Sunday, February 24, 2008

Putting sunshine in your day.....

that started out gray, overcast and misty. So misty I took my glasses off because the wipers weren't working and I couldn't see. snort. And as I was riding along, with Shane sort of by my side-lol, I began thinking that by the time we get to church I'll be looking like a wild woman, because the hair is gonna be outta control from the mist and humidity, my make up w/be frightening and my nose running(not a pretty sight). And just when I was contemplating more gloomy thoughts, Shane shot ahead of me. And made me smile. He swerved, he jumped, he twirled. He was taking joy in the day, being out on his bike, doing tricks, having fun. And I watched as he delighted in landing the tricks and took off to do more tricks. This was his sunny day. And he made it my sunny day. I forgot about the wild-do, the runny make up and nose and just watched him play and suddenly it wasn't so gloomy anymore. He made me realize what mattered. Finding joy in whatever you do. How innocent. How simple. How Shane.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse.............awesome!

With the help of my darling sweet *snort* favorite youngest son, we took got this rawkin awesome photo of the eclipse. For some reason the flash on my little nikon would just not go off. grrrr!!!! Anyway didn't see the directions for "HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS OF THE ECLIPSE" until this morning when I was trying to find out what the planet is. snort. You gotta be fearless and just take the shot. lol!!! and in the words of one of my favorite scrappin stars - "IT'S OKAY!!!! Love that.
I know the slice of planet you see in the lower right is NOT Saturn. Saturn is upper left. which for some reason we couldn't focus in. I did see the triangle (just like scrappin-rule of thirds) when I was not behind the viewfinder. If anyone knows which planet that is I'd appreciate knowing.
Off to figure out how to download photos from my camera. Ack! It speaks of a USB cable. arrrgghh!! Yeah I have one of those laying around. snort.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Double Dog Dare Challenge #6

The CHALLENGE - is to make your own background paper *gasp*. I have to admit I so didn't embrace this challenge. AT.All. However, I was so inspired by the launch of Atlantis that when I thought about space travel, my thoughts went back to the first one's that were awed by the stars, Aristotle, Galileo, etc.*gasp* *I* was thinking. scary. So taking a "LIFT" from Leonardo Da Vinci's - you know "the man" one I broke out my Heidi Swapp stamps, and ghost clock, and ck # stamps - I was totally pleased with the results and how it tells my vision. WOW! *deep stuff for lynn.snort* Anyway take it for a test drive - because I'm so pleased to have another tool/technique in my aresenol. hooo-ah!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Atlantis rises

from the smoke. and OMG ! it was awesome. We got a little closer this time. For sure. You could HEAR the roar and FEEL the thunder. It's totally absolutely positively AWESOME!!!!

Of course I DIDN'T have my gigabit card. Left that at home. heavy sigh. Left off the 2x teleconverter because it wouldn't autofocus. grrr! AND put the 70-300 on. However, I did have my 256 card. success! Not that it makes a diff on the photos. I had to go to manual. Again. Could I remember the settings. Um....NOOOOOOOOOOO! All I could remember was the ISO needed to be 200. Couldn't remember the aperature. REALLY heavy sigh. So I approached a photographer that had "ALL THE GEAR". Asked him. Just GOT the camera didn't know. Wasn't thinking about it. REALLY REALLY HEAVY sigh. So I faked it. AND with the use of my favorite photo shop software. I GOT THIS. Wooo HOO!!!.

Also got a Rosiate Spoonbill (according to dh) in flight. Soaring over head, being admired as all the cameras that went off. Also had a gator posing as well. DH said that it was a mechancial gator w/a camera on for survellience. snort. He came on shore and posed for pictures. It was funny really just bobbin around and turning toward the crowd. He had the poser thing down and no one was in danger as there was a DITCH between him and us. I was further up the hill not being impressed as I have them out in our canal. smirk.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Roses in February...

the month of LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE! sigh. and I have this beauty blooming right outside my garage. How pretty and what a bright and colorful start to the new month. PS I think DH did it so as to not buy flowers. snort. Nah! He buys me flowers for no reason. Love that for sure.
Got a late start this morning, so everyone was scrambling. Hate that because it seems you NEVER get caught up. However, I did stop not only to SMELL the roses, but to take a pic of it. Ok this is getting icky. smirk. WAY TOOO MUCH syrup this early.
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