Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Entries in my Faux Traveler's Journal

Speaking of the cards in the kits that
 tell what month said kit is - are in my faux journal.
It's actually the most consistent thing in the journal and
since we were gone from June through mid-September the
entries just have quick notes about our trip
using extra photos I had printed.
 I do need to make another entry pointing out the album
I put together while on the trip.
I'm also going to make an entry about the too
much stuff I took this time around as well so I restrain
myself for next time.
In fact, I bought a couple of 4x4 albums that I might use
or use a traveler's journal - for actual travel LOL!
Anyhoo, that's way in the future.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Birthday girl

When I got home from my wanderings I had 3 SC kits
waiting for me and one coming for September.
To make it more fun, SC had a mega sale that I went
crazy on, so now I'm overwhelmed with all these new products.
With all that it only took several days and multiple changes 
I put a page together. Woohoo!
 The above bike has been in my stash for a long time
and I'm so glad I finally got it used.
 I love this paper - so much fun with its pop art feel.
Amelia got to pick out her own bike and because she has 
2 older brothers, she decided she needed a bike
that reflected that.
She's rolling with the big boys now.
Love it.
No fru fru girlie bike for her.
So in being overwhelmed with so many kits and new stuff
I somehow lost track of which kit was what month.
Actually, I lost track when I took the cards out to use in
my Faux Traveler's Journal, therefore, since I
couldn't figure out what month a kit was (except for Sept)
I decided it'd be fun to toss everything all together 
and roll from there. 😐😐😐
Needless to say that made it even more overwhelming.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Tag Album

Not really sure what to call it.
However, I had these tags rolling around for a long time.
So long in fact, that I couldn't tell you where they came from.
I'm thinking maybe Creative Cafe.
Shades of wayback when.
 I just used whatever I had laying around that may or may no
work with anything else.

Now I need to decide what to do with it.
Random photos?
A theme of photos?
just journaling
 (I do have a white pen and alphas).
Or gift it.
Any thoughts?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Of course there's a pre hurricane page

I apologize for the photo quality - there's shutters up
and it's like being in a bat cave so it
kind of threw me off my game.
Change is good right?
Anyway, took pix of the house readied for Irmageddon,
and it was very calming cutting and pasting.
I even got to use my 2 new stamps - a pineapple and flamingo.
You'll be seeing a lot of them 'till I get over them.
Seriously, the waiting is the worst.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Redoing an ugly page

So prior to leaving on our 3 month vacation I did this page.
Not only did I do it ONCE,
I did it TWICE.
The same way, the same colors.
Who does that? LOL... Twice - shows I
totally needed a vacation,
And its beyond ugly.
 So, I shuffled it aside and knew that I'd redo it.
I really would've liked the same paper so we could
go for a third try but I wasn't quick enough
to snatch it up at Studio Calico.
One of the first things I did after hurricane prep was
redo this page.
I liked the other stuff on the page so I basically
cut off the yellow checked paper
and glued the entire piece on this pink paper
that is actually more fitting because I think at one
time my gram actually had wallpaper like that.
Studio Calico, Tim Holtz, Buttons galore

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Finishing up my road album

Last 2 pages of the album completed.
It was sooooo cool, even though we were hotfootin' home
we did catch up with Shane in Ocala.
So we saw Shane at the beginning of our trip and at the end.
 Then just a journaling page on the final leg...

It was a wild ride, we even overnighted in a Walmart
parking lot.
It was interesting.
Our house is shuttered and we have food and water.
Updates will happen on Facebook
when we can :).
Thanks for all your prayers.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Last scrap on the road

I did do this a few days ago, but lack of WIFI/internet
well here ya go.
Currently, we are camped in Georgia, that now has
a state of emergency is some of their counties
because of Irma.
Irma is NOT nice and she needs to make a shart
right turn and go die in the Atlantic.
Enough already.

This photo is a recreation of one we took 10 years ago at
our family reunion. It was fun to do.
10 years - wow and I included a small photo of the one
from 10 years ago.
We really haven't changed much - we all look so young.
We also did a recreation of the 1st and 2nd cousins.
Since we all looked great 10 years ago I didn't feel the need
to include those. LOL.
However, I need someone to tell me who all the second
cousins are.
Sad though it may be, I've been in Florida since I was 15
so therefore, we all kinda lost touch until
the advent of technology.
So when I have their names I shall add them to my page.
Then came the Murphy reunion on Labor day, albeit
a few days early to work in everyone's schedule.
Another however, the weather totally sucked wind.
It was cloudy, cold and damp.
But we all survived and had a great time.
 Grandpop and Annie - very special.
And photobombed by momma - who seriously 
like momma like daughter.
Spitting image.
So we are poised on the brink of Irma.
We'll make it home tomorrow in time to set our house
aright for her big entry.

It was fun putting these pages together and again,
I brought waaaayy to much stuff.
It did make the whole scrapping thing annoying
instead of creative, as I was hunting things down and
so much I never used.
Therefore, next time, it's up to ya'll to reign me in.
Good luck with that.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Labor Day in NJ

The weather was really ugly so we ducked under
Pat's beachhouse and just hung out.
The food was delish and the company terrific.

Grandpop and Annie..
 The Duffy fam with grandpop.
And of course bunny ears. Dad beat Owen to it. 

 Alan and June.
 Cami - 15 and a sophomore.
Where did the time go.... sheesh.
 Me sporting the wind blown look with Cami.
 Annie and Goldie.
 Lucas whose growing way too fast.
 Maureen and Herb.
Desert time and if you've never had cannolli dip and
chips - you have got to try it.
Sooooo yummy!
 Annie chilling for a bit.
 And the requisite selfies....
 with Annie and Owen.
I need to work on my framing.
 Eventually we all moved into the beachhouse
to warm up because it became
really cold and damp so
the family photo by the fence did not 
happen this year.
Total Bummer. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Scrappy time!!!

Woohoo!!! Finally....
We are settled in NJ and hanging with 
friends and family.
So here's my set up from a different direction.
It's kinda tight but even at home with a drawing desk 
I end up with space this size anyway LOL.
 I converted some pix to B&W because I thought they'd look cooler.
Love the pix of me and Amelia. It was also when I decided
I seriously needed a new 'do.
Trying for a photo where Connor was "catching" the water.
Didn't quite line it up right. My bad.

 Little miss spent the night in the RV with us
and it was fun!
We got to stay up late and watch TV and everything.
 Converted the selfie of Connor and me to B&W
mostly because it really looked better that way.
 Our trip to Booth Bay and Hendricks Head lighthouse.
I used station in the title because I ran out of alphas LOL.
 This is the second time we were able to dine at Ken's so
I kept the menu and thought it would make a great background.
As explained before, we were too hungry to worry about
"before" photos. Bwahahaha.
 The Shakers were really interesting and I loved the
photo on their tickets and decided that it should be 
center stage as a title.
They are an interesting bunch, however, they
are on the verge of extinction due to practicing celibacy.
Pink Fresh with some Studio Calico, Tim Holtz 
and diecuts and stamps thrown in.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Last Shaker Farm

is the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village near
New Gloucester Maine.
Sadly, only 2 shakers are left - one man, one woman.
 At one time this was a booming commune where
men and women lived as equals, but were celibate.
 They did foster children and the girls would live
in this house with the women who became their mothers.
 The elders and eldress house.
No photos were allowed inside and that was disappointing
because they had such beautiful furniture.
Front of the house where the foster girls lived.
 The elders and eldresses lived in this house.
There were 4 total - 2 of each sex.
  The meeting house where they would dance and sing
after the Old and New Testaments and the Gospels were read.
 The old school house.
Young girls would do samplers of cross stitch
doing the alphabet and numbers and when
it was deemed acceptable work they were then
allowed to stitch their names on their sewing projects.
 We called this a snowball tree in Pennsylvania

 Another home.
 And sheep - were he found the grass was greener
on the other side of the fence.
 Hanging in the barn.

I believe he's sticking his tongue out at me.
The guided tour was absolutely fascinating.
This did become a National Historic Landmark so hopefully
it'll continue.


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