Sunday, December 31, 2017

My top 17 favorites for 2017!!!

I just couldn't do 10. 
My bad.
And in no particular order.....

Have a Blessed New Year everyone!!

It's sooo cool that you visit my blog.
Thanks so much for your support!

Let's be more creative in 2018!!!

2018 - Seriously??? Is that not wild.

Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 Christmas Card Page

Every year I save my cards the Ali Edwards way
and this year is no exception.
However, every year the cards get fewer and fewer.
This year I decided to fussy cut.
Usually I punch or whack a piece out but some of the cards
were so pretty that I had to just use more of them
which made it a bit awkward when doing 
the page that turned into a double spread - of which
I hardly every do.
I also have a friend that recycles my homemade cards
and the one she sent me this year had my handwriting 
on it and I decided to save it and add to my s/b page.
Love that she recycles my stuff and sends it back.
It's fun!
Anyway, it turned out cute and I'm happy.
The cards with photos were not chopped and are tucked
into the pocket made just for them.
The papers are from my LSS - a company called
Photoplay -  I never heard of this company but pretty all the same.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

A two title page...Maybe

It has been awhile my friends, and it
has been a lovely break.
I was working on a project for a friend and now that that's 
completed. I'm baaack!!!
Sort of. 
It's a mojo thing.

Anyhoo, this page has been laying about for awhile.
 A long time.
Of course I laid it out, rearranged it 1039874194710934 times
and in each case the arrangement remained the same.
Therefore, adhesive was duly employed.
 So the titles!
This is a page about hanging with my dad last month
and we played cribbage.
I haven't played in years, he plays cribbage like I scrap...Daily!!!
Sooooo I found "Lucky Bill" that I loved
and his name is Bill and skillful as well as lucky.
Then, I also wanted a cribbage-like title and
 cobbled together the "15-2".
Fifteen two starts a counting cadence that I was taught
as a kid. Cribbage started young in our family - my great grandfather
was helpful in our instruction and we started about 8-9 years old.
So for every 15 points you have in your hand ( when you play the cards) 
you earn 2 points to peg.
You also get points for pairs, runs, etc. 
but we always started counting with the 15's.
Anyway, we had a lot of fun playing
and I like to think I gave dear ole dad a run for his money.
Although he did skunk me twice 😒
He also made 2 shoo fly pies for me that
were soooo yummy kinda made of up for it LOL!
I think I surprised him at times when we played.
I like surprising people.
Anyway - we had a fun visit and I can't wait for rematch.

Studio Calico, Tim Holtz.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

You can go your own way

That Journal Card is a perfect title for this page.
If you peer real real close you can see I used a Tim Holtz
stencil and modeling paste to lay
down those crazy arrows.
I splatted about some mists and fussy cut
a couple of arrows out in black so they could actually
been seen.
 It was fun trying to catch up with favorite youngest son on the road
and this time it was a Love's in Mississippi.
 It was also fun checking out Shane's new truck.
He is now a proud owner/operator and I couldn't be 
more proud of him.
He works hard.
Those sticker strips are either Bella Blvd or Doodlebug.
I think.
Fun page that'll include some journaling on
the back since I didn't leave
enough room on the front - and I didn't want to
write over all those arrows.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Thanksgiving page

Love the papers from Studio Calico for this page.
The majority of the embellishments are from Bella Blvd
and Doodlebug. Really old stash.
 But the colors work really well together.
 Love the addition of the doily that grounds everything
and then I felt it needed a border but I wasn't
keen on a doodley one so I cut strips
from the Bazzill cardstock I used for the photo mats.
We were a small family gathering this year and
it was a lovely time hosted by my sister and brother in law.
Way too much delicious food as always.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Watercolor Christmas Cards

Everyone should have theirs now - if not
no peeking 🌲
Nothing like waiting until the "almost" last minute
before deciding what to make.
I have a slim to none freestyle artistic bent
so this was really what I consider a gutsy move for me.
(And shock upon shock I didn't have a tree stamp)
So the first tree always came out well,
the small middle tree isn't too bad but that third
tree - not sure if it was the angle or my
my hand was in a strange position, but it just came out goofy.
BUT bonus ding ding ding, all those flowers were leftover stash
that sat around forEVER and now
they aren't - they're tree toppers. 

Paper Studio flowers.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas cards/ornaments

Broke out another Quikutz 4x4 die
(I'm so rockin' them this week)
Actually it's been over a couple weeks.
I had this flamingo.
Seriously, I can't answer that except it was
probably an impulse buy many
many many many many
years ago.
And I forgot it was Santa themed.
 So each one of the grandkidlets are getting one.
Their names are on them, and yes,
even the boys are getting pink - because
flamingos are pink.
 I put straws on them wanting to make an ornament type
so they can hang them on their trees if they wish
or just mess around with them. I ordered straws from Studio Calico
(they were on sale) but because
of all the black Friday happenings they shipped late.
So instead of green straws they are pink.
And these pink one's from M's came in 100 piece pack.
Anyone neeeed any pink straws??
It was actually a lot of fun to do.
Alot of die cutting.
I was also going to use cotton balls for 
Santa's hat but, where's the fun in that so I decided to roll
with stickles. 
Why do I not use stickles more often???

We are have decorated for Christmas - the big tree
needs to get set up.
All in All we are rolling really early this year
mostly because Shane was here and
he was the one to bring it all down from the attic.
How're your decorations coming?

 Bazzill Cardstock.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Last Little Bitty Mini Album

Got a bit carried away with the bows, but, I love it.
This little mini is another Quikutz  4x4 die
and it's 2.5x3.5 more or less.
 I used cardstock for the pages because it's
heavy and I think it'll take the wear and tear a bit longer.
 It's perfect for tiny pix, quotes and journaling.
 I kept the embellishments to a minimum for
"bigger" photos but I'm sure more could be added.
Also, the embellies are glued in such a way that things can
be slid underneath them.
 I'm pretty sure these mini's will be gifts.
 Used up a lot of bits and bobs decorating it.
 I may even add photos at a later date for the gift.
Love how it turned out and I'll probably do more.
I didn't even make a dent in the scrappy box with these
four mini's. 😐😐😐
These little mini's are perfect in getting the mojo
flowing and using up those scraps lolling
about in your scrappy box.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Third mini album and this one is my favorite

Okay, how adorable is this.
It's my favorite because its soooooo cute.
Anyhoo, still plowing through scraps and decided
to take a look at my die cuts because I remember a
little brag book I made for a friend a long time ago
and decided why not.
 It's a little less than 4x4 with tabs, except for the covers.
 Turns out I have 2 Quikutz die sets for mini albums.

It turned out adorable.
What to do, what to do. LOL!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Scrappy mini album #2 - Great Story

So, actually this one was done sort of simultaneously
with the album from yesterday.
 I just rolled with the flow.
 Used up a lot of embellishments that
were languishing in my box.

 Did a bit of mixed media on these 2 pages
because the paper was not double sided and it needed

Another fun mini that neeeeeeds photos and journaling.
Any ideas???
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