Monday, November 30, 2009

Rock On.......

Love the SBE templates (219) and yes I'm almost through them. bwahaha!!! Which I'm sure you'll appreciate when I'm done. However, it was very cool to use in telling this story. My DH's parents would come down to visit every year and the last time they actually drove (which was a good thing it was their last for all other drivers on the road), they brought Tom's rocking chair and a fire engine he used to play with. (The fire engine lives on our shelf in the living room. Very cool vintage). Anyhoo, the chair was in really really bad shape. Our good friend Bill, a carpenter fixed the things that were falling off. And SHOOT ME as the family documenter that I didn't take a picture of it in that sad state. GRRRR!!!! However, I did pick it up prior to the sanding, and painting, and sanding and painting. SHOOT ME again I didn't photos of the packing and sending either. Sigh. BUT Tom got to see and take photos of his little man sitting in his chair. I'm so glad it was saved, and was able to be fixed and passed on to the next generation. Rocking awesome.
Materials: bo bunny pp (yum-0), ki chipboard, cosmo alpha chipboard. noteworthy, qk vixen (yes, again). I'm a creature of habit when it continues to work. SHOOT ME. bwahahaha! (I also put a "child's book" together for Owen through Kodak and it came out beautifully. It was really fun to write the story......of Owen's Little Red Rocking Chair.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wedding Album...........Cover

new and improved. Took Rita's suggestion and added the flower, toille and button to the front just gave it that lil something extra. Thanks my friend. Love the new look.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Flashback Friday 11.20.09.....I went Digi Again!!

Which seriously when I'm less than chatty. bwahaha! As if. So the challenge was to scrap about games we played when we were young. Of course I couldn't pick one, but I did pick like the top 5. I downloaded the images from the internet and actually used PSE 6 for the ENTIRE THING. gasp.faint.thud. lmao......

So I made the images transparent so I could write over top of them and it was stark white. So AFTER it was ALL said and done, of course I decided it needed something more. So I went to my paltry choices of digi stuff and found a background from Cottage arts FREE. I also used TXT Jersey for the title and used Stone Sans ITC TT that I downloaded somewhere free and the site escapes me. Sigh. If someone pops on here that knows it feel free to let me know. (I do know it wasNOT free fonts). It was a designer from 2 peas. It took a bit of manipulating. Well ok I had to start the design from scratch to add the background, HOWEVER, PSE 6 was not as annoying as it had been. GASP. WOW. FAINT. THUD.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wedding Album...........

oooooooooooo don't cha just love this Bo Bunny Edgy album. Wow!!! Anyway I thought it was perfect especially since the bride loves green. Used a lot of my stash too which is a plus. The Deja View rubons - I had a love/hate relationship w/them. I love how they look - they just don't go on easy. Lots of bling, ribbon.
However, the think the pages need something more. Of course I left out a journaling block. Sigh But the bride can always write on the book itself. Anyway I love the overall look, there's just something missing. HELP!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Goth on.....

get it??? game on, goth on. Well alrighty then, had to be there. snort. Anyway.....I had a blast this Halloween dressing up. It's been years. Really. So I jumped in, and wanted something that I could do my job w/o a costume getting in the way. Only problem was the fake lip ring, which was really an earring prop made it difficult to talk so I had to take it out, and it was also against store policy. Leave it to me to unwittingly break a rule or two. Anyway the peeps at work are still stunned. The ole lady went goth. bwahaha. Keeps them on their toes. Love that.

I FINALLY GOT TO USE MY TIM HOLTZ GRUNGEBOARD SKULL & CROSSBONES. WOOO HOOOO!!! It took me awhile b/c I couldn't decide what colors I wanted. I didn't have any Halloween paper, but the colors on this awesome die cut circle by MM were perfect. So I could be goth and girlie at the same time. Can we say oxymoron??????snort. Anyway a little sassafrass lass, primas (no lo is perfect w/o them) bling (again) and qk Vixen font. Vixen get it. like all girlie and sexy. SNORT. (laughing uncontrollable here-feel free to jump in). However I am liking the black hair. Wouldn't that be a change. {{{{CHHAANNGGEEE}}}} whole 'nother ball o' wax. guffaw.

Friday, November 13, 2009

flashback Friday the 13th.

The challenge was to do a lo of a veteran. I chose to go back to my "wayback" machine lol!!! and dig in my Roots Journal (that was Year's in the making) for this challenge.
Charles Altemus is my great grandfather and a handsome man. There is debate on which National Guard, Infantry, Calvary he served in. I have 3 different accounts all documented here. He was an interesting man.

My roots journal is a very informal, diary style book that has stories based on what my aunts, documentation, and could tell me. It was years in the making researching, confiscating pix and rooting out long forgotten stories. I consider this one of my best accomplishments based on the fact when I took it to a family reunion I had to watch it like a hawk. People lusted after it. No better praise than that. Smirk.

journaling: My handsome, manly great grandfather was quite the adventurer. According to Aunt Florence he was either in the NJ or PA Nat'l Guard. According to an online source, Charles was in the infantry - the crossed rifles - and the photo was taken about 1885 (id'd by the cream/white chevrons). Charles may also have been in the calvary as well. He also traved to California and Alaska to find his fortune. At one time Charles & Ida owned Altermus Haberdashery on Northampton St., Easton PA from 1910-1918. He also had a clothing store in the early 1900's. According to Aunt Florence they were well off until the stock market fell. According to a newspaper article interviewing my nana (his daughter) Charles served in the Easton Nat'l Guard. He died of a stroke while working on their farm later in life.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flashback Friday - on Sunday

because that's when I got it done. Took a couple of days to do because I couldn't make up my mind on the photo, as the challenge was to use a less than stellar photo and there were lots to choose from. lol! AND, I couldn't decide on the papers, design, embellies. AND the title. I'm sure your appreciate the creativeness that went into that title. Snort.

However, you can't go wrong w/CI die cut pp, Foofala (yum), primas (so very necessary), Melissa Frances photo turn & card, QK katie (love that font too) & swirl, and Tim Holtz grunge board. Bling lots of bling is an absolute must. And walnut stain by Ranger. Yum-o. My go to ink next to Van Dyke Brown. bwahahaha. Teresa Collins ruler and MM noteworthy (those are so cool). Love that it all came together.

This is a photo of my great great grandparents Anderson's home. It appears that the entire family is having a great time on the porch spilling out into the yard. I can sort of identify a couple of people but because its soooo blurry, ID's are tough at best, and some I really don't know who they are.
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