Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back to school photos

The way Labor Day fell this year really screwed up the school
system up north.
However, it worked well for me because they all went 
back basically at the same time - more or less.
And they happened to hit facebook around the same time too.
 Did a couple of clusters with a bunch of splatters mists and stencils.
I splattered it down the left side because I had been seeing
so many pages do that - and it really looked cool have the photos
and embellishments left - with all the
white space to the right.

Mine didn't turn out that way.
 I had 3 photos with 2 different sizes and for some reason
I decided the paper needed to be mounted
and whacked off the base paper and that pretty much screwed
up the "keep everything on the left side."
Therefore I adjusted by employing the "L" shape design.
And didn't that work out perfectly :D
Love it when a plan comes together.

Again - ALL BASIC GREY - except
for my homemade enamel dots
studio calico sticker at the top.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mixed media travel journal

Remember this journal?
It turned out to be my right hand man for memory keeping
along the way - there were days that
I couldn't access the internet nor scrap sooooo
its amazing how fast one forgets things.
This is the Tim Holtz journal and I am rather annoyed
because the little band that held it together
broke - and I wasn't even using it as I kept the journal
open at all times in order to jot things down.
 I was going really neat with the penmanship at the end of day
and that presented two problems.
1. Memory again. Lots of things were forgotten.
2. It was hard to find things written really neatly on the misted background.
 After we made a Walmart run I snuck a couple of sharpies
in the mix and they helped alot - I kept a couple
inside the open book so I could jot random things down.
It sort of helped with the memory.
There was always a case of either too much information or
the big one - not enough information.
 I added tickets, receipts and other ephemera along the way
but basically I had the book all tricked out before we left.
I also started making notes in shorthand - things I wanted to remember
later that other people didn't really need to know
or when I was whining. 
So if you can translate it - keep it to yourself...
please :)

It did really help when it came time to scrap- especially
names of places, i.e., cities, rivers, national parks and forests
we flew through that I was able to
take driveby pictures of.

I even have some empty pages remaining.
I highly recommend using one - and setting it up prior to leaving.
One of the things I learned from traveling/camping
is that its not always conducive to anything creative
or doing anything at all either at the end of the day
or beginning - your either setting up or tearing down
and then moving on.
And all internets and wifis are not created equal.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Instagram photo love

Instagram seems to be the rage
and I don't blame it.
It's fun - a place to put your pix and look
at others you are following and honestly, its
sometimes easier to snap off a photo from your phone
than carry around a big camera.

Its another way to get copious amounts of grandkids photos too.
 Only two clusters were basically created for this page
which is 8.5x11.
I loved all the adorable embellishments and I just
happened to have a bird punch on my desk and leftover pink paper
so there they are - adding interest flapping about.
My pal April helped with the title - as my brain just
went ka-blooey. 
It happens from time to time.

The colors of these papers totally worked with the colors in the photo.
I really like that look every now and then.
This is ALL Basic Grey - including the alphas which
are really really old stash.
Oh and the twine is sew easy.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oversized photo collage love

This is another photo collage I used with instagram layout
app and I love it.
I did print it oversized because the photos turned
out to be a lot of fun.
I did only 2 clusters on the page - this layered one that
as you can see I still have trouble stamping.
Hang in there peeps I'll get the hang of it soon.
 This is the second cluster and I love the transparent
embellishments - of which, I used Helmar glue and it did
disappear - I just couldn't wait to photograph the page.
 As I broke out my watercolors I leaned toward the gold 
(which is how I ended up with gold accents)
and painted some fun words I wanted to emphasize.
It was the best time ever as her and I played in the
really really cold NH water.
I only remembered the "I'm not gonna get wet grammy"
after the other title was stuck on there.
I think best time ever really explains it more.

ALL Basic Grey.
Except for the Shimelle stamp.

Selfie collage with my girl

I love the collage app called layout by instagram!
And below is a combination of
Amelia and I attempting a selfie.
 She was in charge of the button and I was in charge
of getting our faces in the frame.
She did way better!!!
 I printed it out 8x10 and I was concerned since
these were iphone photos but 
no worries they came out great.
And I used 8.5x11 cardstock to mount it on.
 Using Basic Grey embellies about helped pull it together.
I did keep them to a minimum.
This was a lot fun to do and there's another collage coming up.
I'm highlighting some of the fun pix that I took on the
trip - that some did make in my
road trip album - but these I wanted bigger and
in my regular albums.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Scrapping on the Road - Final Round

Actually this was from the house but this page completes
my Road Trip album that I did on the road
which you can find in my blog - the titles are the same

only the numbers have changed.  
 I used the same supplies I took with me and I did
purchase some on the way - as I had whined about during
the trip - I packed all wrong.

The journaling brings it all together and provides and ending.

It's only fair that the ending is as windy as the beginning LOL.
Going forward - I believe I shall scrap on the road again.
I love having an album DONE - so now the pressure is off
(because I have a similar vacation from
3 years ago that I have not scrapped a photo from.
Gasp I know. But I paralyzed myself
by not being able to make a decision on how to scrap it).
I made the road trip album decision prior to leaving 
which took the pressure off.

This album turned into a chronological/diary type of
 scrapbook of the trip
and now that I am home
 I can just pick favorite pix out and tell other stories
that weren't included in the road trip album
and add them to my everyday album.

It was a great learning experience 
in putting together scrapbooking supplies for a road trip - 
as I found they are far different than scrapping at home.
Space, time, and embellishments are all factors that
I need to consider in the future.

Being in a 25ft RV with my honey was also a great learning experience too.
And we're going to be doing it again. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bible Journaling for Today

Actually it was yesterday - and I was whooped, however,
I did do my devotions in the morning and
Oswald Chambers writings spoke to me.
Isaiah 49:5 and hopefully now, he will speak to you.
And now, saith the Lord, that formed me from the womb to be His servant.
That we are brought into the realization of God's
great purpose for the human race, i.e.,
I am created for God, He made me.
It is a joyful realization - that we have to learn to rely on the
tremendous creative purpose of God and keep our soul open to Him
in order to glorify him.

The margin of the page was gessoed and splotted with mist.
The alpha is from Studio Calico and accents
are from Paper Issues and my homemade enamel dot.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Scrapping on the road - Round 9

I used this map we procured from the NC visitor center
to use as a base paper for this page.
That is our RV and main man getting ready to
disembark from the Cape May Ferry.
 Chincoteague and Assateague Parks were
about my favorite - beautiful lands with wild horses
and a lighthouse - has it all to make one swoon.
Tom's Cove campgrounds were perfect to see both.
 We also did the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel
which was fun - although a bit wild.
They want you to go fast through the tunnel 
and keep your speed and all it would take is some
knucklehead to stop.
And they do.
For no reason.
But we made it through unscathed.
 Had a lovely visit with the parents.
Looks like Mamajean got her duck face on.
 Highlights of our visit to the Lincoln Museum.
It was fun to not have an agenda and to just stop
and see whatever caught our fancy.
 Chasing hummingbirds at the parents.
 And lastly the Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park highlights.
It was wild unboxing my supplies and putting them up.

This was what I had to work with.
I did purchase some supplies and papers along way - mostly
national parks stuff - but I did need some
cardstock as I didn't pack enough.
Also went to a real scrapbook shop and picked up some 'travel'
stuff there because I honestly didn't pack 
the 'right stuff'. 
Even the little tidbits were annoyingly 'wrong'.
I had never done pocket pages or project life before
sooooooo I ad libbed a lot which was fun
I used the bulk of it and it really was fun.
I also felt in my head that I was more creative.

AND THEN I open my mail to 2 Studio Calico kits
and putting all the stuff away to my
already packed papers
Can't win.

I believe I will have one or two more pages in this album
to "close" it. I had a windy beginning and feel I need and ending.
I didn't address about being in an RV for 2 months with my
awesome hubby in a small space
with all the comforts of home
but doing those "home" things on the road.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Going through Tennessee

We went by the Lincoln Museum and of course
we had to stop.
There's a university attached - or vice versa.
 When you first walk in - this statue of
a younger Lincoln greets you.

 There was quite a bit of memorabilia for a small museum
although much as not original.
And that was fine with me - it was just so neat to see it.
 Made it to the parents place
and spent my time chasing hummingbirds.
They're quick lil buggers and this was the only decent one.
Of course my settings were wrong.
 Had a great time with grillin' and chillin'
 On the way out of town we stopped at and blew through
the Chicamauga & Chattanooga Military Park.

Chicamagua battle was the last major confederate victory.
Its a beautiful ride - since we had a destination - we stayed on
the main road.
(all photos shot through the window).

Saw the youngest son.
We made a duckface.

Thanks to all who "rode with us." 
It was fun and we'll be doing it again.
I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Across the Chesapeake Bay/Tunnel and Oregon Inlet

The Chesapeake Bay/Tunnel was fun on our
way to the Outer Banks.

 The Wright Brothers National Memorial.
We got there about 15 minutes prior to closing.
So we darted in and I grabbed some photos.
 We were there on September 11th so I felt
the need to photograph it with the flag at half-staff.
 And here's another swoon worthy light station
as opposed to house.
It's beautiful.

 Sunset at the Oregon Inlet that was
across from where we were camping at the Cape Hatteras
National Seashore (which is a National Park service).
Messing around with the brownify preset
by Thomas Fitzgerald at sunset
because the regular photos stunk.
It's a beautiful area worth exploring.
This trip has been beyond anything I've ever
planned on or experienced.
At this point - we were 1 day in being 2 months on the road.
IN an RV - 24/7.
And we're still alive.
Life is awesome.
Heading homeward with a few more stops. 
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