Friday, February 12, 2016

8x8 Pocket Page

Happy Friday!
I have no idea where this pocket page
came from and seems I have
only one - so far.
But I decided to give it a go.
And I really like how both turned out.
 I may have to look into getting more of these.
The cards came from my "box of stuff."'re on your own here.
My bad.
Actually, some studio calico, kelly purkey, 
paper issues swag bag.
More or less......

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Last Christmas paper standing

 I didn't get very much Christmas paper
in the Basic Grey warehouse haul (except in 6x6 pad) that
when I came across this photo and
couldn't believe it wasn't scrapped well.....
so I'm very glad I used the remaining paper up.
 And sticker sheets - galore, I have enough
for next year's stuff LOL which is cool - so that'll go
with the remaining 6x6 paper.
Love how a plan comes through.
Grabbing the stickers, I just started layering and actually
committing to sticking them down which
is very unusual for me.
I usually map everything out prior to making a commitment.
Of course, some came up, some were laid over
and some were moved.
It was fun.
 And I didn't get wiggy about not having the
same color alphas either.
I'm glad they were the same font though.
One can only break bad a bit at a time. LOL.
So I had this all ready to go and when I
looked at the photo I decided the page needed a border
therefore, I added a border with a very old brown micron pen
that had just enough ink in it to make the border, then 
tossed the pen and then rephotographed the page.
Looks way better outlined.
So everything is Basic Grey - including the alphas
and they are old. Really old.
Love that the colors match throughout their lines.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Seeing stars

I have not a clue about the mfg of this paper.
So if you know - give me a hint. LOL.
Love all the stars and it worked perfectly with the photo.
I printed 3 of them on a 4x6 and I like how it
turned out as it combines all the motions to tell a story.
 Lil Miss playing soccer. 
I wanted this to be inspirational because I could.
And I don't care that the sayings in gold on that green/blue
don't match.
Quite the rebel here.
I also had this silver paper that looked like a soccer ball 
and that I know is studio calico.
I cut the middle out - and decided it was really too cheesy
which I've already done cheesy soccer ball once LOL
so I  decided to cut it down a bit more and move the photo
and mat to the bottom of the page.
Since everything was soooooo busy I kept everything
at the bottom left. However in hindsight maybe a corner piece.
Using some magic mesh (like a net) to tone down the
  silver and a bit of washi tape, and as if there weren't enough,
 I added even more stars
and a little gold heart to match the gold lettering.
Amelia's sooooo young in this photo, running, and her
 chubby cheeks. She couldn't wait to play after watching her
brothers on the field for sooooo long.
Love it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Really little mixed media

I found this paper in with a stash of cardstock.
I'm assuming its Studio Calico.
As then, and now,  I wondered what I was going to do with it
which is probably why it was stashed far far away.
 Well as I mentioned before I took Ashli Oliver (aka Soaphousemamas)
Embellish DIY class and felt the need to channel.
First thing I did was back the yellow to the black because 
those colors really rock and then glue the
cutouts back.
Then I traced with white/black pens and splattered some mist.
And wow did I go wild or what.
I added some gesso and white paint to cover up a few ooppssies.
 I started out with another photo in mind but
it just didn't work as well, and this one
of Cavin happened to be laying on my desk and well
his yellow sticker just called my name.
And then layered that baby up.
 Added the owl because I had a ton leftover and
a couple of do-dads and decided I liked it.
Cards are MAMBI, houndstooth tissue Paper Issues.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Snips & Snails Boy Album

It was totally fun as I haven't had the opportunity to do many boy albums.
Is that bow not adorable. I have had that material forever.
I also decided to opt for a different opening title.
Baby Boy seemed done. LOL.

I really liked the big cards - some had sentiments and others 
fill in the blanks- which is good as one thinks
they'll remember the details forever only to have them slide away
as time goes by.
Those tags are nursery rhymes or songs
from back in the day with the accompanying letter.
The Y is for Yankee doodle dandy.
How fun is that and on the reverse side could host a photo
or some journaling.

Doesn't that little sticker remind you of books
from back in the day?
I knew where that puppy was going the minute I saw it.

Echo Park.

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