Thursday, June 30, 2011

It was a lazy mojo-less day

Of which I have nothing creative to offer today.
that dropped by yesterday and popped over to my hub "Defining the Lift."
I appreciate your support.
This cool character can be seen daily at the Jax Zoo. 
It was literally feeding time at the zoo.
Evidently they love to chow down on greens
and they were being tossed below from an unseen
hand from above.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Defining the "lift"

I write articles for hub pages
and would appreciate it if you would
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Thanks you in advance!!!
I borrowed Miss April's Gracie because
she had a monkey to go with
this adorable monkey paper - long ago!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Manic Monday...................

Wasn't very manic, however, this one just says it all.
It's too funny and I couldn't resist.
My DH is the one in the oversized jacket.
He was lamenting did they really dress him like this.
Um...honey, this is pretty much proof. LMAO....
I was having trouble getting it all in.
With the help of my virtual scrapping pal April
in which I totally jacked the blurb and title
she  spewed out. Which is annoying
because I always over think. Sigh!!!
Anyway, her wicked sense of humor
pulled it all together.
And I get to take the credit. 
Even though this is a "heritage" page, you can still have fun with it. They don't all neeeeed to be formal and stiff. I used Kaiser Kraft which I love, of course distressed with ink and tearing, but the arrow - is like the cherry on top. I used the journal font because it's fun and funky and heritagy. Win-win!!! Do NOT be afraid to do an "old" photo with a twist. Keeps it fresh and fun!!! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Had a blast at the Moments online crop

The challenges were fun and there were many!
These are the few I did complete as we 
had some action going on ourselves.
This first I completed was a MAZE book. 
What an adorable gift idea. No bigger than about 4x4.
 The inside was a tricky (for ME) because its all about
the cutting and folding which I had to do
Because that's how I roll.
(I follow directions sooooooooooooo well)
 This next one was a lift and I just loved this old photo of
DH's great grandmother. Websters' paper just
added to her beauty. Wish I knew more
about her.
 Because my BFF April decided to head on out of town
I jacked her challenge with my own,
All in good fun. I challenged to do a 6x12
in ice cream colors.
AND I did the cherish the "OLD" photo challenge
and did a photo of my Gram's prized
possessions which are now in MY 
possession. And
they are still cherished.
 And below was a sketch challenge and is my take. 
Again, a photo of DH's past that I couldn't
resist. His great grandfather chasing 
the American dream and opening his own
plumbing business by purchasing an
old firehouse and living above
his business With a wife and 6 kids.
They were soooooooo interesting and my DH's 
great grandmother took in people
that needed a roof and fed those that were hungry.
What a wonderful lady. 
It was a fun time and hopefully you can
pop in and have fun with us next time!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Giraffes at the Jax Zoo

The zoo had the coolest viewing stand.
You're standing practically eye-to-eye with them.
Look at the baby cooling in the shade.
 Doesn't this one not look like Geoffry (Toys R Us)?
And why do they have the girliest eyes and eye lashes.
It just seems wrong.
I want eyes like that!
 And the tongue.
For a nominal fee you can feed them just
to see the tongue. LOL!
 And really really long graceful necks.
To reach the leaves in the tall trees.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A sort of Haiku in a layout...

My mom took this rather artistic shot
of my dad. (I'm shocked mom barely got heads in)
I don't know anything more about this photo.
Not even where, and of course dad is clueless 
(insert eyeroll) lol!
As this would have been mom's story and I wanted
a bit more than a title and the word dad, I 
decided to create a sort of  Haiku then have it flow into the title.
A Haiku is Japenese poetry that doesn't rhyme.
It has 3 lines. This isn't a true Haiku
because it doesn't mention a season.
It should have 17 syllables.
So okay mine has 15, I got the 3 lines right!
AND the NO rhyming part.
I used my new 7 Gypsies paper, Teresa Collins transparency,
QK Spicy Chicken.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hanging with the Orangatangs.........

Went to the Zoo yesterday (yes again) LOL!! To practice the art of picture-taking with a friend. It was HOT HOT HOT and beyond HOTTER so we didn't hang around much. Did I mention how hot it was? I did get some fun shots of the orangatans, however, you'll need to use your imagination. The O's went from baby to full size and they are sort of orange. And they were pretty active considering how HOT it was. Fanning self while remembering. Of course there was a clown in the bunch using a piece of material as a prop while yukking it up for the crowd. And a baby that was totally mischevious, swinging from the jungle gym and annoying the adults that were snoozing in the shade because it was sooooooooooooooo HOT.

In desperate need of some really cool AC we dropped in at our  semi-local scrapbook shop K2 (because its all the way in Sarasota (insert eyeroll) and cooled off while picking up some goodies. I was going to give you a visual of said goodies, but now will need your imagination yet again. They had a first day of summer sale - 15% off and some 30% and up to 50%. Can't beat that in chilling out.
Primas because honestly, can you really have too many. Webster's Your Life, 7 Gypsies Picadilly, My Mind's Eye American made & Alphabet soup, WRMK Maple Grove and BG Lauderdale. More of those Jillybean Soup corrugated alphas because I ran out of W's of all things, Ranger - Stormy Sky because I didn't have a "blue-grey" distressed ink and seriously you can't round out a collection without it, and brown bazzill because I was running low *gasp* I know.

Happily, you'll find me at my scrappy desk today. *swoon*

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just another Manic Monday *in a sing song voice*

because that's what we do at Moments!
Have a little fun.
Get a little done!
Total win-win with getting the layouts done!
The WILD ones. 
Took a road trip with 
the Hubs and went to the ZOO.
As in by myself.
I had a blast. 
I enjoyed the kidlets. They were fun.
Because they weren't mine, I could walk away.
It wasn't crowded so I could practice/play and get shot.
All shots were done with ambient light/NO flash!
And playing and playing and playing.
With minimum/to NO cropping or photoshopping.
I love that as a photographer I'm evolving.
It was ALL manual.
Can I say PLEASED???? LOL!
Tanya and I finally met LIVE and IN PERSON. 
It is such a thrill to meet someone that you 
know as a really good friend on line.
And that friend is as sweet in person as they are on line.
And her family-was a sweet as she described in her pages.
She made me feel that I was family.
What a gift and it was sooooo cool!
AND this was a "recipe" challenge at Moments.
I cheated on the green paper.
Works for me! Snort.

Monday, June 20, 2011

On a mission............

I  forgot I had this layout done.
I know.
Love this one of Lucas chasing them eggs.
Each kidlet had been assigned a color.
And they could be anywhere.
Bo Bunny, Cosmo Cricket, QK, and I finally
used the last flower from Colorbok. I love
those flowers. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ashes in the wind.........

So what do you do when you are on vacation
and the weather is less than stellar.
Take the pictures anyway.
 After all you are a scrapper and you'll tell the story in your journaling.
Right? Right!
Because sometimes its the stuff that goes wrong,
that makes it perfect.
Because of the dry weather and careless people
wildfires have broken out in Georgia 
and parts of Jacksonville.
Prevailing winds are sending ash, heat and smoke
down the coast and into the city.
 Which makes it difficult to breath, see and take photos.
 So what does a traveler, sightseer, photographer to do?
 Go with what ya got.
I took the shots. And adjusted.
Played with settings.
Used ambient light. 
 Some of the lousy weather deterred some people.
Which works for me because for some reason
people don't see you standing there
with a camera and big honking lens
and get in your way.
Worse than drivers pulling out in front of you
and stopping.
(Back on topic). lmao.........
I'm really pleased with the shots.
Do I wish it was the perfect sunny day? 
Well doh!
However, I enjoyed the challenge.
And played.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heritage challenge at Moments!

Come on over to Moments and join in the new
round of challenges for this month.
Mine is the heritage challenge and here is goes.
Basically find a photo with no people in it, and write 
about the items in the photo that stir your memories.
I saw this polaroid, and knew my grandpop
had to have taken it.
I didn't if my gram was speedy enough to get out
of the finder range OR grandpop
was being creative.
But the focal point seems to be her big honkin purse 
right smack dab on the table.
Oh, and there's the cat (Spooky) in the window.
And then there's her "kitchen".
So being the decisive person that I am.
I talked about them all.
All 7 gypsies paper & embellies, lilybeedesigns flower.
I did bullet statements but may go back and add more.
Grandpop took the photo with his polaroid.
Gram loved antiques.
She saved a lot of buffalo nickels to remodel her kitchen.
She always carried a big handbag and a special one for Sundays.
She loved her cat and always made sure he had a spot in the window.
She loved her round table and chairs. I did too and they're in my kitchen.
Her china cabinet was never dusty.

Hanging with the hubby...................

so some travel time is involved.
Will keep you posted of the escapades.
Which hanging with DH -  is always an adventure.
Catch ya on the flip-flop.
Which is CB for CYA L8R!!
I'm a font of useless info.
Stay tuned!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A double dog dare......

I began this layout by playing with my NEW Martha Stewart
edge punch. 
First I tried it on cardstock
and then switched to patterned paper.
Kaiser *swoon*
And then of course it needed a contrast.
And some goodies.
And thus the birth of a layout without
 a photo in mind. *gasp*
It was kind of freeing.
It was kind of weird.
It was kind of cool.

I double dog dare ya to give it awhirl! And show me!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spread your wings..........

On this beautiful Sunday morning.

Please read my newly published hubs, and vote UP. If you like them please share. Thanks!!! 

Click here to read more of my hubs!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Relax and watch

the mushroom grow......
 Yeah this is ambitious as I'm gonna be this weekend.
Why not.
Who says you have to roll with your hair on fire all the time.
You don't want to miss the little things.
I love the little things.
That first cup of coffee, sweet breeze, sunshine.
Chirping birds and even the
idiot with the lawnmower at 7 a.m.
It's too hot to be in the yard any later.
Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, June 10, 2011

The next challenge!

Was a two-fer at Moments combining the Sketch challenge 
with the color challenge.
I pretty much stayed true to the sketch, and the colors
were basically use the primary colors which
LillyBee Designs just rocked on. 
Bright and colorful!
Celebrating Shane's 20th was fun.
Him and I just hanging and
talking and goofing.
Say a prayer for my boy - he needs to
find his path.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally got some mojo back by taking

on April's journaling challenge 
on Moments on
Inviting you to journal about Right NOW!
This was my take on her challenge.
I am at a wonderful time in my life, 
at a young age 
(well you'll consider it young when you get here too)
where I can do 
what I want, 
when I want.
And I'm so blessed that I have a husband who
encourages me, especially in my creativity.
Stalking wildlife  and photographing or scrapping.
And I get to travel with him. And he
knows how to travel in style.
Love that!
It just really boggles my mind because
I thought I'd always work; have a job/career.
And that I'd be bored staying at home.
Trust me I can always find something to do.

Take April's challenge AND look forward to my heritage challenge that will be happening on the 15th. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well ....(deep subject)

what started out as let's keep it easy; find a photo - maybe a quote or three  upload to the old blog so you know I'm still here because the mojo has totally left the building,  evolved into a major safari photo hunt.

Why you ask?

Well you'd think it'd be easy. Sadly there are many ways because I'm all about organization. Snort.

I keep them in a file aptly named, most of the time. They can only be in one of 19384193849349348 places as I have two computers my regular one and a laptop that travels with me; on trips and inside the house because well its convenient to use in my chair and on the lanai. SOOOOOO I just need to remember of course, which one any given phot its on. Of course wirelessly bound, I can surf back and forth.  And then there are the 3-4 photo editing packages where of course certain photos are uploaded because really, why keep them in just ONE, then there are a couple of external terabyte drives and the DH's Macdaddy is in the mix because that's the BIG back up. Nothing painful about that.


Heavy Sigh.

So now I'm trying to ROUND them all up. Move them to ONE external drive. Make sure ALL 4 library photos are in there. AND on DH's drive.

To save for posterity. pulling hair out upset smiley

on a side note: In the course of putting this post together, I went out to the smiley place to get some smileys just to add to the writings because they do well make you smile and managed to download a virus or 81. MAC was all over it in a heartbeat and cleaned it up quickly. Whew! The above smiley was NOT among the infected (different site). Beware NOT ALL SMILEYs are cute and adorable. Oh and to get them to move you neeeeeed the HTML version, what I downloaded were not.

So as you end a sentence please use your own imagination as to what cute adorable little smiley would've have made you laugh, snort or just smile. Thank you!

Monday, June 6, 2011

After stalking the UPS man

who's feet barely touched the ground before
I was snatching my box right out of his hands.
My lens. *Swoon*
I missed my baby.
It's a Tamron 18-270 that wouldn't auto focus
So I had to send it back which they did have a pretty 
good turnaround. Patience grasshopper! 
Snort. As if.
 So after I had my lens.
The stalking of wildlife commenced.
And this female anahinga was
the only living thing out there.
In the wilds.
But she is pretty. 
And blends
in nicely with her surroundings.
Because of my stealthy ninja techniques.
And long lens.
She had no idea I was capturing
her preening a posing.
Wondering if I need a model's release.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The challenges are up for the first of the month

at Moments SO come on over and join in the fun!!! 
This month ONE-Little-Word is YUM! 
And this is adorable little Owen having his first taste of food.
Have a great day!
Don't forget Scrappin' the Moments is looking for
Design Team Members.
Check it out!!
We have a great time and fun-talented ladies!
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