Monday, October 27, 2008

Sort of like u......

bwahahaha.....Well they do sort of look similar. Take the Collins nose- its totally cute, so I'm glad he got that one. The eyes.......hopefully he'll get Nick's color - green/hazel - which would totally be like grammy's (no offense mom) lol! and the chubby cheeks. Other than that, not the hair, not the lips and not the size-so far. I know I know all that can change and will but for right now - it makes a cool page. Hmm....maybe I should aggravate Nick's dad for his baby picture and we'll see how that works:)

More pp from the BGkits. YUM. New 7 gypsies tag/thing I picked up at Whim SoDoodle, Tim Holtz grungeboard, MM paints and my favorite EK alphas and Plain Jane swirls.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Final Test -

administered by the infamous and talented Wendy Rago from BadGirlKits owner extraordinaire! And the test is to alter something. So I did. A paper plate. Now for those of you who know me - this isn't the first. I altered my first paper plate in kindergarten and then again a couple of years ago. Picked up by Making Memories on their website. bwahahahaha! So since it worked once, I decided it would work again. Using a "fall" theme since that's what they had at Sam's Club, and worked Owen in quite nicely because, alas, babies are hard to pass by. And he's a cutie. It all came together. So just because I was expelled does not mean I couldn't continue to play. Which I did. It was out of the box, it was a challenged, and last but not least - just plain fun! I so can't wait to see who wins Top Designer. And they will so DESERVE that title because the talent on this board just plainly rocks and socks it to the scrapbook world! Honestly, it looks better IRL. Not quite so busy. I'm pleased and maybe the kids w/get this. But OH maybe not because I'M DA GRAMMY! bwahahhaha! And he's mine. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

And I decided I'm going to be called.......

"drum roll please" GRAMMY! That's what I called my grandmother and she was a very cool lady. She could run circles around me. She was what a dub a "pioneer woman". She was always moving and doing-so unlike me who is content to oh SIT around. lol! She always knew what was "all the go" in the latest fashions, always served others, and always loved me unconditionally. Can't go wrong there except those are big shoes to fill.

I can't wait to see both g'babies in November. Dueling g'babies w/be so much fun.

Little Owen is a joy to behold. All layouts were done w/the October bad girl kit, and I have plenty more to use. It has been totally inspiring!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Change needs to be in the air........

BUT some teenagers just don't get it. Mine would be one of them. (I know you're surprised)snort. So instead of beating my head against the wall, kicking the dogs or smacking the kidlet (although smacking may at times be in order)snort. I found my mojo and got scrappy. Bwahahahaha! A mom's revenge (and I have some good blackmail pix)smirk. So it relieves the angst somewhat because seriously there's nothing worse than talking to the wall. So I can bare my soul w/o alot of sloppy huggy feelie stuff and get the point across. Life is messy, out of control but always an adventure.
oooooooo and the cool yellow heart was made out of see through tape from fancy that and mm puffy letters-which came from my totally awesome october badgirlkit CHECK IT OUT! yum! basic grey - can't ever go wrong there, ek, heidi.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The roaming gnome and his

stunt double is alive and well in my small town. Seriously. As you know I ride all over town and I see many sights. Alas, this is one of them that absolutely makes one think - what were they thinking of. Seriously. Scary. However it does make the ride pleasurable because ya nevah know what you're gonna see in my town. Bwahahaha!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just call me - HOG-MA!

bwahahahaha! Everyone was warned! If that baby wasn't snatched up and held on to - he was mine - ALL mine - rubbing hands gleefully. As you can see I'M WAY TOO YOUNG to be a grandma - I'm stylin! He is sooooo sweet and alert - although I did get him to nap for a couple of hours. Liz and Kevin were very gracious in sharing. I alas was NOT. smirk.

As you can see we are both mouthy! LOL!!!! And how do you like the new 'do???? ME too! snort.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bad Girls Top Designer - Class 4

oooooooooooo this is my entry for EXPELLED STUDENTS class 4. Sigh. Got caught spewing spitballs everywhere what can I say. snort. Class 4 - accessorize by Miss Bethany Kartchner- with more wonderful illustrations. Love accessorizing. This is Owen - photo taken by KevinDuffyPhotography. Who just happens to be the daddy. Love the Pebbles Inc paper and the Prima & Making Memories flowers & buttons. OO OO and hand punching&stitching too. Love it! And then there's spicy chicken by Quickutz. YUM! We're heading out SOON to check out Mr. Owen and can't wait. Can't wait 'til Class 5 - the pressure is OFF. bwahahahaha!
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