Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Still waiting on the diagnosis...in the meantime UPdate

The swelling seems to be going down on my foot and its not black and blue as I thought it would be. I can put a bit more pressure on my toes and now on my heel - the middle part still remaining tender. So in the meantime I thought I'd entertain myself and you with the deets.If you look forward you'll see that  there is kind of a ramp up on the deck of the boat. There's also a seat and anchor storage on the bow under the wooden door. I stepped up on the wooden door on the bow to get off the boat to step over the railing off the bow and onto the dock.

Now keep that ramp up thing on the deck in mind, as I changed my mind, and stepped back down not paying attention to that stupid ramp up where my foot hit sideways that  knocked my bad self off balance causing my foot to slip into the cooler that is permenantly attached to the deck. Laurel and Hardy would be proud.

I was attempting to get to the part of the boat where you see the break in the rail. Which in hindsight, I should've just kept to the plan on getting off from the bow OR paid more attention where I stepped down.
Either way it was a DOH moment.
I tend to have a lot of them.

Still waiting on the doctor. 
Heavy sigh.
I have a nondisplaced fracture on the left side of my left foot to the baby toe. I have a Dr appt with a podiatrist tomorrow.
Yay - moving forward.


  1. hang in there~everyone has those DUH moments**hugs***

  2. A diagnosis and progress is good...cheering for you!

  3. Oh ouch!! I hope you heal quickly.

  4. Ouch! Progress is good. Diagnosis is good. Healing is even better and I hope it's quick!


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