Saturday, April 26, 2014


I’m not happy. Well I am mostly, however, I wanted to do a before photo and here I come but I'm not done yet photo comparison because I've made some serious progress; however, thanks to my aversion of being in front of the camera and totally hating how I look, it took me awhile to finally find an old photo that basically shows about where I started out in my adventures in crossfitting. 

And here's a selfie of where I am. (Ignore the dirty mirror).

Can we say *happy dance* WOD.

Sadly and stupidly, I didn’t take measurements right out of the gate either. Total *head slap*. I however, have lost 3-4 inches from January (when I had the presence of mind to start) until now. My weight has gone up and down. Muscle and fat - have a duel going on - muscle is winning.

My first goal when I began this adventure was to get my knees functioning; I couldn't walk well (running was not even on the horizon nor could I bend down at the knees and arise - so I figured anything else such as weight loss and a great looking body would be a bonus. It wasn't until my knees started working, and working well, did I become aware of the other benefits; my arms weren't flabby anymore, my midriff was shrinking and I could actually toss around a 15 lb bag of potatoes without breaking a sweat.

And like anything worthwhile - its not easy. And I'm okay with that, I'm willing to do the work because I'm reaping benefits as you can see. If you've been following my crossfit adventure, (just click on the tab above) you'll know that I've had struggles; such as not being able to do a situp, not being able to run 50 feet without sounding like an obscene phone call, and squating - the absolute basic requirement in this program. It also takes me at least 2-3 hours after to recover.

Well, I can do those three things now and more. Oh I still sound like an obscene phone call when I run, but it doesn't start until further down the road. And a situp - I have photographic proof that someone doesn't need to hold my feet down to get them down. And squating. It ain't pretty but I get below parallel most of the time now.

It's also not about doing it alone. As I said before, the box's (gym) best weapon is their members. And there will be those WODs (workout of the day) that'll try and take you down. Sometimes they succeed, and there's no shame in that, especially if you've given all. 

My second goal is to be able to play with the big kids and do everything they do.

This week has been a WOD crescendo. The intensity increased exponentially and looking ahead sometimes provides an excuse not to go, try and do.  

Don't fall for that. 

I have a bad habit of peeking the night before and to see what's in store and it drives me crazy when I do and also when I don't. So later in the week for example, the girl’s WODS Fran and Annie were on the agenda. Girl named WOD's are scary, however, I worked through them and then came the sneak up and take you by surprise oh so innocent WOD the next day-Friday (and never has TGIF sounded so good). 

First off, there is nothing innocent about a WOD that has running and burpees in it, with a kettle bell swing or two just to keep it interesting. EVER.

5 ROUNDS FOR TIME: Scaled 4 Rounds
     200M run with a medicine ball
     20 kettlebell one arm swings
     20 burpees

The only thing I did different is I used a 10# dumbell - mostly because of coordination issues and the fear of knocking myself out with a kettlebell which would not be pretty and running with the 10# medicine ball. What could be more awkward that running around with a ball the size of emu tucked into your arm. Um....burpees.

And didn't the scaled WOD look tempting. Four rounds, Oh so very tempting. Especially after the first round - an omen of what the remaining 4 would be like. What it boiled down to for me to complete all five rounds, was to do one thing in the round at a time; one step/one run and not to let my head play games - omg everything really hurts and oh, you're going to be last, again

The last round, and its just me (I know you're surprised) - and here's when our box's (or any box) best weapon launched -  I picked up that stupid ball when I really REALLY didn't want to and started running. Five steps in, I hear "we're right behind you" (or something like that because my brain and body are now dead) and my WOD buddies (after their workout) ran with me. Oh what a gift, and not thinking about anything but matching their steps - I completed one thing. Someone, Helena, I think, picked up a dumbell and worked it through with me, setting a rythym - I completed one more thing. After came the dreaded burpees - Helena and Renee - did them with me-setting a pace that allowed me to work it through. The third and final thing completed. All 20 burpees. 

The rest shouted encouragement. Always, always a plus. And as further incentive, Renee promised that after the last burpee I could flop right down there on the floor and recover. I couldn't wait and I think I blasted through the last one.

Just.keep.going. and when you catch your breath - Bless those who kept you going. I can't thank each and every one of them enough, ever.

AND another thing - in case you're wondering if you're too old, too girly or just too whatever head games you got going on saying you can't do it, know this,  I started crossfit almost 8 months ago, when I was 59 years old. 

I am now 60 years young. 


  1. Good for you! You look fantastic. Keep it up Lynn! You are an inspiration!

  2. So fabulous, you rock star, you! You look wonderful, and I know you feel wonderful!

    You are young for any age!


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