Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Owen rocks the flower pot!

Along w/the Fancy Pants Kraft Kuts line and some memory makers alpha stickers. I just love the photo taken by my favorite SIL Kevin. The whole photo shoot just rocked. I have more. bwahahahaha!! So okay I did go the cliched route for the title but daaanngg!!! How could you not. Well seriously I couldn't get passed that lol!!! Ah well. I have ALOT more where this came from to come up w/something a bit more uncliched. snort. as if.
Did I mention Owen is excited to come to Florida to hang w/Grammy and Grandpop??? Well he is. And we can't wait to see him.

Monday, April 27, 2009

FINALLY!!!! Some dolphin came out to play....

and was I ready???? NOOOOOO!!!! Plus they were double teaming - left side, right side. It was worse than a tennis match going back and forth. There were six - eight and they were on both sides. Jumping at the same time, staying under and having me GUESS when they were gonna jump next. I had no idea which way to look or to point the camera. LOL!!! Anyway it was fun watching them play and I was sooooo glad to see them back with us. I've been a long time jonsing for my friends.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter '09

The grandkids opening their bunny gifts. Fun stuff. Love the Fancy Pants line-Kraft Kuts. IT'S PERFECT for Easter. Totally. Have a few more pix to go (which I know totally surprises you) lol! Enjoy!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another fun challenge from flashback friday

.....the challenge, scrap a baby pic of you. And this is me in all my 9 months glory. LOL!!! I was a chubby thing as was my kidlets. I was driving myself crazy about a title and even virtual batting ideas back and forth w/my pal April, and in the end we both agreed w/the initial which by the way was made from the Prima packaging, it just totally matched the colors perfectly. Now the fun thing about this lo is that it LOOKS like I put a TON of effort in it. SURPRISE, there are only SIX things on this lo: pic, flowers (prima), sassafrass lass journal tag, QK-spicy chicken. and the base paper and the ribbon. Can't beat that.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Every now and then iPhoto

surprises me. Love this photo collage of my sweet grandbabies having fun at Easter. I think its too funny that two of them (different locations) are stylin w/their sunglasses. They are so ready for a Florida vacation. (hint hint). Saw Connor, the one eating the package, crawl across the floor yesterday on webcam. Christopher was at school. And Owen has a couple of teeth. They are growing up way to fast. Can't wait to see them live and in person!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

After driving down the back roads.......

through Arcadia several times, I finally was able to STOP and take photos along the way. While the back roads LOOK deserted, they're pretty well traveled. AND you don't see the cool stuff 'til you've blown by. Slamming on the brakes and pulling over is sometimes not an option. However, I was able to do that twice without getting plowed into by really big trucks that seem to own this road. There were so many other cool pix, and maybe next time, I'll get the rustic red barn, and the different herds lolling around in the fields. Very cool trees standing tall and alone in the middle of nothing and hopefully the sky will cooperate. The sky was grey and overcast when I headed back home. I had a great time with my friend doing girly things. Lunch and shopping. And the cherry on the day, grabbing some cool pix. Did I remember to get pix of the two of us???? OH NO, we we're way too busy catching up. So now that we are caught up. Pix are on the agenda for next time. Sigh. What was I thinking. lol!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rock Star. snort.

This flashback Friday's challenge was to go back to your teen years and the music you listened too. Of course I had visions of grandeur and just didn't "listen", I believed I'd be a "rock star". This is also a random memory, an idea I lifted from Debi T, 2 peas, in which you have a story but not a picture to go with it, so you pick a photo you don't have a story for and wa-la. LAYOUT! Love that. Used some stash on this which rocks. Snort. Bo Bunny, bazzill, QK blossom & swirl, and some fabric my pal Brooke gave me. Perfect match.

journaling: Staying at Gram and Grandpop’s house was fun. You could do things there you never could do at home. Like “blast” your records in mom’s old bedroom. I’m talkin’ 45’s on a phonograph turned way UP. Of course the full length mirror perfectly positioned on the closet door right next to the phonograph added to the allure that I was gonna be a “ROCK STAR” when I grew up. The phonograph could only play one 45 (and sometimes 33 1/3, at a time, so the songs had to be lined up in advance; THEN, of course no star worth their salt sang on stage without their hairbrush as a mic AND a hip outfit. Yup. I had the coolest dress, above the knee *gasp* with a zipper offset on the front (learned real quick to safety pin that puppy because boys can be, well, boys); blue and gold, my school colors. It was also polyester double knit (ick) but rockin’ for the time. So once I was outfitted, the songs lined up, the mirror cleared of all hanging clothes, *I* was ready to step on stage and sing my heart out. (Here I must add that my Gram, bless her heart, told me I was an awesome singer. Finding out that it was not true broke my heart; I sang so bad I made the cat howl). But this was my delusional daydream that was alot of fun. I sang to some greats like Leslie Gore’s You Don’t Own Me (one of my favs still today), Elvis Presley’s Crying in the Chapel, EARLY Beatles, ANYTHING The Four Seasons because well Frankie could hit the high notes. Of course along with the singing came the dancing, the dramatic pouts and smiles, eye closing and flirting and the knowledge that when the music swelled and crescendoed while I was dancing and singing in front of the mirror proved that *I* was one with the beat. *I* was a rock star.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

cold red nose

Isn't he just too stinkin' cute??? My lil Conman. I get to see him on the webcam which rocks, he'll know my voice and he types insane messages LOL. Just like Grammy. And Jill Tetreault takes awesome pix of my boy. Well. Jillybean soup just CALLED his name. Yeah Yeah I know it looks similar to the one below. Well doh! I had left over paper. But check out the colors. Way cool. And a flower on a boy lo. He'll be stronger for it. lmao....He just so looks like Nick, and I'd prove it if I could get to our shared drive, but alas, technology stinks in this case, and let me tell you, When I EVER get to that drive I'm transfering EVERYTHING, because I'm so going crazy of not having the photos I want WHEN I want. It's a scrapper thing. bwahahahaha!
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