Thursday, October 18, 2018

Heritagy looking page

I love heritage and ancestry stuff and I kinda
miss scrapping them.
I did some ripping and tearing and don't
that make ya swoon.
I didn't want (to me) to showcase  these pictures
in the PL protectors because I'm still trying
to figure out the embellishments.
I don't want the photos to be overwhelmed but
I wanna be creative.
I'm finding it hard to meld the two.
So I'm just going to try different things until
I find something I like and works for RV living.
I saved the tickets and managed to find them prior
to completing the page.
I seem to have a real hard time holding on to
ephemera on the road and I usually complete pages
without since locating them in time to be
included on the page escapes me.
I can't be the only out there. 
 I did cut down the tickets to fit the page
and I did want to keep the part where we
got a rain check but didn't take advantage of it
because it was still raining the next day.

Studio Calico.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I keep trying to use up all the Halloween stuff

But it seems to no avail LOL.
Oh well there is fun in the trying.
Very old stamp-it says Clear Stamp
 This is a total mishmash of whatever paper I had laying about.
Would you believe there are no strips with mfg names on them?
Shocking I know.
fun stuff.
Now I just need to remember to mail them.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Final Alaska photos- Denali

and it is of Mount Denali that graced us with its
presence on the train ride.
I waited until our return so I could print out an 8.5x11
because it is sooooo stunning and it allowed
my oversized badge that you can purchase at any
National Park store to be on the page without getting in
the way of the mountain.
It did cuminate in a 2 page spread and I printed all
the animals I was lucky to see and take photos of and
 in a 8.5x11 collage.
I even ID'd all the critters, keeping it simple. 
I also was able to find all those itty bitty things I collect like
the national park stamp with the date and
park on it, and that cool pin of dahl sheep that we
saw as total pinpricks against the sky when they were
high up on the mountain.
 Using this size and not PL pages allowed me to tuck
the pamphlets about the park
 that is put together along with maps, do's and don'ts
in any national park you plan to visit
It also allows to keep the bulk down in my books by not adding an additional page.
I do miss 12x12 size but I'm embracing this size.
I'm still dithering about with the TN because I love dimension
and dimension in not a friend of the TN.

Anyway, YOU NEEEEED to go to Alaska - it's wild
beautiful and huge.

Monday, October 15, 2018

TN - It's been completed Sortof

I have found a couple more I forgot that need to be added.
Working on those pages now. 

The Endeavor Shakedown Cruise as titled
you will see later.
I was gonna drag these out for a week, but it 
didn't make sense.
You're welcome!
 When I got to these pages in the book you may
or may not notice the thickness because I was
carried away by dimension.
It was at this point that I felt that dimension had
to go by the wayside.
 So these pages are a bit different.
I used stamping - that didn't go well on the above page.
I'm okay with that.
 I also tried to make as many 2 pagers as well and
employed the use of all that washi tape
I have and hardly used.
 Love that Tim Holtz bird stamp.
 I wanted a variety of alpha styles for the fun of it.
and I actually did most of the journaling
with Tim Holtz words.
 Using a Tim Holtz spilt coffee stencil and
then added a sticker and fussy cut
the cup of expresso (I'm going with because I don't
have a coffee mug)..
It was good coffee and liked that I got a sticker.
 Best BBQ ever had to be documented, eating at Jack's
twice. Nashville at night is a total honky tonk happening.
More washi tape and matched it up with
some cork alphas - I kinda like it
The stamps were fun to do and I finally got
to use some of those goofy puffy stickers.
 I did a white wash with watered down white paint on
the cork stickers as well as some kraft paper
to make it matchy matchy.
Every now and then I need some matchy matchy.
 It's been fun using up stash.
 I feel I was way more creative being home because
I had way more stuff and I could
actually use my wafer die cuts.
 Love the down by sea look of it.
 And you can never go wrong with googly eyes.
 Again, with Tim Holtz using his arrow stencil.
I daubed black ink over them, traced
with a black pen and then decided to not 
fussy cut them out.
 I really like how they turned out an felt
the arrows were all that was needed.
 The next title says it all.
The wooden nickel is from Patrick Henry's estate
but it just worked here.

AND TA-DA the finished product.
I felt the flamingo was required because
we do live in Florida.

And here is the thickness and it was making
me crazy toward the end of the book when trying
to scrap.
Sideways view.
So going forward I will need to think really hard
about using so much dimension in these
books. While I do love dimension, I really had a
great time creating these last few pages because for me
I had to think out of the box.

Friday, October 12, 2018

TN page - Chat with CaraLYNN

My niece and I got connected when she
appeared on messenger for kids.
And we had a wonderful chat, in fact, so awesome
it had to be documented.
Below is a photo of said beautiful neice
she sent to me in the chat so I could make sure it was 
really her.
O and if you're wondering about the spelling out
of the name. WELL...
she does have my name 😍
 I screen shot the chat because I needed to.
Shrunk them down and printed them by 3's
on 4x6 photo paper.
(I didn't think to use regular paper)
It's on that brad - from waybackintheday.
and then popped on some foam backing for easy reading.
 And that hip kit club bunny was to adorable
not to use.
Below are the screen shots of the actual conversation
maybe not all in order but hey.

Hip Kit Club, Studio Calico, watercolors.

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