Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Another page from last week's binge

And there are a few more pages!!
I'm gonna try and binge again it was a lot of fun.
(Inspiration continues from Soaphouse Mama)
This is an 8x8 page I did for Jill.
 I was able to use more of the "dog" phrases
which is soooo fun.
I need a dog.
 This layout basically used the majority of the scraps 
from the Canyonland kit.
So I sorta "killed a kit." 
One in a row.
I even used the stamps.
Love this photo and added some paper issues embellies
and those arrows were from a travel kit I had picked up on the road.
I forget the mfg.

Love how this turned out.
I also was able to use "autumn" stuff.
because autumn isn't that obvious in Florida.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Similar pages after a binge.

Had issues again with scheduling on blogger. Hoping to get it right in the future.

Of course it was going to happen as
this was done at about midnight on Saturday
and well... it just fell together like it was meant to be
so I'm seriously not gonna stress 
that it looks similary to Wednesday's page.
I adore those little bows and I have a bunch
already made up and try to match them up to pages when I can.
I also adore this die cut word and off and on
contemplate getting a silhouette or brother. 
 All I need is more room.
 Another one of those foam tabs. 
I think I have 2 left.
I fussy cut that bird out of a "tag" I had made
previously and couldn't figure out 
what to do with the tag - so my bird found a home.
The word is from Shimelle and the houndstooth
Is Paper Issues wrapping.
I need more.
And yea the word lovely applies even
for dashing men in tuxes.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

More layers and stamping!

I have had trouble with blogger scheduled posting. My apologies if this seems to be a rerun. LOL.

Can it be soooo???
Oh yes - this was another page I competed
on Saturday - and the mojo just kept on rolling
even with interruptions.
Love that.
 Some different stash - that "photo" - creative cafe
how old is that - I did get wild and punch out some cork 
embellies and they are fun.
Another rolling stamp in the background.
Lots of mat layers.
Bonus - because we don't have dogs anymore - I did get to use
the word strips from a kit gone by about dogs.
Love it.
 Those fun little foam tabs are going down.
So fun.
Love the title and that too came from a previous kit
and love how it works as they are
standing on a mountain.
Oh and that bird stamp - I love it and use it
quite a bit - since I'm binging you'll see it again.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stamping and layering frenzy

I made this page 8.5x11 because I wanted
some of the B side - which is that grey and yellow
mat peeking through.
I used the stamps that came with the kit which was
fun and also a rolling heart stamp in the background to give
it some umph...
 More black and white photo love - 

 Embellies and alphas from previous kits.
Using that stash baby!
I decided it needed a frame and it turned into
messy lines after the lines came out messy and then I just went with the flow.
I wanted a big title but not to be overwhelming which by
the looks of it I succeeded.
Transparency letters from another kit worked here
and I also used some of those square tabs leftover from
Sticky Mosciac kits the kids were doing.
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