Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chronicles of a driveby page - Day 4, 5 & 6

In case you don't remember.
Day 1
Day 2
I also thought to spare you individual posts.
Even I couldn't take it. LOL.
Day 3

And here we are making some progress now that I liked the "base".
I keep a box of precut diecuts  and orphans laying around to pick through
at times like this.
Its also a great way to jumpstart the mojo by just randomly
picking out papers and diecut shapes and commencing to whacking.
IN that box 
I found a black circle, a 1" circle, a star and feather.
I quite like that little cluster but.......I'm not married to it.
I then decided that some red was necessary and added some washi
tape barely peeking through
under the photo bottom left and right under the notebook punch along
with a bit of burlap for texture.


Concentrating on the bottom half - I decided that I wasn't crazy
about the star and changed it to a heart and
found the stamped "hello" in the box from another
project where it didn't work out.
So that brought the white and black from the circle down.
The heart also brought the red down.
Of course the white and black needed to be repeated at the top
and I found a photo corner - another project reject and tucked it in
and then curled the thread around to make it more
Broke out some red homemade enamel dots.
I used some vintage photo ink around all the edges to give
the different embellishments some cohesiveness.
And I let that sit as company came a-calling.


As I happened by my desk I found I wasn't buying the red heart thing.
It was then I remembered I had some 7 Gypsies
hardware - Why did that take so long you ask? Well....
its been awhile since those type of embellishments were called
for I actually forgot I had them.
I used to use the 7G's stuff on almost every page.
And then I moved on-more or less.
I dug into the bag and found some bronzey 
"cogs" and placed them around -
highlighting them with my homemade enamel dots
Nothing has been glued down as yet - but its getting closer.
Shocking I know.
And as you know - titles do not come easily - so........
I'll be pondering that - 
I appreciate you staying tuned.

Chronicles of a driveby page - day 2 & 3

Thanks for continuing on my journey.
Driveby is my design concept - as to where my page lays on
my desk and as I pass by I add, delete or rearrange things and then walk away.

And here we are and I found I so wasn't feeling it. 
It was so boring and the brown
just wasn't right - it was just too.........brown
and kind of overwhelming actually
and even though there wasn't much of it - it just didn't work.
 I decided to use the flip side of that basic grey paper 
sitting on my computer - because that side was just to wild
and I felt that maybe the light brown would 
bring out the photo.

Somewhat better ------


I decided that since I used my
roller dots on the base paper, it would spiff up the light brown paper
and if that wasn't enough I brought out my "notebook" punch 
to muss up the mat paper - it was supposed to be punched on the top
but alas it happened to the left side and I decided to roll with it.
Yunk yunk.
I also felt that it needed a little extra but not anything 
overpowering therefore I twirled some black thread about
in the top left and bottom right.
I kinda of liked this direction but,
 we had a dinner date for pizza......and never got back to it.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Chronicles of a driveby page - day 1

It all started with this photo of a fish house
that made me swoon and run to the car and grab my camera
when we dined at Starfish Fish Market in Cortez.
And it turned out kinda blah so.....
I then used a filter created by Thomas Fitzgerald
formerly of the Aperture blog 
called brownify - and don't it just take you back to yesteryear.
I paid those pelicans to pose and flyby.
Of course I found the perfect paper to rock the photo
 and added some bits and pieces here and there as I walked by my desk.
Added some dots with my rolling stamp and......
of course I rearranged said bits and pieces numerous times 
until I just gave it up.
And there it sat overnight because I couldn't make a decision.
And we went out for dinner.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

I did a list for journaling

I don't normally do lists.
Somehow coming up with adjectives
intimidates me and that is probably why I kept
it pretty simple. When having to "think" my mind goes blank.
Shocking I know.
And having an adorable granddaughter maked it easy.
 Got a cluster happening in the corner with lots of goodies.
I got some green going on.
It just sort of happened - along with the purple.
As you will see I pulled from the photo.
 This photo is a couple of years old and how I passed it over 
for so long baffles me - except that its
time has come. LOL.

Studio Calico, Bo Bunny, Homemade enamel dots 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cutest little mini album ever

Thanks to Connie over at Crafty Goodies.
She posted this adorable accordian fold instagram album
and mentioned she was teaching this mini by Bo Bunny in a class -
and since I live in Florida and she lives in Texas well....
I couldn't resist.
I chose not to do accordian fold - 
because I don't do
accordian fold well therefore I adapted it into a regular mini and
it worked very well.
 My base is a light chipboard and the size I chose is 6x6
The green EK Success corner rounder
rounded out the corners on all the pages including
the light chipboard.
 Then using Simple Stories 6x6 paper pack I had laying around
I adhered them to the remaining chipboard pages.
Poked holes after the papers were adhered with my 7Gypsies Binderie -
best investment ever. 
 Added an assortment of embellishments.
 With some gorgeous pictures and
a pocket page with 9 strips of paper that Cavin
can journal on.
And this last page is Simple Stories as well - not kidding
and isn't that perfect.

This is going to be so much fun because I can see
making it girlie as well 
and tayloring it to just about anyone.
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