Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gelatos and Watercolors play

"Twas a lovely Saturday night for playing around;
the rain was coming down and DH had
the TV blaring, so I put in my earbuds, turned on Pandora
tuning into the Blues and decided to grab a nice glass of wine
(which could explain alot).
I broke out the gelatos and some leftover special papers I had
and went to town.
I didn't record the drawing of the lines, nor having to figure out
how much water and what brush to use because you probably know more
than I do at this point and it would've interrupted the 
creative process (snort).
Actually I didn't think of doing an actual blog post
of my adventures until way later.
 The above result come out pretty good.
But did I stop there?
Where's the fun in that.
 For some reason I decided that I wanted to make squares
and of course used the black gelato. :|
I should've really thought that through a bit more.
 Since that went so well
 I decided to break out the watercolors and play around.
Seriously, how bad can that work out.
 And the watercolors didn't turn out that bad.
In my head I was working my way toward doing "printables" but
not on the computer - because PSE and LR baffle me and I
wasn't quite sure of Word so......and I really wanted to get messy
and use my stuff so........
I decided to go live.
Being quite the multi-tasker I took another look at the gelato paper 
while the watercolors were drying. I wanted
to see if I could salvage anything and decided to smear
more gelato and water about to see if I could make 
it any better because seriously could it really get any worse.
I mean what are the odds of that.
 Setting the gelato paper aside 
the watercolor paper dried quite nicely and
I just whacked them up with scissors.
And then tried to figure out what I was going to do.
Since I can't draw a stick figure I decided that stamps were
the way to go.
(I experienced a moment of panic when I couldn't find my
favorite sets, as I had moved them to a different
container for the crop a few weeks ago).
However, after bugging a few people I figured out what happend
and got back to work.
The odds were 
Four out of seven- not bad.

I tried writing on one of squares- however, when under pressure
to write really cool - I caved....
therefore a blob of white paint took care of that.
I have no idea what happened to the brown one - oh yeah
the bycicle stamp I used - inside out/turned the wrong way
on the block so you can imagine my surprise when I 
saw it was a bigblackblob on the paper - 
and there was noooooo fixin' that one either.
And the houses just looked plain dumb and I had no idea 
where to go with that in that moment so
 I just set them aside to see that once dry, and if in the
light of day and the lack of wine and blues, 
they may or may not be salvageable.

I know you're on the edge of your seat in anticipation of 
where these are gonna go, so............
I'll keep you posted.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Broke out the cookie cutter die cuts again

I'm loving my dies.
I have gotten so lazy about using them so
in order to not be so lazy, I break them out - and use
whatever scrap paper I got going on
and die cut away until
I decide enough is enough and my
die cut box overfloweth.
 The cookie cutters are fun - love using the outlines
because I think they can create movement
and also allow the gorgeous paper to shine especially
since this is 8x8 size.
Those stars totally pack a punch.
 And don't they go perfect with the paper??
Using more new Studio Calico papers in order to be ready
for next month's kit.
And that's momma peeking out in the background - 
hence the title.
They have the same pretty eyes.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Remember those little EK Success word stickers?

I love them.
Well.... they quit manufacturing them but
Tim Holtz has some going on - so I tend to mix them around.
Of course they don't have every word I neeeeeed
so I get to blend my handwriting in there, 
beause the cool thing about EK is that they used a bunch
of fonts - so no one will ever know.
 I am also diggin' the Shimelle stickers more and more.
There are some I'm having issues with in trying to apply, such as,
I'm just not feeling the love on the one that says "oh rubbish". 
I just need to get the whimsey going on.
 But the records, radios and glitter and shine stickers are perfect for girlie pages.
Of which I have a girlie page going on.
I also used my cookie cutter die cuts here as well!!
Love the circles for movement.
Used the rolling triangle stamp in the background - I think
it gives it an extra umpfh.
And the cluster....oh my.....
I adore my feather die cut and leaves.
And tthen there are those little EK/TH word stickers
and my handwriting amongst them.
Annie is so dainty and tiny and is getting ready to practice
her dance lessons.
I love the flirty look on her face.

Some more Studio Calico going on with lots of diecuts
and stickers and sequins.
And my homemade enamel dots.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

There is a dog in the photo

Which is why the title is "these 4".
Thought I'd lay that out right out of the gate.
Love that they're all piled up.
 Therefore I piled all my embellies up.
 Using paper from my new Studio Calico kit.
 Along with some stash.
Is that clock not adorable?
And its 8x8 page.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Using a transparency

Transparencies can be tricky because adhering them down
is tricky and that is why layering up is a good thing
in order to hide the adhesive.
Which can be tricky.
 I also practiced my random flinging.
I really need to learn how to use that Shimelle date stamp.
For some reason I can't get it right.
So I kept going......
 I also edged the transparency with a branding strip.
It keeps it from flopping about and curling-
although since its in a page protector one doesn't really need to do that.
I just liked the look of the branding strip.
I really like the grungey feel with the pink and b&w photo.
I also love it because with this transparency - less is more.

Studio Calico. Shimelle, Homemade Enamal dots and
that cute little arrow punch I picked up at Hobby Lobby - a total impulse purchase.
Love that punch.
 - And the strip on the transparency is long gone. - if you
have a clue let me know.  Hambly??? Its really really old stash.

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