Sunday, July 30, 2017

Scappy time on the road

Again, let me apologize for the photo, cropping.
Totally awkward.
Anyway its fun and since I rearranged stuff
I wasn't as annoyed tonight.

Using Pink Fresh and various embellishments.
Got some photoshopping to do and
hoping for more downtown tomorrow.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Roosevelt National Park

What another beautiful park that is chockful
of wildlife.
We hit the trifecta of all wildlife:
wild horses
prairie dogs
Quaint little town that rolls its sidewalks up 
way too early.
 Prairie dogs - 100's of them all over
these fields.
 Elk coming out of the ravine to check things out.
 Bison - were everywhere.
 Baby bison too were all part of the traffic jam
happening in the park about sunset.
 These deer crossed the road, and we stopped of course
to gawk. The deer kept looking back across
the road and we couldn't see what they were looking at
but all of sudden they crossed back over to the right side.
Still didn't see anything.
 Bison rolling in the dirt.
 He was a big guy too.
 Feels better now.
 Wild horses.
Were they running through the ravine with their
manes flying.
 This buffalo strolled on down this hill.
and of course, I didn't post the ENTIRE walk.
I was actually outside of the RV when he started
his stroll and when he got the bottom
he looked right at me so I hot-footed back in the RV
and he casually strolled right in front of me like
he had no plans and walked into the sunset.
So cool.
This photo looks better here than on my FB page.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Got some scrappy pages done

Whine ALERT!
I seriously brought too much stuff and while I
did get nine pages done, it was
I spent a lot of time looking for things, rearranging
things and hunting for things I laid
down 2 minutes ago.
Also, I apologize for the quality of the photos
but I have to strike while the internet is hot.

 So far my decision to use up my Pink Fresh stash
has worked out. 
I went to 4 Michael stores out here to pick up
my favorite pocket pages and none
of them had it.
It appears they're not stocking PL pocket pages in their stores.
 I decided to use the campground map for this page
of my scrappy spot.
It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit windy, to scrap outside.

 Picked up these free post cards and decided to pop
them in this pocket page.
They fit perfect and I'm leaving the backsides alone
so peeps can read the chockful of info on the back.

 I do love these patches from the parks and I think
I've picked up one from each park - or close to it.
They also have coins too.
I had almost caught up LOL.
As if that's even possible, but hopefully I'll
get another break soon.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rollin' down Montana Roads

Love the monochromatic look of this.
If you look close there are two birds in that nest
that perches on the of a stick, basically.
Anyway, the sun was trying to come out, there was
a haze from the fires.
We were just coming from our boondocking at Lost Johnny Campground
that was really amazing.
While walking around the camp, right there in a
field, no 15 feet from us was a doe scarfing down some grass.
We kind looked at each other and decided all was well
and she went back to eating.
Later, she actually strolled through our camp.
Could have touched her out my window.
And of course, no camera.
 This is part of the Hungry Horse dam
that we had to roll over in order to get to the campground.
 This crane sits up on the dam.
 I was really disappointed that there was no water flowing
over, not even a trickle, however, you could hear the hum of power.
 Then there was this landscape that is just
soooooo pretty riding down the highway.
 Couldn't help I do have a million more but I 
only picked out a few for you.
You're welcome 😊

 Then, sadly, we came upon this sight.
Fire department putting out a trailer fire.
 Hopefully all came out of it alive.

 It happened in Sun River, Montana.
 And another dam - Black Eagle on the Missouri River.
It is huge and I love all the flowing water.

This little guy came to great us at our camp
and did a great job posing.
 Isn't he cute?
I'm assuming he. 
 Then decided some chillin' was required.
So cool. 
He's still out there as we speak, chillin'.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Meeting up with friends on the road

Of course this caught my fancy on the way to Long Campground
in Idaho where we will be meeting up and hanging
for a few days with our friends Paul and Sharon.
We were able to meet up with them a couple years ago and it was so
much fun.
 It was a beautiful ride along the Clearwater River.
 Of course we went exploring and poked our
collective noses into all kinds of things.
 This was the first courthouse in Pierce Idaho
built in 1862. The town evolved when a gold rush
happened in the area on the Nez Perce's land (pronounced Nez Purse).
Anyway a treaty was drawn up because of all the trespassing
going on and the Nez Perce lost 90% of their land.
The gold ran out and basically left the Nez Perce pretty much screwed.
 We then went to the Logging Museum that
had lots of stuff.
Naturally I photographed what interested me.
 First off, my gram had both of these items.
The wringer washer was in the basement where every
Monday she did the laundry and hung it outside.
The tub on the wall was where I had baths when I was a
kidlet in the middle of her kitchen. 
 As you may or may not know I had a career in the telephone
company (GTE) and my first job was the cord board.
NOT as old as this one mind you,
but it was a fun job.
 My aunt Toot (short vowels there) had one of these babies
and she used to love to sew and passed it on to my
cousin Judy. I, too loved to sew but I was never as good
as either of these two.
 This is a logger's cabin.
 It was cozy with just the essentials.
Except for those things that are essential to me, i.e., running 
water and a bathroom.
Just sayin....
 Check out the locomotive bell that was used
as a dinner bell at the logging camp.
 Sharon and I were really hot on finding out what the
heart of the monster was all about.
And here it is in a nutshell....
A monster was eating all of the animals. Coyote fooled the monster into swallowing him. Using a set of stone knives that he had brought with him, Coyote cut apart the monster from the inside to release all of the animals that were trapped in the monster. Upon emerging from the remains of the monster, Coyote cut it up and threw the pieces all over the land, creating the Indian people who inhabit the land. Fox asked Coyote about the land around the monster, it had no people, what was he to do? As Coyote washed the blood of the monster off his hands, the drops became the Nez Perce.

My artistic approach to black eyed susies that
were abundant in our campground.
 More Clearwater river pix.

And doesn't that railroad bridge make you swoon.

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