Saturday, April 28, 2012

Practicing my street photography

Which really needs a lot of practice.
It was really fun...
I didn't shoot in black and white.
 The streets of New York are always lit.
And I used a preset by Thomas Fitgerald for the B&W
which I totally love how it came out.
 This dude was totally covered.
And never moved.
He could be dead, and everyone just 
passed on by. Including me.
 Taxi cabs and traffic are always fun.
Like Mr. Toad's wild ride.
 If you care, my ISO was 6400.
And I used Tungsten on the white balance.
Because really really dark out wasn't a choice.
 The shutter was 1/125 and aperture was F/4.
I had the setting on AV. So the camera chose the shutter.
 We got to know the subways. 
And they aren't pretty.
But they're fast and functional.
They get you everywhere you want to go.
Rather quickly.
 The fun part is people ask us for help.
We only know where we want to
go and how to get there.
So if they were going our way. It was all good.

The topping for a long day....

We had a great flight from Tampa to DC-Reagan. 
I even got some shots from the air before
I got busted.
 You have to be quick.
Because the plane is really fast.
 And the Washington monument,
no trip is complete without it.
Even if you're doing a fly by.
We were runnning late.
The Enterprise was flying to its new home.
Which backed everything up.
And we were late late for a very important date.
New York, New York................
And then there was Lou.
Who woke up just for us.
And then relaxed into us.
And I got to smell new baby scent....
They should bottle that.
Grammy had to relax Lou
Because Grandpop has baby holding rules.
Grammy don't.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

To Infinity & Beyond.....

Gotta love Buzz - he's always up for an adventure, as 
was Q-man on his birthday.
I'm told he wore this helmet everyday to school.
Love the photo and happy 4 years old!
Cosmo Cricket - can't go wrong for lil boys.
8x8 with journaling spots for mama to fill in.
See has quite a bit of homework to do.
DH and I are fixin' to hit the road to meet 
our newest addition. Lou.
I plan to take a bazillion pictures
and cuddle.
A lot. It can't be helped.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You looking at me?

She has quite the grumpy look on her face.
Love it. Babies are funny when they're annoyed.
Anyway, I love messing with white cardstock (Recollections).
I used a square background stamp with dots.
I picked out colors from her dress,
and dotted and then pulled the stamp down and across.
I almost swooned when I found this basic grey paper
that totally matched her dress,
and painted the edges.
(I picked that tip up from one of the mags and can't remember which one).
Her little outfit and hat was made by her Mimi (not me) 
for which I wish I was that talented.
I'm told she can whip them out. Without a pattern. Sigh.
I can't do anything without a pattern.
Lucky girl!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet moments are like this....

Just carrying a baby.
Looking kinda grumpy and then
the smile.
 Used papers from my Swirly Doos kit and 
loosely based it on the sketch
they include.
I did switch out the flowers. I still used Petaloos
but the skinny version I had.
I customized and jazzed them up with chalk, liquid pearl 
and glossy accents.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Projects from the crop....

As you may have heard me whine about not going to crops.
Well I went to one yesterday mostly to hang with
my pals Brookie and her mom Suzanne.
We had a blast and I amazingly got a few things done.
 I was a pathetic packer and fortunately Brooke wasn't.
So what I neglected to take she had.
In copious quantities.
It took my breath away.
Now I know how to pack for future crops.
 Just take it all.
So the first pix of my beautiful SIL's I used my
Swirly doos kit which I shoved in my
super satchel along with a bunch of other
new papers and stuff I had laying about.
 I did borrow her QK and found a font I love.
Empire which is Owen & Annie. She has all their dies I believe and
single handedly kept QK in business
until she started to work. Which explains
why the company has been purchased and has gone
somewhat off the grid.
 There was a paper bag album contest which I did
but didn't enter, but completed. Because it needed more.
And I had to wait til I got home to do that.
 It was perfect timing I got all these pix
and didn't have to choose.
 So I used stickles,
 and liquid pearls,
stamps, and glossy accents. Oh MY.
I had forgotten how fun paperback albums can be.
I surprised myself by getting stuff done, and not
stalling out when I didn't have what I wanted.
'Twas a fun time and I look forward
to doing it again.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heaven Sent...............

We've been welcoming Lou to the world.
And he had a bit of time aclimating.
 What a difference a couple days make.
Especially when hanging with mom and dad.
And being home snuggling down in comfort and peace.
I can't wait to meet him next weekend.

In the meantime I headed to a crop at Treasured Memories today.
*you can laugh hysterically here*
It'll be an interesting experience, however, I'll be hanging
with my pals Brookie and Suzanne whome
I haven't seen in like forever.
So that'll be fun if nothing else gets accomplished.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

You @ me.....

Completed another challenge at ScrapNChat.
Scrap your stash.
This is relatively new stash, but I had it
at least a month or two so basically it works. LOL!
3 different patterns, 2 tags, deckle scissors OR edge punch and knots.
Notice how clever I worked in the @ as in Annie.
Another iphone shot. Which was fun.
Annie wasn't as helpful as Owen which is ok.
Grammy had to remember to not shake the phone when 
pushing the button. 
And look casual doing it.
I got lucky, coz seriously I'm not that good.
American crafts, pink paislee, project imagination,
sissix slobbery kiss, office depot tax, MS punch.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


While being a total girly girl page. 
Notice the baby's hand.
Nothing romantic about being a cow.
But the 2 of them pull it off.
I'm told she does it all the time.
After I did it I thought about making the
photo black & white.
And decided I liked the color better.
Because I'm decisive that way.
Size 8x8.
I used papers from my Swirly Doo kit.
The rest could've come from that 
because they do 
use a lot of prima. Which makes me swoon.

He's holding her hand.....

I didn't notice that right away.
Big brother taking care.
Both looking sweet in their Sunday best.
Sitting still for two minutes while daddy got the shot.
They're growing so fast.
Jillybean Soup. Can't go wrong.
Jazzed up the title with some stickles.
I always forget I have them.

So I was rocking the pages until I cleaned
up my scrapbook area.
It's true the sign of a neat desk.........sigh.
What was I thinking.
Well I was afraid I'd spill (whatever beverage at the time)
 on my new papers and just printed photos.
I was getting annoyed.
I was tired of not finding what I wanted without sending out the dogs.

Oh and I'm going to a crop on Saturday. I have no idea how to pack
what to take. I'm a fly by the seat type of scrapper
so I want to take EVERYTHING.
Which isn't going to happen.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Double Dawg Dare at ScrapNChat is.....

put a title on your photo and journal around the edges.
This picture is a hoot.
I thought it be fun because on the iphone the camera flips around,
and you can see yourself in the lens.
Well Owen wanted to push the button.
It was hard to explain he had to do tricks with his hand.
I think we finally got it but I liked this one best.
It was the most fun...very action oriented.
Can't go wrong with Little Yellow Bicycle.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The journaling challenge at ScrapNChat

thunk up by my pal April and just squeezed in....barely.
It was use a quote or a poem.
The title actually came after the page was put together 
and I needed at title.
Which surprises you I know.
Anyway who could resist the pose, the adorable legs and shoes.
So the infamous Yogi Berra comes to the rescue.
He's great. He has a lot of them.
And he doesn't steer you wrong. Ever.
You can observe a lot
just by watching.
Yogi Berra
It's so perceptively simple.
You can't go wrong with Jillybean Soup.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brooklyn and the Bridge

Is where Lou lives.
He's still in NICU but doing well.
He's gettting stronger every day.
Your continued prayers would be welcome.
The parents are anxiously awaiting his discharge.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Murphybaby has arrived ....

 Lawrence (not sure of the spelling) Francis Murphy (call him Lou) was born on April 9th to Christopher and Melissa. His dad's birthday actually, although from now on, I'm thinking it's all about Lou. Lou almost made his arrival in his parent's speeding car as it headed for the hospital in Brooklyn. Very dramatic already, so he'll fit right in.  Lou is in NICU right now due to low blood sugar - so any and all prayers are welcome. UPDATE - some quick thinking grandparent snagged one! No pix as yet, it seems the parents are still collecting their breaths. The baby was named after Melissa's grandfather, and a win-win that made the all Murphy's tear up, Tom's brother was Larry, and the middle name of their father, Francis. We're headed up at the end of the month. Can't wait.

Monday, April 9, 2012

My hawk came to see me yesterday...

And hung on my pool cage for a minute or three.
This isn't him.
But he's beautiful and camera shy.
Which was odd. 
He normally poses.
So I admired him from in front of the camera.
Which was different.
Then I had to find a store open to buy potatoes.
The potatoes I had were bad and I
was tasked with bringing mashed to our little soiree..
It was close. Thanks to Walmart's.
Which on one hand stinks but on the other - was a life
saver for me. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Boy is the week flying by....

Wow! It's Thursday already.
It is nail and toes day and I can't wait.
I'm trying to decide if I want to return to my natural nails.
I do like the way the nails look, however, they don't appear to
be wearing well. And after all this time my natural nails won't wear well either.
Anyway, love the Authentique here. Very boyish.
But can include a girl.
Back yard fun.
ooommmmm the coffee was especially good this morning.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hi! Its hump day!

Sweet Annie girl outside in the grass.
Had to be mighty fine weather in NJ for this to happen 
In March. Love this Authentique papers.
Along with some CI tags. oooooo
Done in 8x8 size for their albums.
Still feeling kinda of puny and have DR appt today.
Hopefully we'll get this stupid thing nipped
in the bud. I'm over it.

Hugs and prayers to all Texans!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Manic Monday wasn't very manic

But I did get the OLW challenge done - 
even if it was last month's. 
Nothing clever on this page. 
However, I do love the owl!
DH and I are enjoying are new chairs.
They are totally comfy. 
Anyway my boys look like they're having fun!
Creative Imaginations and Doodlebug.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Had a lovely weekend

and hope you did as well.
DH and I took a ride yesterday and ended up
purchasing new chairs for our living room. I
can't wait to get them because our old chairs are well
really really OLD and uncomfy....
We also had a lovely brunch at Phillippi Creek dining
on raw oysters, shrimp (not raw) and seafood gumbo.
It was a beautiful day and we dined next to the water - easy and peaceful.
The majority of the papers are Glitz and came from my
Swirlydoos kit. I had to use my new lacy Tim 
Holtz die of course, and dug way back
for the Creative Imaginations flower.
I think the letters are a funky touch-Me and my big ideas.

Speaking of which, I published a new hub and I'd appreciate
your support. Please click on Shadowboxes, enjoy
and vote UP! Thanks!!!!
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