Monday, April 7, 2014

On the Move with primary colors

that are perfect for a boy or  girl. It doesn't matter that there are flowers on my boy's page, the blue numbers totally offset any girliness. When I began this page I honestly wasn't in the mood to scrap, well I was but I wasn't. For me, its hard to explain - I want to create and then I have no idea where to begin and what to do.
 I feel overwhelmed. 
Design a new page, cut up new papers and what if it doesn't work out. 
Its at times like these I go back to the basics. 
I try not to do anything too tricky, and I tend to go to my stash so I can just relax and create. 
If anything gets messed up - no harm - no foul.
These are original photos and adhered with repositional tape just in case
And now they are done. 
The rest of the page was done with permanent tape and I have UNdu my go to
in times of scrappy desperation. 

This is my favorite youngest son who was on the move since birth and hasn't stopped yet. 
He was generally happy. And smiled alot.
Therefore momma was happy and smiled alot. 

Sassafrass lass, Studio Calico, Recollections, WRM. 


  1. He's a mover and shaker for sure!
    Love the colors and I didn't really notice flowers (is that wrong?? lol). The details on the page are perfect :)

  2. A GREAT SAFE layout!!!! Love the flower and I agree the numbers totally work. Accomplished:):)


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