Sunday, March 24, 2019

And away we go! Tomorrow....

We are living in the RV - in our own yard. And it’s actually been pretty cool because we’ve been practicing.

Practicing is important before going on the road.

Because so many things can go wrong.
Because so many things can be avoided.
Because so many things can be solved.

We also thought we had sooooo much storage in the coach and UNDER the coach.
Until we didn’t.

This or that.

Whether it’s this or that. 
This or that could be wrong. 
Depends on the circumstance. 
A circumstance you didn’t account for but should’ve thought of. 
Until you need it. 
And then you don’t have it. 
Or you do have that and don't need it.


So while we were stationary for a bit, and had a place to put things we did find:

  1. We can’t run the air and do anything else, like microwave and cool the bedroom without tripping the breaker. Need 50 amps - only have 30 here. In a campground that’ll be different.
  2. We have a cord running into the house to use our coffee pot and grinder to allow us to run other things such as air or heat.
  3. We are arranging, rearranging, adding and subtracting dishes, pots and pans, food pantry, spices, testing out the ice maker (swoon) rearranging the fridge, and making sure every nook and cranny is perfectly used.
     Those pots and pans are gonna need rearranging just sayin....
  4. Making use of our insta-pot, learning when the induction cooktop will blow the circuit (when the AC or heat is running LOL) and when to use the gas stove. (No microwave for you). 
  5. Using the gas stove top seriously limits the countertop space for chopping, slicing and dicing food preparation so all that needs to be done ahead of time.
  6. Keeping the dirty dishes done and put away in a timely manner (meaning as you go) as there is only so much space on the in the dinky double sink.
  7. How much to fill the freezer and when it will actually freeze.
  8. Monitoring the tanks.

Therefore, being in the electronic age, we don’t need to be here waiting and watching for the house to sell. We are done with the waiting, so hopefully we are gonna make things happen.

It’s time to move forward.

I’ll keep ya posted!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Those Tim Holtz birds

just crack me up and they're perfect
as a birthday card.
I mussed up the edges on some blue & black
Recollections cardstock.
I also, in a moment of confidence (due to the Grinch)
I hand wrote the "title". 
Not bad. I did stress out on sez though
couldn't decide caps - no caps.
 I also used some washi to kind of "ground" him.
I love that "confetti" stamp.
It's soooo much fun especially using different
color inks.
Last card I think  - also could've 
used something like that on the first 14 cards LOL.
And I just had to have
that cat peeking about behind the happy birthday.

I think it turned out fun.

Recollections, Studio Calico, Tim Holtz, washi tape

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Birthday card for a friend

I love these big, huge sunflowers, again my pal
Holli's stamp that I made a few of
and you will be seeing again, is so pretty.

Who doesn't love a sunflower and when was
it not a good idea to use a sunflower.

I stamped the sunflower in black on some
really textured cardstock.
I mucked around using gelatoes to give it 
more color and shadows.
 The inside is kinda of plain here but
I did more and tucked it in the envelope and
licked the flap.
So if you'll use your imagination,
 I splattered brown gelato about and
stamped an adorable old-timey bunny peeking
out from behind the sign on cream
colored cardstock.

It's really cute.
You should see it. 

Recollections, Prima stamp, gelatoes.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Birthday card for my girl

I knew the minute I saw this stamp that
actually belongs to my pal Holli,
that I would get a lot of use out of it and so far,
I have. I stamped quite a few.
Hoping to do a few more before we leave.
I knew this stamp would make a great card. 
 And that ice cream - does that not look real?
It's studio calico.
I used ranger inks and for the life of me can't figure
it was scattered straw or spiced marmalade and maybe
vintage photo.
It probably is vintage photo because the only
other brown I have is Van Dyke and I
know it's not that.
And a plain sentiment on the inside.
I stamped a few stars and confetti to jazz it up some.

Miss Amelia will be eight.
Where did the time go.

Recollections, unk stamp, ranger, Studio Calico

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Pinterest & the Grinch

I had a blast doing this card and totally
surprised myself.
I do not have a lot of confidence in drawing
my own stuff so therefore, 
 when I make cards, I punch, die cut, stamp
and fussy cut  but never "draw."
But, once again pinterest comes through and I love it.
 I actually free-styled those eyes, brows, and most
importantly that Grinch grin.
And don't forget the nose.
I totally surprised my bad self.
And that makes me wanna do more.

This card is another favorite of mine.

Recollections, Studio Calico, Studio G.
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