Friday, January 18, 2019

TN- All about my pineapple

As you may or may not know 
I have about 17 pineapple plants that actually 
produce the most, bestest sweetest 
pineapples in the world.
Of course they always ripen when we're traveling.
 So imagine my delight when we came home
and a new plant was growing a pineapple.
And we were gonna be there to harvest it.
 And of course I had to document it.
I did root the top and gave it to my pal and awesome
next door neighbor to plant.

Studio Calico, Mambi

Thursday, January 17, 2019

TN - I have issues

I LOVE those cards from Paper Issues.
Their swag bags rock. 
I need to get a few more before leaving.
And that smiley - one of my favs LOL.
 So I actually do have hand/finger issues.
It seems that it was not arthrytis but Dupuytrens 
or Viking Hand.
It appears I have viking blood.
Anyhoo, I had a procedure done on each hand
that cut the growth that was pulling my fingers into a claw.
I now have almost normal hands.

It was done in the office, and I was using the hand
right after. I have to keep the brace on at night
to train my fingers to be straight.
I have a great doctor in case there are any
Vikings out there with clawed hands.
PM me. 

It is sooo cool. I can straighten my hand to
put lotion on those parts that are straight
and they look normal. 
More or less.

Studio Calico, Paper Issues

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

TH - Another play date with my pal

Holli - we have such a great time.
I'm gonna miss that so I'll have to make it up
when we winter in Florida.
Well - that butterfly is a Tim Holtz die and it's huge.
I gifted it to Holli because well I knew she'd love it.
I felt compelled to use it one last time.
 Love how this page was just an artsy expression.
 And have you found those snarky word strips from Tim?
They are wildly funny and things I would actually say.
Just a very fun, for no reason page.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

TN - Christmas and Grandkids

Using some Tim Holtz and Hip Kit club stuff
I made a double spread.
Combining most all the grandkids in a 
couple of photos.
I actually jumped around in the notebook 
to find papers that would be perfect with the theme.
Looks like everyone was ready for Santa's visit.

Monday, January 14, 2019

MM - That mushroom stencil

Has gotten around.
I did an Inky Quill thing while I had
that baby out and messy I 
plopped it in all 3 books - sometimes a few
times because - mostly because things didn't go well. 
 Also played with my new dylusion paints and after
watching Suzanne Rose and her amazing 
mushrooms - it just seemed to be the thing to do.
Again, my mushroom looks nothing like her's although
I can say I was extremely pleased how mine
turned out.
Also had a play day at Holli's where she had
that wonderful woman with a hat stamp
and it just totally makes the page.

That is a graduation photo of my mom and I'm
sure I scrapped it before but it just
totally worked out for this page and again,
I cut it out.
Because why not.
I'm liking that.
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