Thursday, September 18, 2014

Handmade tag

And what to do with your handmade tag
once you make one.
Check out my tutorial at off the rails scrapbooking.
Which is on deck (time zones arrghhh).....
for tomorrow. 
Layers and Layers and Layers oh my...
Anyhoo have a great weekend......

And in a totally unrelated way ......

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Perfect papers, perfect photo

As I kept poking through my Echo Park
Capture life pack - it hit that there was a New York
theme going on.
And Brooklyn.
And when this photo of Lou came over the wire, well 
it was a match made in heaven.
Very fun papers.
This is Lou under the scaffolding - running through "his tunnel"
on the streets of Brooklyn.
Seriously does it get any better than that.
So......I added three strips of paper on the "tread" paper.
A beatle song and music.
Since dad is a muscian - that's a win in addition to Brookly/NY stuff.
The red edging was added after it was all said and done
because it just didn't pop off the page.
And now it does.

A little bit of Studio Calico - actually worked in the skyline stamp.
Go me.
And Basic Grey alphas.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Again, reusing elements on different layouts

I seem to be diggin' circles lately.
And borders - they do create a lovely feel.
And again employing their use on another page even
the same color.
It does make an album cohesive, however, there's really nothing
cohesive about my everyday albums.
And a lot of my pages go in the grandkids 8x8 albums
so that doesn't help with the cohesiveness,
and doesn't that give me the license to use whatever I want,
whenever I want. LOL!
This was basically a driveby page as I couldn't make up my mind
about a lot of things.
I know you're surprised.
It was the new Echo Park I've been working with and
I love the heart page - and all its busy-ness.
So I threw on some gesso and watercolors and then
couldn't decide if I liked it.
Therefore, its mostly covered up.
I also had a couple of leaf branches where the feathers
are now, and decided that looked too girly
and went with just feathers.
Did some stamping, the music is Studio G and the100% boy
is from Recollections and both work perfectly.

And then there's the wood veneer alphas and stars.
Well finding the letters was fun.
For some dumb reason that, I in my infinite wisdom, dumped
every single wooden embellishment I had from Studio Calico
into one big ole bowl.
And doesn't that make for good hunting when you need to make words.

I proceeded to dump everything out of the bowl and now I have
them all segregated according to alphas, hearts, people, and arrows that
I have an amazing abundance of.
As you can see.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Reusing the same embellishment on other layouts

Its not like a rule or anything.
And its a different color.
And it works.
So why not?
Since breaking into my diecuts again, I've been having a good time with them.
And if you'll notice the circles (cookie cutters and I just LOVE).
Anyway I liked the way they were on this page 
kind of like a bullseye. 

As I shuffled with these 8 pix around on several different pages
for days (drama much) because honestly a lot of photos baffle me
and so do 2 page layouts which this one is not, I had an extra circle element
and tossed in the corner and it looked great - the color wasn't right
but it was perfect for the space.
Also not alot of call for tree trunks and you'll be very impressed on
how I worked in those 2.
Of course there was no room for journaling so I called on
my linguistic skills of just getting to the point and not rambling.
It worked. For the most part.

The majority is Echo Park - I picked up the Capture Life pack
and the tree trunks, labels, enamel dots and wooden arrows are Studio Calico and an
Evalicious button to finish it up.

We had the best time at the campground with the kids.
There was a playground to hang out on and we were able to build
a lovely campfire for hot dogs and marshmellows.
Doesn't get any better than that.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Border diecuts are cutting edge

There are a few languishing in my drawer that I forgot I owned.
Sad that I have so much I can't remember it all.
But its all coming back now.
And because I didn't have enough paper already
I picked up the Echo Park Capture Life pack.
The colors work perfectly.
And all the cutouts and stickers, oh my.
I used my "shine" stamp from Studio Calico on that
blank bannery card, works perfect.
However, now looking at the 3rd card - which is blue -
I should've put it in the middle.
Too late.

Anyhoo, I dug out my sissix border diecuts.
Love the delicateness of it - it doesn't take over.
So the confetti came from the border-all those itty bitty holes.
How fun is that.
There's a studio calico stamp, stars and badge.

First day of Kindergarten, always a milestone.
I shortened the title because I love that fun font but didn't
have all the letters.
I think its cool.
Hopefully someone/anyone will get it.
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