Thursday, April 10, 2014

Huge punctuations

One of the best purchases I ever made was from CK when I bought a bunch of foam stamps in all shapes, sizes and punctuations. I love the huge parenthesis and broke it out. It's been a long time - as these were totally popular back in the day. Maybe they'll make a comeback.
Here's to restarting a cool new fad.
And it totally works perfectly.
 I did turn it around as I had it going the other direction and it looked dumb.
And arrows pointing the way. 
Because little missy has a hand full of chalk.
Precious chalk used in all crossfit boxes (I don't know about other gyms) for lifting weights and hanging off of monkey bars. 
Well put a bunch of toddlers together and you get mat ART. 
So Studio Calico and Basic Grey - a perfect match. With some thickers. Washi tape and
DOODLING  - omg. I embraced my inner Ashli
And the stars and sequins are a perfect touch. 
It was a fun page..

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