Friday, November 29, 2013

First Challenge on Off the Rails Scrapbooking is.......

Drum roll please .........

A sneaky peek of my project - a 12x12 acetate page.
Along with mists & fibers and fun OH MY...
To see the entire page - go to Off the Rails Scrapbooking
and check out the entire teams awesome projects.

I'd like to encourage you to join in the fun and follow!
Can't wait to see your take on this challenge.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Using busy patterns together

I was restless and wanted to try something different.
And right there in my Studio Calico kit
was the clock paper.
I decided to calm down the clock paper some by smearing
gesso about and used a grey ink on a dot
stamp for added calming.

That's when I pulled out the wild graffiti paper from another kit. 
What do those 2 pattern papers have in common?

They both have black and white in them.
Shazam!! I know....
However, picture them bumped up against each other
without a buffer.
Very very scary for sure.

Therefore, a buffer needed to be pondered and I decided on black.
In addition to the black cardstock as a buffer I decided
to use pop dots and pop the entire block off the page as an added buffer
and to give it some distance.

I tied the twine around for some texture and while I was diggin about 
for "what I don't know" I came across this piece of metal.
Its the last of the metal that I purchased umpteen years ago at M's.
Its molding wire and is great for scrapping because 
it bends, shapes and cuts real easy and you can fold over those pesky
edges if you want and adds that something something - especially a boy page.

(I didn't know it was going to be a boy page - the photo came last).

Then I found that perfect journaling card and the adorable clothespin.

I decided another color was needed and red is actually the perfect color
for both pages as it coordinated with the red on the card and clothespin.
Shazam!! again.

I used a sissix die and one is actually a 12x12. I managed to not
cut it correctly in the die machine so rather than begin
again, I just made it smaller. And that was better.
As I was removing the dots and stars and tossing them in
the garbage I had this idea that tossing them about on the page
may add a bit more so - out of the garbage they came.

It was fun, tossed them like confetti and where they landed is where 
they were adhered. 

So digging about in the wayback box I stumbled over this photo that
also had red in it. What are the odds.
I decided another layer was needed because the photo was just blending in
and now it doesn't. 

Karen Foster had the perfect alpha to use as a title, and that's when I saw it.
Drinking coffee at the scrap desk. I should know better.

Left corner on the clock-coffee stain, so in order for the page to not look too goofy, 
I used some Mr Huey shell to make more coffee stains. 
(Because one stain just wasn't enough ). LOL!!!

April said I'm out of control.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I just had to use my new stamp....

And that's where it all started.  (In full disclosure I got the stamp before the crop - just in case.)

The cool jar stamp is from Inkadinkado (I love how that rolls off the tongue). 

I grabbed some grey Recollections cardstock and went to town stamping. Had I thought of it I would've taken some photos after I stamped it and when I whacked it out. Since I didn't you need to use your imagination.

Well as you well know I have some challenges, i.e. adhesive, scissors, cutting in a straight line, thickers, etc. so after I stamped I needed to cut it out, needless to say there were some questionable spots. 

I know you're really surprised.

Well, that's where the ole ink around the edges comes in and not only straightens out the unsightly spots but adds some depth and dare I say realism to the jar.

Anyway I popped everything on the page and then had to go in search of a photo. Two made the cut, however, I chose this one because of the way the jar was adhered on there and it really worked better with this photo.

Everything is Studio Calico except for Recollections c/s, PP-Basic Grey & Bo Bunny, thickers, twine, and unknown label.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scrapping an oversize photo

doesn't have to be scary. And using a 5x7 was an after thought on this page.

I decided to break out my MME 6x6 pad and circle scissors. Before I played with the circle scissors I used some gold paint and a background stamp just because I could.

Then I made some circles.

As I was playing around I also used the negative space of the circles from the 6x6 sheet which looked ok.

It looked okay until you tried to put a photo on top and then it had this dorky quality. Because of the way the papers were layered, a smaller photo made all those edges stand out. Which made me crazy.

Short trip.

So while I was digging about in the wayback box I found a 5x7 post card that when I threw it top of the paper - it worked. Like shazam worked.

Therefore a trip to my oversized pictures wayback box (say that 3x's fast) and found this gem.

My great grandparents. I think this is their 50th anniversary photo and if it is they look mighty fine for 67 and 69 years of age. Or the photographer was a photoshop genius back in the day. I did know grandmom and enjoyed her company but grandpop passed when I was 2. Therefore, if this is their 50th, he only lived 2 more years after.

Of course I was stumped for a title until my pal April - who can whip out a title in 2 seconds, said to keep it simple; Great grands. And it was totally the way to go.

MME, bazzil, TH die, primas, studio calico wood veneers, thickers, crafts art paint.

Monday, November 18, 2013


That's my girl!

On her way to crossfitting style. I believe I need to add a tutu and wild socks to my workout wardrobe.

I love all the pink and I believe that this was for the battle of the boobs to bring awareness and raise money for free mamogram. So I added more pink :)

Studio calico fits the bill, along with some thickers, cosmo cricket and a bottlecap I found in a flea market.

3~2~1! Since the majority of workouts are timed - this is the way its called out so of course that had to be in the title, but I love the look of determination on her face as she attempts to pick up the weight. She has the stance right - just needs to move to the middle. I'm thinking that would've tipped the balance.

Off the Rails Scrapbooking....

I'm proud to announce that I have been asked to become a design team member for
 Off the Rails Scrapbooking and I would love love love it if you my friends
would click on the link and follow along. 

It's going to be soooo exciting. 

I'm so excited.

There are so many lovely and talented designers that I am
totally jazzed to hang out with.

Our first challenge is Nov 29th!
I hope you will join in!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It was a 4 ibprofen, hot shower, 2 hour nap, iced knees kinda day

And it all has to do with the workout I did at Crossfit.
This one I think was the toughest so far.
I did 10 rounds of 10 each of the following:
step ups on a box
kettlebell swings 15#
scaled pushups
except for jumping rope - 30 single unders only I did it without the rope.
I'm not that coordinated yet. 
a one mile run.
In full disclosure I had to tie my shoe - I've decided to get some of those
bow keepers the toddlers wear in the meantime. 
And I walked a bit before I started to trot.

Have you ever watched the Carol Burnett show?
Tim Conway did a character that had an accent and an old man shuffle.
It took him forever to get anywhere and you could tell
the actors wanted to yank him along.

That's how I run. 

And I'm okay with that because I'm doing stuff I never thought I could do.
And as I keep on - 
 I'm getting better at the stuff I never thought I could do.
And I keep going no matter what.

And I not only live to tell about it another day.
But I'm able to move again the same day too, eventually.

Oh and that round I did is called a WOD (workout of the day)
I did it in 32 minutes and 40 seconds.
I know.
Me tooooooo....

This is my 7th week doing crossfit.
It's addicting.
I love it. 
You should try it. 

Warning: it ain't for the faint of heart.

I tried machines for my knees - and it didn't work.
Now I'm trying harder.
I have to tell you that the trainers at Crossfit take in account your abilities or lack thereof.
If its advanced or affects my knees, 
the trainers scale my workout to my abilities. 
I like that because I feel like I'm accomplishing.
I try to be with the big kids as much as possible and its so much fun.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Who knew what lurks under a desk.....

see that --------------------------------->?

that is my all time favorite ink thanks to my pal Brooke. And yes, it has sorta replaced my distress ink. SORTA. ahem. Well I was using this the other day and the lid popped off my desk and landed in the sock dimension for awhile.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013 may need

a bigger moat. 
Way too much fun - Cavin and Amelia sharing secrets on the beach. So this is the paper that was ditched and replaced - referencing that on this post.
I resurrected it from the trash can and decided it would be perfect for this photo along with some kaiser craft goodies. Its the perfect companion page for this page.
Studio calico papers & Mr. Huey mist, a grass punch that makes great splats. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Basket case

What a photo.
I love it.
Amelia's probably stuck in the basket.
However if cats and kittens can curl up
in a wash basket well 
then why can't a little girl.
The title was just way too easy.

Recollections cardstock, studio calico pp & alphas, basic grey film strip, simple stories, amy tangerine and thickers and twine.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Life is good!

My dad
My son Nick.
Happy Veteran's Day to all who serve & have served. 
Your sacrifice has been a blessing to us all.

This was a drive-by page whilst I was doing kits for the crop. Am I quite the multitasker or what. I had other colors on the flower and banner as "holders" but the dies and punches that were involved were already packed. 
So it had to wait.
And that wasn't a bad thing. 
I had a page to finish that I started at the crop and just making a few changes on this one and hunting down a photo gave the old mojo a kick in the pants. 
And had found a batch of photos that needed downloading and wa-la didn't that one work out well.
Love it when a plan comes through. LOL!
As if.
Got some stash going on here - old Cosmo Cricket and Basic Grey-the stickers are new. I love how BG uses the same color dies throughout their collections. 
Makes everything soooo easy.
Sissix dies, a wooden thingy from Studio Calico and Recollection buttons and Ranger mist.

Anyone else OD'g on the Kennedy's this weekend?? I find it all fascinating.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Last but not least....

and in full disclosure I was going to continue in the Halloween vein and I dithered about some being the decisive person I am. I also wanted to pack up by 5 p.m. because I was beginning to stiffen up so time was a-tickin' away.
I pulled out this kit (which was the one kitted at the same time "princess wave" was and begun to assemble the page. 
And I was getting frustrated because it wasn't coming together right.

I had a vision in my head. I was good with all the papers- just not how they should be adhered. Once that was settled I wanted to use the vellum again - in order to cut down the busy-ness but to also continue with the soft colors. 
I wasn't happy with the flowers I chose. And the rubons I used made me crazy. I dug around in K&Co and found that flower and I liked it but the bird brought in another color.
Heavy Sigh.
At that point, I called it a day because I was done.
I completed it at home, and changed up the pink and blue flowers to the lovely cream. I found that @ (for Annie) quite by accident and it was perfect because I totally went braindead on a title. I kept the K&Co flower because that corner had alot going on that needed covering and found some Kaiser craft gems and pearls that brought in the yellow/gold color. There's also cream magic mesh tucked behind the photo for texture and mostly to help with the rub on.
And then I found that itty bitty tag from Studio Calico and tucked it into the flowers.
It says "you crack me up."
Perfect :)

studio calico pp, basic grey pp & tag, k&co, kaiser craft gems, bazzill flowers, unk @

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The ghouls & goblins came next

Love the Bella Blvd papers, added clear stamps, some
ranger spiced marmalade and had some orange twine & dear lizzy
frames from another kit to use.
I bought additional papers in this line because I loved
the border strips and also the B side so I really really needed 2 more sheets.
 Fun fun in the dress up department, Amelia is a cyclops monster.
Never heard of that, well I know about cyclops just not in a kid
friendly kind of way, Cavin was a soldier and Quintin a ninja.
Got all the bases covered.
I feel better already.
So I'm not sure if the flow is off kilter or just me. I became kind of
frustrated because I became all about the spiders and I left
them at home. I stamped spiders and tediously cut them out and used
some black gelato on them. 
But I wasn't happy. So when I got home I hunted down 
those elusive spiders I had in my stash
and replaced them.
They are way more believable and cooler than the ones I did.
And leftover stash from in washi tape from Halloween past.
Love that. 

4 pages so far, if you're counting. I know I was because I was
totally shocked at how much I got done with all
the goofing around that was going on.
Because I participated in it all.
It couldn't be helped.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Moving right along ...

 I know you're jazzed.  ME TOOOO!!!

This I believe was the least amount kitted. However, I actually used exactly what I kitted.

Shocked me too...

I have to admit I found having everything kitted really helped. I usually take a lot of the dithering about ito get things going soYou'd think I'd maybe try this at home.

So much fun, with the grandkidlets at the beach, playing in the sand, getting along. Its obvious that sand castle building is to be taken quite seriously and everyone has their job to do.

I did take another page out of Wilna's book about using the majority or all of the rubons that come in the package - only this time I went crazy on the stickers and it worked out really well. I still have some leftover which is good and a lot of the alphas that came with, which made it all extremely easy to use and work well together.

Studio Calico 4 hueres 37, Kaiser kraft, magic mesh and a tag.

WHO knew.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Then there's Miss Amelia

and the princess wave. Seriously how fashionista can one little kidlet get. She is quite good with it though. I was never that put together as any age. LOL!! So this kit and with another was assembled simultaneously.
I KNOW. I'm still flabbergasted.

I did use only a piece of the background papers and did some huting for the other supplies. I used gelatoes and when I found the Hello tag I needed to go back and add the yellow/gold hue to the background paper in order to bring in the other color and it did bust up the pink. Used my new viewfinder die cut, and the label was from Brooke - it worked perfectly - like totally.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The second page I completed

is titled "channeling Lady GaGa" and I believe it was one of the first I kitted. I ended up with a lot of stuff in there because I couldn't make up my mind. I'm sure you're surprised. I ended up using different alphas and background papers.
This set of photos is hysterical. With a firm grasp on technology Owen was able to set up the karioke session for Annie - who handled the limelight quite well. 
Sing it Annie.

Prizes were there for the takin' at the crop but you had to have the dice when the bell and/or sound went off. It was a hilarious undertaking. You call for the dice once your page is completed. I think I just touched the die when someone else completed their page and had the dice in their possession. It made for a fun time and the prizes were sweet. 
I managed to win 3. 

I used a bunch from the studio calico kit = pp, tim beck alpha, and the cork cameras, stars & brad. Got some Jillybean soup, thickers and dear lizzy, a punched flower and lacy heart. I added the vellum to take a bit of the busy-ness away. 
Worked perfectly.
It surprises me too!!

The Crop was a total blast

- we had so much fun.
Laughing and singing to the oldies.
Trash talking.
Borrowing supplies, helping with designs
and embellies and
catching up with each other.

This is the first kit I yanked out. I thought it was good
for the sketch challenge.

 This is the sketch.
I did love all the laying and arrows.
I did however, take a few liberties - and flipped it.
 And all the layering fun I loved - I left out as
I had a really hard time covering up the photo.
It was fun to piece it together.
I do love the result and the journaling is on the back.
And its another vacation photo-DONE!
I know you're as surprised as I am.

My friend Brooke won the sketch contest - a well deserved win - and it
was a total win for our table. WOO HOO!!

Stay tuned for the rest of the pages.
I actually completed 4 and having them kitted 
took a lot of the pressure off.
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