Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Traveler's Notebook pages -double spread

I really liked these pages side-by-side.
I used Studio Calico PL cards with some
 Tim Holtz words.
 I did use some Nuvo dots because I don't
have small enamel dots and need to find some on line.
 No photo involved just some thoughts on what's going down.
It seems a lot of things are changing.
Getting rid of things.
Changes in exercise routine.
Just Changes and one must adapt.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Back to the Tim Holtz album

I totally need to name it that because I am
mostly using Tim Holtz stuff..
Tossed some water colors on the background and love
those stamped bunnies.
 Layered in some pieces and next time
I need to wait until the glue is dried before taking pix and
good thing it dries clear.
Love that I got a little saying in there.
 I decided to add a photo of my lovely 
mom - remember glamour shots?
They were popular in the late 80's early 90's and
she is looking mighty glamerous there.
Sequins are totally necessary for glamour shots.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Then there's the Traveler's Notebook

Still working in it and getting used to it.
It's growing on me. I forgot for a moment there's still
8.5x11 so it's all good.
I found a lovely lady that has an antique shop in Arcadia
and she graciously took a few of my Gram's antiques.
 I'm glad I documented them and I do have stories.
My grandfather taught me how to wind his 8-day clock.
 And my Gram, loved her little odds and ends. She ironed
with irons like those, she ground coffee with
that hand grinder, and she loved her Martha Washington
bedspread. That is totally a heavy blanket. 
Using some TH stuff really went with the antique
stuff and that's when I decided I really missed that style.
Since then I have found more antique things I need to figure
out what to do with.
Studio Calico TN, Tim Holtz

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

I have three books going on - more or less

I know right.
Well...downsizing is the word and I am gonna 
have a scrappy area in the RV so now I have begun
to whittle down all things scrappy and I have
sold ALOT at our yard sales. So using
what I have chosen I decided to go back to my "roots"
more or less.
If you've been with me for awhile, I adore all things and heritage photos and the stories that go with.
That'll continue, but I miss that style.
The Tim Holtz, heritagy stuff.
Hard to explain.
I shall therefore, give it a go, because well no guts no glory.
This book/album is a $4 or less flat page lying, 
"mixed" media kraft type of album that was an impulse by at Walmarts.
(Not even in the scrapbook area)
I knoooowww. I'm a renegade or what.
So far this is the front and it's staying that way.
So this is my heritage-album.
 I'm still feeling my way and I had a leftover leaf from
another page I made - here.
For some reason I decided the backside of the front of
the book need to be decorated. Therefore, I used watercolors and "shazam" it
didn't bleed through, however, it doesn't count since it's
the front of the book and it's pretty thick.
I put this page together - no photo involved and didn't
that surprise me too.
I'm feeling my way to a "mixed media", junk journal or use
it anyway I want to type of journal.
 Using TH stuff of course.
 I rolledl the same way with the second page
popping some stuff up a smidge.
 Because who doesn't love dimension.
I added a doily and some Creative Imaginations stamps.
 Again using watercolors because I really needed a second opinion
on the bleed through and I can safely say, no bleeding.
I'm really happy with these 2 pages and
they have set the tone for the rest of the journal.
I am using the Travelers Notebook for highlights, and I have
a mixed media going on, sort of like a junk journal
and both will be making an appearance soon.
Well actually four albums/books - because I am also going
to have an 8.5x11 album as well because sometimes you just need bigger.
I do have to confess I miss 12x12.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Christmas cards!! It's that time of the year.

I had a bunch of Christmas paper leftover from a couple years ago
so I decided to use that for the grandkids cards and
they are getting older, however, cuteness in cards is still
on the table in the future.
I'm of the mind to not do cards this year for non grandkidlets because well.....
this won't be our address next year and we've got awhole lot going on
this year. However, I still have time to change my mind.
The snappy PL cards are Photo play. I do love the retro look.
and on the inside there were a bunch of puffy stickers so more stash used
and a snazzy stamp that I've had forever that says
"Merry Christmas" stamped on white cardstock
that won't get lost on the deep red background.
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