Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Ironclad - USS Cairo

The USS Cairo (pronounced Kayrow) was one of 7 ironclads
built during the Civil War and sunk in the Yazoo River.
 In 1962 they raised the boat in 3 sections and brought
up out of the river and restored.
Because of the silt, sand and mud a lot of artifacts
where preserved and are in the museum next to the gunboat.
And there are A LOT of amazing artifacts.

 It is huge and amazing.
It was originally outfitted with 13 cannons.
 Below is what it looked like in real life.
If you're ever in Vicksburg, this museum
is one you really need to put on your list to see.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Around the town of Vicksburg

Mississippi River bridges.
On is a railroad bridge. How cool is that.
 A barge cruising down the mighty Mississippi.
 There are canons everywhere.
 Mississippi River bridges.
 Down on the waterfront there are 2 blocks
of murals that tell the story of Vicksburg.
They are stunning.
 And trains.
 Up close and personal.

It's a really neat city/town.
Put it on your bucket list.

Visiting Vicksburg National Military Park

It's a beautiful park with amazing monuments.
Watch the movie about the battle.
It's poignant.
 The park covers the entire battle.
 With a lot of monuments.
It starts with the Union line and you can tell this
by the blue plaques, that explain company, regiment and who's in charge.
They are throughout the park.
The red plaques that are also throughout the park
are the Confederate lines and
they have the same information.
All of which these are the only two photos that
have the plaques in them.
Shocking I know.
 This is an Illinois Monument commemorating
the soldiers that fought and died in this battle.
 Grant tried many many ways to take the town of Vicksburg
and failed in every attempt.
It appears that Vicksburg was the perfect stronghold.
They had the high ground.
Only because Grant "out camped" the Confederate soldiers
that they finally surrendered.
 This is the Shirley house that happened to be 
a Union sympathizer and was used
as a hospital.
 Chasing a butterfly at the Shirley house.
You know I love butterflies.
There were also a massive amounts of ladybugs too.
 Stunning monuments throughout.
 The surrender took place by an old oak tree near this
heritage garden and home.
 Sadly, as in all battles in was gruesome and bloody.
 Approximately 20,000 American casualties.
The park is beautiful.
I just can't imagine.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The beginning of the Mississippi Delta Blues Tour

We left yesterday headed first toward Tallahassee but ultimately
our goal was Biloxi, MS.
It was decided to drive straight through and I must say
it was a looonnggg drive.
Especially when it gets dark at 5 p.m. 
That was weird. 
 We didn't get rolling bright and early- at least I didn't -
all that driving you know, LOL,
but we hit the gulf coast road and of course, the obligatory
photo of the lighthouse that is now
right in the middle of the road.
 McElroy's Harbor House was picked for breakfast
and this was the view.
While swooning over the breakfast of shrimp and grits;
here comes a shrimp boat steaming up the harbor.
And than to make a girl even more giddy there's an
entire marina of shrimpers.
While strolling around I found this guy doing circles out in the harbor 
 so I wandered on out to check things out.
After catching this and still not getting the circle mystery
I hear "help" - turning and hoping its
not a drowning or medical emergency because I handle
neither well,  there was this poor fisherman
that did a really good job tangling his lines up
(that I could handle).
(looked like he had an out of control ball of yarn LOL).
If you don't know, I LOVE tangles, I love trying to get them untangled
and crazily enough I have the patience to do it.
I have to admit it took us a few minutes working out the
details but we succeeded and
 I left a happy fisherman that didn't have to cut
 his lines, nor did he lose his fish.
I dont' know about him,
 but I had a good time.
 Cruising up and down the gulf coast road, being a tourist,
right out the car window, is this dolphin coming out of the ground.
How cool is that.
 Another light feature out on the water that we believe was a path
to safe harbor when the weather was foul.
And a palm tree eating shark.
No need for details there.
Does life get any better?
Why yes, yes it does, because tonight 
because we'll be eating more seafood and then 
heading to the Temps & Tops concert.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Halloween pages

Instead of stretching them out I decided to
just roll with all of them...
So first up is 8.5x11 of Sam and Lou
(Simba and a witch)
So adorable.
Did you notice the color of the paper matches
Lou's witchy face?
Love that.
 Miss Amelia decided to be a cat.
She has some homemade spiders going on -
buttons, cardstock legs and goofy eyes.
Nothing says spooky like that.
Her paper maybe Echo Park (not sure) I mixed
a bunch of lines here. So my bad.
 Next up is Owen and Annie and if 
they hadn't been standing side-by-side I would've
never guessed Owen as Michael Jackson.
And Thriller is perfect.
They totally rocked that.
Got some G45 going on - Fussy cut the title which is
perfect with MJ's & the witches look.

We are headed out again in the RV - going to see my dad
in Tennessee and then slide up the Mississippi 
River again checking out the blues and food.
Also hoping for some pretty fall trees but I'm thinking
we're a bit too late for that. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Mojo can be a fickle creature...

As I've always known.
It comes and it goes on its whim.
However, it did pop back around so maybe a 
break is good every now and then.
 Punches and dodads along with a bit of watercolors
is going on here.
 Used up some strips of papers and a bit of washi tape.
 And then I had to find a photo and then the great
debate or where it should go.
That took a couple of days, moving things here and there.
The doily was a way to ground this whacked up
photo I found in the wayback box.
And then of course a title.
Kept it low key and it pretty much covers
the journaling too.

Studio Calico.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Another page created without a photo

And since I plan on doing this for awhile
I shall not bore you with that title anymore.
Anyhoo, in stalking the u-tube - one of my favorites
is Ashli (Soaphousemama) so 
this is a sortof loose lift.
 Watercolors went on first - shocking I know.
Then whacked up some scraps again.
(I think I'll be giving Tori a run for her money over
at Scrap your Scraps LOL)
So I tossed on some do-dads and then went
on a hunt for a photo and found
one of these two cuties - Sam & Lou.
I used punches to make circles, cliche I know,
but it totally fits.

Love how it turned out.
And it turns out to be fun!
Again, Studio Calico, and some other unknown do-dads.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Creating a page without a photo

I have been a little bored with my scrappy pages lately,
so I've been doing some skulking on u-tube and
I decided to go back to making a scrappy page without a photo in mind.
 Love how it turned out. 
Just plucking scraps out of the box and some
do-dads and wa-la.
 Since this was so much fun.
I did it again and tomorrow's page turned out to be
a lot of fun too.
Using some stamps for background and to make
my own embellies, as well as a couple touches of washi tape
here and there.
 This is my favorite eldest son with a plane bigger
than he is. And today he still takes to the skies
with those glider thingies and is an adreneline junkie.
 Not something a mom needs to dwell on.

Studio Calico and some unknown stuff
because I destroyed the package.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fun birthday page

Using ledger paper from Studio Calico.
I love ledger paper.
Did some background stamping using a block
dot stamp and TH distress inks - spiced marmalade
and peeled paint. 
 Also used stars stamp from a SC pack with black ink
and I don't remember the MFG on the birthday candles and "presents".
There's some old Basic Grey in there too.
Owen turned  9 - this past September.
That went really fast and it wouldn't hurt my feelings
if all the grands slowed this down a bit.


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