Saturday, August 30, 2008

Greetings from the Jersey Shore......

The waves rocked and the kidlets rolled - and rode the waves into the shore. It was a beautiful day, the sun, the sand, the surf. It was fun to watch the kids catch a wave and ride it. I have tons of pix and lots of scrapbooking material so far. The babies are in a holding pattern in the womb. Waiting for mother nature to take its course, which *sigh*, takes her own sweet time.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Streets of Philadelphia

oooooooooooo another steal from Springsteen. Because I'm a scrapper the song titles should come in threes and honestly I had one in mind, but I didn't capture it quick enough, so I'll have to fake it. Cosmo Cricket rises again and totally rocks. I love the collage feature in my Microsoft Digital Imaging software and it just brings all my favorite pix of Philadelphia onto one page. Of course you would believe that while watching the Travel Channel AFTER I came HOME from Phillie of the haunted places. Independence Hall and Betsy Ross's place were two that I did visit and sadly, no ghosts. Of course I reviewed all photos to make sure nothing whiggy were on them. Sadly there wasn't. Bummer. On a totally UNsad note, I lost another .4 lbs for a grand total of 19 POUNDS. woo flippin hooo!!!! Who rocks the weight loss. *doin the happy dance* grinning. snort.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Train........

I have tried for 30 minutes to get this to load correctly. Other lo's have loaded correctly but not this one. GRRRRRR!!!!! SO you need to tilt your head sideways so consider it part of its charm. snort. Anyway you can't go wrong w/Cosmo Cricket (all CC) and out of Fay came some mojo, and if you missed my other Fay post - Shane being sweet. Who knew, I said dryly. This shows that I did indeed get through Penn Station, board a train and ride for over five hours because lightening strikes and train signals don't play well together. Go figure. It was a comfy ride and I got a book read and some cool pix and met some really neat people.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

While Tropical Storm Fay has been a non-event

just an all day rain storm. No wind..... but an alien came along and possessed Shane. He turned into a really sweet kid that wanted to make me an egg sandwich, along with one for him of course, so it wasn't totally altruistic, snort. So as he asked I of course rattled off weight watchers points and it was really really HIGH. Really. 9-10 points depending. So he kept rattling off alternatives. Seriously. I even got a hug which totally raises alien possession to a new level. But he wanted a sandwich, he wanted to make me one. so we came up with 1 piece of bread one egg, one slice of bacon halved, and 1 piece of cheese. 7 points. But the kid making me a sandwich, for me. Priceless. Oh and because its all about Fay - pointless. smirk.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Double Dog Dare 8.11.08 (from Scrappers Daily Dose)

The dare was a handwritten list. How hard is that you may ask??? Well pretty darn difficult when your mojo packs its bags and heads off on vacation. This poor LO has been on my desk for a week. Now normally I don't have an issue w/speed. I really don't, but daaaayaaaammm!!! It really wasn't about speed it was about getting it together, or at least on the same pile. snort. So I threw it on my lazy susan, spun that bad boy around and where it landed I glued. Because I was over it. Seriously. SO all in all its not bad for a LO that was constructed on a wing and a prayer. double snort.

Monday, August 11, 2008

WOO HOOO! 1.2 pounds LOST this week!!!

BAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYY! Soon to be a shadow of my former self. snort. I'm within 10 lbs of what the dr said I should weigh however, I think I should weigh less. She said it'll make me look old. She keyed in on how vain I really am (seriously) so I'll see how old I look when I get to that goal and go from there. Honestly this is really exciting and I'm thrilled to be "almost there". I figure by the end of the year I should hit my goal weight. Who rocks the scales!! *wink*

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Their laughing eyes......

I love this photo because there's so much goin' on. They're having fun (obvious) together. They are entertaining each other. There's the inevitable sassy in Shane's mouth. Yet his eyes laugh and you can see the smile behind it. You just wanna smile back. And Nick, ever so adorable, posing. Sigh.
Fancy pants totally rocks and I love all the colors. Of course can't NOT use the QK cookie cutter heart and star dust font. I wanted to keep it simple. No need for alot when the paper does it all. I used the EK alpha stickers to get some journaling in there w/o stating the obvious (riding a trike-doh). I used the MME transparency over the picture mostly to hold the stickers on, but it also brings your focus to their pretty faces. Where did the time go??????

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I KICKED another 2 OUNCES.

woo hooo!!!!! So now I'm back to where I was a couple of weeks ago. BUT I proved I could lose while traveling. Totally rockin!!!! So back in the swing of things I've been riding my bike around town and met this turtle along the way. Startled him right into his shell. I guess he figured I could be trusted as he popped back out again. He was busy and on a mission so I didn't hang out too long. Anyway my ride was totally ambitious today and rode to the BANK. Its about 10 miles one way and it was HOT and HUMID. Jumped into the pool when I got home. There was no sliding in and getting used to the water. If felt sooooooooooooooooooo good. Sigh.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The City of Brotherly Love

I love history and Phila. is one of my favorite places to be. It has a very exciting past and it was fun to walk where the most intelligent, visionaries of our country's history walked and lived. Like NY, Phila also takes my breath away.

I didn't know that Betsy Ross had a house there. Didn't know Ben Franklin was buried there. Love learning knew things. Again, the people that live here, seem to take it as their due. Which is also very cool.

Independence Hall - got to zip through there again and got some more photos (remember taketheshot it Became my mantra again. SIGH.

Love the architecture of the buildings. Love the fascinating details. Love the history.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The baby shower tour.......

was wild. I flew up to NJ on Thursday and hit the first shower on Friday. My beautiful step-daughter had a gorgeous shower. I took the train. Yes. THE TRAIN. From Metuchen to Penn Station, then to Syracuse. I met the most fantastic, helpful people along the way, because seriously I'm such a chicken venturing out on my own. But I asked, and they answered. And I arrived. How cool is that. The second shower was my pretty daughter in law. She has such a wonderful smile. Her shower was so sweet and lovely. I enjoyed every minute with both of them. Since they both chose the same theme for their baby's room. It sort of made it easy for me. They both got baby albums (homemade naturally) and crocheted blankets. I believe we can figure who got the major trouble shirt. smirk. What goes around comes around baby boy. (I told you I was on a creative tear). In searching all the hope chests in my house(I was on a nostalgic bent and inspiration hit), I found the blanket my mom (my son's memaw) cross stitched for him (while I was in labor) sigh. I hope my son and his wife use it and remember her, always. She was a really cool woman who always stood by me. NO matter what stupid things I did. And trust me, I was at times, the queen of stupid. (Hard to believe I know). snort.
I cross stitched the adorable boy and peep, back in 1983, because when I saw it, it was soooo my adorable son. He was a beautiful baby. Really. (all mom's say that but its so true). lol! The little outfit was Nick's dedication and Shane's baptism. We had a bit of a mix up between denomations. I tend to switch off when the spirit moves me.
After the showers, I flew to Philadelphia. A bit off track in the baby shower tour but it was for training. OH yeah they can teach an old dog new tricks and lemme tell ya! It made me feel good and confident. So in case of an emergency I will be backfilling.
Love that. Love family. And I so love babies. Two grandbabies, Two states. ONE due date. Who rocks the delivery!!!! lol! Life is good.
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