Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Gotta love ideas for cards from Pintrest!

How about these cute turkeys???
If I have to actually BUILD a critter, or thing, I need help.
Since I make about 12 of them, I like 
something simple.
Doesn't get much simpler than circles, squares and stamps.
The feather stamp is from Dear Lizzy stamp set - one of my favs
and I used distress inks from Ranger.
The hat is made from one inch squares and the brim a thin strip
cut to size and I actually handwrote the sentiment and their feet.
Am I artistic or what LOL.
And who doesn't love googly eyes.
The nose & buckle were whacked out of some older
Studio Calico paper.
These little guys are a composite of the bunch of examples
I happen to come across.

Recollections cardstock.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Mini album from scraps

When mojo is in short supply - I head to my
overflowing bin of used papers and
just start putting them together - no rhyme no reason
except maybe size - a piece that will fit when folded.
 Once the lil booklet is put together
 let the embellishing begin
 and I use ALL THAT STUFF that makes
 no sense in any pages I make
 and a lot of stash gets used.
 Sometimes I keep these lil albums for me
 and sometimes I give them away
 sometimes I leave them blank
and sometimes I leave them blank to the
 giftee can do what they want with them.
 I had two albums I previously made
and gifted them to my granddaughter Annie
 and when I was there a few months ago
we sat together and I showed her how to add her
photos and journaling.
 Annie is 7 and never to learn to figure it out
 especially when she rocks her own camera
 and now has tons of photos with nowhere to go.
I did add ribbon to close this album - something
I didn't do on the others.
I think it helps that it closes and I think Anni will
like this one too.

Here is the post where Annie and I scrapped together.
Another generation.
How cool is that.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Stamping and fussy cutting and paper tearing oh my

Well if you read yesterday's post you are aware
of my whining about all things changing in my scrapbooking
and in my head, scrapbooking to the storage.
So therefore, in defiance to that notion I made a feel good page.
Using a stampede stamp that was lolling about in
stash somewhere in a drawer that I had completely forgotten
about, and using some distress inks I stamped
some leaves because its October.
 And October in Florida just means the schoolbuses are out. LOL.
No pretty leaves changing or things like that.
However, it was a fun page.
I found this paper from the Paper Studio which was
rustic and cool enough to use for an October page.
I mussed it up and found my long lost tonic tool to muss it up more.
I backed it with Recollections cardstock in grey and
even stamped some leaves where it's torn and
now covered up with fussy cut leaves.
The entire page is all about Tim Holtz stuff, because I wanted
some rustic, shabby chic looking letters and dug
into some stash of grunge board alphas.
I used Studio Calico clean slate paint and some
plain jane white, along with some sandpaper and made
some funky rustic alphas.
And don't the Blue Ridge mountains just rock.
The colors are glorious.
Those little butterflies are TH too. 
There's a stamp tucked at the top left corner and
a little ruler as a mat for the photo.

Photo is courtesy of the Leaf Peeping Tour- 2016.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

TN-Starting a new notebook

It's taken awhile mostly because my head is playing mind games.
I did the left side page awhile ago and it is
THE first page.
Using washi and PL card. thread, that cool bow and
some nuvo drops.
AND then, I had an attack of holy lack of storage batman
and do I need to do "fluff" pages thought.
 And didn't, and doesn't,  that just stifle creativity.
Second guessing pages and topics.
And not only storage of pages, traveler's notebooks and
albums, there's the paper, the embellishments and dimension.
And don't get me started flexible photographs, i.e., sizes,
shapes and strips.
WAH.... but back to the page... LOL
 So when we were invited to cruise the gulf with our
pals Wayne and Dara of course we jumped on it.
Of course I took pictures.
And of course it had to be a page in my book.
 Because there is a story there.
If you've followed me for awhile you know we've had boats
and we spent a lot of time on the water 
until we didn't.
We traded the boat for a land yacht but being on the
water yesterday (or day before) made me
realize how much I miss being on the water and on the boat
and on the gulf.
So yeah a page was needed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Music to my Ears

Using Pink Fresh and a snapcatch from
instagram - a fun, sort of girly page evolved.
There's even journaling there - no need to add more.
 I whacked the 12x12 down to 8.5x11 because
that is one of the sizes I am using now.
I have used this size intermittently before because
I really love all sizes and hate to be limited in my choices.
Again, a photo of Annie and I scrapping her photos
in the little albums I made for her
and Owen - the background (see arrow)
is playing his saxaphone.
And as you can see it wasn't a pleasant sound.
However, who doesn't love a sax and some music
to scrap by LOL.
Journaling by dad: When you start learning to play the saxaphone
you are more Goose than KennyG.

Took me a minute to get that.
But I gots it now!

Title is a mix of QK Spicy Chicken and Studio Calico alphas.
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