Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flashback Friday 7.30 "Dream"

And can I say that Pink Paisley rocks. yum. unknown stuff on there and I should know it but CRS is a bitch. Anyway, the challenge was to do a layout on ritual, tradition, routine. This was on my list to do and wa-la its ta-done. However on the down side when its MY TURN to think of a challenge for FBF I'm gonna be SOL. bwahahaha. tis life. Shane was so adorable. Gram was so like why didn't I do this sooner. However, in the entire scheme of things and all things God driven. It happened when it should've happened. And I'm so blessed that she was in my kidlets lives and they KNEW their great grandmother. If you look over my previous FBF projects you'll know she was not only a KEY person in my life but she (and my grandfather) was totally beloved by me. They have set the bar high and I can only hope to do the same for my grandkids and greats. journaling: When Mammy finally came to live with us in Florida, she stayed with me and the kidlets until mom could get set up. My kids loved having her with us and at the end of the day, we started a tradition. Shane decided that mammy needed to be tucked in at bedtime and that he would be the one to do it. After pulling down her covers, he’d tell mammy she could hop into bed now, and he hopped in right behind her. He made sure her pillows were just so and after she was laying down all nice and relaxed, he’d leap to the end of the bed and pick up just the sheet. He would then hop hop hop the sheet right up to her chin. He then would hop back down - grab the spread and hop it right back up to her chin. A lot of bouncing was involed and he and mammy would just laugh. He’d make sure she was tucked up tight and give her a peck on the cheek and tell her dream.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New and definately improved scrapbook area....

made possible by IKEA!!! Who knew....I'm still in the living room and we now have an accent wall *gasp*. If you know me and DH w/anything color or furniture we are so light years apart. YET, here we are....A view from the kitchen. The lanai is right next to me which I totally love in the spring and fall when I have the door wide open. I did get the architect's table thinking to have it tilted. However, nothing stayed. bwahaha! So it has a slight tilt.
it rocks. its awesome. its mine!!!!
Closer up. Need to fell up those frames w/some snappy adorable photos. And there are a few more things I need to find homes for, which will all shake out when I actually DO something. Which I do have a project or two rolling around. Shake shake shake.....need ideas....SNORT.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback Friday 7.23 - use a quote......

BANNED. My dad had a unique "quote" to keep my brother from playing dreaded rock 'n roll music on his stereo. Hi-fi stereo. You remember those. Had a needle some could change the records. Was a BIG piece of furniture in the room.

As you can guess, dear old dad hated rock 'n roll. And because "it would ruin the needle" we weren't allowed to play it. Sigh. We missed the whole revelution just about. However, my brother and I did receive a broad variety of music. Mom liked Eddie Arnold, Robert Goulet and I could sing the entire score to Camelot. My dad liked country as well, Chet Atkins, Arthur Lymon and would play his guitar "by ear" to those albums to de-stress. We were allowed to play "the Four Seasons and some Mo-town" which my dad's younger brother would sneak in. Eventually I did catch up with the whole rock 'n roll thing. However, ecclectic is fun!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Got to hang with the grandbabies....

which was a total bonus and surprise. I love surprises. The kidlets blowing of steam hanging in the pool. And could Connor look so much like Nick when he was that age. I feel a comparison LO coming on!The boy with the green goggles.
The binky that could use a snorkle with it (stolen from a pal's comment) LOL!
Meltdown. Welcome to the twos!
Sweet peaches and cream complexion. He let me hold him and smooch him. Doesn't get better than that.
Unless I get to see them again before they go home. That would be wonderful!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flashback Friday 7.9 "Game"

The challenge was to scrap about the sense of humor about a family member. Well we have Shane. My favorite youngest son, always looking for a good yuk even when he was knee high to a grasshopper. As you can see he was about 4 here w/Mammy, his great grandmother. Whom he had a blast with. Literally. I have another lo in mind w/him and her I don't want to forget to do. hmmm....another FBF challenge. Let me just right that down before CRS rises its ugly head. OOO OOO is it my turn yet?? Snort.

I used my Kenner Road kit for this (an old one) but it so totally worked. Bazzill, 7 gypsies, ki and cosmo chipboard (yum); not in the kit ranger ink, michaels ribbon and ek bookworms. (where i had an opportunity to be creative. snort. My white signo pen I must admit let me down. Sigh.

journaling: Shane would lie in wait - waiting for Mammy to close her eyes. He'd swoop in and steal her walker - run off and laugh. When he'd bring it back Mammy would open her eyes and shake her head.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The cactus and the bee.....

For those of you that know me probably have seen this before. However, this awesome and totally lucky shot bears repeating. I've had several PC's crash, no applause please I'm just gifted that way. Anyway my own personal geek squad and wonderfully talented DH, patiently found 98.9 of my precious photos and files. Except for this one (and one other of my DSS wedding pix-another post I'm thinking-to keep things stringing along).

We both have MACS now, so before his last PC takes its last breath, he went through my old drive, one more time. And it was totally painful. It was soooooooooooooo slow and cumbersome. I finally told him to give it up, because it REALLY got to be painful KWIM? However, he persevered because that's the way he rolls and I have ALL my pictures back. The End. snort.
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