Tuesday, August 21, 2018

TN pages - getting more fun

Love these 2 pages and finding
I can do a bit more than I thought LOL.
The tag is homemade and I love that paper
with a doily...
Used Pink Fresh fun embellies.
and how cute is that moose that Maine claims to
have roaming around.
We saw the signs but no moose LOL.
And that fun photo of my friend Gail just relaxing
and feeling good.

Studio Calico, Pink Fresh, punches.
Any suggestions on the photographing of it?
I need to find a cool place and I left my frog at home.

Monday, August 20, 2018

TN pages one no photo

And there's no journaling.
and did I stress over that until I didn't.
I love the page and I can always go back 
and journaling when I have something to say.
I'm still having trouble with photographing 
and cropping. I'll figure it out eventually.
Still getting used to the size and
and white.
On the first page - I used a stencil with black ink.
Embellished it a tad and used that
amazing glassine envelopes from Studio Calico.

Studio Calico, Tim Holtz, and punches.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Two Rockland Lighthouses

First up is the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse
that is WAAAYY out there.
Not like I was daunted by that distance but.....
the jetty was rocky, uneven, and well it just a lot
of work to get out there that I wasn't
in the mood to do.
I know right.
I usually don't have issues with a lot of work
but my fancy footwork doesn't lend
to a lot of unevenness of rocks and crevices.
Anyway, the lighthouse was built in 1890's and its nearly a mile out.
 It loooked soooo cool and I was also hoping
to get another angle down the road,
but alas, twas not to be.
And don't the sailboats look like they're having a great time?
 My pal Gail enjoying the moment.
 Then on to Owl's head Lighthouse and as we turned the
corner in the park there was this adorable post office.
 And just was we got there the fog rolled in.
The lighthouse was built in 1825 and rebuilt in 1852.
It's 100 feet above mean sea level.
 Even though I hate heights I made it up the
steps just in time for blue skies.
 Looking out over the peninsula was fog, there was a ship
passing by and by the time I focused it disappeared into the fog.
 This granite rock giving a nutshell of the history
of the lighthouse.
Very hard to read by cool all the same.
 An old sea captain haunts the lighthouse.
I didn't see him but that doesn't mean he isn't there.
There was also a dog named Spot, whose job it
was to ring the fog warning bell.
After he passed, he was buried near the bell.

There is also a story of a man, first mate and a fiance
ran aground in the rocks. The lightkeeper
found the captain half frozen, and a couple days
later the captain happened to mention the two other people.
They were eventually found encased in ice and thought to be dead.
Well they slowly thawed them out and the first mate
and fiance had 4 children. The man Roger Elliot did not
make a full recovery.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Doing the Scenic Tour through Gloucester

Coming along route 127 that goes right through
the heart of Gloucester is this tribute
to all their fisherman lost at sea.
 A little further down the line there's this sign.
Any Wicked Tuna fans out there?
Well docked out back is Marciano's boat - Hard Merchandise.
Or should I say his former boat. Actually his son will
be captain of the Hard Merchandise.
He has a new boat but finding the new name on line isn't happening.
It looked a lot bigger on tv.
 There were cool working boats all around the marina.

 And of course the Endeavor.
We have an Endeavor- a land yacht. 

 Then there was the fog rolling in and out.
There are 5 lighthouses out there that could not
be seen because of the fog. 😐
 Rocky beach plus fog.
 They had the coolest buildings, a lot of them 
really really really old.
 That clock tower can be seen from everywhere and we 
had to find it.
 And this beauty with the copper clad windows.
And finally the sun came out as we were leaving.
And then it poured on the way home.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A couple of Traveler's Notebook pages

But to begin with I rearranged a few things like
putting my computer and printer on the ledge freed up
a lot of room on the table - which it looks like
this is going to be my spot and
utilizing all the space underneath it as well.
 I will have another cabinet in the slide near the kitchen
but that won't happen until we actually move in.
 In the meantime...
I rearranged my tool box, and organized it way better
than it was, and took all the embellishments
out of the zippered pouches I had them in
to see everything better because plowing through
all the pouches was frustrating.
I did 2 pages and I really need to figure out how to
photograph these pages.
Learning curve....
 I did bring the sissix die cut machine but only brought
the long cutting pad - thinking that's all I need.
It doesn't cut the "cookie cutter" type dies. 😐
So I traced them out and cut them myself.
However, note to self: when we go live bring all the pieces LOL.
I think this is going to work out.
I'm still feeling my way.
A combination of Studio Calico, Hipkit and Pink Fresh.
Amazing how they all work well together.
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