptic" title. 

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