Thursday, April 3, 2014

Designing pages without photo(s) in mind

Lately I've been doing that on a lot of pages. I grab some papers and embellishments and then proceed to play around with paints, mists and masks in some cases.
I used some mists on this but basically kept it simple. I also added some labels, stars and rubon with words that I normally don't do on a page without a photo because I have no idea which way it'll turn.
On my posts about mists and paints is where I got carried away with them and that page was also designed without a photo in mind.

It's not that I don't have any pictures its that none of them are "speaking" to me at the moment. 
And that's okay.
It also doesn't mean that the creating on the page stops here either. I may add more "stuff"; especially a title and journaling will be on there but maybe a mat or more embellishments and mists. But for now I think I'll let it sit awhile and "stew."
It's kind of a fun to design pages without photos and I've been doing that quite a bit lately. The after designing hunting down the photo(s) that will "FIT." Usually my problem is that my mats are too small for 4x6 photos or I design it for portrait instead of landscape, and the majority of my photos are landscape. Doh.
I'm envisioning maybe a b&w photo strip or maybe portrait.
We shall see.
Also lately, life seems to get in the way and socializing is interfering with scrapping. However, isn't that a conundrum - you need to socialize to get the photos to scrap. And this week it seems I don't have a stash of pages to blog about. I need to work on that.

Therefore, Just for giggles and grins you design a page without a photo in mind.
Page designed using ALL studio calico except for twine and tag.


  1. This is looking awesome, Lynn! Can't wait to see what it looks like all finished up...whenever that is. :)

  2. This looks amazing. You know I have never been able to do a page without a picture.

  3. I have a hard time starting a page without photos, I think they are my inspiration. I'll have to shake things up and try this :) ~ looks great!!!


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