Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Birthday page without the "theme papers"

I love B&W photos.
They are so much fun to work with because everything goes
and reduces the clash of colors.
Isn't that owl adorable?? From a Halloween sheet that
I've been eking out and using sparingly.
 This adorable sticker came from Studio Calico I think
and when on some shopping spree found that cupcake.
Looks delish.
I did break out the die cut machine, punch and
fussy cut the "title".
 Love the arrows and shock upon shock
had that gray number that was 
 The Studio Calico number page really
helped making it a celebration page.
I have so much paper and none of it "themed" really
so it was kinda of neat to do DIY.
Sprayed some SC color theory around just do
do something different.
I hardly ever spray mists anymore,
mostly because my spraying is totally out of control. 

This is the third birthday for April - lots of grands in that month
and you got it - another one without a "theme paper"
coming up. If you check here another birthday page.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Really really old paper

I did go with the obvious here again especially
when I found this paper in my stash.
This is really really old stuff - Creative Imaginations,
Marrah Johnson design, Creative Cafe Tag which is really
more red in real life. 
I also broke out the die cut machine.
Love those feathers.
 I paired that 6x6 number paper from Studio Calico
with the striped transparency because 
it seemed like the thing to do.
Even those tabs are big die cuts from Quickutz
long time ago.
 The cuteness factor of this photo is above a level 10. 
He  has all the instruments he needs to lay down a track.
No doubt he'll rock it.
Both parents are musicians.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The perfect background paper

Happens to be an older collection of Shimelle
and its perfect for a mermaid.
And it turned out perfectly to go
with the photos.
Yesss...another multi-photo page.
This page is a loose take on one I saw from Eyoung.
She does such clean pages.
That I didn't copy LOL.
 Layers upon layers and no specific title really
and not a lot of journaling.
 And sequins because every mermaid needs sequins.
 I even layered the journaling tags - which
I can tell you I played around with for awhile.
For some reason and I don't need a reason - it just wasn't flowing right.
 It's too adorable however, that gap in the
middle is testing me.
I feel there needs to be some sort of connection
but since I can't think of one I'm
going to stick it in the album real quick before
the madness takes hold.
This is mostly Shimelle, with some Studio Calico
thrown in.
Bustin' that stash.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Banners and mixed media

I am really on a mixed media roll this week, here I
used molding paste and paint for the "stars" and
ink and stencils for the dots.
Of course the packaging technique came into play using
green and orange mists because I felt the brown and grey were too dull.
These are the photos I had in mind for Monday's page
that just didn't quite work out.
 For some reason I only mixed media half the page and felt the
bottom looked really plain - even with 3 photos so.....
banners. A mix of triangle and fishtail.
 I did get inspiration by watching a ton of Missy Whidden's videos.
I've been binging on videos since I got home.
She uses different mats for each photo.
I found I like that.
I did use a quite obvious title but hey
sometimes you just gotta roll
with it.
Studio Calico, Basic Grey, Paper Issues,
Tim Holtz and Crafters Workshop stencils.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Extremely busy paper made busier

By whacking it down to 8.5x11.
I found this beautiful paper by Studio Calico 
had overwhelming white space
especially with the photo I wanted to use
which is a 4x4 collage.
AND both the photo and flowers are vibrant.
 I messed around with layering a 8.5x11 sort of clear
vellum sheet over top but it muted it way too much.
I also did some stamping down the bottom of the page that
I found too distracting because I used bright pink
so I covered it up with white paint.
There ain't nothing you can't fix in scrapbooking.
 I like that everything is tucked up tight and
seriously all the white space would have
made me nuts.
(short trip).
It's a birthday page but not a typical one and I like that.
Its a collage from birth to five.
I have another one for Q who turned 8.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Using most every stamp I own technique

(Again with my poor neglected blog).

It's one of my favorite techniques that I lifted
from KittyScrapper.
If you haven't checked out Nancy - go see. 
She's a lot of fun and love her style.

Anyway - I used Navy ink to kind of go with
the package technique in which I used some Heidi Swapp mists.
ALL fun to do.
I actually did this page with other photos in mind
and it didn't quite work out because
of the way I did the all the stamping.
Shocking I know.
However, this photo actually fit perfectly so all is well.
I used a variety of Studio Calico stamps and a rolling stamp
that has fun sayings on it.
I also used that "stupid" arrow stamp that gives me fits
I mixed some mist with some molding paste.
I liked it so well I stamped all over it.
I really quite like the mixed media going on here.
As you will see I seem to be on a roll with this week.
Studio Calico, Basic Grey.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Road Album - Completed!

My poor neglected blog. AND.....
There's a page on it - so there was that, dicey internet
and quick overnights.
Those are my excuses and I'm sticking to them. LOL.
Now I need new ones.

So....I thought I'd complete the book in one or two pages,
mostly because I seriously slacked in
picture taking the last couple of days and I just wanted
to get home.
However, I had more stories to finish than I thought.

This page is about our ride into Silverton and Ouray
that I did blog about and now its official.
 I photo'd this 3 times and had issues with
the pocket pages glaring and then focusing. Arrghh....
Our ride into Santa Fe which was by the way a beautiful ride
however, parking a big rig with a tow in a historic district is a bit
tricky - as we found when we got caught up and
did a drive-by on the narrow streets, full of foot traffic and
no parking......so I think the let's move on bug
hit us both and we that's what we did.
 So the pronghorn photos didn't come out well but
I used them anyway because I feel they
came out cool enough and it's my album. LOL.
And part of moving on were those ribs calling our
name from Blues City Cafe in Memphis.
I ate way too much.
 The other stop before heading home was my dad's
in order to check up on him because
he's pretty active and I need to see what he's up to.
This year was the annual fish fry in the 'hood - where
peeps in the 'hood get the fish, fry it up and invite the entire
'hood to feast. I was busy eating, so lack of pix.
I am getting so lackadaisical by this time.
And there's my lament of double-sided tape - that happened
right after the snow photos from the last post.
 We ended as we began checking in with favorite
youngest son. He's doing really good.
Ate at his restaurant - and it was de-lish.
Had brunch the next day and took the long ride home.
 As we were riding, Tommy Traveling pants and I
were going over the stats and I thought
it'd be fun to include them.
And it was really - because wow - we did a lot when you
see it in black and white - or various colors.
And I have been waiting to use that card.
When we arrived home, I really don't like messing around.
I like to get the RV cleaned out and things put up.
Yesterday, I got back in my routine and worked out, then
had visits from my neighbor Gladys and friend Holli,
took a nap, and finished the book because
I have a ton of grandkidlet photos to scrap - so get ready.
The RV needs to be really cleaned inside and
readied for the next trip will be sometime in July.
So strap up your seat belts - we're gonna do it again.
I have a smashbook that needs to be used.
Thoughts on that?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Finally internet!! More scrapping on the road

I actually dithered about a bit with the Grand Canyon
pictures because I wasn't sure how I wanted
to roll -
I wanted to include the tickets and they fit perfect
in the pockets.
The "we're off" pocket pages fold over....
 So this is how it laid out.
 And folded on the backside.
 A 4x6 and 3x5 worked perfectly and honestly the
canyon is so beautiful its hard to capture or do it justice.
 The train ride was a lot of fun and I'm glad I was
able to catch a photo on the return trip.
 Then included some drive-by photos on the
landscape and some from the
 Natural Bridges and Cliff Dwellings.
Of course it wouldn't be complete with
the snow and the deer.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Heading to the mountains again

This time to the towns of Silverton and Ouray.
And that is snow at the top of this pass.
And it was nippy but not too bad actually we had 
the top of the jeep partially down.
 And there's how tall the snowbank is.
 Snow is beautiful on the mountaintop
 for sure.
 We did drive through - love the sign.
This is the town of Silverton from the mountain
and I'm betting that everyone there
know's your name.
 And old mining shacks are enough to make
one swoon.
 I did get shots of these last time we were here
without the snow.
A lot of the others were buried in the snow still.
 Cold, pretty water rushing down the mountains
and we filled our empty jugs up 
from ones that weren't so wild.
Tastes goooood.
 This is the town of Ouray
and of course drove down its main street.
We stopped at Mouses Roasted Coffee and Chocolate
and let me say they both will make your
tastebuds sit up and take notice.

 Of course we had to get the jeep in snow
and its a few inches deep
in fact four wheel drive was necessary to back it out.
 And then the weather changed. 
Top is up.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mixed media birthday page

Another birthday celebration and again, in Soaphouse Mama style.
Bits and pieces, with scraps and some mixed media
tossed in because I could.
 Isn't that owl adorable. 
A Technique Tuesday stamp I had forever.
 The card with the star is homemade and I lifted the
idea from this PL card and using bazzil cardstock and
a star from my die cut box - well it worked out
really well when the 
colors on the card below wasn't quite right.
I did pop up the star and used my white pen (I know) to give some dimension
and added more bits and pieces.
 Laid down some gesso (which I need to get some clear 
it appears) and used the packaging technique
to lay on the mists.
The blues aren't quite right but I like the
bright fun colors so its all good.
I love the collage photo - again the same as Amelia's
from birth to 8 and another birthday page
not using "themed" papers.
Its kinda of wild-I like that.
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