Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Grass chomping giraffe

Every now and then I truly get lucky with the shots.

Probably should've been a camel since its hump day,
but alas no camels at the zoo.
Not much happening at the Murphy's - however,
the weather is beautiful here - a balmy 71
already this a.m.

Got some things rolling on the desk.
Making Christmas tags for the grandkidlets.
We'll see how these roll.

Oh Oh - I did order their presents on Amazon
and they are being shipped in rapid 
order - however, they are not going to get
them until after Christmas.
But won't they be surprised. LOL!!!

Crocheting a baby blanket and because of the ole
fingers, I have to use a bigger needle
and thread now - because that thin stuff
really racks my fingers and they
are not happy for a long time after.
I'm not sure how I feel about the blanket being "bigger."
Babies should have small and dainty.
However, will anyone but me know the difference??

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Who doesn't love a koala bear

It's funny, life has a rhythm and ours seems to have 
a steady beat.
I like that.
Even when we're on the road.
Koalas are adorable and their rhythm is really
really fall asleep slow.

Even with the holidays the beat seems to remain the same.
I like that too.
Have you started decorating for the holidays?
We haven't yet.
Haven't done any Christmas shopping yet either
but I have an idea for the grandkidlets.
Hopefully it'll all fall together before Christmas
because I only had 11 months to get it rolling LOL!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

I gots nada!!!

I've been working on a gift that's really
not needed for a few months but I wanted to get it done
early (what a concept) than wigging out 
on getting it done on time.

I've also been on a big reading kick.

And then, of course there's the holiday excuse.
And did I take pix of Thanksgiving??

The turkey ribbons were a hit.

Besides its the holidays.
What better time to take a semi break.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

It's been busy.
I've been mojoless.
So a break its gonna happen
for a few days!!

Have a wonderful time, enjoy family and friends
and hope your mojo flows!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sunflowers appear to be popular this year

Got some more grands in the sunflower field
and it looks like they were having fun.
I love sunflowers and out west they are abundant and
beautiful everywhere.
So I do own a sunflower stamp and used it here
because why not.
Had some issues with the ole nuvo dots (and who doesn't)
but I feel it adds to the charm because
flower and particularly their center are not perfect.
Tossed about some watercolors as well and
doesn't that envelop make you swoon. 
Love the rustic-ness it brings.

I'm very glad that the grandkidlets (all of them)
are total posers and I get a lot of photos
otherwise wouldn't have a lot of to scrap about really.

An 8x8 of PinkFresh except for the hello (studio calico)
and no clue about the stamp - probably from M's.

I'm thinking posts will be slim this week with Thanksgiving prep
even though my sweet SIL is taking over.
How about you?
Got stuff rolling???

Monday, November 21, 2016

Turkey ribbons

I must apologize for the photo quality and since these 
bad boys have been mailed - this is it.
So shock upon shock 
I didn't have a turkey stamp, sticker or die cut.
No clue how that happened so I stopped by HL and picked
up the one and only turkey stamp they had.
Another shock, (I know they're coming fast) they didn't have
turkey stickers either. 
Also I shocker I only have 2 granddaughters yet I 
ended up with more girly colors on the turkeys.
I used water color pencils to color them in because
I was totally out of control and a danger 
to all stamped turkeys using regular watercolors.

Anyhoo, if you follow Ashi (Soaphousemama) you know
I jacked these fun ribbons from her.
I wanted to change up doing the cards and I also
had the presence of mind to add
a Zot on the back to they can either wear them or 
stick them somewhere.

I totally used a bunch of scraps too.
And I used punches though I did cut the banners
by hand.

Each one has their name on it by MAMBI alphas.
Keeping in touch with the grands
with snail mail.
Sometimes the old school technology works best.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Fussy cut flowers

I'm still loving all the splatters and enamel and nuvo dots clusters.
 And that tag on the bow will make one swoon.
 I wanted a subtitle because in the photo Ms Annie is totally cracking up.
 Yes they are in a sunflower field, and yes I finally used
a stamp I had forever and they are black eyed susies.
(In my defense, they do look similar.)
Its a declassified stamp and actually if you use the entire thing
looks like a seed package.

I stamped a bunch mostly because I had issues stamping.
I know you're surprised.
It did come in handy because I watercolored them all
and once I laid them on the page I knew I'd need them all.
 Again with the doily grounding and using watercolors
and the packaging technique and also
remembering to splatter said colors about.
 I adore the flower column (for lack of better word).
The background paper is Basic Grey and just worked out perfectly.
I made the tag and its actually tucked into a 
kraft paper bag.
The title is made with QK lemonade cookie cutter font.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Went crazy with the mixed media

I have been bored lately and wanted to do something different
especially with this great photo I took of Lucas.
And I seriously needed to use the mustache stamp.
 I did lay down some gesso on some kraft paper and 
commenced with the watercolors.
I also used a bunch of background stamps and stencils
trying to keep it manly.
I also broke out the embossing powder to use on that
wooden veneer from Studio Calico.
 Of course my bird had to make an appearance.
 And one of these days I'll have a flashback and remember
where this brad came from.
It makes an unobtrusive title.

This photo has been flipping around on my desk for a long time.
I couldn't decide on 
a lot of things. LOL.
It was a lot of fun to do and I totally love this photo.
Every now and then I get a photo right.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bolder Pink Fresh papers

 Love the green and yellow colors.
Used some Nuvo dots - to scatter about along
with some mists.
 Added a big doily to ground the 2 photos
and added a bow mostly because I adore bows.
Opposite color flowers at the bottom of the page
with lots more mists and dots.
 I did use different colored greens - because
I really love rick rack and wanted to use it where
the colors separated.
And I love that leaf and it made a great place
for a title.

 Those green colors also bounce off Ms. Amelia's shoelaces.
Love it.
Those alphas are Tiny Stickers and they come in real handy.
Ms. Amelia does love her goofy faces.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Loving the Pink Fresh

FB can be quite the enabler.
Scrolling down and there it was - Pink Fresh having a warehouse sale.
I love warehouse sales - its a big grab bag.
Look at all the goodies.

I have never used Pink Fresh before.
It's pretty and feminine.
Here's my first page.

First I laid down some watercolors and I don't
think I used gesso because I laid it all on there without thinking.
Using the packaging technique is
a great way to splosh things about. 
The papers are really a heavy weight so it all turned out good.
 The title is from Michael's $1.50 bin.
Love that!
 Layered the photo using papers from the 6x6 pad.
The sentiment is from their cut apart and totally fits Amelia.
Love how it turned out!
You'll be seeing more as I have a lot to use up!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Seriously busy paper

Which sometimes you just gotta go for it.
I used a couple of branding strips as background to
ground the photo and embellies.
 Used different textures in clusters to help with the focal point.
 And an adorable photo to bring it all together.
So the majority is Studio Calico papers, wood veneers, enamel hearts & dots, 
with Bella Blvd heart, and Creative cafe buttons. 
Annie and Owen with a Lucy treat.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Sport season ends

And it ends with a sequence photo of all the
kidlet participants.
The parents should have a sequence photo toting
them all around. Just sayin.....
 Anyhoo, I don't have a cameo but I love the cutouts
so I try to fake with the QK cookie cutter diecuts.
 These are are the squares that I happen to die cut in bulk
all different colors which turned out great
in the B&W area.
Love those Nuvo enamel dots you can make them any size you want.
 Love the misted background that gave a splash of color
along with the enamel dots.
Got that big hash tag (or should I say pound sign LOL) from
Studio Calico and did some bulk cuts on that
and used two different colors offset to add a bit of dimension.
So then with all the busy-ness going on I forgot
even the minimal journaling and used my ticket punch
to handle that. 

All the kidlets completed their season.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

One last Halloween page (maybe)

Still hanging with Holli when this page evolved
and did add some touches when it
came home
like enamel and Nuvo dots.
 And those itty bitty hearts.
Aren't they adorable.
Which doesn't lend much to a "scary" page.
However, Pokemon ain't that scary.
 Well we do have some sort of "Freddy" there in the background.
Again, shopping at Holli's was fun and that candy
(which is the title) makes me want to open it up and eat it.
All in all it was a fun, productive day
and the mojo seems to be sortof returning.
Haven't scrapped since but sometimes a break is a good thing.
More K&Co.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The mojo is getting a bit better

On Halloween - as stated Holli and I got together
and she had this fun, cool spider.
And now he's mine!
It was still painful putting this page together
but it was getting a bit better.
If it weren't for all those Decisions..... LOL
 She also had this cool spider that made my day
and that sign, and those enamel dots.
Holli has a lot of cool stuff.

 So this paper is K&CO and very busy so of course I added to it with 4 photos.
Love these photos of the grands. Such diverse costumes.
Very FUN and the photos too precious.
Sam - Spider man and Lou -the bunny and I really need to get 
more informed on cartoons (which I love BTW) because I am not
up to speed on that rabbit. 
Maybe if I google it - BRB!
Found it!! 
Judy Hopps a Disney Character from Zootopia.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It was one of those mojoless times

and it happened when my pal Holli and I got together
at her place to scrap.
How uncool is that.
However, I persevered and got to thinking not all
pages have to be the "Mona Lisa" quality.
Sometimes you just have to glue things down and let go.
This Echo Park paper is really fun.
I did put the page together but after I brought it home it
seemed to be well plain.
So I added more mists and enamel and Nuvo dots about and
that really helped.
Also outlining in a sharpie helped.
 I did a couple clusters of them as it was really fun.
I did put some itty bitty hearts to the mix
and that turned out really neat too.

 Seriously, I agonized over this page and was like why.
However, it broke the ice and a couple of more
pages came so there's that.
And it's fun shopping at Holli's - she had some neat stickers
that helped the pages be special.

Don't forget to vote!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Scattered stuff

This page just sort of evolved without a plan really.
It started out with another photo sequence
that needed grounding so I used my Sissix die for a border strip.
And when the dots fell out all over the page,
well I just glued them.
And then added more in a different color.
And then there was a big blank space where only
the title could go.
 Love the little bird and I did him in blue that totally matches
and rocks the page and then
there's the strip that started it all.
 Of course the whole dot thing is repeated at the bottom of the page.
And didn't I use up a bunch of stuff.
 The touch of red was kind of an after thought.
I like it.
It's kinda wild and really different.
So Sam - looks like a 'lion' with the yellow balloon
around his head 'growling.'
Work with me here.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Some old Authentique

for the win on Jersey shore photos.
Of course what's the shore without googly eyes
on a QK die cut crab. The leaves the crab is
resting on is a Martha Stewart punch. I love punches.
 I used papers from my 6x6 pad I had forever, and
laid them out on 12x12 white cardstock in a quad format.
Quite old school.
Old school can be good.
 Finally used that flair button and didn't that work well
with the colors.
Loving doing sequence photos lately and because I have a bunch
they turned out to be fun and adorable.
Used some dylusions mists - and wa-la.

I like it.
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