Wednesday, May 24, 2017

4th of July cards

Yea Yea I know it's early but since we may be on the
road during this holiday and I love making
and sending cards to the grands,
I decided to have them ready and just dropping them in
the mail wherever we may be.
We are heading out sometime in June maybe - so I'm also
putting together my scrappy supplies for the road.
It's quite interesting.

Kraft, my sunburst punch for fireworks and Studio Calico star & heart stamps.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Love grows here-Studio Calico Stamp

Love this paper and went a bit old school here with
the gold topping the paper as a layer.
It was plain so I did some gold stamping over it
with a circle background stamp
to give it a bit of dimension.
Love the heart die cut (however annoying to punchout)
It's just cool.
 Spread some butterflies around with some
little flowers and enamel dots.
 Had fun with the stamping and used some
navy blue to tie it all together.
Sam being dapper in his cool hat and Easter outfit.
Love this page - may be a bit 'girly' 
but Sam can handle it.

Studio Calico, Tim Holtz die cut.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Privileged to be in on the Studio Calico Sneak Peeks

In case you didn't see my Instagram (shameless plug).
I totally neglect instagram and I need to be more on top of it.
Just one more thing LOL.....
mostly to remember.
I put my name in to participate in the sneak peeks and was
 soooo surprised to be picked this quick.
I signed up for the scrapbook main kits and they sent
snippets of the papers and a stamp.
I couldn't help but make a page.
I loved those 2 papers right away and used the stamp....
I can see it'll be a well used stamp.

Friday, May 19, 2017

8 inch circle page

You can only do so many squares and rectangles when you
just have to break out of the box.
I did stitch around the edge to cover up my lousy
cut job with scissors.
 And doesn't that bow make you swoon.
Love the doily and kept things simple.
The title and hearts are from Pink Fresh.
And there is Amelia with her pals Tuesday and August snoozing.

Studio Calico, Pink Fresh, die cut bow.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Using one of my favorite designs for 3 pictures

And its Throw back Thursday from the wayback box.
Love the gold stars and transparencies. 
I always have trouble using small piece transparencies.
It's 3 photos in a horizontal line across the page
backed in a solid paper with colorful strips.
Old school.
 The are adorable pix of my favorite eldest son playing with
an oversized Mickey Mouse ball with his memaw
in the "yard" behind my apartment.
I really love this pattern paper and its perfect for these photos.
Nick also didn't stop till he picked that big ball up.

All Studio Calico except for the die cut arrow and stars.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Really big letters for a title

So the oversized title works really well 
with the blue bird and heart. 
 Also used a black & white and color photo of Sam
with his adorable smile and cute hair 'do.
I reused the paper from his brother's page.
Did some background stuff with a rolling stamp and some mists
which still challenges me for some reason.
Love the big title.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Love this paper with 6x12 size

This paper is very fun, I love the bright colors.
I changed up the size because of the size
of the photo which is 3.5x5 it stands out more.
 I kept the embellishments simple and
backed everything on navy blue card stock.

Adorable photo of Lou and I love the jaunty tilt of his hat.

Monday, May 15, 2017

I just love this paper

From Studio Calico and couldn't wait to use it.
It is just sooooo cool and the pencil scribbles
totally rock.
Something so simple but I wouldn't ever think of 
doing scribbles.
Mostly because I don't think my scribbles would be that cool.
 Which is silly because how can you screw up a scribble LOL.
I wanted to keep the embellishments down 
so the paper could be seen.
I also used some die cuts that I had made for a previous
page that didn't quite make it.
 Some wooden embellies and the A for Annie.
I decided that it would be cool as a "bathing, swimming, maybe
beachy" type paper and found Annie with the
perfect bathing suit.
The title is from Pink Fresh.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Last page for NSD scrapping frenzy

And this page works with frenzy so well.
In the still not overthinking it and starting to adhere and plunk
I took a time out to work in a 'stampede' with Creative Cafe
and Studio Calico stamps
because kraft paper can be so....well boring.
 However it works really well with Tim Holtz stuff, a Shimelle globe and
the story. Of which you will see I needed added
room for the story going on with this.
Here is my dad setting up another train platform.
He goes all out - the tracks will be laid, 
towns will be built and communities established.
And its fun to be the engineer.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

4th page for NSD - On a roll

Love this fun happy paper and it really worked
well with some diecuts as well.
Trimmed it down to 8x8 for mom's album.
 Did a fun cluster at the top and since I started NSD
I've been trying not to overthink things so I decided 
to keep that thought rolling.
I found it gets better as I go - but I haven't reached
the level of adhere and plunk like Adele
over at Inky Quill.
Fussy cut those hearts out and happened
upon those chipboard words that are really fun
and don't the colors work out well.
Funny how that works when its all in a kit or same line.
Studio Calico and some die cuts from
the previous cut die cut box.

Looks like everyone is snacking but Tuesday.
I'm sure some sharing was going on.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

When you can't find that perfect paper on NSD

These photos came across the wire just in time for NSD
and became 3rd in the line of pages.
I did print smaller photos and a 5x3 and then I searched
my entire box of papers (which is quite small by other
scrappers standards) and while I found possibilities
(that I will keep in mind for mom's album) 
they just didn't float my boat.
 I blew that baby up to 8.5x11 and shazam.
What a gorgeous pix and seriously her poise.
I don't have that poise yet.
Miss Amelia all dolled up for a dance.
Not using a lot of stuff so as not overwhelm, I love 
how this turned out. The photo blown up
is okay at this size for an iphone in low light
but it still doesn't take away from the overall 
look I wanted for this beauty.
Also, I put a smaller insert photo in there
that looks pretty cool.
My Mind's Eye, Michael's butterflies and a doily.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2nd Page for NSD-Another Easter page

I did hold this paper to use for the gang in
this photo because there is a girl in there and this
is seriously girly.
The boys there are totally manly enough to deal.
Again, mixing up Jillybean soup and Doodlebug was a win.
 I really love these colors and I feel they represent 
Easter colors totally.
So the Easter bunny brought a totally different haul
to this mob. Accent on toys not candy.
Probably a really good move to keep the level of hi-jinx
to a mild roar - no sugar highs LOL.
(I'm sure some candy was involved-somewhere)
And wa-la 
Another page.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Got a slow start on NSD with the mojo

I didn't plan on NSD, it just happened.
I finished a gift album between laundry, vacuuming and
general cleaning and found I had some time
on my hands.
As I was looking through my download folder I
realized there were some pix that were NOT scrapped.
Oh the horror.
 I started out slow because I found that I didn't
have a whole lot of Easter paper adjustments
needed to be made. 
And the paper was kind of little-kid-looking and
these guys are a bit older so...
more adjustments needed to be made.
I therefore sparingly used the kiddy papers and added
some old Jillybean Easter stuff I had stashed
and some die cuts and wa-la
A page.
Connor rounded up the eggs.

Friday, May 5, 2017

More magic from the wayback box

Love it.
So in looking for something else (I know you're surprised)
I found these photos of Shane & Nick (below)
and weren't they adorable as kidlets.
 So in some places I used the same cards because they
worked and these pages are front to back
so there ya have it.
Man time flew by sooooo fast - it seems like yesterday.
Love how this turned out.
Love that they are scrapped.
A couple of stories have been noted but for the
most part these are school photos.
Sadly, not all had dates on it however, there were a ton
in the package so I'm sure somewhere notes were made.
I have no idea on the cards except some are Studio Calico,
Paper Studio die cut words, MAMBI, Cosmo Cricket and Tim Holtz.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Everyday photo

Using Studio Calico again and those adorable buttons galore.
And of course, the Heidi shine went berserk.
Used up a little piece of vellum with hearts too.
 AND bonus round, the square with "home" on it
 with its thick chipboard got on the page.
And that camera is sooooo adorable.
 So here's Sam either ready to leave
doesn't want to leave
or doesn't want someone to come in. 
He's totally adorable in his winter coat and hat.
Tried something a bit different for me design wise.
I like it.
I tend to really overthink things.
Big Sigh over the splats when I first splattered
but they look quite good now.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Take note-Play on words

Yunk Yunk. 
I always wanted to learn how to play the piano but alas
'twas not to be.
However, its soooo cool to me when kidlets start young.
 So, of course being really obvious, I used music paper.
Also really obvious I finally got to use my "note" die cut and punch.
Because why not.
And kept it simple with the focus on Lou playing.
I jacked the title from a cut apart I saw that was for a planner. 
I would've loved to use the cut apart but it
just didn't work.
Also a bit different style going on.
I like it.
Studio Calico, music paper- Marah Johnson-creative cafe (Ha!
told you it was old). 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Love to stamp

 Although I'm not very good at it - I soldier on.
And I have ALOT of stamps that for some reason get
used once or twice and then maybe never.
I think its because I don't want my pages to look alike 
- well doh- they do eventually look alike anyway because
of the style one tends to fall into.
So.............more stamps, hopefully.
 So rolling with using every stamp in the pack technique
so none feel left out I clustered them around the page.
I even cut out those pins because I never really know what to do with them.
Yes you are seeing a lot of circles and doodling around the borders
 on my pages because
for some reason they're working too.
I also basically have two titles - one more for
maybe stating the obvious and I didn't want it to feel left out
with all the other stamps being used 
and then there was that Pink Fresh title that just
had to be used too.
Rolling with Studio Calico - hoping to use up this kit before
the next one comes.

And there's Sam rocking the legos.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Using diecuts for this page

I have an array of sissix and quickutz dies and
decided - why not. (also punches)
There are times - alot of times, actually, I can't find or don't
have in my possession the
premade embellishments that I want
or that go with the photo/page I'm creating so
I've been digging into my stash.
 The generic ones can be precut ahead of time and I do
have a box full of them.
Sometimes they work- sometimes they don't either. LOL.
So I do cut out white - they seem to work best and
then "jazzed" these up with some watercolors because
they appeared too "stark" for this page.
 And these buttons - are sooooo cool.
Love all the goodies you get in the jar.
These are from Buttons galore and this jar
comes with all these colors, the sequins and those
itty bitty glassy thing up on the flower.
Tossed some mist about.
 Here's Annie and Lucy taking a great photo.
They never take a bad pix.
(which is totally annoying to those of us that do LOL)
Studio Calico, Bazzil cardstock.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Continuing with April birthdays

April is a happening month for birthdays
in this family and continuing
on with Studio Calico on this 6x6 page 
celebrates Lou's birthday and his dad's that
happen to be on the same day.
 This paper has a fun "confetti" type celebration look but
I whacked a hunk out of it, therefore it needed whacking down to 6x12.
I love that size.
Used up some transparency stash that I had forever
and totally works with this paper.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

It started with a watercolor background

It totally did.
Different shades of blue/green in
stripes in the background that I promptly
covered up.
I know you're surprised.
 Also went into a stamping frenzy with some
Studio Calico birthday stamps and
broke out the magic mesh. I like that stuff and
only have a little left.
Is it still around?
 Also used a lot of different color blues.

I would've love to have a donut here but alas, this cupcake
has been hanging in the stash too long 
so there you have it.
Quintin and Amelia have birthdays within a week of each other
so I thought I'd toss their photos together for
their mom's album and because they looked like fun

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Celebrating a birthday

Love this confetti paper from my Studio Calico kit its perfect
for a celebration.
Added a doily to ground everything and I'm lovin'
using them more.
 The embellishments from My Mind's Eye 
work well too and that dog is adorable.
 And I finally got to use that card.
I find those hard to work in a page a times
and used some die cuts from my box.
It's nice having some premade.
Love how it turned out and I included
one of Jill's hashtags.
She totally rocks the hashtags.
A stamped title - I have a ton of stamps I
really need to use more.

Amelia turning 6.
Where did the time go.

I am battling sinus issues that I'm finding really
really annoying.
Totally messes with the mojo.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fussy cut hearts

Love the different colors of the hearts and
tried to match them with some water colors on the page
using the packaging technique.
Kept it simple with a doodlie border.

Amelia with her muttlings all bundled on the sofa.
She looks soooo older there.
Time marches on.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Another Doodlebug Easter page

Since I've used most of the line for the shakers
that didn't work out and I'm eking out what's left 
for the rest of the grands pix coming in.
Therefore I employed the use of strips that of course,
I laid out previously and it looks nothing like that once
I had to glue them down.
 Love the fun patterns - so bright and pretty and
I used nuvo dots on those punched flowers.
 Sam and Lou collecting eggs.
Looks like fun!
Used another old K&Co title for the page
and a little quickutz swirl for an accent.


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