Thursday, April 17, 2014

Obvious or not so Obvious on your pages

You decide.
I have nothing against obvious because I do it all the time.
Because I really have trouble with the not-so-obvious.
 I try to avoid that because it makes me feel stupid.
There's the other issue that I never have the proper holiday/celebration papers
on hand when I need them. 
Therefore, its obvious from the photo that this is a birthday.
And do I have birthday paper???
But this star paper makes me swoon and Amelia is the star of the day.
Since Happy Birthday is obvious and her age is not.
It is now.....
Although there are 3 of them-obviously in-line for the donuts.
Hmm....didn't think of that.
And the candles aren't helping with the age either.
However, she's turning 3 and that's why there are 3-3's.
The big @ is actually for her initial - but since the 3 is on it,
it could be @3 :D 
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Used Studio Calico, Quickutz dies, some new Project Life cards.
I need to do some journaling because this page is mine.
All mine..Rubbing hands gleefully.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A straw and a lift

My pal April and I were cyberscraping and she chose the page we should lift. She got it from pintrest and I traced it back to this blog; Teacher Jessy's blog

I took liberties of course to make it my own. I broke out the gelatos and went to town. I love the background which is a Studio Calico geometric pattern. I pulled out some old Basic Grey tags from all their collections -not worrying too much about colors since all BG's collections work together and the gelato colors I picked were sort of neutral. I love the whimsey of the straw and the pop of color. It brings your eye right to the title and photo and also the emblishment to the left of it. I believe I jacked the straw idea from Ashli over at Purplemailbox - she used one awhile ago.

I had to plant a flower over to the side because somehow I managed to put an inky fingerprint over there and there was no covering or cleaning it up.

Miss Amelia came to Florida to visit me and of course lil miss was photographed much to her annoyance I'm sure. She shouldn't be too traumatized since she's still being photographed. This is totally a flash from the past and she needs to visit again.

Parents optional :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sort of a monochromatic page

I love sort of monochromatic pages. 
Especially with little pops of color.
Red happens to be my favorite but you would
never know it from my wardrobe.
The monochromatic can also rock the 
black and white photos.
And these naturally are precious.
Love the smiles on their faces and in their eyes.
Looks like everyone is looking forward to a road trip.

All Studio Calico, except for the circle-Authentique.
I need to practice my stamping a bit more.
And for added texture - I added some burlap and mesh.
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