Friday, April 30, 2010

Flashback Friday 4.30 'just because'

The challenge this week was about flowers, gardens, anything you got that was special to you. This one was actually ready made. Literally. I blogged about this a couple of years ago and MADE it into a lo for this challenge. Had the picture, journaling all set. (Can't beat that!-Love the easy ones lol) Just needed a great vehicle which Pink Paislee provided, along with prima pp & flowers, QK emily & katie and hambly and toille. Most of this was from one of my Bad Girl Kits. Love the girly look.

journaling: You may think this is just a bowl of dead roses. Well in a way you may be right. But wait, these aren't just your average ordinary dead bunch of roses. This is a special potpourri that my sweet DH made out of the roses we have in our front yard that had lost their bloom. He deftly plucked off the mostly dead blooms and hunted up a really pretty dish to put them in. Isn't that thoughtful and sweet??? I thought so. Gotta just love a thoughtful guy! I'm glad he's mine. (Shades of mush *insert eyeroll*. Ack. Shhh...don't tell anyone. bwahahaha!)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flashback Friday 4.23 'always there'

Well its on Wednesday what can I ended in Y bwahahaha!!! So last week's challenge was to do a layout over something your mother would shake her head at. Since I had A TON of them literally (my bro and I were hellions) I picked one. However, I'm sure I'll be back with others. snort. So this one is about my NEW CAR. 1972 VW bug. yeah baby I rocked back in the day. lmao......and Cosmo Cricket Joy Ride. Well. 'nuf said b/c it's sooo perfect for this challenge. QK dragonfly (i really need to break out of this font) and the ever present prima. YUM!!!! If you'd like to play in this week's challenge - is about flowers, gardens (veggies included) green thumbs, any special you got corsages, etc. I'd love to see your take. So link me up baby!

journaling: This is my first car. Now, parents should KNOW that when your offspring gets their first car, they should NOT tell said offspring NOT to drive their car - especially if its the first day said car is in their possession. So with that in mind, after said parents left to DO something, I hopped in my new car to go over to my best pal Leta’s house to show off said car. Well on the way home, my new car stopped dead. And no matter what, wouldn’t start. There were NO CELL phones in this day. *gasp* I know. So I had the flashers on debating whether to walk to the gas station; when a young couple with a baby stopped to help. Explained my predicament, TOLD them parents had NO IDEA. But they didn’t have what they needed to tow me home. And they wouldn’t leave me alone. So LORD HELP ME, I hopped into the car with them and they drove what seemed to be MILES to get the tools they needed. So I’m now not only edgy because I NEED to beat the parents home, but I have no clue where I’m going and OMG! was this a good idea getting in the car. They towed me home, where my anxious brother was waiting and helped push the car up the drive and get it in the original position (which wasn’t quite there). What a blessing they were. SOoooo brother and I are awaiting the parents arrival on pins and needles because a. my NEW car doesn’t start and b. my new car won’t start. So mom comes in and we practically attack her (without trying to unduly attract dad’s attention (he just wasn’t the cool one lmao and was SOOOO clueless about a lot of stuff) to tell mom my sad story. So she said she KNEW something was up, keep MUM about it (HA!) and to wait until morning. So the next morning mom cleverly tells dad they NEED to go to the store and why don’t THEY test drive my car to make sure it good to go. So they hop in, turn the key and *gasp* nothing happens. They check all the gauges and they’re looking good. They call the dealer and the dude comes out w/some gas. Seems my gas gauge wasn’t working properly and I was out of gas. Dang. So simple. EVERY new car from then on ALWAYS had a full tank just in case (but I digress). Back to mom, SHE WAS AND HAS been always like that. No matter what we had going on and what plots we were doing. Mom was always there.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Yes I am. I'm a sucker for impish grins, my husband has one, my kid's used their's unabashedly, and grandbabies. OHMYJUSTSTICKAFORKINMEI'MDONE. Really, seriously. I'm a sucker. I can be bought. I can be charmed. I can be imp'd (my version of punked). So there. Below is my grandson, a total image of my firstborn. I'm talking dejavu which I will do a layout on that one day. Can he be any cuter. Can he be more charming. Can he just take me back in time.

Look at that grin. With a lollypop. Can you imagine the hair one that sucker??? because. really a bribe.....
is a bribe. and trust me. I totally did bribes. lmao....................................Now where is my DH w/the impish grin when I need him....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

March of Dimes....walking for the babies

WE are a motley crew lol!!! But we had a great time. Thanks to Lisa T/Sam's for getting us all togther, and those who participated. L=R Sarah, Lisa C, Stacy, Kristina, Moi, & Lisa T.It was a 3 mile walk - and I haven't done ANYthing in a long time beside cruise through the club. That was so not training. lmao.....
As you can see we took the walk very seriously, snort.
A good day with friends. Even the pokey ones!! lmao.....we were all there at one point.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Girl's day in......

Going w/an Italian bistro look. snort. Some beautiful roses. We had a wonderful time. We started eating at about 1:15 p.m. and didn't stop until about 8:30 p.m. when we had desert. We so didn't let the rainy, damp day discourage us. Roasted garlic bread w/parmegian-reggiano cheese (broiled) topped w/brouschette. Salad of course. Baked ziti. YUM!!! Dessert was fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I needed this day because earlier I received news that my sweet sweet beloved SIL Terry passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and hopefully I can be w/them to celebrate her life. Which was why the heavens weeped.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flashback Friday 4.16 'ageless'

I had a blast w/this and went in a completely different direction than planned especially after I bought this paper - Prima Marketing, along w/all the flowers lol!!! THIS WAS MY CHALLENGE bwahaha! and it was a bit more challenging than I thought. The challenge was to do a comparison between 3 generations. Digging through the pictures to find pix for each of us in the same age range had me digging through the WAY-back box AND hitting the backups. Finally I stumbled up 2 ranges were we are w/in 2 or 3 years of each other. I also tried to get the similar in dress and or pose, but alas that was tough to do as well. Alot of gaps in pictures sadly, as life happens, sometimes that is/was not a priority. QK added the titles and sub, mm vellum tags - broke them out from WAY-back stash. lmao..... and journaling strips = love those and used LDJ noodge font downloaded free from dafont because it was funky and fun. And the washer have no idea where that came from especially if dh is umm...hunting for one. bwahahaha!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mama-Razzi WHOA!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this from Bo Bunny, It so totally rocks and w/B&W's can we say YUM! Some ribbon, a tag, and of course pop a prima in there. WOO HOO!!! Love this pic of my Connor. Can't ever go wrong w/a cutie patootie. Really. and stunning how brief this is. who knew??? lmao.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Avid Eager Ready

Love this shot of Owen hanging out the window waiting for the train at Turtleback Zoo. Which as a matter of fact goes perfectly with the Cosmo Cricket Let's Ride line. bwahahaha!!! Just happened to pick some up and wa-la the perfect photo just plops into my iphoto (which is still not working correctly) sigh. And my techno geek can't get to it for a few days. But I digress as usual. lol!!! Used my new holidays font from QK's. And circle punches, lugged them babies out and put them to work on papers that already had the circles there, wooohooo!!

I hope his approach to life is exactly this way.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

Found this adorable paper by Reminisce and forgot about 'til I was looking for something else of course. The mojo was flowing when I saw this set of pictures. Especially the last one. It's just too funny. An OH-OH moment for sure. snort. Anyway I didn't want an obvious title, sooooo I went to my "Top Titles" book and there ya go. Don't need a lot of journaling. Pretty much obvious. Just love the looks. Thanks to my fav SIL I have pix. bwhahaha!
Actually did THREE lo's yesterday and I'm gonna milk those puppies out for the next 2 days. Bwahahaha!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I just couldn't resist this picture....

First off, its just too stinking cute. my little con man. bwawahaha!!! just totally entranced. And how adorable are those little overalls. Wellll....on a whim I picked up Nikki Silvas paper, and how adorable is that??? Mixed in is Bo Bunny I bought at the same time and didn't realize how perfect they were together until this photo came along. I LOVE DIE CUT SHAPES. YUM!!! A couple of bees sacrificed their antennas in the cutting out process. LOL!!! Just another adventure in scrapbooking with Lynn. snort.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playing w/my art journal....

Played w/some paint and emphemera. Trying to get my thoughts out there. Which aren't coming together very well. Vision I played w/glimmmermist, rubons, some really old paper and thickers.
My vision of being a grammy and the reality of it. Two different things and I'm in the process of melding the two. And resolve it to my satisfaction which at best is not satisfying. The whole long distance thing bites.

Anyhoo, playing was fun even if it produced a downer because realistically is everyone always up???? Nope. But on the bright side, they are happy and healthy!!! And adorable. I'm feeelllinnng muuuuch better now. lol!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Had a wonderful time as usual, and the Easter bunny made an appearance. Delish!!!!Some egg hunters sorting through their loot. The kidlets of course outdid the grown ups in their searching and finding skills.
Because we so cleverly HID the eggs. bwahahahaha!
Beautiful flowers.......
and a lovely view on a lovely day filled w/lovely friends. Life is Good!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Flashback Friday 4.2 My Towns

So someone needs to tell me where March went. I mean really.....

So the challenge was to write about our hometown. Since I was nestled between 2. I embraced them all. A hybrid was called for because well I was shall we say a bit windy. And I know that just baffles most of you, because I am the soul of brevity. bwhahaha! AND now for the bridge I'll be selling ya.

So this Karen Foster is the second choice. I wanted to print on patterned paper instead of cardstock. The first paper which was totally cool - and oldie but goodie as well was Overton House by EK. When I first printed it, it was in fast draft b&w. Shazbot!!!! So I flipped it and that's when my printer devoured the paper. Sheesh. Anyway I really liked my third choice (can't count either). Added the autumn leaves swirls & primas of course. I was going to go red, white and blue but that seemed kind of obvious and heaven forbid that happen *insert eyeroll*. So I attempted to pull the colors out of the itty bitty picture of our house. OH and I need to learn to measure *insert more eyerolls* because I nipped the sides a bit too much and almost whacked the towns off that I so cleverly inserted in there and made opaque, all because I felt the NEED to back it on some black c/s. snort.sigh.

I should start an ADVENTURES IN SCRAPBOOKING WITH LYNN because it seems each one is an adventure and challenge of its own. Just saying...........lmao....

journaling: We lived in rural Williams Township, my Aunt across the field had a Hellertown address, while we had an Easton address. We called long distance. We all went to the same high school, in Wilson Borough. Go figure. Since I had grandparents in both little towns, we hung out in each.

I do admit that I liked Hellertown the best. My grandparents lived in a location where you could walk anywhere in the city, therefore there was a lot more to do. The neighbors had kids my age and we hung out. We hung out at the community pool for days on end (not good for my because I can’t tell how burned I would get and the agony that it would be (no a/c in those days). We hung out behind the school where they had all kinds of games to play and crafts to make.

Living rural and going to school in the borough made after school life interesting. The late bus was the only way to get home (unless picked up - tough with a one car family and dad did shift work) and a LONG walk home. After dark in the winter which mostly it was winter lol.

Then of course there were all the kids in the hood in rural Williams Township. We had a blast. We rode our bikes, hung out at each other’s houses, played pump pump tag (and if I have to explain....), camped out mixing up the genders with no thought of sex (seriously) in the same tent. Rode sleds in the winter, ice skated on the frozen ponds. We played ice hockey - I was the goalie ONLY because I was the only one who couldn’t skate and swing the stick at the same time. Snort.

Easton was fun, we had cousins there and hung out. My Uncle Dave who was only ten years older had friends who were very cool to be seen with. The best part in the summer was sitting on the front porch and chatting with all the neighbors doing the same.

Grocery and clothes shopping was mostly done in Easton, Bethlehem.

Hospitals were located in Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown.

Schools were in Easton, Hellertown, Wilson Borough.

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