Thursday, June 23, 2016

Going for a bit of whimsey

My first idea was to make my own cutfile type "stencil"
for lack of a better word by using those spellbinder diecuts
gluing them together and then back them
using the Sassafrass Lass paper.
I wasn't crazy about the outcome when I backed a couple.
It just looked too heavy for the page.
However they are cute to use somewhere else.
However, I did like the bird and those wheel thingies or slices and hearts
so I began fussy cutting, punching, and tossing them about on the page
using the die cuts separately and not backed.
 There are clusters and then some tight clusters going on.
 Sadly that is the end of the Sassafrass Lass paper. I really love it-because its fun.
I'm not sure why I added pink and orange either except I liked it.
I think it plays off the whimsey I was going for
and then I tossed some Heidi shine and Mr Huey mists about.
And that is a sequence of photos of Amelia playing.
I didn't catch that at first when I first saw the photo....that I've had for awhile.
The rest is Studio Calico of course, and that adorable bow punch.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Little mini done!

Remember this post on what to do with overwhelming scraps
well this is book #3. Book #1 went to my pal Holli
and she's still working on it.
However, this is done, finis, complete and love how it turned out.
This is for Jill and I hope she likes it.

I also apologize for the photos as the book is chockfull of stuff
and it wants to pop open at random times....
so therefore, my finger is holding it down and focus
is a bit iffy.

 I used an enormous amount of PL cards and
do-dads and those gi-normous letters
as their initials.

Lots of stash and packaging done and in the garbage
and used! 
Love how it turned out.
Jill sends lots of photos and lately I had been greedy
doing a bunch for me, so I decided
that an album would be fun rather than random pages.

I didn't realize until after I started how many pages were in the book.
Towards the end, I started stapling some together
because honestly, not that I didn't have enough photos BUT
it really would've been TOO much.
As it is, its already fat and won't lay flat and I'm still 
trying to figure out how to "close" it per se.
I'm not sure I have anything strong enough to hold
and also not look real dumb.
Any thoughts?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Travel Album - just add photos

Once again, yes, we are going to head out on another
road trip the end of July and coming home
the end of September. Therefore, a pre-made journal
was in order. I love scrapping on the road and having the album
almost completed when I get home mostly because
I remember everything fresh LOL.
So in this post I talked about cleaning out the ole
scrap box and I did make 3 mini albums and this one is for the trip.
 I rolled with the rings because I wanted to be able to add 
extra pages if I need to and not have to watch if I get carried away.
 I tossed in some envelopes and pockets that I had laying
around forever - got rid of a lot of stash.

 This also reduces the amount of "stuff" I need to take.
This past trip I had way too much (if that's possible) and it
was overwhelming. I had stuff I never used, stuff I wish I'd have
brought and not enough of some stuff.
I also couldn't find stuff when I needed stuff which was really
annoying, so therefore, stuff will be limited this time.
 I use the Canon Selphy to print as I go. It makes really
lovely photos from 4x6 and smaller.
Love that it has choices.
 Some of the papers had white backs so I just
rolled and embellished them as well.
I also used a lot of leftover embellishments as well.
Its really great to put them to use as they were laying around forever.
 The other cool part is that I can rearrange the pages too.
 There are a lot of pages in there and love the different sizes
and the challenge they bring.
 Here's a bag I started of embellies along with some extra pages.
Of course I'll be adding punches, stamps, and other assorted stuff.
Also I'm sure there's a SB shop or two along the way.
If not, M's or HL's are everywhere.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Jumping on the circles bandwagon

and doing it with a lift from Adele from Inky Quill.
My mojo needed a jump start and the best way I find to do that
is to do a lift that is usually not my style.
So I took a bunch of random papers and punched all kinds of different sized circles
out of and used every single one on a 8.5x11 page.
Which I have to admit was fun.
 Using the package technique with some mists I gooped it everywhere
along with some mist splatters.
 And those little flowers I had FORever and used every single
one of those too.
The titles were fussy cut from PL cards (except for the circle)
and I also had a diamond cut out that just didn't work out.
I have no idea about the triangle banner but I love it.
I really like how it turned out - its pretty and fun
at the same time.
A mix of Studio Calico, Basic Grey, WRMK, Heidi Swapp mists more or less.

Friday, June 17, 2016

It's Friday!!!

Still nursing the arm.....
I did print out a bunch of photos - and am ready to rock.
I have this doohicky for my arm that seems to 
work - went back to working out and
that's working out therefore,
now its just a matter of the mojo flowing.
It's hard to roll because the weather has been beautiful,
the pool water is sooooo amazing,
that most of the time we are enjoying both
even to the wee hours of the night.
I need a driveby page.
Have a great weekend.

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