Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Living Proof............

here's to another Springsteen steal. Gotta love that. When words fail me - he's totally there, saying it, and saying oh so well. I love the song and the lyrics are so so perfect, especially after Mason.

So I had these photos and title rolling around in my head for awhile and finally got it out. I used the lyrics as part of the journaling because well, Bruce just says it better w/o being all mushy and stuff. The paper is Pink Paisley and I just love it. It totally adds to the theme. and the butterflies - I seem to be into them lately is from my Bad Girl Kit. These kits totally rock and I can't wait for the next month's to get here. Anyhoo, a little bit of rubon, stitching and stamps finish it off. My two adorable grandbabies. YUM!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chasing Butterflies

is tough to do when there is really nothing for them to light and land on. We had a couple of cold mornings when it went down to freezing. *gasp*. I know. Florida and Freezing. Sigh.

Anyway I digress (as usual). I found this beauty freewheeling around and chased it down w/my camera, but it didn't stay around long. I'm keeping my eye peeled just in case it returns.
As you know, or NOT, bwahahaha! I had some awesome butterfly photos that didn't make it threw the ole hard drive crash.....and the new ones of course w/never be the same. But its sure fun trying.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It has been so long since I rode my bike.....

I had to remove the cobwebs from the seat before I could ride. It has been so long that sadly I forgot the code to the garage door. It has been so long that after going a couple of pedals down the street I sounded like the wrong end of an obscene phone call. lol! It has also been so long since I scared innocent people on the street by singing OUT LOUD w/my Ipod.
Well today I changed all that. Dusted that seat off, added new songs to my Ipod and rode to Publix. This was a ride that would've been a walk in the park so to speak. NOW???? It was pedal, pedal breathe, pedal pedal wheeze. Sigh. Even though I get a lot of bending, stretching and lifting exercise at Sam's, it does NOT cover the ole aerobic stuff. Deep sigh. It's on my list.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Child of God

Owen was baptized on Jan 11th and we were so glad to be there. He wore Irish linen w/shamrocks on and cute little white shoes. And then he slept through the excitement of the after-party.

We went to Liz and Kevin's after the after and got to hang out w/Owen who is way too stinkin cute and changing WAY too fast. Growing up. Its tough to be so far. Sigh.

Let me tell you it was FREEZING up there.The warm clothes we have in Florida is in NO WAY enough to keep warm in NJ. Even layering. LOL! When we left it was 24 degrees in Phila. and 82 here. Thinking ahead of time, I put a tank top under my WINTER duds and whipped that HOT thing off the minute we got off the plane. smirk. Its not MY fault that a cold front came in that night. Really. lol!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Joy - a mini album of Owen...which hopefully the parents won't see.

bwahahahaha! Just a tease actually. But ain't he cute. All photos taken by - now that that's out of the way let's get scrappy. Snort. It's Tinkering Ink album which totally rocks - a mix of acrylic and chipboard w/cutouts. The rest is ALL Chatterbox - made exclusively for Sam's and you get a TON of stuff in it. I did use some Hero Arts clear bling and one attached itself to Owen's cheek and took a piece out but I can't replace it because I ran out of HP photo paper and the other paper I have is well. Crap. WAH WAH WAH! LOL! Oh and a noteworthy flower as well. Sanded the sides down w/my handy-dandy BG sanders. I hope the parents w/be thrilled!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Using Ali Edward's guilt free .....

when it comes to pitching your Christmas Cards in the trash by utilizing oddly enough a 1 1/4 square punch, bazzill cardstock, a sharpie pen AND a total first for Lynn, a stick w/numbers on it. Smirk. And you thought me incapable. Well to be HONEST it took me awhile and a lot of erasing to get it the way I wanted it. Bwahahaha! But I succeeded. I ALSO figured out that I am TOTALLY, UNBELIEVABLY depth perception challenged. Really. Because when I guessed, crooked mayhem reigned. Even the poinsettia and Noel were from cards, AND the Noel already had pop dots on it. How cool is that. I also listed the names of the senders on the back, which I didn't do last year because I didn't think of it.
Hope everyone has had a relaxed New Year's Day. Tomorrow its back to the ole grind. Oh, and maybe the mojo has returned. *Grinning happily now*
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