Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rocking the gold - Rawr

There are times I have trouble working with gold
while others just plunk it down and go on.
When I saw this photo, the gold word title that came
in the kit was perfect.
And shazam there was the perfect paper too.
Love these three photos of the faces of Sam
who is now five.
He does love his super heroes.
Nothing special going on.
Backed the photos with tissue paper and a frame.

Studio Calico, Tim Hotz words.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Using transparency stickers

These transparent stickers came in the new Studio Calico kit
and I loved them for this photo the minute I saw them.
However, the vision in my head didn't quite translate to the papers.
Ever have one of those moments?
Very annoying.
 For some reason I felt compelled to stitch through the ones on the side there.
and the green star has a 3D glue dot behind it. 
It doesn't look too goofy.
Anyway, this is Amelia flipping a tire.
In 6 years of Crossfiting I have never flipped a tire.
And flipping a tire really goes with the transparencies.
I have a tag tucked into a glassine bag behind all the layers
and it's just about us both being crossfitters and
that one day I hoped we could do a WOD together.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Using up scraps from my scrap box

Due to a major wardrobe malfunction that my pals had caught
but were horrifically moritified and laughing hysterically at the same time
prior to alerting me to my faux paux.
My apologies/My pals LOL.
I was so focused in my creativity I completely missed it.
No worries now because paint is your friend and you can cover up
anything in scrapbooking.
 So I made this lil mini album with scraps I had from my
scrap bin. When it gets to a certain level
it totally annoys me.
And then I need to do something about it.
 So in conjuction with out of control scraps there are also
those embellishments that one has no idea
what to do with because they have nothing in common with
the way I scrap. 
 These scrappy lil mini albums are a good/great home for
those pesky embellishments.
 And die cuts - don't forget die cuts
and punches.
However, some of these I truly love.
 This lil mini is great for anyone that wants to
do an informal fun album.
I have made a few of these, some I've given as gifts. 
You just can't go wrong.
Studio Calico, Pink Fresh, Die Cuts and miscellaneous do-dads.
I love the word do-dads.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

VanCouver Port

Looking out on the balcony was this.
Dramatic Skies
(my fav from now on)
Coming down to the port in Vancouver that was
our final stop of the cruise.
(We took a bus to Seattle)

 This is the coolest photo I've ever taken.

I was able to watch the ship dock. 
And wow!
Those lines are HUGE.
And right across from the ship is a marina for sea planes.
Sea planes are soooo cool and everyone
stops to watch them dodge vessels to either land or take off.

Around Seattle, again.

As you may or may not know, last year
we met up with the grandkidlets
in Seattle last year. (parents came too but hey
its all about the grands LOL)
And I got really lame photos of the space needle.
 And that could still be the case.
and NO, we did not go up.
Because Lynn is a chicken.
 Who can resist a pink elephant and since ya'll are seeing it tooooo....😇
 Another icon is the Seattle wheel.
And no we didn't ride that either.
Because Lynn is a chicken.
 And then Pike's Market.
 Lots of beautiful goodies.

 This little chickie kicked pigeon ass to get this crumb.
And he was guarding it while trying to swallow it whole.
 Seagulls because there aren't enough in Florida.
 Dueling pigeons.
 The winner.
 Again with the space needle because its really cool.
 Closing with Starbucks.
Actually we closed with some Church's chicken at the Des Moines Marina
and watched a sea lion bob up and down and some ducks
bobbing about.
No photos because my paws were quite greasy and
it tasted soooooo good.

Heading home tomorrow.

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