Saturday, February 8, 2014

Doing more stuff I never thought I'd do.....

 Everyday at Crossfit is adventure and its fun to see what I'm going to accomplish that day. The workouts change however, the people in the class mostly remain the same; coming and going as schedules allow. The people that workout in the boxes are Crossfit's best weapon.

Let me tell you about my first day. I walked into the box and there warming up were some goodlooking, very fit, YOUNG people. Heavy Sigh. To my shock, when they unbent from their various warm ups, they introduced themselves, and then chit-chatted while continuing their warmups.

AND then came that first for-real workout. 

Some of it was a blur, okay ALL of it was a blur, however, I remember the end because I'm huffing and puffing away at situps and I hear my name being called to come on- because I know you'll be surprised that I was last. I only had 9 to do and I'm flat on my back and struggling to get up. WELL..... one of the ladies runs over and holds my feet-because now I'm flopping around like a fish on dry land, another lady flops down beside me (remember this was after doing HER workout) and says "do it like this" and commences to sit-up with me, and another one counts - which is a good thing because anything above ONE by then was a crapshoot.

Well how can you NOT finish! 

I completed that workout, totally exhausted, crazy amazed that I did it and finished it.
And I couldn't wait for the next day. How could you NOT with support like that.

And that my friends is the crossfit community.

I'm not quite sure what I was doing here except lifting and my weight is increasing. (I know-shocked me too).

And I believe this is some sort of press its 45# which is a new PR for me.

Back squats are not my favorite mostly because I don't do them well. I'm kinda like a weeble, I keep tipping the wrong way.

And a Modified rope climb. The last time I climbed a rope was in high school. We'll just mosy past the math on that one. I start on the floor and pull myself into an upright position.  Needless to say It was a struggle at first

until I finally figured it out. I had to PULL. doh! I did take a timeout to do the happy dance because I was all like dayam I did it. 

Wall balls are everyone's favorite. NOT.
 Along the wall are my new pals; Joan to the right (we started together) then Paulla to my left, Lisa and Kristy.
See I did it so fast they couldn't catch the toss. LOL! Females need to hit first line. I decided that I just need to be taller.

And wipers - its just like it sounds you lift your legs and sweep side-to-side while remembering to keep your arms and most especially the weight up.

Honestly I had visions of a reverse faceplant here because I remember my arms were like wet noodles and getting the weight up in the air was a total nailbiter for me at this point.
I also figured this is how the trainers get all the chalk up off the floor. 


  1. You keep going girl! So proud of you for sticking with this, Lynn!

  2. Lynn, you are my hero! It is so amazing, what a support system and I am so glad you found what works for you!


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