Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Gettysburg - The Battlefield

Today we did the auto tour of the battlefield.
We encountered a just a few issues getting the narrations going.
We started with the CDs as we have a CD player and would be
easy to hear and operate.
I popped the first CD in the player and got a read disc error
and then found I couldn't eject said disc.
We tried for over an hour to get that puppy out of there.
we marched back to the visitor's center and told
I told them my sad story so bless their hearts
they gave me the iPhone APP tour.
Download mytours app put in the code and shazam..
 A soldier's point of view..
We sat for another hour trying to get it
to run over a blue tooth app on the radio.
 And then we were off, making a wrong turn because
you are follow - auto tour signs that are not
numbered on the streets.
(Only numbered when you get to the monument).
 And not everything is clearly marked, but Tom figured
things out and we finally got rolling.
 It was very informative with sound effects and everything,
but I missed a lot of it because I was hopping
in and out of the car taking pictures.
 As you can see the battlefield is stunning and
I can't fathom 51,000 soldiers from both sides died in a 3 day battle.
 The monuments are amazing and there one each
for each state fighting on both sides.
 It was a hard fought battle on both sides, with the
Union being victorious.
 People that lived there came out to watch the battle.
I can't even imagine watching such carnage.
It had to be horrific. 

 Gettysburg was a turning point in the Civil War.
 Yankee soldiers.
 80 cannons were used in the biggest artillary bombardment 
of the confederate soldiers.
 12,500 Confederate soldiers advanced to Cemetary Ridge
in what's known as Pickett's charge.
 It was a tight fight, soldiers were using hand-to-hand
combat, bayonets, rocks and fists with
the South coming close to take it the hill.
 There were 2 civilian casualties in the war:
Jenny Wade who was shot in her sister's kitchen by
a stray bullet while she was baking bread for the soldiers.
 Her's is a sad tale of star crossed lovers.
 John Burns was 69 years old when he
joined the front lines as a volunteer and received
numerous wounds.
 Gettysburg had a population of 2, 400 people that
had to take care of 14,000 Union troops and 8,000 Conferate prisoners.
 The results of this victory are priceless. ... The charm of Robert E. Lee's invincibility is broken. The Army of the Potomac has at last found a general that can handle it, and has stood nobly up to its terrible work in spite of its long disheartening list of hard-fought failures. ... Copperheads are palsied and dumb for the moment at least. ... Government is strengthened four-fold at home and abroad.
— George Templeton Strong, Diary, p. 330.
 On November 19, 1863 President Lincoln
delivered the Gettysburg Address and dedicated
 Soldier's National Cemetery.
It's a beautiful park honoring the fallen soldiers that
fought to keep the Union together.

Put this on your bucket list.

We went back to the battlefield after sunset.

Bucket list.
Beautiful any time of day.
Pennsylvania Monument.
My birth state.

Monday, September 17, 2018

TN - Another 2 page spread

I may have mentioned a page would be made of our
tour of the guitar factory and ta-da
here it is.
Two pages mostly because I had the badges we wore
for the tour and a map I wanted to include with the 
photos went to the other side.
 There are A LOT of photos and I think I narrowed
it down - I took a photo of every instrument
they make so that works and
 a famous person has to be included along
with that story.
I adore that little clipboard and that tag

HipKit, Studio Calico, Recollections c/s, Tim Holtz, Pink Fresh

Friday, September 14, 2018

Barnegat Lighthouse and around LBI

You knew there had to be a lighthouse coming
from somewhere. 
 Of course it's a gray day - courtesy of hurricane Florence.
The inlet was rockin' and rollin' and flinging
its bad self all over the pier.
 Boats were coming and going.
Mostly going.
 However, this boat got to the entrance of the inlet
 and turned around.
Can't say I blame him.
And that is the look of the inlet.
The waves are gonna get ya coming and going.

 Coming back from a hopefully successful day of fishing.
 The Lighthouse. 
 Made a new friend.  I think I ruffled his feathers.
Shocking I know.
 Don't tugboats make you swoon.
Love a pretty tug.
 Our awesome Coast Guard peeps getting ready to 
hoist anchor.
 Fearlessly headed toward the inlet.
 If only they could get a little closer to the lighthouse.
And maybe sunny skies while I'm wishing.
 Another tug.
 And working, boats don't they make you swoon too.
Doing a lot of swooning today.
And two tugboats mating.
Muah! 😘
Looks like they're kissing to me. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Overview of our tour of the Martin Guitar Factory

It is a fascinating tour.
About an hour long and chockful
of guitars and
the people that work there.
 Somethings are done by machine but the majority
of the work is done by hand.

 Okay - how fun is that.
Dogs playing cards- still popular. LOL.

If you're ever in Nazareth PA drop on in.
It's soooo interesting.
There is only one job/position that requires you
to play the guitar - and of course,
that's the end where it guitars are tuned and strummed
to make sure all is prefect.

Did I get a picture of that??? No.
Too busy watching.

 They have a museum and while we were poking
around admiring all the guitars of yesteryear
these guys set up and were doing a film.
They didn't mind we were in there even though
they closed the museum and the dude
is a country singer named Matthew Szlachetka
They did sound great and
 I did have to google him so
look for him.

Of course there'll be a TN page a-coming!

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