Thursday, December 18, 2014

A tutorial in using a nontraditional color palette For Christmas

Still working on the time zone visual.
Still having issues.
Still under the weather.
among other things - over at Off the Rails scrapbooking.
Here's a glimpse of my take.
I finally got to use that stupid flower soft I had laying around
for centuries.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Enter at your own risk....

Welcome to my world of creating a page....
It started with this beautiful Crate Paper.
 I decided that some texture might be in order so
I broke out the modeling cream, gel medium and some Mist.
I threw in the gel medium because it has a shiney almost enamel texture.
 I smooshed them all together and was kind of
disappointed that the gold did not come out as gold.
 I persevered because I figured I could change it up later
if it didn't turn out the way I liked.
 I broke out my 6x6 stencil from The Crafters Workshop of 
bird cages hanging from a tree.
I love this stencil and I do use it quite a bit.
Its good for girly and heritage pages.
 I put the an abbreviated version of the stencil in the bottom left corner.
 Doesn't that dimension rock and the gel medium gives it that shiney look.
 I also decided I loved the color as it matched grey color on the page 
which was a total accident.
And that is mostly how I roll.
As you will see.
 Pulled out a bunch of papers.
And pink washi tape.
 Pulled out a bunch of Kaiser craft and Studio Calico
embellishments and patiently plowed through them all.
 Laid it out and decided......
 to chuck it all and start again - especially after I 
pulled this photo from the wayback box.
It seriously needed saving and I have scrapped this one before
many times.
I decided a simpler approach was needed.
 I took all the flowers away and fell in love with bikes only
the white was kind of stark - so I broke
out my watercolors.
 and attempted to make them similar to the other
elements from that pack.

It wasn't until I completed the page that I decided that
a border was required - the page just seemed too plain without it.
 Tossed some sequins and thread about.
 Stuck some birds in a cage.
Added some washi and butterflies and went with
the tag as the title.
I really really love how it came out and its way different
from anything I've done.

Was that painful or what. LOL!!
Thankfully it doesn't happen often - but enough for
me to not even try to video my approach.
It would make us both nuts.

On an ancestry note - that is my great grandmother and there
about 5 kids piled on the horse.
There are 4 sets of legs, 3 heads and one popped up in the back.
I have tried to blow it up and identify said kidlets.
I think its my uncle albert, aunt Toot, aunt Ruthie,
and aunt Sue.

I adore this photo.
I adore heritage pages.

Would you like to see the other page???
Me too - as its been awhile.

Wow have styles changed or what.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

North Port Poinsettia Parade

Employing the same tactics that worked for the boat parade, my
awesome hubby went out and set up our chairs
ensuring our spot on Nort Port Blvd.
And then loading the RV with spirits and munchies
we set up to enjoy the parade.
A few highlights for your total enjoyment.
(or actually photos that I didn't screw up too badly)

And we had an amazing interactive time.
We all shouted Merry Christmas, caught candy thrown our way
and agreed that we had the best set up ever.
It was longer and more impressive that we first thought.
It was friendly and fun.
We came home to homemade chicken soup.
It doesn't get better than that.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Using one manufacturer with a couple exceptions

A few years ago I was on an Authentique kick.
Actually it was the only new product at the remaining LSS.
And then I got over Authentique.
However, I have lots of papers and stickers that need to be used
or given away.
I decided to use them.
 I follow a couple of people on videos and one of the tricks
to add dimension and use stash is to back
papers - and I used that "trick" here.
And it did add a cool layer and it does add a pretty dimension.
I also cut out a piece from the backing to use on the front as a mat
which adds another layer and is kind of economical.
 I also broke out the sticker page and started layering them in.
This line is "renew" and its about growing plants, rainy weather and kidlets, leaning toward 
the girly side. So I tucked and whacked the pieces that
were girly, rainy and plants where they couldn't be seen but did add
color and dimension. 
 I felt it needed something - so I broke out the watercolors mostly
because I didn't have mists in the colors I needed.
Watercolors are a good value that way and provide basically
the same artsy feel as mists.
Because I smoshed them around with the brush and also splattered
the colors about the same manner you would use mists.
 And wa-la, lots of layers and clusters going on.
The other non Authentique elements are - you guessed it.
Homemade enamel dots, washi and twine.
Love how it turned out with me and my boy.
That was sooooo long ago - 
it goes by so fast.
He's 23 now.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sometimes simple helps with the mojo

Love the banner and glasses which I made
into sunglasses by using
watercolors - sort of like a "mirrored" sunglass color.
I thought black would be too harsh.
Check out that homemade enamel dot too.
 Love the pinwheel and replaced the pearl with *anyone*???
A homemade enamel dot LOL.
 Premade titles say it all and say it all 
really well.
 I layered in some triangles with my rolling stamp.
Then added papers I thought might work.
and wa-la.
Great photo (as always) of my favorite eldest son.
Who needs front teeth.
At the beach.

Crate paper, Studio Calico stuff, Lawn Fawn, American Crafts and Paper Issues Swag Bag.
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