Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Photo Collage and BIG Numbers

Love this little cluster and finally using a bunch of
things in my stash.
The transparencies are fun but tough to stick down.
I used my xyron machine and it seems to work.
 I really wanted to use the HUGE numbers.
So I did and love the result.
 The tassel is fun and finally worked in that pink and 
blue tag.
 After I got all the big stuff in I forgot about the journaling LOL
and the only place to put it was at the top
and bottom of the page.
Used a mix and match of alphas because
I didn't have all the letters.

Studio Calico.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Do you know how hard it is to find baby neutral items

Even in the scrapbook world.
So I plundered Echo Park baby both boy and girl
to find that neutral stuff.
Because the parents want to be surprised.
And what a great surprise it'll be.
Tucked under the books are the crocheted 
blanket I made and I found really cute leggings
and onsies in grey and white.
My other niece in charge of the shower
asked if I could help with the grandma badges
and banners she found on pinterest 
and of course I could
Would you believe I had all the supplies on hand?
Surprised me too (well except for the badges and flowers needed for
the grandma pins).
Love the soft yellow and grey.
They also requested books so I found two of my boys
favorite books.
I have had this acrylic heart - like forever
and really wanted to use it.

 I forgot how tough it is to do see through.
But I made it work.

 Goodnight Moon another favorite book
that I couldn't readily find but love it as an ending to 
the baby album.

All this was completed in less than a week.
Love it when a deadline comes through.

So on our way to the shower is when we met up with our friends
at a campground in northern Florida.
Where we discussed going full-time and found our new coach.
So it's all their fault LOL.

Monday, July 16, 2018

4th of July cards & a Birthday card

Sent all the grands a 4th of July card
made from kraft cardstock
and then being quite bold and daring
I freestyle painted the stripes using regular
craftsmart paint.
The stars are from a punch and popped up.
Assorted stamps for the sentiments. 
Then firecracker girl Annie has a birthday 2 days later
so I broke out my flamingo QK die cut
and added a fun party hat and a googly eyeball.
Love the splatters.

Got a couple more cards to go before
we hit the road for the summer grandkid tour
and the family fun for Labor Day at the shore.

Friday, July 13, 2018

We will be taking our show on the road...

(Sorry I've been MIA - big doin's)

Not that we have a show, mind you, 
lifestyle change coming up.

And its gonna be a doozie.
I can't wait.
But I'm gonna have to wait because.....
there are a lot of things that need to be done.

That change involves 
 Our new beautiful Holiday Rambler 2009 38' coach.
 Living room and kitchen with a queen sized bed in the back
with a washer/dryer combo.
a fireplace.
 We shared our pineapple from my garden and hung
out with our pals Paul and Sharon while we
picked their brain.
They have been full timers for 10 years so
They know a thing or too.
Of course I kept the top that I'll be giving away at some
point - no sense planting it in the yard at this point, 
and then there's artwork of Owen's that has been on the road
with us since 2013 that made the move official.
We have a plan - sort of because as we all know plans can be changed.
We will obviously be downsizing ALOT.
Then we will be selling our house and going on the road
How exciting is that.

It was not a sudden decision.
I have been mulling this over for some time because I had


Like I love my house, my stuff, my people, my crossfit, 
my friends, my scrapbooking, my people, my stuff and my town.
Raise your hand if you get emotionally attached to stuff too.
Because I do.
In spite of all the above, there is really nothing to keep us
in North Port, at home, when we love to travel.
We don't get a lot of visitors, my own kidlets are gypsies
 and all the grands live in other states.
I have a lot of downsizing to do and won't
that be emotionally fun.
But I really can't wait.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

This paper reminds me of the dot candy back in the day

Don't it?
These aren't exactly dots but the same premise.
I can't remember what they taste like
but back then if it was candy I liked it.
 Just because there is a rainbow of dots doesn't mean
that some watercolors can't be splashed about.
 Of course a fun banner with bits and bobs of adorable things.
Miss Annie's art was featured at her school's district art show.
Second year in a row I believe.
I know she was very proud and excited.

Studio Calico, Fancy Pants transparency I think-it's been
around for a long long time.
Loving my sunburst/splash punch.
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