Friday, August 26, 2016

Headed for the NJ Hills

It's been busy here and we've been out and about....

So we've hung with my brother/sister in law which has been fun.
(no photos)
Hung out with the grands and had dinner.
(no photos)
Met some of Tom's old stompin'  buddies.
(no photos)
Drove 3 hours ONEWAY over parkways and turnpikes and highways
to see my BFF from high school up here.
(no photos)

Since I was sensing a pattern here, when we headed
for the hills I grabbed my camera.

By way of Princeton and Thomas Sweets ice cream.

Took this through the top of the jeep that was fortunately down
and love how it turned out.
Of course this tower was on the Princeton campus.
Very historical and stately.
The ice cream was de-lish - I didn't get a blend
because the choices were overwhelming.
I settled on vanilla fudge - my go to.
After that we took to the hills of NJ and drive-by photos.

 The poles are annoying.
But pretty structure all the same.
 Jersey gets a bad rap, but out in the hills there's
alot of beauty going on.
 Spruce Run Reservoir.
 This is the ruins of an old church built in 1774.
How cool is that.
We're having a big Labor Day shindig and people expect cameras.
In my defense, if there is one,  it was really
nice to just visit and not turn things into a photo op.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gettin' in more scrappy time in again

I wanted to add some "routine" and hobby photos
in this album to show what we do on the road.
Contrary to popular belief, we do not party day and night. LOL.
So here's my darling sweet hubby with his "hobby" or passion I should say
in roasting coffee. His coffee is delish and sadly, I can't drink
it if its caffeinated. He bought some decaf green beans
on line and roasted some today.
Decaf-Guatemalan coffee.
It is sooooo delish.

 I also like to put some of our campgrounds in and
since we'll be staying here for a month,
and we have a great view with some livestock
swimming about, it helps if we want to return to said campground
in the near future.
 And of course my scrapping on the road, this is
my third time doing it.
I love having a completed book when I return
and then make bigger pages if the story calls for it.
Then my other "love" is crossfit.
I go everyday when I'm at home and it pays
in keeping the ole bod moving right along.
The trips we took in the past, either we didn't stop long
enough or I was too chicken to drop in a different box.
Well I finally found the guts and I'm so glad I did.
I feel great having my routine and keeping up.
Not exercising for a long period is really like starting over
and that's really tough. So now when I get home
I'll be right in the swing of things. 
It'll be a couple weeks which is better than 8 weeks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Downtime for some scrappy time

We've been on the road about 3 weeks and
its been packed with fun-filled adventure.
As you will see.
 We spent some time with Richie and Gail
and did I take pictures?
(heavy sigh)
Therefore since they live in Maine I used
an old lighthouse photo from there with some 
Gotta work with whatcha got.

 An oopsie on the front to back page
not quite working out.

 So inadvertently I'm on scrapchat.
Thank goodness for grandkids who know
more about it than me. LOL.
Need to take a few more photos to roll
with the next installment.
Will mostly being about doing "normal" things
and won't that be fun. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Scrapping on the road

Finally, thanks to my pal Holli - who happened to be
sharing her day of scrapping with me via text message, 
made me break out the table for my "nest."
We then cyber scrapped for awhile getting quite alot done.
It's a small place, with limited supplies and one can wonder
how I always lose and/or misplace things.
Drives me wild - because I DON'T MOVE from there
with anything in my hands.
So I've started tossing "like" things in baggies.
Well we all know how "like" stays together. LOL.
Anyway, no changes on the first couple of pages.
 Again thanks to my pal Holli she found this sentiment
pack called "you are the world to me" by DCWV.
Had adorable cut aparts and transparencies that I have added.

 Some of the papers I added (and this was all from my "scrap" box)
were not double sided, therefore, using the every stamp I own technique
spruced it up some.
I didn't bring mists this time and I really miss them
but its a small space and quite dangerous spritzing them about.
Talk about a potential mess.

 I also rearranged a few pages to fit photos better.
I'm so glad I found this pineapple in a MME pack
that was an impulse buy.
And the pineapples so had to be documented.
If you follow the my blog you may know I grow pineapples
and they always ripen when we are away.
Well not this time.
Three ripened and I tossed them in the RV and
we carried them around for several states before cutting them up.
Normally pineapples do not ripen more once cut.
Well these did.
And by the time we cut and ate them we had a sugar ant
infestation that actually continues to this day.
Not quite as many - but they are still making their presence known.
I can understand these were the sweetest, best ever.
Also I carried put the tops in water to root
them, and gave them away because the poor things
were getting bounced around and out of their water so
my pals Gail and Jill are proud owners
of pineapple tops.
One in Maine and the other New Hampshire.
I'm sure those pineapples will thrive.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

From Crown Point through Vermont

Crown Point is a beautiful park and LOOK!!!
a lighthouse - 
Very ornate and beautiful!
I'm sparing you the 2934572975394 photos I took.
You're welcome.

 Evidently the British occupied this grown at one time.
There's also surrender flag - that I didn't get a pix of
but to let you know its all American now.

 Crushin' on barns and farms.

Dramatic skies with an old RR depot.

A couple of beautiful churches....

Riding through NY

Heading our way to Maine.
Zipped across the backroads of NY.

Beautiful country.
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