Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Angelz

I seem to be rolling out one page a day.
I'm okay with that.
I'm not quite happy with this one but its done.
To me there's something off. 
I'm sure it'll dawn on me sooner or later
what it is.
I love the photo and Jill takes and makes the coolest ones.
She took the one of Amelia (see below) that I love.
All vintage and girlie.
You seriously can't go wrong with Foo fa la nor CI.
or Recollections - their butterflies rock

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bounce Jump Boing!

Owen seems to enjoy his trampoline. Grammy got lucky on this. As she was surfing through Amazon looking for the perfect present, she was thinking back to their visit with Owen and Annie. Owen has a lot of  energy. A LOT. So when Grammy happened upon a trampoline, she thought what a better way to get rid of excess energy when snow days are going on than jumping up and down. The trampoline was looking most excellent so a word in Santa's ear let the bouncing commence. The bonus round is that trampolines come with music now and because it was electronic and digital Grandpop was given credit. Boing.......

My Mind's Eye alphabet soup, thickers, bazzill, quickutz.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This beautiful photo

tugged on my mojo...
Finally, something broke loose.
My beautiful granddaughter Amelia in her Christmas dress.
Because of the "feel" only 7 gypsy style papers
would do. I have no idea what they are.
Help on that would be appreciated.
And primas. And recollections.
And ripping and tearing and inking.
I'm hopeful there'll be more mojo to come.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shots from the car window.....

It became a challenge as we sped on down the
road and through the mountains.
  The roads twisted and turned, and had DH 
embracing his inner Mario Andretti.
As I admired the moodiness of the weather.
It became a challenge to get some shots
without ever having to stop the car.
Nailed it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spurs were a jingling.....

on the streets of Tombstone.
Yes, the infamous Tombstone Az.
What is it about a duster that's just plain sexy.
And boots and spurs.
 Character actor cowboys everywhere.
And didn't they know they were supposed to pose for me?
Big Nose Kate was a real character back in the day.
As well as the mustached woman.
 And stages coaches. Swoon.
 The Bird Cage Theatre was real too.
I have to admit that I thought Tombstone would be more like
a movie studio set. However, the mostly
original buildings were set a couple streets off 
the main drag. Because there is a real Tombstone.
My bad.
 One of the Earps.
 The stages were of course, tours, and those coaches
are so not comfy. I can't imagine traveling 
across country on them.
 Doc Holiday - a handsome dude. You wouldn't know
because I wasn't quick enough to get the other side.
 Oh look my very own handsome cowboy.
 Who checked out every store and shop.
 Cowboys getting along 'til the next gunfight.
Which we missed all the gunfights.
 Love the sign.
 And boothill was farther away than I thought.
Like way from what I consider the edge of town.
 Of course the town and graveyard are reputed to be haunted,
and again I saw nary a ghost.
 Above is the grave of the fallen OK Corrall gunfighters.
The ephitaphs were a hoot.
Killed, dead, hung.

Monday, December 19, 2011

A visit to the Sonora Desert Museum....

resulted in some fun pictures and experiences.
Here's an adorable hummingbird nesting.
The nest seems like its no bigger than a thimble.
And mamabird darted around gathering the perfect
materials, even eyeing shoe laces and hair.
 The hummingbirds are in an enclosed aviary
you are welcome to walk in and enjoy the experience.
 They are friendly little posers that swoop and dive
all around you, even at times divebombing
and landing or hovering around you.
 It was the coolest thing. One buzzed by my ear, and it seemed like a 
bullet whizzing by. (Not that I have a lot of experience with bullets
whizzing by-its the buzz). And of course they were total posers.
 And for once I was fast enough to get them.
 And then they turned the hawks loose.
 And they were beautiful and breathtaking.
Dipping and whirling. I admit I had a
hard time getting the settings so I
have way more outtakes then intakes.
 And of course the beautiful sky and vegetation.
 A mama cardinal with a worm in her beak.
Mama was in a bird aviary that also encouraged walking
through and getting up close and personal.
 A cactus with a smiley face on it.
 More breathtaking views.
There was a lot of walking involved.
And animals in habitats as well. 
 An Ocelot focuses his laser like intent on
something above.
 A coyote in his very own habitat, blending in while
napping. I almost missed him.
 Mountain lion snoozing.
 A lobo watching us watching him.
 Again beautiful buildings and sky.
It was a long day with lots to see. 
I admit to being very tired. It was a tricky walk.
You go down hill soooooo slowly you have no idea
of the hike back up til you get there.
I thought it was more amazing than a regular zoo.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Riding down the roads of Arizona

the mountains and the sky take your breath away.
 I was all like HONEY - stop right here!
 Pull OVER right now.
 And honey did. Because he's cool that way.
 Even the parking lot and restrooms rock.
 I'd like to say that the cool rock structure with windows
was something from the pioneer days, but
alas its not, just a place for the hikers to hang.
Cool looking all the same.
 Because up in them thar hills is windier than San Franscisco.
And that was really windy.
 Made another new friend, though he was a bit shy.
It was an amazing ride.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

DH and I are going to be celebrating our

14th wedding anniversary so we'll be out and about.
In the meantime I have written a new hub
that will hopefully help you with the art of gift giving.
from the internet
Please click here to find out more
and remember to vote UP!

Its also challenges are up day at Moments!
Mine is the heritage as you know
and the challenge is to find a photo and write what you see.
I used the phrase did you notice for the first few lines.
journaling: did you notice that gram and aunt toot are wearing the same pants. did you notice they are both touching their child. did you notice uncle norm's arm includes gram. did you know that is mom and cousin eddy. in-laws hanging together. friends. wish i knew where that was.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flowers in Catalina....

I don't have any creative scrappy thing going on
except my SIL's photos I'm rescuing from a magnetic album.
However, there's a lot of emotion going on with them that
is screwing with the mojo. 
So these flowers totally get me. 
It's a moody shot.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Making comparisons and telling secrets

in your scrapbooking page.
Another idea on how to document your story.
Please click here for the rest of the story.
and vote UP.
Thank you!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!
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