Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Grandkidlets in a Pocket Page

I'm kinda getting the hang and liking pocket pages.
I've used a bunch of PL cards and
then found more 😕.
I printed a bunch of photos in different sizes. 
Why? I'm really not sure.
Based on that indecision I broke out a different
design pocket page and started
laying them out.
Decision made!
It really worked out well having a bunch of 
random photos - especially when
its all the same family
but hey, it could work for all grands too.

A bit monochromatic

Which I love every now and then and it is
perfect for this photo of Owen.
Love the hat, the pose, the smile.
Love this paper from Pebbles and paired it up
with some old Basic Grey and
just a bit of embellishment that went sort of
'old' school. 
It totally focuses on the photo.

Monday, January 16, 2017

In the pink baby album and blanket

A lovely, dear young lady who I have the
distinct pleasure of sweating with and then whining about said sweat
(when she isn't pregnant)
when we work out.
As soon as I found she was expecting and knew what
flavor said baby would be I got to work.
 Shocking I know.
This was a 6x6 Recollections paper pad.
 With some extra and leftover embellies.

Love how they both turned out and
she totally loved them.

Completed my Smash/Art Journal

I started this bad boy back in 2013 or thereabouts.
That is Creative Cafe paper - and that
has long been defunct.
And then it laid around because I am
seriously not that talented but here are
a few pages in case you care.
 Over New Years we went camping and my first
thought was not to take anything scrappy-wise.
And that was okay until we had to return to the house
because hubby forgot something important 
(which I now forget what that was)
in those few seconds I dashed back in the house and changed
my mind.
I only had a few seconds so I grabbed this album 
a bunch of different colored sharpies.
When we made a stop a Walgreens and I picked up a small
Crayola watercolor set and that was it.
I was gonna grab the watercolor from home but had second thoughts then.
Now I have one to keep for other road trips.

This is more journaling than anything else with some
*coughcough* art.

I'm glad I completed this book FINALLY.
It was a long time coming and its really just a random,
no theme or consistency (except the drawings are bad LOL)
album that need completing.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Just a smidge off center

And there's a reason - there's this issue I've been having
lately with mists and the packaging technique.
It's been a flat out horror story - in fact there's one page
I seriously can't fix - that I may or may not ditch.
It's that bad.

Therefore in order to cover up said horror that strip
had to moved just a titch to assist in the
Feathers help too.
Now there's just a bit of color popping out 
that actually looks good.

Grands on a rock - they love the outdoors.
Pink fresh, thickers, and die cut feathers.
And mists 😐😐😐😐


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