Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just love using new

paper when I first get it. Pink paisley just totally rocks and I'm really into the license plate scalloped bazzill. Its perfect. Rusty pickle touches of the ruler and tag make it perfect and of course the picture of Pappap, that looks just like dad rocks. Love my new Heidi Swapp clock and 7 gypsies photo turn. yumo!!! My pal and I had a great, if not FAST road trip yesterday to pick up the NEW products from K2 and Made for Memories. Although we should've waited until AFTER Vera Bradley made her appearance. Sigh!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Locked & Loaded. Very scary

especially if you know my youngest son. He's...well he's just Shane. But this lo was a long time coming and I'm so glad I found the perfect paper - Bo Bunny extreme. This lo is also more about the story behind it as well, because Shane usually acts FIRST, thinks AFTER. I wonder where he got THAT from. snort. Anyway. I love this story and the fact that he is so adorable looking is just icing. The fact that weapons attract all males w/in shouting distance is a given. The fact that he acted properly with it??? Priceless.

Monday, March 24, 2008

OMG! This lo of my wonderful Gram

is in the Basic Grey gallery and I couldn't be more EXITED. My second one w/in the week. The creative juices are just flowing and the yummy basic grey - can't ever go wrong with that! This is her about age 18 maybe. This is also a DOUBLE DOG DARE #12 - make your own embellishments. Which for me, I used quickutz and punch to cut out the red flowers and then used gel a tin flourish to stamp over top. I love the result! The rest just flowed together. She was a beautiful sweet lady - inside and out.

Our Easter Party

started out LIKE THIS and went down here from there. snort. So the adults had some toys for their entertain, especially to keep the ADD ones occupied. *smirk* , even had an easter egg hunt. bwahahaha! So we had bugs to fling, sticky goofy things to shoot, corny hats and leaky squirt guns. All guarranteed to inspire hilarity and goofiness. I was safe as along as I had the camera in my hand. LOL! and I carried it LONG after the battery died. *double smirk* The food ROCKED and there was enough to feed a small 3rd world country. and the DESSERT. In the words of Rachel Ray "YUM-O"! A good time was had by all.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

the LORD has risen!

he has RISEN indeed!!! shane and i had a great ride to church. he's all about the fun, the joy and the tricks *insert eyeroll*. he stays w/me or mostly behind, although he says i ride like a drunken sailor. snort. all over the sidewalk mom! lol. he gets in front if he wants to do a trick which is a good thing, because i can make a fancy evasive manuever *snort* if i have to. and usually i do, so i'm getting pretty good at them. *smirk* It was a bit overcast, but not hot. it was humid so my hair was doing wild things. but it was all okay. beautiful service, lots of great music. i'm sure the person in front wished i didn't know every word to every song. bwahahaha. make a joyful NOISE. and i do it so well. heading over to some friends for some easter frivolity and hope to have some pix later. if i remember to take my camera AND the card. they sort of go hand in hand. Hope everyone has a blessed and joyous easter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My best buddy Brookie has

a new BLOG. A Babbling Brooke. Very clever play on words. Love the title. Check it out!

What happens when TWO friends

have hubby's that LOVE to fish. Can you say road trip? Or retail therapy???

Cruising through K2 and Made for Memories was an absolute blast. I love being on the cutting edge and picking up the new prima flowers and paper, the new bo bunny botanicals - resulted in this layout.

You know I love 6x12 - well this size scalloped bazzil is 5.5 x 11 *gasp* I measured. I know. astounding. I just wish I had picked up more of these. But that can be another road trip. Ade at MFM was terrific and let us fondle all the new stuff she had in the back. And K2 was fun, as we teased them about not getting out the new stuff fast enough. That only means one thing ANOTHER ROAD TRIP!!! sigh.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


both me and brookie have layouts in the basic grey gallery. how cool is that! Basic Grey! Check it Out!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can we saaaaaaaay grunge

BOARD!!!! my favorite youngest son doing what he does best - making a lot of racket. *insert eyeroll* but he's so cute and i have it on good authority. ALL the girls tell him so. snort. *another eyeroll* unfortunately its true and i really really need to talk to those girls!!! bwahahaha!

anyway - the grungeboard letters (except ONE-guess which one!) not you brooke - you already know. smirk. i didn't have the color i wanted for tim holtz's crackle paint, so i used paper plus crackle medium w/mm paints and had i done it correctly .snort. it would've been red on black - not black on red but alas we must make use of all opportunities. i love the feel of this because its all about well maybe NOT rock 'n roll but GRUNGE baby - garage grunge. love that!
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