Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Additional pages in my Travelers Notebook

I am actually loving how this notebook is coming together.
Even with the lack of dimension.
This photo was made in the collage choice in Easy PhotoPrint editor.
So in the background is a faded covered bridge that
covers the entire page and the others nesting in it.
Pretty cool - there is supposed to be text in the first block
but I couldn't figure that part out. LOL.
Finally got that 82 out of my stash!
 Just having fun with die cut embellies and love the 
photo with the lighthouse behind our home.
And because the patch had bling - there's bling going on there.
It's so much fun exploring and that bridge
is amazing - high and deep sprouting up from the gorge.
 This is from our ride through the backroads that take
you from one cool town to another.
And then my favorite road to hate. LOL.
 The abandoned mine was huge.
The conveyor runs at least 1300 feet and was
designed by Henry Ford.
It made the workers lives easier in getting the coal to the train.

Tim Holtz, Studio Calico, MS alpha punch (ooohh)
 prima flowers, Quikutz dies

Sunday, September 29, 2019

More entries in my Travelers Notebook

Had so much fun with this.
We were camped in a friend's backyard and
this little groundhog was our neighbor.
Every now and then he'd scamper across the yard
into the woods.
I couldn't resist.
Oh and if you know about the Shadow - you're really old.
My pal Holli stamped and mailed that fun critter. 

 Had that birthday sentiment for a long time and
kept forgetting to use it.
Stash Bust.
Loved that we could get together and celebrate
my brother in laws birthday.

 Of course I had to document our trip to Hershey and
chocolate covered bacon.
There were 4 slices 4 different ways and each
had an abundant of chocolatey goodness.
And for the TH phrase up there - I actually finally
bought a Tsquare ruler and guess who
STILL had trouble making straight lines. 😐
And some of the leaves are changing.
It's going real slow
and I wanted to get our home in on the
leaf peeping action.
I have had that acorn flair button forEVER.

There's a mix of a lot of stuff that of course
I don't have the packaging too.
So you'll have to guess. LOL.

I'm also doing pretty good with the no dimension rule.
More or less.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Started a new Travelers Notebook

It's an old Studio Calico and happens to be
perfect because it has fall stuff in it.
And here I am in NJ in the Fall.
Twas meant to be.
Also, I got to use the Tim Holtz SNARKY word
phrases - I love them - you really need
a sense of humor.
 So my challenge is to do this TN withOUT dimension.
 That challenge lasted to page 2. 
The banner that hysterically cute monster is holding
has some of that craft dimension stuff (can't think of the name)
behind it so it's not as thick as regular pop dots.
 I have been enjoying doing simple pages
and NOT OVERthinking things.
 And okay - page for has a tad dimension but
it's not my fault.
Blaming it on my pal Holli who sent goodies
in a card - all those cute monsters, that girl and a pink
flamingo clip that I forgot to add to the photo.
It's been fun passing things back and forth via snail mail.
It took awhile to get to me so it was a fun surprise.
 I have WAITED a LONG TIME to use
that slice of pizza - also Studio Calico - very old PL card
that I fussy cut out.
Broke out the die cut machine and made a lot of stuff that made it in
these pages, along with stamps and fussy cutting.
It's been fun.
Since space is an issue - when I break out the BigShot
I cut a lot of stuff ahead of time, except alphas,
that I needed because I tossed
out a bunch of thickers I had because
I thought they were too big 😐
so the BigShot came out again as
 the alphas are QK Holiday mini's which
are a fun font.

This is going to be a fun notebook. 
I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

TN - Completed already!

Shocked me too.
For some reason - I thought LAYERS as oppossed to DIMENSION
would make a difference.
And it did in the fun, but not so much how fat 
the book became.
But I love how it turned out.
I found these pages in the book really, really fun to do.

 Mostly because I let myself not worry about
design, embellishments (whether they matched or not)
or if it was cohesive.
 It was a blast and I'm gonna do it again
as soon as I create my next journal.
 I do love the rings - because it appears I canNOT resist
dimension or layers. LOL.
I really would love the use the premade books
but alas, I can't contain myself to keeping it flat.
 Using up so much stash has been fun as well.
Some of these cards I had literally from forever.
I'm okay with using old stuff.
 Because in a 100 years from now no-one will know its
not the latest and greatest.
 This is a mix of a lot of different mfg's.
The mix works well I'm thinking.
 Those envelops - I am totally gonna miss them when they're gone.
 The paper for this is from a 6x6 basic grey pad.
Tea garden.
So this is how fat that bad boy is and would believe
there are only 5 WHITE PAGES in the book?
It's all the other layers of patterned paper that make it pudgy.
I'm okay with that.
However, I'm gonna have a lot of books LOL.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

TN - Wherever your heart is....

A few more pages in my new TN.
Love how its coming together with layers and journaling.
I do have thoughts written in pages as we roll down the road and
I have decided that some need to be in the TN.
Not necessarily in any order - just how 
the mojo flows and the story I want to tell.

 My pal Holli has sent me some premade tages - and "take note"is
one of them and it ias perfect for this page.
And on the flip side. 
 I am so diggin' the layers and I'm loving that I
finally "broke out" into whimsical and I don't obsess that
maybe that may not be the perfect embellishment.
And I'm okay being out of order with the journaling.
It means that someone has to pay attention when perusing my TN.
 Whimsy is working out mighty fine and this TN
has been the most fun because...
Just because.
Another embellie by my pal Holli - I just added the sunglasses
because it just work with the photo - color wise.
Does a body good.
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