Thursday, July 24, 2014

Studio Calico Patches

I only used one but patches sounded better than patch
which I believed I also used yesterday.
I'm getting redundant.
However, a patch in this case is like a girl scout patch.
And to be honest I had no idea what to do with it.
I have no clue why I was intimidated by it -
 I've used stickers bigger than this patch.
Anyway, the colors fit, well the red was a surprise
as it was the only color not in the arrow paper, and I loved
the sentiment, especially since this is Quintin's 
first no-training wheels ride down the street.
A rite of passage conquered.
Love that.

Lawn Fawn, studio calico, quickutz cookie cutters-lemonade.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Patching together a base page

That you can't see.
Because I didn't think to take a photo because
in the first design - 
you'd almost have seen it.
This is an 8x8 page.
Somehow when I whacked into it, it became a lesser size.
So I squared it off to 8x7.5 and used the remaining paper, the B side
and washi'd them together.
I then decided that looked really stupid and added some water colors
and running colors.
Found some vellum, the die cut and a photo and decided that
it needed to be over top the patch.
Because I found the awesome tag at the top and it took up room.

So that blue streak at the bottom is a studio calico stamp, along with 
everything else on the page except for the bazzill, qk die cuts and punches.
OH and I handwrote the title.
And I tried to go for a less beachy looking page. Not that I'm 
against beachy looking pages but I've done them the same way lots of times.
And I wanted something different.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Going green with the color green

The color green!!!
It just sort of happened and of course it works well with wood.
Like that's a stretch.
However, it just seemed to work especially with the different greens.
There was a time when if the greens had not matched perfectly I'd be quite
neurotic about it. 
But not any more and its quite freeing.
Like Lou having a ball.
He's just too stinkin' cute.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Title inadvertently matches some of the embellishments

Just occurred to me.....although potatoe / potahto.
Circles or rings.
Ring master.
Get it!!!
I can be sooooo witty.
or Not.
However I had the design going on with another title until my pal
April the titlemaker came up with ringmaster.
And it was like a head slappin' DOH moment as to why I didn't think of it.
And when I was looking for something witty as a title for my blog,
I happened to notice the similarity.
Clever eh?
Love the rings as an embelishment and whipped out the ole QK cookie cutters
and used each and every one of them on the page.
Everything except the thickers and washi is Studio Calico including the mr. Huey mist,
 and those stars came in this cute lil glassine package
 and I used every one of them too.
I'm totally on a roll here and using supplies.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Leaving busy paper - well busy

I wanted the numbers because its a birthday page and grandpop really
 needed more candles on his cupcakes.
However, because anticipation was high and the wait was long, its probably best
not setting the house on fire and making 2 littles wait.
It was the second celebration of grandpop's birthday while visiting in NJ.
And how fun was that.
Liz rocks the cupcakes and they didn't last long.

The page is busy but I feel those beigie/white arrows actually 
bring it down to a mild roar along with the matting
and border strips and washi tape.
The B&W photo also tends to bring in your focus as well
calming down all the busy-ness around it.
I'm totally impressed and you should be too that I worked in a journaling
sticker with a cupcake on it. 
I tend to have a hard time with stuff like that.

All Basic Grey except for the Studio Calico wooden arrows, word strips, the
recollections washi tape and
 I got to use some really really OLD BG alphas.
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