Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thunderbirds airshow 2014

Ever since I was kidlet my parents would drag me to Willow Park, PA to attend the shows. And I fell in love with precision flying. Oh I can fly on regular planes. I'm not happy to fly and I can say with complete authority that if I were ever to have the chance to be in one of these jets I would totally wet my pants during any maneuver and that would include taking off. 
Because I'm a total chicken like that.

AND Ever since, I would drag my own kids and mother to the airshows - mostly at McDill Airforce base. Because there is alot to be admired even if its from the ground. Which I deem totally safe and non pants wetting.

They would alternate between the Blues and the Birds. Each are exceptional in their own way.

Trivia and and age defining question. Do you remember the the Thunderbird series on TV that was puppets?

And there were capable women in that show.YESSS and back in the 60's there were capable smart women. Their names were the coolest. Harmony, Destiny, Melody, Rhapsody and Symphony.

I fell in love with Destiny.And if I'd have had a girl she would've been named Destiny.
For sure.
Except and probably just as well 
I had boys. 

So DH and I set out on Sunday to capture the Thunderbirds without actually having to attend the show.

We took the RV and camped out by the side of the road with tons of snacks we took no advantage of. 
And waited.

It wasn't long before they took the air and of course they were breathtaking. And even though we were a few miles from the actual "show" they flew over top of us in order to set up for the next "trick". 

Which was totally fabulous.
Riddle me this.........we are there in the midst awaiting for the "birds". They are BIG. They are BAD and They are BOISTEROUS.
So how in the world can they "disappear in the skies."
They are so fast you can lose track of them in heartbeat. They are very stealthy and not to be messed with. And we were forever casing the skies in hopes to track them.
Every now and then we'd get lucky and spot them.

And if you'll have pity on me the photographer. I had my beloved camera and was tricked out in a ballcap and sunglasses. Well polarized perscription sunglasses are not your friend behind the camera.
So I took them off.
And proceeded to take at least 400 pix of the Thunderbirds.
I wear glasses, every day - all day. They were not perched on my nose.
All photos were taken with the naked eye and they are so NOT 20-20 eyes.
Which is why I wear glasses all day-every day.

 I was so excited and not thinking.

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  1. Amazing photos, Lynn! DH and DD love air shows and go to one in our area every single year. We even have a friend from MA who comes in to see it with them.


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