Friday, August 31, 2012

Riding on the Pt Pleasant Boardwalk

Owen checking out the instrument panel in his plane. I remember these and they were always fun to ride.

Just can't wait for liftoff.

He spent most of his time in the air. I need to be taller.

Grandpop and Annie watching the action.

Mom, Annie and Owen riding the ferris wheel. Annie looks grumpy.

Grandpop and Owen on the Dizzy Dragons. And it lived up to its name. They were dizzy....

Blue moon through the palm trees. A blue moon is the 2nd full moon in a month. 

I just like this. This is the balloon ride. Its a wild ride.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Some of the wild animals

from the York zoo in Maine. It was a fun day, starting with the butterfly house. 

They were fast and I had a tough time chasing them down.

Although Cavin seemed to be a butterfly attractor. They loved him. As you can see they really really wanted to hang out with him.

Totally cool sharing with Quintin.

 And the butterfly returned for another round of Cavin. He was trying to get the butterfly to flutterby (couldn't help it) and the butterfly just wasn't buying it.
I love this and the texture of it. 

A swan - lonely in his solitude visited only by the ducks. Swans mate for life. Either he doesn't have one or he lost one, either way sad.

Polly want a cracker?

At the top of the slide. Adventurers, darers. Adrenaline junkies. 

Anybody remember this kiddie ferris wheel. Raise your hand and lets date ourselves. I so remember riding in one of these and felt like SOOOO BIG. And man, did it bring back memories.

"And don't it make your brown eyes blue."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Climbed Cannon Mountain

on a tram of course. Last time Jill and I attempted this it was closed. And I breathed a sigh of relief.

However this time - no excuses except maybe closing down for the storms moving in. Evidently we beat the storm. What is it with me and stormy weather???

It wasn't as bad as I thought because looking down wasn't bad, and in keeping the eye glued to the horizon I didn't feel as if I was going to fall out of the tram and roll on down the hill at anytime. My mind just works that way. Its a gift.

Although when the tram hit that tower right there, some swinging was involved. I'm not a fan of swinging.

Photo ops happened when they stood still long enough.

We proceeded to hike up this (and I use the term loosely) trail. 

The really really tall and high observation tower.

I made it to the top of this tower and lived to tell about it.
And made it down. Breathing might have been an issue but I got over it.
Excitement to check out the view. And then we hiked to up a really big rocky hill to the observation tower.
Dramatic clouds and storms rolling in.

Just as the thunder started rolling and rain came down, we made it down to the bottom and celebrated with ice cream. Maine Moose Track ice cream. Can we say yum!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On her feet!

Annie girl is walking. A little timidly, slowly finding her way. Its amazing the first year all the new tricks they learn going from baby to toddler. I know you're surprised I used Authentique. 

After having grands I forget there are other members of the family I can scrap. This is Shane a few moons ago. I found this photo in the wayback baggie hanging around in the wayback box while I was on a mission for something else. Its always the way it happens. I can get sidetracked soooooo easily. Get ready for it - Sassafrass Lass!!! I decided to keep it simple, because I tried to get crazy with some other paper and the result was less than stellar. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Here we go around in a circle......

just FYI...this page was done second. And was supposed to have the embellishment and papers on the one below. Which didn't work out. So I did the second page first and the first page second with the photo I wanted on the circle an 8x8 size. Hand cut. Which explains the white paint around it because I totally suck at cutting. And that hides are the imperfect scissor marks. Or maybe it highlights them. I'm pondering that. However, doing the circle was absolutely fun. 

Are you dizzy yet??? Each was a blast to do. Each was made with the same bazzill blue paper. And with Creative Imaginations. They're going into two different albums so know one will no but me and you.
Grandbabies. ooooooooo

She can pout...........

xLove pictures like this. While there's a story behind it for sure, mom will have to write when I do her page. This was mine and I think the photo and pout can stand alone. Authentique with some Creative Imaginations, and watercolor on the flowers. Of course, I really wanted more multi-color in the flowers, however, when you paint horizontically on papers that have the end cut off, they aren't going to be long enough for your die. 
I know that surprises you.
 This photo I just love, my gram with my Shane. And he's actually sitting still in mammy's living room. I kept the details because, well its her stuff. More Authentique - and some of my homemade washi tape. The hot pink hearts would bring a bit of a issue. My paint has been sitting around for a long time and therefore in order to get it rolling I added some water so I could use it. Wellll while shaking it with the LID ON, somehow the paint flew EVERYWHERE. I'm still cleaning it up. I'm so glad tile floor is easy. I have since tossed the bottle, because it was the old ones with the metal top that need pliers to remove and it was all cracked and stuff and I may have added way MORE water than needed. Sigh. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Saucy girl.....

Actually had a couple of pages come together without a lot of disasters-waiting-on-a-happening. Love it when a page or two comes through. Its been fun using different techniques and mediums. I love this photo of Annie just really enjoying her pasta and sauce. Used American Craft, Cosmo Cricket, QK spicy chicken. 
I wonder if they took her out back and hosed her down.  

 Lou looks like he's pondering the meaning of life. My pal April sent the background paper and I have no idea what it is - but its fun. 
Got some challenges going on over at scrap 'n chat that'll hopefully continue the mojo-flow!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Butterfly Kiss and a Double Dog Dare

Okay we're gonna knock this part out of the way. My page is a total blatant lift of Soaphousemama aka Ashli. She has a stepxstep tutorial about resisting, painting and spraying that if you look <-------------------------- that way you'll notice I flat out flunked. Like totally. Laughing will not hurt my feelings. much. LMAO........... So now that we knocked that out of the way I tossed that baby and started again. Without the resisting, because obviously I couldn't resist. yunk yunk!!! It's obvious that misting is an issue as it came out of that mister like a heat seeking rocket and exploded on my paper. No amount of wiping and dabbing was gonna do it. Ever. 

However, I regrouped because I had this amazing photo that need to be showcased.
I found some more paper and put this lame background stamp on. Then I punched out flowers and used this stuff called Papier that supposed to make it look like glass and it does (sort of like glossy accents). I had never used it - still had the protective covering on and since the mess from above, how hard could it be. Snort. 
Well it dries gooier than glossy accents and stuck to my glass mat. While it was sticking to my mat, not one to rest on my laurels I had butterflies to make. So I didn't have the glassine paper Ashli used, but I had mulberry paper. Probably the same stuff. Anyway, I cautiously misted, threw down some of the Papier stuff and then some embossing powder. And waited and waited for the drying to complete. Of course that stuck too. Sigh. It was tough to punch but I was determined. 
And then came the sequins.
As cautious as I was opening the package, they flew everywhere.
Raise your hand if you saw that one coming. 
I kind of just threw them down figuring I'd go back and add glue later and for the most part that worked out. So now that you heard my sad, pathetic story. 
Be afraid, very afraid. lol!!

THE DOUBLE DAWG DARE over at SCRAP N CHAT - IS TO USE MULBERRY PAPER AND SEQUINS ON YOUR PAGE. The fuzzy stuff in the center of the flower is that petal soft stuff. Bought it never used it.
Of course that was fun and very fine. Can we say everywhere???
Thanks Ashli!!! Hope you don't mind.
I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Intervention Tuesday

My pal April is coming out of a slump so we cyberscrapped. Lots of fun! Yahoo rocks. SNC rocks. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw these pix. And the Olympics were on. Of course this is winter but they live in the hinterland anyway so it's all good. So SEI woo hoo and I DOODLED. 
gasp faint thud.

And of course missy crossfitter trying a new exercise with daddy, barbells, chinups and now pushups. LOL! I should be as active. The ole bod just isn't that flexible. Working on it
SEI again. I know you're just getting up off the floor on the first round. Got some texture going on and used my basic grey chipboard.

What you see evolving is me trying to take what I love about Soaphousemama's Style using it all and making it my own and of course making it look good. I love using it all and Ashli makes it look really really easy and really really awesome. 

Treasure your time............

While plowing through the wayback box I found this photo of Billy, me and Gram. All decked out (may have been a holiday or after church). We were taking a break as we strolled through one of the cemeteries one or more loved ones have been buried. (It may be Hellertown's but I can't swear to it). Back in the day it was duty/chore/thing for lack of better word, to visit, bring flowers and tend loved ones graves. Of course there were a couple of rules. NEVER stomp on a grave, NEVER mess with the headstone, and NEVER run, shout or play. 
ALWAYS be respectful. 
These jaunts are probably why I love to cruise through cemeteries now. 
The history in them is rich. I did write a hub Raking through the dead leaves of what you will find in cemeteries and the older the better.
So now that I knocked the story out of the way in which I left no room for journaling except the basics 
lets chat on how the page started.
It started with the flowers. Remember as I was making these same PIA flowers the other day, I mentioned using wax paper to get them removed from the spellbinders die because of the intricacy of said flowers. And the wax paper looked cool. 

So I said self, how about vellum. I remember a time when vellum was the next new thing. And then it of course fell by the wayside. But the flowers look sooooo cool. And then them pesky itty bitty teeney weeny beads. Sigh. Well when I was dumping them on the flowers the other day they went everywhere but where the glue was and looked really cool doing it.  This time I tried to envision their course and plopped glue around and for the most part it worked out. If one or two was loose, and landed where I liked it, they were glued individually. It took a couple of tries, but I love the outcome. Then I used the negative of the vellum and since it was blending in, I took stickles and outlined them. And a bead or two may be on a pedal. 
I really wanted an ethereal look and I got it. 

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